Annual General Meeting 2023

Club members and supporters are invited to join us for the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Newtown City Hockey Club.

📅   Thursday November 16, 2023

⏰   7.30 pm

📍   Stead Park, John St, Corio

2023 provided many highlights for the Club and its members, and we are very pleased to share the details. Highlights include:

  • excellent on-field performances and finals results
  • reintroduction of a Division 1 Men’s team
  • excellent member participation at Regional and State level teams and programs
  • significant membership recruitment activities
  • strong financial performance
  • completion of Stage 1 of the Lloyd Reserve Pavilion Project expansion

The Annual General Meeting will allow members to see the strength of the club and the activities which have been undertaken in 2023. Reports will outline the strong financial position of the club and the performances of all our teams. The Annual General Meeting gives members the opportunity to ask questions regarding the Club’s finances, the actions taken during 2023 and future plans and projects.

The election of office bearers and committee members for 2023/2024 is one of the very important actions of the Annual General Meeting. The incoming committee will be guided by input from the members of the club, so contributing your thoughts and asking questions is both an important right and a responsibility of your membership of the Club.

The Annual General Meeting is also the starting point for planning the activities and improvements of the 2024 year, so come along and give us your ideas. The General Meeting which follows the AGM will include discussions about the results of the Annual Review survey.

Supper will be provided.

Agenda:               Annual General Meeting Agenda 2023

Nomination for Office

Grateful thanks to the members of the Committee for 2022/2023 for their work, time and commitment – Claire Barnes, Peter Stuart, Ashley Quick, Chris Stuart, Brett Cleeland, Dominic Crowley, Kirsty Ayerbe, Hayden Francis.

We welcome any member who would like to volunteer their time, whether as a member of the incoming committee, or for an occasional role in the wide range of  roles and tasks across the club. If you have a few hours to spare each month, you might consider nominating for a position on the Committee, helping to bring members’ ideas to reality.  The Committee generally meets once per month, usually via Zoom.

Members are invited to submit a Nomination for Office  on the Committee of the Newtown City Hockey Club for 2023/2024. Nominations should be returned by Thursday November 9, 2023.

The Newtown City Hockey Club Rules  assign voting rights to fully paid playing members aged 15 and over. Members aged under 15 have Associate membership but do not have voting rights. Parents of Associate Members may choose to become members in their own right by becoming a non-playing Voting Member at a cost of $5.

Proxy Forms

If a member is unable to attend the meeting, a Proxy Voting Form may be submitted. The form should be received by 1 pm on Thursday November 16, 2023.

Special General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be followed by a Special General Meeting. The results of the 2023 Annual Review survey and the actions planned as a result will be discussed. This is the opportunity for club members to contribute ideas to ensure that the club meets their needs and provides an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

How can we make the Newtown City Hockey Club even better than it is at present? Is there some aspect of the Club which is not performing as well as you, the member, expects? Do you have a suggestion which the club could adopt to ensure a strong and sustainable club?

We would love to hear your ideas for the Club’s future actions and aims. Please join us for the Annual General Meeting and share your thoughts.

2023 Annual Review Survey

Please complete the 2023 Annual Review Survey here.

We hope that all our members enjoyed the 2023 season.  But we need your input and feedback to tell us how the Club can improve the service and the environment we offer to members.

If we did something good, let us know so that we can do it again! If there are things which you did not enjoy and which we need to improve upon, please tell us so that we can put a plan into action for next year. If you don’t tell us, we won’t know and can’t take any actions!

We would love your suggestions and ideas to help us plan for a great season in 2024. Please submit your response by November 13, 2023.

Summer Hockey Season Begins

Summer Hockey Season Begins

The Geelong Hockey Association summer hockey season for 2023/ 2024 begins on October 17, and it looks like it’s going to be a great season for Newtown Hockey Club.

With 16 teams entered, catering for ages 5 to 35+, there is a team for everyone.

New members are always welcome, regardless of age, experience or skill level. If you haven’t played hockey before, or haven’t played for a long time, summer hockey is a great time to try the sport.

The games are half field (less running), 7 a side, played with a more social focus. It’s not about who wins but who had the most fun. The junior competitions even have a limit on the number of goals one player can score, so that teams are encouraged to pass the ball around and include each team member in the game. There’s no training, but the coaches will provide guidance and encouragement.

