Membership Fees and Registration

For details about hockey during October to February, please visit our Summer Hockey page.


2022 Winter Hockey Season

Registration for the 2022 Winter hockey season is now open. We are hoping for an uninterrupted season without any COVID breaks.

The season will run from April to September, with breaks for school holidays for junior competitions. Specific dates are not known yet. Pre-season training is expected to begin on March 2/3.

Ages for all junior teams are taken at 1/1/22. We have teams for players from 3 to 70+ so everyone is welcome to enjoy the fun of hockey.

The cost of playing hockey for the 2022 Winter hockey season includes:

  • Hockey Victoria and Hockey Australia Membership fee, which provides insurance cover until 31/12/2022. Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria fees are charged only once each year for each person. Every player MUST pay these fees before playing in a match. Insurance cover is not available until the fee is paid. This fee must be paid online through the ‘Register Here’ link below.
  • Plus Team fees charged by our Club.

Hockey Victoria/ Hockey Australia fees for 2022 (ages as at 31/12/2022) are:

  • Senior (age 19+) – $110
  • Youth (age 18 and under playing in U12 or above) – $83
  • Junior (Under 6, Under 8, Under 10 players) – $35
  • Hookin2Hockey – $35
  • Officials – $35

In recognition of the interruptions to the 2021 winter season, the NCHC team fees for the 2022 season have been reduced for this season only:

  • Hookin2Hockey                                                  First session free to come and try or register here.
  • Joeys (U6 Mixed)                                                $25  (2021 $40)
  • U8 Mixed                                                             $60  (2021 $80)
  • U10 Mixed                                                           $75  (2021 $100)
  • U12 Mixed                                                           $120 (2021 $150)
  • U14 Mixed                                                           $120 (2021 $150)
  • U17 Mixed                                                           $135 (2021 $170)
  • Senior men and women                                      $260 (2021 $315)
  • Student senior men and women                         $210 (2021 $260)
  • Junior player who chooses to play both junior and senior competition                                                          $240
  • Goalkeeper who supplies own gear – junior team $20, senior team $20 (2021 $40 & $80)
  • Saturday Social player                                         $20 (2021 $25)
  • Non-playing member with voting rights.           $5

Players aged less than 15 do not have voting rights under NCHC Rules. Parents may wish to take out a non-playing membership to enable them to vote on behalf of their child.

Pro-rata fees may be arranged for members who are not able to play every game due to clashes with other commitments, usually a minimum payment of 1/3 of the applicable team fee. These fees are available only by agreement with the Treasurer.


  • Family Discount. Families receive a discount of $10 for the second and each subsequent member. When you log in to register, select your fee option and then enter the discount code.
  • Early Payment Discount. This discount has been discontinued, but fees have been set at lower levels for this year than the 2021 discounted rate.
  • Team fees may be paid by:
    • Online payment through the Revolutionise Sport system
    • OR Direct payment to the Club bank account (Newtown City Hockey Club, BSB 033-622, Acct 690908). Leave your name in the payment record or notify the Treasurer of your payment.
      • If you choose this option, select and pay for the ‘HV/HA only’ fees and make your payment for these online, then make your payment for team fees separately to the club bank account.
    • OR Cheque posted to Newtown City Hockey Club, PO Box 1098, Geelong, 3220
    • Fees may be paid in installments, by arrangement with the club Treasurer.
  • Uniforms. Check out club uniforms, merchandise, and available junior equipment on our Uniform page and place your order through the Online Shop.




If you registered in 2021 (winter or summer) choose  ‘RENEW’. If you did not register in 2021, choose ‘REGISTER’.

If you need any help to complete your registration, please contact us.


Fundraising and Social Activities

Member support is requested for the various fundraising and social activities run during the season. These events help to cover non-competition costs, member recruitment activities and facility improvements. If you have a great idea for a fundraising or social event, we would love to hear from you.


Volunteers are Vital

Newtown City Hockey Club aims to be a sustainable club which provides a friendly and welcoming environment for all. The Club cannot operate without the help of members who volunteer their time in a wide range of roles. There are volunteer opportunities in coaching, team management, umpiring, administration, fundraising, social events, uniform and equipment sales and many more.

All members are encouraged to contribute to their Club in whatever way they can, whether it’s a one-off task or a regular ongoing activity.

Check the Volunteer Hub here to see if you can help the Club continue to grow and develop.


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