Summer Hockey Season Begins

Summer Hockey Season Begins

The Geelong Hockey Association summer hockey season for 2023/ 2024 begins on October 17, and it looks like it’s going to be a great season for Newtown Hockey Club.

With 16 teams entered, catering for ages 5 to 35+, there is a team for everyone.

New members are always welcome, regardless of age, experience or skill level. If you haven’t played hockey before, or haven’t played for a long time, summer hockey is a great time to try the sport.

The games are half field (less running), 7 a side, played with a more social focus. It’s not about who wins but who had the most fun. The junior competitions even have a limit on the number of goals one player can score, so that teams are encouraged to pass the ball around and include each team member in the game. There’s no training, but the coaches will provide guidance and encouragement.

Summer hockey is a lower cost, with a reduced fee to register with Hockey Victoria. This is matched by a low fee charged by the club to play in a team, meaning that it costs less than $10 per game. Uniform requirements are not strict so you may have an appropriate shirt in your cupboard already. We can even loan you a hockey stick.

Games are played on:

  • Tuesday – U12, U14, U17
  • Wednesday – Senior Mixed
  • Thursday – U8, U10, Masters Mixed for players aged 35+
  • Friday – Friday Family for juniors, seniors and beginners

New players are welcome for all teams, and we are especially looking for more players for U10, Masters and Friday Family teams. For further details of cost and registration, click here….



2023 Hockey Season – August 12 & 13

The fantastic progress made by teams during this hockey season has been exceptional, with some excellent skills and teamwork on display from teams at all levels of the competition.

Under 8

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit

I can’t believe there’s only one match remaining this season and I wish there wasn’t! I’ve loved every minute watching the Strikers mature into the team they are and to see individuals establish themselves as some of the best juniors in the competition. Well done Strikers!

Saturday’s match was a true marvel to behold, the Strikers played cohesive and fluent hockey from start to finish. Characterised by exceptional passing between the players and wonderful movement both on and off the ball. Charlie, Henry and Miriam scored multiple first half goals in a dominant display of confidence. And notably, Miriam stopped Caspar in full flight, causing rapturous applause from all spectators. It was a great moment and one of the many highlights that have come out of this season.

Thomas, Tess, Eliza and Nadia moved forward in the second half and had equally good games. Displaying great positional play and a willingness to contest the ball. Excellent work Guys!

Players of the Round – Henry and Miriam

See everyone Saturday

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers

This was one of the best games for Spirit this hockey season, with each member making a contribution to the team game and showing great understanding of hockey strategies.

Good skills and good passing to team mates who were moving into position to receive the ball allowed Spirit to create a number of forward moves. Determination from Caspar often found him in the goal scoring zone, with some success.  Great defence by Spirit made the Strikers players work for their goals and persistence from Abby and Leila gained possession for Spirit. Great passing from the midfield by Flynn and Cohen found Elspeth and Esther on the wings with space to run or pass to team mates, with Claire holding the centre channel and making good position.

Best Team Awards to Claire and Caspar.

Under 10

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars 2-0

A fantastic game from Strikers, with better spreading out and use of space. Some excellent passing to the wings set up great combinations between Paige and Georgia, pushing forward into attack and putting lots of pressure on the Geelong defence. Paddy gained control of the ball often on the left side, and there was some fantastic ‘off the ball’ running from Dot, putting her in the right place to provide support.

Campbell was his usual calm self, with steady play under pressure, moving the ball out of the circle and back to Newtown’s advantage. The midfield defence from Edward and Felix showed great vision and thoughtful passes to keep Newtown in control of the game. James never gives up, always looking to take the ball away from the opposition and make strong passes to his team. Great work by Vicky and Alexis, who are always looking for a team mate to pass to when they get the ball.

Thanks to Miriam and Eliza for filling in, giving us some reserves of energy.

Best Team Player Awards to Dot and Campbell.

