Summer Hockey Season Begins

Summer Hockey Season Begins

The Geelong Hockey Association summer hockey season for 2023/ 2024 begins on October 17, and it looks like it’s going to be a great season for Newtown Hockey Club.

With 16 teams entered, catering for ages 5 to 35+, there is a team for everyone.

New members are always welcome, regardless of age, experience or skill level. If you haven’t played hockey before, or haven’t played for a long time, summer hockey is a great time to try the sport.

The games are half field (less running), 7 a side, played with a more social focus. It’s not about who wins but who had the most fun. The junior competitions even have a limit on the number of goals one player can score, so that teams are encouraged to pass the ball around and include each team member in the game. There’s no training, but the coaches will provide guidance and encouragement.

Summer hockey is a lower cost, with a reduced fee to register with Hockey Victoria. This is matched by a low fee charged by the club to play in a team, meaning that it costs less than $10 per game. Uniform requirements are not strict so you may have an appropriate shirt in your cupboard already. We can even loan you a hockey stick.

Games are played on:

  • Tuesday – U12, U14, U17
  • Wednesday – Senior Mixed
  • Thursday – U8, U10, Masters Mixed for players aged 35+
  • Friday – Friday Family for juniors, seniors and beginners

New players are welcome for all teams, and we are especially looking for more players for U10, Masters and Friday Family teams. For further details of cost and registration, click here….



Hookin2Hockey Program – Term 2

Hookin2Hockey Program – Term 2

Boys and girls aged 5 to 12 are invited to come and join a Hookin2Hockey program. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played hockey before because the Hookin2Hockey program is aimed at beginners. We are happy to teach you some skills and show you what it’s all about.

Hockey is a game which provides great fun, teamwork, camaraderie and the opportunity to excel. It is also an inclusive sport, as players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy participating in this great game.

A Hookin2Hockey program allows children to see if this is a sport they might like to try, and continue playing, without any expensive initial outlay.  It’s free to try at your first session, so you can just turn up. There is no commitment to continue – unless you really enjoy it.

Beginners Welcome

The Newtown City Hockey Club aims to provide the opportunity for as many people as possible to play and experience the fun of hockey.

If you have ever thought that your children might like to have a go at hockey, but aren’t sure what it’s all about, here is your chance to find out.

The Hookin2Hockey program provides children aged five to twelve with the opportunity to learn the basic skills of hockey, in a safe and fun environment.

Where:  King Lloyd Reserve, 80 Windsor Rd, Newtown

When:    Tuesday May 9 to June 13, 4.30 to 5.30 pm. 6 sessions total.

Cost:       $40

Equipment:  We will have a hockey stick available for you to use for these sessions. You will need to wear shoes or sneakers and comfortable clothing for running in. A mouthguard is great if you have one. We are very careful about maintaining a safe environment, but it’s good to minimise any risks. If you would like to buy your own hockey pack (stick, ball, shinguards), we have equipment available for sale.

After the first session, participants are asked to register with Hockey Victoria for the remaining sessions in the Hookin2Hockey program. The fee of $40 provides personal accident insurance until 31/12/23, and membership with Hockey Victoria for the 2023 year. This means that if you decide to join a team and continue playing, your Hockey Victoria membership is already covered.

At the end of the program, if participants would like to continue playing hockey, we can offer a range of ways to participate – in both summer and winter seasons.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Enquiries: Claire Barnes, ph 0417 015130




Annual General Meeting 2022

Club members and supporters are invited to attend the Newtown City Hockey Club Annual General Meeting for 2022, to be held on:

📅   Thursday November 17

⏰   7.30 pm

📍   Stead Park, John St, Corio

2022 was expected to be a rebuilding year after the 2020 and 2021 effects of the COVID pandemic.  We are very pleased to say that 2022 has been an excellent year for the Newtown City Hockey Club in many ways, with highlights including:

  • excellent on-field performances
  • significant recruitment activities and increased membership
  • strong financial performance
  • progress with facility development

The Annual General Meeting will allow members to see the strength of the club and the activities which have been undertaken in 2022. Reports will outline the strong financial position of the club and the performances of all our teams. The Annual General Meeting gives members the opportunity to ask questions regarding the Club’s finances, the actions taken during 2022 and future plans and projects.

