#HaveAGo at Hockey

The Australian Olympic Committee #HaveAGo campaign encourages people to play a sport at the grassroots level, and develop new passions, friendships and new skills.

The early finish to the 2021 winter hockey season and the ongoing COVID restrictions give us a slightly longer break than normal between the end of the winter season and the start of the summer season. But this gives us a great opportunity to encourage others to #HaveaGo at Hockey.

The summer hockey season will begin on November 8 (COVID permitting), with teams available for players of all ages, all genders and all levels of experience (recent or otherwise). Games are midweek, so you can combine having a go at hockey with continuing to play your normal weekend summer sport.

With costs to play even lower than usual, relaxed uniform rules and a social atmosphere for the games, summer is a great time to #HaveAGo at hockey. Check the details here.

Boys and girls aged 5 to 12 can also #HaveAGo by joining a Hookin2Hockey program to learn the basic skills of hockey and strategies of the game. This is a great way to develop confidence and to make new friends.  The next program will begin on Thursday October 14, 4.30 pm at Lloyd Reserve, Windsor Rd, Newtown (opposite Balyang Sanctuary).

Summer hockey is also a great time to start a journey as a team coach or umpire, and we are always looking for help in these areas.

We are happy to welcome new members at any time of the year, and now is the ideal time to find out more and try out the game. Why not give us a call. Round up your friends to come along too.

Enquiries: Claire Barnes OAM, ph 0417 015130


#HaveAGo at hockey with a Hookin2Hockey program























2021 Hockey Season – August 14 & 15

Under 6

The Under 6 Joeys players enjoyed their game of ‘Keepings Off’, and showed some great passing skills before running to the next space to create the next option.

Under 8

Newtown Spirit – Bye

A ‘Parents and Kids’ game initially pitted the Wilson family against the rest, with some new players joining both teams as the game started. There were some great examples of passing, moving to space and recognition of the best option for passing to team mates. Firm passes kept the play moving and there were many forays into the attacking zones. Well done to all.

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay

Newtown Strikers continue to impress each week, with their strong passing and great support for team mates. A good understanding of positioning and attacking strategies is always a feature.

Under 10

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 0-0

What a fantastic effort by Newtown Spirit! After a 0-9 scoreline between these two teams in Round 1, this game showed how much the Spirit team and players have improved. With great attention to the team’s game strategies and a focus on persistence, the Spirit team was able to defend very well and deflect the Strikers attacks. Better use of the width of the field and passes directed to team mates saw Newtown Spirit create some promising attacks. Circle entries increased and there were some opportunities to score which didn’t quite work out but not because of a lack of effort.

Midfield work from Poppy and Ved was well supported by Albie and Maia with Hamish, Lucy and Ellie in good position to move the ball forward. When the ball did enter the Spirit defensive zone, Pat, Lilly and Eliza were steadfast and strong, denying Strikers the clear shot at goal.

Under 12

Newtown Strikers v Kardinia Blue 2-2

Strikers were a bit rusty after the lockdown break. After some initial pressure they were very static off the ball and didn’t create many opportunities. Strikers were first to score but Kardinia were quick to equalise and then took the lead. With 15 minutes to go Strikers found a last burst of energy and started putting together some lovely passes down the field. They were rewarded with a goal to bring the scores equal. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for them to find a winning goal but during the last burst of play the team looked more like their usual selves.

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong Jaguars 2-1

A lovely bit of weather for our yet again return to hockey weekend. It was again a tough week with all the kids showing a bit of the energy zap from a on again off again nature of a COVID conditions hockey season. We were back to the country footy setup, with cars surrounding the ground, and parents with hands hovering over their horns.

We were up against a much improved Geelong Jaguars team this week, seeing how they have developed over the season, shows there are some strong competitions to come in future seasons.

Despite the low energy levels, we still managed some nice ball movement this week, again moving the ball out wide to our leading wings Ivy, Jett, and Michael who were making great position. Some very nice calling by our players, and it was very pleasing to see these calls being honored, and players passing the ball, rather than trying to get around opponents. This enabled those players to then run on and then receive the ball back again.

This style of play saw us go into attack on many occasions, by allowing our midfielders of Zac, Valentina, and Matilda get some space, and get a few short corners through some clever work inside the attacking D.

The improved ball movement from the Jags, was keeping our midfield busy, having to run back and defend, which on balance they did very well. Kashvi, Audrey and Maia rotating through the full back positions, providing some strong defence, with Will, Oliver and Charlotte in great support, rebounding the Jaguars attacks.