Under 12

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 1-1

Another great game from the Newtown Under 12 Strikers as they drew 1-1 with Kardinia on Saturday. There has been massive progress from all team members’ performance as they were able to control much of the game. The team has made big improvements in their tackling and attacking and made some credible attempts at goal before Joseph was able to get the ball into the goal. Some great mid field play by Lucy and Audrey and tackling by Alex and Jack.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-9

Spirit were lucky to field a side as injury, sickness and unavailability hit the side hard. An even start to the game with both sides playing open and wide. Torquay got in behind the Spirit press three times in that first half and let in three soft goals before a forth on half time from a short corner.

Spirit had several chances in the second half but the counter attack from Torquay was relentless and the Spirit defence unaccustomed to the speed of the passes. Spirit eased off the pressure and the lack of substitutes hurt in the end.

Under 14

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia Maroon 2-0

Yet another close game for the Strikers in what is proving to be a very even competition in the U14’s. The Strikers found some great energy early and did a great job using their voices to help position their teammates and call for the ball in space. The Strikers were able to penetrate the circle on a number of occasions in a very even first half but neither team were able to score, and it was 0-0 at half time.

At half-time the team spoke about keeping up the chat, making sure the options wide were letting them know and moving the ball out there quickly. Kardinia were setting up a nest in the middle so important to use width to get through and we talked about being aggressive with our entries into the circle and forcing the short corner opportunities.

The second half started well with the Strikers defending strongly and eventually creating an opportunity for George to move the ball through and cross to Zac for a goal. Kardinia attacked hard with the defence clearing a number of balls from deep entries and Letto making a couple of crucial saves. Riley, who was also celebrating his birthday on Saturday, managed to win a key contest and the ball went through to Baxter who drove into the circle and scored and take the score to 2-0 where it remained for the rest of the game.

Overall, another really tough match for the Strikers where they managed to maintain their defensive and offensive pressure and prevail. With a bye next week, the Strikers next game will be a final and this week’s tough match was great preparation.

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 3-9

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-11

Spirit knew that they needed to apply a lot of pressure this game. Within the first few seconds of the game Torquay scored a goal. The pressure was put on by Scarlett early on. 

Good positioning and a pick up by Hamish gave Spirit possession of the ball within minutes of the game starting. With Spirit holding possession, on two occasions the ball went to the top of the D by Charlotte and Max, one of these instances Max was able to get the ball into the D and Hugh had the right idea and was in the perfect position to score but unfortunately missed, hitting the side of the goals. 

Second quarter Spirits defence was still working hard, the ball spent most of the time in Torquay’s forward, although Madden saved many goals, and two short corners were defended well, half time scores were 6-0. 

Second half started with Charlie and Hamish getting the ball forward.  Good positioning and pressure by Hugh saw Spirit gain possession again getting the ball to Charlotte. The result was a short corner for Spirit and an opportunity to score a goal.  Whenever the ball moved into Torquay’s forward, great pressure was applied by, Georgia, Felix, Tessa, Hugh and Ruby. 

The team was coming together with a great play that saw Felix move the ball up to Charlotte, who passed it to Scarlet.  Spirit had some positive talk on the field despite the scoreboard. 

With five short corners Torquay’ way in the second half, the final scores were Torquay 11 Spirit 0. 

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 8-3

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong Jaguars 2-2

One of the best game of the hockey season for Falcons, with some excellent defence. Ainsley provided the usual brick wall, skilfully picking off Geelong’s attacks with great anticipation and well timed interceptions, before sending the ball forward for Audrey and Emily to create havoc for Geelong’s defence. Beth did a great job of marking dangerous opposition attackers, denying them free rein in the circle.

Midfield defence from Alex, Ruby, Georgia and Rachel was solid, keeping players well marked on many occasions. Some speedy passages of play from Rosie, Grace, Amber and Hailey got the ball deep into our attacking zone, earning us a number of scoring chances. A switch in the usual attacking short corner combo saw Ainsley score a fantastic straight shot goal, with Hailey scoring the other goal.

A great game to have just before we get to the finals. Well done all!

Division 2 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong White 2-6

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars 5-0

An unexpected forfeit due to a schedule mix up from Geelong, but we gathered an opposition team of young juniors from the sidelines for a scratch match, which turned out to be very enjoyable. Thanks to all who participated.