The election of office bearers and committee members for 2022/2023 is one of the very important actions of the Annual General Meeting. The incoming committee will be guided by input from the members of the club, so contributing your thoughts and asking questions is both an important right and a responsibility of your membership of the Club.

We welcome any member who would like to volunteer their time, whether as a member of the incoming committee, or for an occasional role in the wide range of  roles and tasks across the club.

Supper will be provided.

The Annual General Meeting will be followed by a Special General Meeting. The results of the recent 2022 Annual Review survey and the actions planned as a result will be discussed. This is the opportunity for club members to contribute ideas to ensure that the club meets their needs and provides an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

How can we make the Newtown City Hockey Club even better than it is at present? Is there some aspect of the Club which is not performing as well as you, the member, expects? Do you have a suggestion which the club could adopt to ensure a strong and sustainable club?

We would love to hear your ideas for the Club’s future actions and aims. Please join us for the Annual General Meeting and share your thoughts.


Agenda:               Annual General Meeting Agenda 2022

Nomination for Office

Nominations are called for positions on the Committee of the Newtown City Hockey Club for 2022/2023. Nominations should be returned by Thursday November 10.

The Newtown City Hockey Club Rules  assign voting rights to fully paid playing members aged 15 and over. Members aged under 15 have Associate membership but do not have voting rights. Parents of Associate Members may choose to become members in their own right by becoming a non-playing Voting Member at a cost of $5.

The Committee generally meets once per month via Zoom, with each meeting lasting about 2 hours.  If you have a few hours to spare each month, we would value your input.

Proxy Forms

If a member is unable to attend the meeting, a Proxy Voting Form   may be submitted. This form should be received by 1 pm on Thursday November 17.

2022 Hockey Season – Fantastic Grand Finals

The 2022 hockey season has finished on a high for Newtown City Hockey Club.  With 8 teams participating in the Geelong Hockey Association finals series, it was fantastic to see 4 teams make it through to the Grand Final. And it was even better to see the Grand Final day finish with 2 Premierships and 2 Runners Up. This added to the Premier and Runner Up finishes in the Under 10 competition, which does not play finals.

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars 0-1

Congratulations to Under 12 Newtown Strikers on a very successful season and making it to the grand final. Having beaten Geelong Jaguars in the semi-final two weeks earlier,  Strikers met the Jaguars again in the Grand Final for another nail-biting close game. The whole team rose to the occasion and played a great game.

Thanks to Ruby and Ved from U12 Spirit, as well as Eva and Chelsea from U10 Strikers for being part of the grand final team. Ruby did especially well, stepping in to the goal keeper role with James away. The coaching from James at training was helpful, with Ruby confidently saving a number of goals. Another stand out was Audrey’s skilful trapping of many well directed and powerful passes from Will.

Jaguars scored a goal in the first half, and in the second half Strikers thought they had levelled the score for a moment when Will hit the ball like a rocket from a short corner, but the goal was disallowed as it was too high.

An excellent finish to the year for the team.

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Rebels vs Torquay 0-1

This was a terrific achievement for Newtown Rebels who, midway through the season, looked an unlikely prospect to make the finals. Hampered by lack of players on many occasions, the team was well supported by players from the other Newtown U14 teams and when it came down to the wire were able to get the results which saw them come from 4th position on the ladder to win the Semi-Final and Preliminary Final and earn the right to play in the Grand Final.

Great teamwork combined with good ball control skills and effective passing was a highlight of the finals games. Congratulations to the team and all the players on the massive effort and commitment which earned the reward, finishing as Runners Up for the 2022 season.