Summer hockey is a lower cost, with a reduced fee to register with Hockey Victoria. This is matched by a low fee charged by the club to play in a team, meaning that it costs less than $10 per game. Uniform requirements are not strict so you may have an appropriate shirt in your cupboard already. We can even loan you a hockey stick.

Games are played on:

  • Tuesday – U12, U14, U17
  • Wednesday – Senior Mixed
  • Thursday – U8, U10, Masters Mixed for players aged 35+
  • Friday – Friday Family for juniors, seniors and beginners

New players are welcome for all teams, and we are especially looking for more players for U10, Masters and Friday Family teams. For further details of cost and registration, click here….



Festival of Sails 2023

Festival of Sails 2023

The Festival of Sails, organised by the Royal Geelong Yacht Club, includes the Melbourne to Geelong Passage Race, which is the oldest sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere, having first run in 1844.  The event attracts over 100,000 visitors every January to Geelong, with festivities held at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC) and along the Geelong waterfront.

The race itself is celebrating its 180th year, and the Newtown City Hockey Club is celebrating our 24th year of assisting with the event.

Newtown Hockey Club provides cleaning and bin management services for yachting participants and the general public who attend the onshore festivities at the Yacht Club. In return, the Club receives reimbursement for the time and labour contributed by our members.

The event is one of the major ways in which the Newtown Hockey Club raises additional funds, without adding further to members’ costs.  We expect to raise $3700 from this year’s event, which is a significant proportion of  the club’s annual fundraising target of $5000.


Fundraising from events such as this is set aside for the development of facilities, programs and recruitment of new members. Facility development can include improvements to playing surfaces at Lloyd Reserve (e.g. synthetic surface pitch), or the Lloyd Reserve Pavilion expansion project. The completion of the pavilion expansion project will provide a much larger social space, allowing club functions to be held, and contributing to club unity and connection.

Raising funds from projects such as this represents a saving of $25 for each family, as these funds would otherwise be gathered by increasing membership fees. The assistance of members is requested and much appreciated, so that the fundraising load is shared, without any actual financial cost to members.


What’s Involved?

The work is not difficult. It includes clearing tables, picking up rubbish, taking rubbish bins to the compactor to be emptied and replacing bins around the area for reuse.

Our work is much appreciated by the yachting community and those who attend the Festival activities. Our volunteers regularly receive positive comments about our contribution from those in attendance. As an added bonus, our participation also provides another means of letting the Geelong community know of the existence of the Newtown Hockey Club.

The Club is seeking volunteers to help with this event. Family, friends and any helpers over the age of 15 are welcome. Volunteering your time is ideal for school students who need to demonstrate involvement in community activities.

Members are asked to volunteer three hours of their time during the period January 25 to 29, 2023.

The roster can be found at the link below, with 84 spaces to fill, so have a look and choose when might suit you best.  We look forward to your support.

Details and Sign Up Here


If you are unable to assist with this project, you may choose to make a tax deductible donation to the Club or to help with one of the other fundraising projects planned for the 2023 year.


Cookie Dough Is Back!

Cookie Dough Is Back!

After the success of the Billy G’s Cookie Dough fundraiser in 2021, we are keen to offer this again as way to raise funds  for the club AND give members and customers something for their money. Fundraising with ventures like this  helps to avoid raising membership fees in order to support our recruiting activities and facility development.

The dough will stay fresh in the fridge for 4 weeks, or can be frozen for up to 12 months. Once thawed, you can use what you like, and refreeze multiple times. How handy is that for those times when you have unexpected visitors?

The fundraiser offers 1 kg tubs of cookie dough (made in a nut free factory) in 10 different flavours, including one for your dog. At $18 per tub, for 40 delicious just baked cookies, that’s a great deal. Billy G’s is an Australian family owned and operated business. Billy G’s cookie dough is only available through fundraising, and is not sold in stores, so stock up!

  • Anzac Biscuits
  • Caramel White Choc
  • Choc Chunk
  • Mint Choc
  • Golden Classic – great for adding your own ingredients to give it a twist
  • Nestle Smarties
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Raspberry White Choc
  • Triple Choc
  • Doggie Dough

If every Club family bought 1 tub, or sold 1 to someone else, we would raise $600.  As with all our fundraising projects, the funds raised will help to support our recruiting activities for 2023, plus the Lloyd Reserve pavilion expansion.