2023 Hockey Season – August 5 & 6

The 2023 hockey season has proven to be an exciting one for our teams. In an unusual year, all teams will be in the finals, partly due to the limited number of teams in the competition. With many teams showing significant improvement in the latter part of this hockey season, the finals could prove to be even more exciting! Anything can happen on the day!

Under 6

The U6 players are honing their skills while having fun with games and drills. There was some great work in the ‘Rob the Nest’ game this week, with players collecting and delivering the balls well from the middle.

Under 8

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars

On a beautiful Saturday morning this week the U8 Strikers revealed their true identity and played exceptional team hockey. Fierce in defense and keen in attack, their play across the field exhibited a greater understanding of Hockey than at any other point this season. With the end of this year’s winter season fast approaching, the improvement from the entire team has been incredible. Excellent, excellent work guys!!!

On a very pleasing note, Miriam really stood out this week and scored a wonderful second half goal. It was great to see her shed her apprehension of the contest and “get involved”. Well done Miriam and congratulation on being this week’s “Player of the Round”.

Charlie and Thomas were once again a joy to observe and a real delight to have in the team. Tess was solid in the midfield and ably assisted by Henry, who for the second week in a row picked up the”player of the Round” with Miriam. Well done!!

And finally, a very big thank you to Nadia who fought off wave after wave of the Geelong City attacks while she was playing at fullback. Brilliant Nadia!

Have a great week and see everyone Saturday morning.

Newtown Spirit vs Saints

This was one of Spirit’s best games for this hockey season with players showing great skills and good understanding of game strategy and positioning.

Great focus on the ball saw Caspar and Lily create forward moves and goal scoring opportunities on many occasions, with support from Abby and Esther.  Midfield defence from Leila, Claire and Cohen blocked many Saints moves and passed the ball to team mates in good position.

Flynn and Elspeth at full back coming well to guard the goals and prevented Saints from scoring successfully.

Best Team Player awards to Caspar and Flynn.

Under 10

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 1-2

U/10 Strikers played a terrific game against top-ranked Torquay. We were missing Tom, our spiritual heart in defence, and Georgia, our tenacious attacking forward, due to a broken arm and toe respectively. But Miriam and James stepped up from the U/8 and filled their shoes admirably.

First half was all about our defensive efforts, with Miriam saving an almost certain goal, Paige seamlessly playing the role of full-back in her first go at that position and Joe just getting in amongst it wherever he could. Despite our best efforts, Torquay scored in the first half and again early in the second half.

We spent a lot more time in attack in the second half, with Joe having a great run towards goal supported by Dot in perfect position on the post. Great defence again down the other end by Miriam saved another certain goal to Torquay. A final run up forward by Paddy late in the match, again ably supported by Dot on the wing, resulted in a much-deserved Newtown goal.

Final score of 2-1 was a huge improvement on earlier efforts against Torquay and was celebrated by sausages and flavoured milk by all!!

Under 12

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 2-3

A fantastic game for the Under 12 Strikers this week with a 3-2 loss to the leaders of the competition to date – Torquay. Audrey played an amazing game and was rewarded with a goal in the first half.

Parker scored in the second half set up by some great defence by Lily. The score was quickly matched by Torquay who then went on to score a third goal in the last part of the game. The Torquay coach said at the end of the game it was the toughest match they have played all season which is a credit to the amazing improvement this team has made.

A big thank you to Hayden Francis for coaching while Dan was away.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 1-1

This was the game to probably decide who qualifies second and third. Kardinia started well with an early short corner goal and went to half time 1 goal ahead.

Spirit opened the game up in the second half and there were numerous attacks but not enough polish to score. Four short corners to Spirit in the second half and finally Lucas Young scored after a couple of short passes found some space.

Spirit dominated and should have won but could not find that final touch. Spirit 1-1 Kardinia and should secure Spirit second place who are 5 points ahead with 2 games to go.

Under 14

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia Blue 1-0

Another really tight match for the Strikers against a tough team in Kardinia Blue. The Strikers started well, moving the ball well around the field and using the pass back to either Will or Kashvi to great effect to open up the field. The Strikers created some great chances with Baxter going on a tremendous run and just missing with the shot. Fortunately, Zac was on target from a short corner strike and got the Strikers on the board and they went into half time up 1-0.