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 3-2

Strikers met Kardinia in the U17 grand final, with a head-to-head record during the season of 1 all. Kardinia, as anticipated, came out strong gaining a short corner only 2 minutes after the whistle. Strikers struggled initially to find a way forward until 4 minutes in when Charlotte generated a short corner. It was defended well by Kardinia. Our defenders, anchored by Basyl, kept the Kardinia strikers at bay. Mid-way through the half the deadlock was broken when Charlotte found Harry B in position, and he made no mistake to take the score to 1-nil. Kardinia came straight back at us and produced some great hockey that penetrated our defence and opened up our D for their first real shot on goal. The shot was a certain goal but was casually flicked aside by Mai. Charlotte continued her great work and generated another short with 10 minutes left in the half. Our midfielders lifted and Peri and Scarlett did a great job drawing their Kardinia players wide. This opened up centre forward and with 7 minutes left Harry B got possession at the top of the D, dribbled to the left and unleashed a Toma (below shoulder height of course) to land our second goal. 2-0. Charlotte managed another short corner with 30 seconds left but scores went to half time unchanged.

Coach Niko was extremely proud at half time with both the effort and the manner with which we played the first half. The second half started in a similar fashion to the first. Kardinia drew a short corner less than a minute in. Basyl continued to be the backbone of our defence, but all defend well. Kardinia persisted and broke through with their first goal mid-way through the half. 2-1. Strikers regrouped and short corners came our way through nice work by both Charlotte and Harry W. We failed to score from either and the momentum shifted back to Kardinia. They managed a short corner with a little over 6 minutes left and then another with 1 minute remaining that resulted in a goal that sent us to extra time at 2-all.

The initiative on the opening whistle was again taken by Kardinia when they managed a short corner only 30 seconds in. Mai, with a brilliant save, kept us in the match. With 3 ½ minutes left on the clock Charlotte managed yet another short corner; her sixth. This one proved to be her most valuable when Harry B took the shot after we were awarded a penalty stroke. He made no mistake and was in the air before the ball hit the net. Final score 3-2.

Congratulations to Strikers on a great win. It was a great team effort and well earned by all. A few things worthy of a mention: Well done to Harry B on topping the goal scoring with 62 for the season; Great courage shown by Amber coming back on in extra time after copping a front on tackle in the second half; and Tilly who undertook a thankless job on the day, tagging Kardinia’s top scorer who scored goals in every game he had played for the season … except the grand final.

Finally, a big thanks to Niko who brought such energy and emotion to the game. I’m sure some of this rubbed off on the team to get us over the line.

Division 2 Men

Newtown falcons vs Torquay Tornadoes 7-6

The Grand final saw Falcons clash with Torquay Tornados. The teams had met 3 times during the season with one win each and a draw. Play began with intensity, both teams trying to gain the ascendancy early, with 3 short corners in the first 5 minutes. Possession was shared very evenly but Torquay started to display more aggression up forward and that swung the momentum their way. Mitch was giving us a good target early deep in offense, but we struggled with structure in mid pitch to give us the momentum to penetrate the
Torquay defence. Torquay’s aggression up forward was rewarded around the half-way mark with a short corner. We scrambled to clear the first, then a second, but a deflection on the third gave Torquay a 1 nil lead. Loose passing and trapping gave Torquay some easy possessions, but we started to sharpen this up toward the end of the quarter; a short with 6 minutes left giving us a confidence boost.

Quarter 2 was a stalemate. Falcons kept the pressure on early with 2 short corners in quick succession. Dom was busy in centre pitch and Basyl, Harry W and AJ combined in some desperate presses forward looking to find holes in the Torquay defence. Pete struck a beautiful ball that was just wide of the mark from a short corner with 7 minutes left. Harry W earned another short corner but again, we failed to convert. We ended the half 1-nil down but holding ground and threatening to score.