Orders can be taken now with final orders due on November 21. Tubs of dough will be delivered approximately December 7 to a central point so that you can collect your order. Dough is delivered frozen and can be stored without refrigeration for up to 8 hours.

And there are prizes to win!

Incentive Prizes: Members who sell 1 tub or more are entitled to an incentive prize for their efforts.  You can choose to set your own fundraising goal – the more tubs you sell the more prizes you will receive!  There are 12 prizes up for grabs so start selling! Ask your family and friends to share the deliciousness. Prizes are automatically ordered at the end of our fundraiser based on the number of tubs you have sold.

Check the cookie details and the prizes here.

So how do you participate?

Each member creates their own fundraising page, which links to our project.

1. Create your own Fundraising Page. Creating a fundraising page is easy!

  1. Go to to create your Fundraising Page by clicking the “Register Now” button and fill in your information as a parent/guardian.
  2. Choose your goals and create a unique avatar!
  3. Place your order using the “Order Now” button and share your fundraising page with your family and friends via the “Share” section so they can start buying some yummy cookie dough. How Easy!

If you prefer, you can place your orders through this order page linked to the club rather than creating your own fundraising page.  Share it with your family and friends and say thank you from all of us.

Billy G’s is a completely cashless fundraiser.  All orders must be placed online and paid by credit card/Paypal. If you receive a cash sale, please convert online through your online fundraising page.


Win a $10,000 JB Hi-Fi Shopping Spree! Our highest tub seller will go into a draw to win a $10,000 JB Hi-Fi Shopping Spree. Plus, every member that achieves all online virtual badges will win a Billy G’s “You’re One Awesome Cookie” Bag Tag.

Want to aim even higher? Australia’s highest tub seller will scoot away with a Razor Prize Pack valued at $3,000. How exciting!


Thank you for your support.

Enquiries: Claire Barnes OAM, ph 0417 015130 or contact us here.


Senior Hockey Team Presentations

Senior Hockey Team Presentations

The 2022 season for our senior hockey teams saw improved performances across the board and some very pleasing results. Not least of these was the miracle ‘come from behind’ win by the Newtown Falcons men in the Geelong Hockey Association Division 2 competition.

The enthusiasm and positive outlook provided the base for a very enjoyable end of season function to recognise and reward the teams and their efforts. With most players in attendance and encouraged by family and supporters, the evening was a mix of great food, plenty of chatter and laughter, season photos, games badges, merit awards, new players awards and team trophies.



Congratulations to all who were involved in the 2022 season, as players, officials and supporters, and congratulations to all the recipients of awards, games badges and trophies.

Bronze Merit Awards

Thanks for ongoing contributions to the club over a number of years – Dominic Crowley,  Jo Murphy,  Ian Sheppard





Games badges

 Well done to players who have reached games milestones for the Newtown Hockey Club.

  • 50 Games – Hannah Anderson, Dominic Crowley, Oliver Soo
  • 100 Games – Martin Andrews, Basyl Jalil, Grace Milne, Ruby Moon
  • 150 Games – Harry Bradbury, Hailey Wyld
  • 250 Games – Tracey Heydari
  •  400 Games – David Wyld
  • 550 Games – Peta Hanley
  •  750 Games – Claire Barnes















State and Regional Team Awards

Congratulations to players who were selected in Hockey Victoria Masters teams in 2022:

  • Ian Sheppard – HV Over 65s D1
  • David Fitzgerald – HV Over 60s D2






Club Award Winners for 2022

  • Graeme Hawkins Trophy, Best Clubperson – Rachel Moon
  • Alan Barnes Trophy – for promotion of sportsmanship and encouragement of junior hockey – Dan Hale
  • Best First Year Senior Player – Brett Cleeland
  • Most Promising New Senior Player – Mitchell Quick






Team Trophy Awards

D1 Women Newtown Falcons

  • Best and Fairest – Ainsley Stuart
  • Most Improved – Georgia Pritchard, Scarlett Knight

D2 Men Newtown Falcons

  • Best and Fairest – Basyl Jalil
  • Most Improved – Brett Cleeland

D2 Women Newtown Strikers

  • Best and Fairest – Tash Wilkinson
  • Most Consistent – Charlotte Cleeland