Kurt asked the team for their feedback at half time and the key themes from the players were there wasn’t enough communication, and they weren’t using the width of the field as much as they could. It was terrific to hear the players able to do their own self assessments and showing what they had learned about the game from this season. Kurt stressed that if they can do these basics it will take the team to another level and also emphasised that the players should work together in organising themselves into positions and set up the play.

The second half saw the Strikers create offensive opportunities with some great aggressive crosses into the circle but and could have easily added a couple more goals if things had gone our way. Kashvi continued to relish the move a little further up the ground to half back and was able to make a number of intercepts while supported by Oliver L, Ruby and Riley who has brought some great run since he came back into the team. In the end the score stayed 1-0 in a scoreless but entertaining second half.

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 4-2

Overseeing the strikers this week was Tom and Luca. Everyone played their roles well and made great position.

Chloe was on fire throughout the game running onto anything that came her way. Lara knew her position well and ran to the post any chance she had. Mai was solid in goals and when something got around her Amelia was there to back her up. Serena was able to tap the ball in for a goal and Anya was calling out plays. Alex had a great game stopping the ball anytime it came her way. Welcome back Surry who made the team work together with Grace.

A great win over our Newtown colleagues.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 2-4

Very cold weather this Saturday compared to the sunny morning we had last weekend.  The game started with Spirit’s defence on alert, Ruby had her work cut out for her. There was an early short corner to give Strikers an opportunity at goal, but Spirit’s defence was too good. A couple of shots at goal that were defended well by the Spirit team, in particular, Hugh saved a great shot at goal. Felix almost got a goal in the last minutes of the first quarter. 

Second quarter there was a lot of talking by the Spirit team. The team work and support was evident. Spirit had to defend two short corners, the second one saw Strikers score the first goal for the game. 

The third quarter started with an early goal by Strikers, which was followed quickly by a short corner that Hamish defended really well.  Great play by Max and Felix up the line saw a short corner for Spirit. Nate did an amazing job against Strikers defence. The ball was soon back in Spirit’s forward zone and Charlotte had the Strikers goalie on the ground.

Last quarter started with an early goal by Strikers. Teamwork by Leo, Hugh, up the line saw the ball in Spirit’s forward zone which saw Nate score Spirit’s first goal for the game.  Strikers retaliated quickly another goal. Ruby was critical in clearing the ball out of the D.  The game finished with a great ball by Hugh to Leo into the D for a goal to be scored by Max. 

Players player went to Max this week. 

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Red 2-3

Newtown Falcons played Saints Red on Sunday.  For the first time in several weeks we had 11 players, which was a relief (particularly for Ash Quick!). We also welcomed Harry B back to the team after being unavailable for many weeks due to representative duties.

We started strongly against the Saints, and had the majority of the play. We moved the ball well out of defence and through the mid-field. Harry had some great runs into the circle which drew several short corners. Credit should go to the Saints keeper and defence for saving several strong shots. Tom P scored first to give us a 1-0 lead at quarter time.

Following quarter time, we continued to move the ball well, but couldn’t convert attacking opportunities into goals. We weren’t able to find clear space in the circle and get to the posts.

In contrast, the Saints were able to convert their attacking opportunities into goals. We were 3-1 down in the final quarter and lifted, with Tom P scoring a second goal with a desperate lunge towards a rebound from the Saints keeper.

We will need to convert our attacking opportunities in the coming weeks including finals, and will practise converting opportunities in training.

Thanks in particular to Madden for stepping up and keeping for us.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs HG Sharks 5-0

This game was awarded as a 5-0 forfeit by HG Sharks but some sharing of players resulted in a scratch game and a 1-0 scoreline at the end.

This proved to be one of the Falcons best games for this year with some precise passes from Ainsley and Beth in defence finding Rosie and Jane leading to spaces to pick up the ball and continue the attack.  Great midfield defence by Georgia, Alex and Rachel didn’t allow the Sharks free rein and frequently turned the play back to our advantage.  Great support in the forward line from Scarlett, Emily and Audrey pushed the ball forward and kept Falcons in the play with many chances in the circle.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay Tornadoes 1-4

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Saints 3-0

Strikers are continuing their stellar season, sitting on top of the ladder, and leading into the finals with 8 wins to their credit.