Torquay jumped us from the shadows immediately after the 3 rd quarter whistle. The sound of the ball cracking against the backboard with less than a minute passed saw them take their lead to 2-nil. Almost immediately, they followed up with a third from a loose striker at the top of the D. The score went to 3-nil. Shoulders dropped and Falcons body language had Newtown supporters worried that they were ready to capitulate. Those fears were allayed when Carl gained possession mid pitch and calmly weaved around numerous Torquay defenders. ‘Silky’ was the term put forward by a keen young observer in the crowd. He threaded the ball to Harry W who drew a short corner. The corner resulted in a stroke for Falcons and Basyl drilled it to get us on the board at 1-3. This seemed to ignite something in the Falcons, visibly lifting energy levels and for the rest of the quarter there seemed to be 3 Basyl’s on the pitch.

The 4 th quarter saw Falcons refocus on the basics, defending well and passing cleanly. Carl, with great support from Basyl and Liam started to make his presence felt transitioning from defence to offence forcing one short, then a second. A third short saw Carl send one home to take the score to 2-3. Our defenders started pressing higher with confidence as Torquay found it harder to find a way through mid-pitch. This nearly came unstuck when Torquay made a fast break that saw Jarret and Carl scrambling to assist a lone Martin facing a running Torquay striker. Only minutes after this scare, a pass from Carl found a perfectly positioned Mitch in the D who made no mistake to send us to 3-all and extra time.

Extra time began nervously by Falcons and Torquay managed a short corner only 2 ½ minutes in. A sharp shot that threatened to end the match was rejected by Martin and resulted in a collective sigh of relief from the Newtown supporters. Torquay heightened tensions again when they won a another short with 30 seconds left. No score, 3-all.

The second half of extra time saw a change in momentum from Torquay to Falcons that mirrored the course of the match in normal time. 2 Newtown short corners, 2 good shots both deflected by the Torquay goalie. Falcons then, led by Basyl and Carl, threw everything at Torquay resulting in a barrage of short corners in the closing minutes. Sigh after sigh from Newtown supporters ended with the whistle; scores still deadlocked at 3-all.

A tense penalty shoot-out featured 2 great saves by Martin who didn’t overcommit and was calm (at least it appeared that way). Our goals included Mitch doing a 180-degree spin to beat Torquay’s keeper. Carl (after having to be arm-twisted to take one of the shots) had his first shot rejected by the Torquay goalie, then scooped the next attempt neatly overhead to keep our nose in front. The final hurdle to cement the win was left to Basyl, and he wrongfooted the keeper to win the shoot-out and the premiership.

Congratulations to both teams on what was a great grand final, thrilling to watch and played in great spirit. For Falcons, although some players featured more than others, the whole team came together to stage what was an amazing comeback from 3-nil down. Well done.

Congratulations to Basyl on winning Player of the Grand Final. Congratulations to Carl on his joint winning of the D2 men’s Best  and Fairest for 2022. Of note also, was that for the grand final match Falcons had the youngest player on the pitch by some measure in Liam, and the oldest player by an undisclosed measure in Ian.

Thank you to everyone who played during the season and contributed to this premiership. Thank you to everyone (umpires, team managers, facility managers, etc) who worked behind the scenes to enable us to play each week. Thanks also for the support from the sidelines.

It will be great to catchup at presentation night and reminisce about our come from behind victory. The legend of the Falcons comeback from 3-0 down to win the 2022 Premiership will surely grow over the years.”

Celebrating a Successful Junior Hockey Season

Celebrating a Successful Junior Hockey Season

We have come to the end of another junior hockey season and there is plenty to celebrate for the teams in our older junior competitions.

With 1 Premiership and 2 Runners Up finishes for our U12, U14 and U17 teams, the 2022 season has provided the most onfield success since 2016. Congratulations to all the players and all the teams on the commitment and effort they have put in throughout the season. Thanks also to the coaches, managers and umpires for their time and enthusiasm which allowed this junior hockey season to finish on such a high note.