The team is combining well from the back line all the way to the attacking goal. Alex and Kirsty are a formidable barrier at full back, well backed up by Rachel in goals.  Strong and determined play in the midfield from Tash, Kat, Andie met any Saints attacks early and redirected the play forward. An adaptable forward line with plenty of running and great ball control skills saw Charlotte, Hanna, Claudia, Serena, Georgie and Peta all having an impact on the game, getting behind the Saints defence on many occasions.

An excellent game from all.




2023 Hockey Season – June 3 & 4

A highlight of the 2023 hockey season was the Newtown Hockey Club Day, held on Sunday June 4.  With 9 Newtown teams all playing at Stead Park on the same day, there was plenty of great hockey to watch and teams to cheer for.

Voting for the ‘Player of the Day’ on Sunday gathered at least 10 players nominated in each category. After tallying the votes, the winners were:

  • Junior Male Player of the Day – equal winners Alex Lockhart and Lucas Young
  • Junior Female Player of the Day – Eva Hunt
  • Senior Male Player of the Day – Phil Dreyer
  • Senior Female Player of the Day – Ruby Moon

The sausage sizzle and the cupcakes on offer were well received, providing some welcome fuel for players after their game – and sometimes before! The raffle prize went to Leo De Leiros.

And then of course there were the matches too!

The club’s youngest players continued their usual format of games on Saturday, with some excellent play at Lloyd Reserve.

Under 6

Some great passing skills shown by the U6 players with good ball control and dribbling will be even better as they learn the strategies of the game of hockey too.

Under 8

Newtown Spirit vs Saints

First of all let me offer a warm welcome to 2 new team members to the Spirit.  Elspeth and Lily had their first game and were straight into the action showing some great skills. It was another great outing for the Spirit against the Saints for the 2nd time this season.  To even up the team numbers both Caspar and James played a half each for the Saints which was really appreciated. It’s really great seeing the skills improve each week and the games are now moving along at a great pace. James was rock solid back in defence for the first half and had a number of great runs that resulted in scores.  Elspeth and Lily made some great moves down the right side, Cohen worked up and down the centre linking up well with James and Leila.  Abby and Esther were providing plenty of run and options down the left.

In the second half Caspar replaced James down back and made a number of great saves.  Overall another great performance from the Spirit and was fantastic to see great support on the sidelines given the inclement weather.  Don’t forget there are no games for this weekend due to the King’s Birthday long weekend so have a great break and we’ll see you all on the 17th June.

Best Team Player Awards to James and Abby.

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars

Newtown Strikers fielded a full strength team this week as we took on Geelong Jaguars.

The first half saw Thomas score Newtown’s only goal. Opportunistically, he swooped in on a defensive blunder by Geelong and slotted an elegant goal. Excellent vision Thomas and congratulations on being the joint recipient of this week’s “Player of the Round”. Thomas shared that award with Charlie who was a real stand out in defence and has been instrumental in the Strikers success this season. Well done boys! Keep up the great work.

Eliza had another wonderful match in the mid field and had two long range runs during the second half, testing and probing the Jaguars defence. Tess really stood tall this week in the mid field too. She didn’t shy away when contesting the ball and it’s been a real joy to see her flourish in the last two weeks. Keep up the great work girls!

It was excellent to have Henry back this week and he had a great game on the left wing. Focusing on the play and always being available to help a teammate. Special mentions go to Nadia and Miriam whose ball skills continue to develop nicely.

Keep up the great work Strikers and enjoy this weekend’s break. See everyone in a fortnight.

Under 10

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 1-6

A much better game from Newtown Strikers saw a 2 goal improvement from the last match against Torquay.  Torquay’s strength and speed still posed challenges, but confident possession of the ball from Joe, Georgia, Paige and Paddy and better focus on spreading out and playing to position by all allowed Newtown to create some attacks. Great running and supporting positions, even though often unrewarded, from Alexis and Winnie earned them 2 of the Best Team Player Awards for this week.

Strong defence and good positioning by Campbell and Tom blocked Torquay’s path to the goal on many occasions.  Great teamwork between Georgia and Paige saw the ball travel down the right wing and Paige’s determination to hold possession saw her continue on to score the team’s goal.  Good midfield backup from Edward and great movement on the forward line from Vicky underline the improvement in the team’s focus on the ball and the options for gaining possession.

Best Team Player Award also to Paige.

Under 12

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-5

The Strikers put on a gallant effort against Torquay on Sunday morning despite having four of their regular players away. They were unlucky to lose 5-0 as they held off Torquay’s strength for the majority of the game.

Alex provided some strong and reliable defending and Eva’s accurate goal keeping prevented the score being higher. Thank you to Alexis and Sophie who stepped up and played for the Strikers.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 3-1

Newtown started off strong with an early goal from Evelyn who tapped in a Jessica pass. Kardinia evened the score up before half time.

Kardinia pressed hard in the second half and had numerous opportunities with Spirit relying on the counter attack. Lucas Y scored off a short corner which is Spirit’s second short corner goal in two weeks. Another counter attack late in the game saw Ishe centre the ball for Evelyn to score a second. Spirited defence late in the game saw the final score Spirit 3-1 Kardinia.

Under 14

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-3

With the move to a Sunday fixture this week the Strikers were without some key personnel for a tough match-up with Torquay. The Strikers competed strongly early, working hard to win the ball, and endeavouring wherever possible to move the ball into space. Torquay though were able to set up very well behind the ball and were able to cut off the Newtown attacks and eventually Torquay managed to score the only goal from a very even first half. Kurt implored the team to take more time when they took possession and be prepared to wait and draw forward to opposition to create passing opportunities. The distribution from defence by Oliver L, playing his first game for the Strikers, was a highlight as was the defensive stopping work of Riley and ball movement of Kashvi who had moved up to the half back line.

The second half started with Torquay moving the ball extremely well and making space through their offensive half, but some great defensive efforts from Ruby at full back held them at bay. Unfortunately, the pressure from Torquay eventually proved too much and they were able to add a couple more goals to the score Torquay were denied another goal though by Arthur, as goalie, making a great save in a 1v1 penalty stroke. In the last few minutes Newtown ran out the game strongly and were able to create some scoring opportunities with Hamish doing some great running on the wing to get into scoring positions, but the Torquay defence was able to hold them out and the game finished in defeat at 3-0.

Overall, Kurt was happy with the efforts from the team and the Strikers will head to training to continue working on some strategies to move the ball through a well structed defence like Torquay provided and hopefully reverse the result in the return fixture.

Under 17

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 6-5

What a great way to celebrate all things Newtown.

Sunday morning through the fog the U17 Spirit played Strikers.

Both teams were without their regular goalies and we were so pleased to have Karla stepping into some big boots and put on the gear. It did take a huge community effort to get her kitted up and unfortunately Strikers snuck in and scored early. We made our impact with Hamish and Max both scoring in the first quarter. Lots of strong defence from captain Georgia kept Spirit in the game

The game saw the ball moved all over the field with some lifts and strong free hits. Lots of action along the outer edge of the field kept the game interesting. The score was locked at 2 all at half time.

After half time Spirit had a great passage of play that allowed Charlotte to find the sweet spot at the top corner of the net. Then Leo hit a text book tomma goal. Felix, Scarlett and Hamish kept leading to the goals allowing some good connecting plays between Leo, Max and Hugh

Three quarter time and the scores were locked at 4 all. Nate and Charlotte scoring in the last quarter to bring the score line to 6-5. Max had awesome game covering a huge amount of field, Leo pulled off a great goal and today our Player’s Player goes to Karla.

Well done everyone.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong Blue 2-1

The Newtown Falcons played Geelong Blue at 5pm on Sunday, the last game of Club Day.

With a couple of injuries, the late timeslot and several players still “maybe” as at Sunday afternoon, numbers were shaky, but we managed to pull together a team of 10. Thanks particularly to AJ for playing at 12.30 and then returning in the evening to play again.