Many thanks to the parents for their support of the teams and the club. In this post-COVID recovery period, it’s especially pleasing to see how much both parents and players have enjoyed the opportunity to play hockey.

Congratulations to the Premiers and Runners Up:

  • Geelong Hockey Association U17 Premiers – Newtown Strikers
  • Geelong Hockey Association U14 Runners Up – Newtown Rebels
  • Geelong Hockey Association U12 Runners Up – Newtown Strikers

Games Milestones and Awards

Congratulations to members who received Bronze Merit Awards:    Jo Murphy, Jen Shand, Lesley White

Well done to the following members who reached games milestones during the season.

 25 Games

  • Lucy Anderson, Audrey Cleeland, Liam Cooper, Serena Cunningham, Anessa Cunningham, Kayla Murphy, Peri Saunders, Ved Shetty, Charlie White

50 Games

  • Baxter Alves, Maia Burch, Harrison Calder, Leo De Leiros, Matilda Gordon, Zac Wingert, Jacob Young

75 Games

  • Charlotte Baker, Bella Bradbury, Will Burch, Surry Burch, Scarlett Knight, Amber Quick, Mitchell Quick, Pollyanna Smith

100 Games

  • Isabel Baker, Nate Harding, Basyl Jalil, Mai Lorenzen, Grace Milne, Ruby Moon

150 Games

  • Harry Bradbury

State and Regional Team Awards

Well done to the 16 members who participated in Regional, State and National teams and programs during the year.

  • Charlotte Armstead – Hockey Victoria U18 Academy
  • Charlotte Baker – Hockey Victoria Goalkeeper K development program
  • Bella Bradbury – School Sport Victoria 12 & Under, Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Academy
  • Harry Bradbury – Hockey Victoria U18 Academy, Hockey Victoria U18 Development team, Western Wildcats, National Indoor Emerging Talent Squad U18
  • Will Burch – Hockey Victoria Under 13 Development Team Train On, Hockey Victoria U13 Academy
  • Anya Dreyer – Western Wildcats U15
  • Phillip Dreyer – Western Wildcats U18
  • Matilda Gordon – School Sport Victoria 12 & Under, Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Development Team, Hockey Victoria U13 Academy
  • Mai Lorenzen – Hockey Victoria U15 Academy, Hockey Victoria U15 Development team, School Sport Victoria 16 & Under, Western Wildcats U15
  • Grace Milne – Western Wildcats U18
  • Ruby Moon – Western Wildcats U15
  • Ivy Renouf – Hockey Victoria U13 Academy
  • Aimee Van Der Meer – Western Wildcats U15
  • Charlie White – Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Development Team
  • Jacob Young – Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Development Team
  • Madison Young – Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Academy

Keith Robertson Scholarships

  • Ilia Adeli, Harry Bradbury, Phillip Dreyer, Basyl Jalil, Georgia Pritchard, Mitchell Quick, Harry Whelan

Club Awards

Congratulations to winners of the 2022 Trophy awards

  • Best First Year Player – Madden McLeod
  • Best Conducted Team – U14 Spirit
  • Umpires Achievement Award – Surry Burch
  • Colleen Neal Leadership Award – Ruby Moon and Mitchell Quick
  • U12 Strikers – Best Team Player – Charles Donovan
  • U12 Strikers – Encouragement Award – James Stewart
  • U12 Spirit – Best Team Player – Patrick Theobald, Bella Bradbury
  • U14 Strikers – Best Team Player – Surry Burch
  • U14 Strikers – Most Improved – Leo De Leiros
  • U14 Spirit – Best Team Player – Hamish Flett
  • U14 Spirit – Most Improved – Jett Loone
  • U14 Rebels – Most Consistent – Eoin Couch
  • U14 Rebels – Most Improved – Inge Larkan
  • U17 Strikers – Best Team Player – Peri Saunders
  • U17 Strikers – Most Improved – Mitchell Quick
  • U17 Spirit – Best Team Player – Luke Cannard
  • U17 Spirit – Most Improved – Liam Cooper