We started the game strongly but were unable to score in the first quarter. In the second quarter, we won our first corner and Basyl converted with a strong strike.

Despite having only 10 players and Geelong having a full bench, we managed to maintain our intensity in the second half. Phil and Basyl combined down the right hand side for our second goal.

Geelong scored a late goal, but we were able to hang on and come away with a rousing win.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 1-5

Division 2 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong White 1-7

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 4-1

The weather had many people eject from the game at the last minute due to work, covid and other unreasonable excuses 😉 … hockey comes first … come on kids.

The sausages were sizzling and the sun was out. Many of us resisted the temptation to eat a cupcake prior to the start of the game…. others regretting their life choices later in the game.

With a solid striking attack up forward Charlotte, Claudia, Claire, Kellie, Jane, Georgie and Hanna were linking in and out making quick work of their maths homework. Isosceles, accute, scalene, equilateral and right angles were all getting a work out. But none of us were obtuse. Never obtuse…

A great run forward from Charlotte, with support coming in behind her meant that a shot at goal and the perfect deflected angle off the keepers pads from her backup pinged into the backboard giving us a 1-0 lead early in the game.

Solid defence led by a super pumped up Jeanie kept them out for most of the game. Yet again, the awesome marking from Dee, Andi and Hannah meant that Tash was freed up and could hit her awesome bullet balls forward, backed up by Alex picking up anyone who slipped through with her legendary sweep tackles.

Kat led from the middle, creating structure and forward movement. The next three goals were team goals, linking in and passing round rather than trying to go through the goalie. Torquay managed to convert a short corner, no assists from Newtown players this week 😉

Our number one fan was out and cheering, whilst coaching, (Paul’s positivity always makes for a fun game). Thanks to our cheer squad for coming out again this week, a special mention to our youngest supporter and future player Margot who attended her first game.




2023 Hockey Season – April 29/30

Under 8

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit

What a great first game this was for both teams!

With 6 players in their first ever U8 game, coaches and spectators were super impressed with how well the players worked together. Passing and running to spaces improved as the game went along. Tackling was a highlight with Flynn demonstrating a perfect poke tackle, learnt during the Hookin2Hockey program.

James and Caspar worked really well together for Spirit, both showing great focus on the ball and making good runs toward goal. Thomas and Henry in defence for Strikers were up to the job though and successfully blocked a number of shots.

Some good passing from Miriam to reach Eliza on the wing allowed Strikers to move into attack, and with Nadia, Tess and Charlie in support, there was some great play in front of goals.

Spirit were well served by Claire, Cohan and Leila who were in great position and looking for team mates to pass to.  Special thanks to Will for stepping in to help Spirit, co-operating well with big brother James.

Looking forward to next week!

Under 10

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong 2-1

The U/10 Strikers had a great first match against the Geelong Jaguars. Paige was brave in attack early in the first half, whilst Vicki showed true grit and persistence in defence.

A fantastic run by Paddy from about half way, well supported by Dot who ran alongside, was rewarded with a first half goal.

Strikers scored again early in the second half, thanks to a great effort by Paige. This was followed up by some excellent work by Joe and Paddy in attack, resulting in a number of short corners. Geelong scored midway through the second half, but a huge defensive effort by the whole team in the last 5 minutes of the game prevented any further score.

A fantastic final team effort from a short corner was a great way to finish off the game.

Best Team Player Awards to Joe, Dot and Paige.

Under 12

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 1-2

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-1

Under 14

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia Blue 4-4

A great start to the season for the U14 Newtown Strikers with lots of positives to take out of the first game for the season. The Strikers had a terrific first half with the players using lots of width and then bringing the ball back through the middle. The attackers held their positions well and allowed the Strikers to charge forward on several occasions resulting in four first half goals with Zac scoring three times and George once. The defence was resolute with Kashvi and Ruby strong at full back and Letto making a number of saves in goals enabling the Strikers to take a 4-1 lead into half time.

In the second half Kardinia applied enormous pressure and opened up a number of scoring opportunities to bring themselves back into the game. With just 1 minute remaining, Kardinia managed to score a deflection for a game equalling goal with the scores finishing at a tie of 4-4.

With many team-mates playing together for the first time and some taking on new positions, it was a great first game from the Strikers and almost a first win. Kurt was pleased with the passing and quick ball movement and closing defensive space will be a focus at training this week as the Strikers will aim to record their first win.

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-8

Saturday greeted us back to a new season and a chilly start. Our coach Harry was surprised with his new team and how well they were passing the ball to each other. The team were great in defence and throughout the middle.

Mai was peppered with Torquay’s goal attempts and was amazing in the role of goal keeper.

Serena spoke at half time about using their voices around the field. Brandon had nice deflection skills on show. Will and Surry were great with passing and connecting through the middle of the field.

The score didn’t reflect how well the team played, and all players played the whole game as there was no bench.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia Blue 1-7

The sun was shining and it was great to see so many smiling faces back at Stead Park.

A new format for U17 this year… quarters. Our opening quarter was fabulous. Georgia grabbed some early intercepts, Madden had some huge saves, Leo cleared the ball effectively and Max capped off a great quarter with a team goal.

Kardinia came out strong from the second quarter. There were 13 defensive corners and we did well to keep the pressure on. Karla, Max and Georgia continued to break into our circle.

Zac and Ruby played some safe hockey and continued to feed the ball through to Nate, Felix and Hamish in the front line.

We are extremely grateful to have had young George join us and continue to provide us options in the front line. Unfortunately the power of the Kardinia strikers left the score at 7-1.

A huge thank you to Zac and George from U14s for playing with us.

Player’s player was close this week and goes very deservedly to Max (followed closely by Nate.)

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong White 4-1

Newtown’s D1 men’s team had a strong start to the 2023 season with a 4-1 win over Geelong Jaguars White.

It was exciting to field two Newtown’s men’s team, which was a result of considerable recruiting efforts in the offseason.

Newtown scored in the first minute with a sequence of passes down the left-hand side of the field followed by a great pass across goals to Nik on the right post (for a simple tap in). Geelong worked their way into the game through their strong midfield players. It felt like a long game in the hot April sun with a lack of match fitness. In the second half, Newtown pulled away with a couple of goals including one from Harry W from the baseline.

Throughout the game we had strong leadership from the back of the field with Wade in goals and Andrew and Luca at full back.

We are looking forward to playing Golden Plains on Sunday.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 0-3

Division 2 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Saints White 0-3

The line up for the Newtown Division 2 Mens team had many new faces for their first game of the season. This included Madden, an under 17 goalie playing his first senior game, as well as new-to-hockey players Dane and Callum.

Despite the Strikers not scoring against the Saints White team and conceding one goal in the first half and two in the second, there was much to be encouraged by, with all the newcomers doing well. This was especially true of Dane and Callum, who more than made up for their lack of hockey experience with athleticism and determination.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Saints 0-3

In the first three quarters we held our own, passing round the opponents, great marking and awesome team play. Peta and Deb had the middle covered working as a team and moving round between CF and CH, delivering the ball out wide where Claire was waiting to inject the perfect run-on pass to the other forwards. Hanna was giving the opposition so much trouble running into space on the right side that you could see the steam coming out of their ears.

Grace has learnt the fine art of ‘that’s my ball’. Not only doing second and third tackles but continuing to tackle them until she gets the ball back. This was a great relief to those of us that are not yet game fit as she goes flying past to cover our behinds.

Welcome to our new team members Adriana and Katrina who slotted right into our structure, passing wide and covering the loose players. Joining the defensive “A minus team” up back lead by Jeanie aka “the divine Mean Jean”. Back from injury, Andie “the Wilde child” Wilde were assisted by our ring in Ainsley the “cucumber” Stuart due her calm presence under pressure.  

We ran out of steam in the last quarter despite Paul and assistant coach Tash’s support and cheering.  A couple of run ons past us and a short corner shot had the score at 2-0. A last minute deflection from Kirsty was unable to even up the score 😉. Great first round effort guys, once we get our game fitness up (or a bigger bench) we should have a really competitive season. Thanks for a great game, everyone had fun and we all came off smiling (while limping, but still smiling).