A highlight of this weekend’s game was to see Kashvi come out of the defensive 25 to meet a breakaway Jags forward, making the Jags forward pass off the ball, and then seeing Kashvi sprint back to help defend the D and rebound the ball out wide, well done Kashvi!

Pollyanna was again our goalie this week, and after doing some wonderful late game saving stops, including one off her stick, lead the Spirit team in the three cheers for the opposition and the umpires, well done Pol!

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Spirit v Torquay 0-13

A very strong Torquay attack kept Hamish very busy in the goals. He was well supported by Liam, Kayla, Surry and other Newtown Spirit defenders. Newtown Spirit did well against a team that had double the male players.

Tilly, Lachlan and Lara worked hard to get the ball into the Newtown goals, but it didn’t quite get there. Great game to watch and great to see everyone back on the field!

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia Blue 4-0

So nice to see the kids playing again. Strikers worked well as a team today with a quick first goal by Eoin, supported by Ado to start the game well.

Great defence by Leo and Anya kept the team in attack mode, allowing Strikers to score two more goals by Anya and Kye. Kardinia held their defence well in the second half, and one last goal by Nate from a penalty corner sealed the deal for a 4-0 win for Strikers.

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia White 3-1

The Spirit side began the match a little scratchy, over possessing the ball and trying to go through defenders. We conceded a goal early but soon after regained some structured play, passing around defenders and using the wings more. We dominated possession in the second half and created numerous scoring chances with strong forward pressure
supported by Tom, Oskar and Oliver across the half line, and finished with 3 team goals. Let’s hope we are able to finish out the season and continue our good form.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons – Bye

Division 2 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 0-8

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Saints Red 1-1

Up against the top team this week, and with a 0-4 result in our last encounter, we were hopeful that the recent addition of some younger players would provide us with some attacking advantages. Strikers began well, with the midfield lineup of Andie, Tash and Hannah putting plenty of obstacles in the way of the Saints attackers. Beth and Hillary backed up well and pressured any who slipped through the first line of defence. Saints scored first with a nice deflection off a short corner.

But Newtown were not deterred, and continued to work hard. Great passing to forwards using the space well and showing great ball control saw Newtown create a number of attacks of their own and put some pressure on the Saints defence, earning a number of short corners. Grace, Charlie, Emily and Gemma received the ball from defence and controlled it well to advance. Peta, Emma and Audrey teamed well, winning possession and distributing the ball to players moving into good space in attack.

A penalty stroke defended, denied Saints a further goal, but it looked as if Saints might claim the win. However, another advance into the goal circle in the last minutes of the game saw Peta score, earning a well deserved draw for Strikers. Well done all!



2021 Hockey Season – July 31 & August 1

Back on the pitch again and it was clear that despite this interrupted hockey season, everyone was very keen to play.

Under 8 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia

A fantastic game by Newtown Spirit, with all the players showing great focus on the ball and using some square-through passing to get past the opposition. Hard chasing with sticks down didn’t allow Kardinia to gain any advantage and excellent passing to team mates saw Newtown maintain control of the play on many occasions.

Best Team Player Awards to Mitchell and Heidi.

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay

Another excellent game from Strikers, showing good ball control skills and great awareness of team mates.

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 4-1

How good was it to be back on the hockey pitch after a 5 week break. Strikers were really motivated to play a great game against Torquay. So far in this hockey season they couldn’t win from this team (a loss and a draw), but today was different. Mainly because of great passing and very good defending from all, we created lots of chances. It was really great to watch! Josien scored all 4 goals, but she couldn’t have done it without great passes to get her free in front of the goal from mainly Audrey and Eddy. And the defence was so strong with Joey and James who defended many good attacks from Torquay. The final score was 4-1. A well deserved win!

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 3-0

A fantastic game by all the Spirit players saw the team chalk up their first win for the season, after continuous improvement each week.

Thanks to Josien for filling in at the last moment and her determination on the forward line saw her score 2 goals. But the focus and determination of Patrick, Eliza and Lilly as the Spirit defence was equally important in preventing Kardinia from scoring, and Lilly stopped a great ball in front of goal and passed away from danger.

Hard work in the midfield by Poppy and Ved turned the play to our advantage on many occasions. Ellie was also in great position, making many interceptions to stop Kardinia’s progress and looking for team mates to pass to.

Hard work and perseverance by Hamish, Josien and Maia was assisted by Albie and Lucy making great position on the wing. Maia pounced on a ball in a goal circle muddle to score the third goal. So not only was it the team’s first win for the year, it was the first time we had scored as well. A fantastic effort!

Best Team Player awards to Albie and Ellie.












Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars 4-0

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia White 5-1

After having such a long layoff due to the mid-year school holidays, followed by another COVID lockdown, it was great to see the kids back out playing hockey, and such lovely weather. Thank you to all the families for following the return to play rules.

The kids showed little signs of the 5-week absence of a game, and in fact I think some possibly had one of their best games for the season. Mum’s and dad’s must have been getting them down to the park with their sticks for their daily exercise, so well done!

We had Pollyanna again helping us out in goals, and it is always a pleasure to have Pol in our team. After having 6 weeks off (with a broken bone in her hand), I know Charlotte was keen to get out and have a run around in the field. She was again teaming up with Will to provide some great rebound out of defence, linking up with Ollie to put on some important pressure in the middle. Kashvi and Audrey were providing a solid wall in defence, something that has been a common theme all season.

Ivy and Jett were showing some great field position as our wings, and were used on several forward thrusts, providing some great changes in direction when bringing the ball into attack. Matilda, Zac and Valentina were our solid core, that gave us many entries into the attacking D.

Although Zac scored an amazing and well deserved 4 goals with some cracking shots, the play of the day would probably have to be Matilda’s goal.

Play of the day: The ball was moved quickly out of defence, making its way to Charlotte around the middle of the field, who quickly moved the ball out wide to the leading Ivy, who ran the ball up the wing, passing to the leading Matilda, who brought the ball into the D, drawing the goalie to one side, and then hitting the ball into the other side of the goals. A nice piece of ball movement, that was only possible because the entire team were holding their positions, which in turn provided the space for our players to lead into. The passes were all out in front of the leading players, so none of them had to stop running, and a nice bit of polish by Matilda to get the goal. A great piece of hockey, well done Spirit on the team goal!

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Spirit v Newtown Strikers 3-4

What a great game to return from lockdown with! A great team effort was given by Newtown Spirit, but it wasn’t quite enough against Newtown Strikers.

Our defenders were kept busy, but two goals from Liam and one goal from Tilly kept the game close. A great display of teamwork Newtown Spirit, who never gave up, scoring the third goal with minutes to go in the game.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 4-3

Great to see the sunshine and the both the teams out enjoying their hockey…it’s been 7 weeks since we hit the field together !! A battle of the Newtowns…Spirit Vs Strikers

Strikers played without a few of our players but we were very fortunate to have Zac step up from Under 12’s. Anya, Leo and Thamindu combined well in the back to keep moving the ball wide, maintaining a strong defensive triangle. Peri captained from the centre and connected well with the forwards. Serena was perfectly positioned on the post to pop in a goal and then treat us all to a groovy goal dance.

Zac, Tess and Chloe worked hard in the front line. Ruby, Kye and Nate created options for the Strikers to move forward. We will continue to work on following up the hits on goals and our corners. Nate and Eion finished off some fabulous team work putting away another 3 goals between them.

Well done Strikers, 4-3 the final score. Thanks goes to Spirit for a great game. We have a bye next week …so keep the practice up at home

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 1-2

In what felt like a long awaited restart to the season, the Spirit side began a little rusty. We turned over the ball in the corridor too often, and had trouble clearing defence, and went into half time a goal down.

To their enormous credit, the team played well structured hockey in the second half, spread the ball wider, created 2 on 1s, talked more, and dominated possession. They were rewarded when Robbo slammed in a cross from Mitchell, via Nick down the right side. If we can bring this sort of play each week we should have a successful and enjoyable remainder of the season.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Golden Plains 5-2

Division 2 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay Tornadoes 2-4

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong 1 1-12

In a tough match against a top Division 1 team, there was plenty of opportunity for the defence combination to show what they could do. For every goal which was scored, there was at least another one which was prevented by great defence play. Marking and covering the spaces was good, but Geelong’s forwards were very quick to move and to pounce on the rebounds. Great work across the half line with Andie, Hannah and Lauren trying valiantly to close down the spaces and limit the opportunities for Geelong to attack, was well backed up by Hillary and Kirsty.

There was some excellent positioning and leading and Newtown did manage to mount a number of attacks and forward thrusts with Deb, Grace, Ella and Gemma showing the advantage of speed and ball control. The highlight of the game was Ella’s run with the ball late in the game, running from half way with plenty of space to slot it right past the keeper into the net.

Well done Strikers. A great game by all.


2021 Hockey Season – July 10 & 11

The junior teams are still on the holiday break but will be back next week to finish off the 2021 hockey season in great style. The senior teams are working hard to establish a place in the finals, with new players still joining and welcomed into the teams.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay Tornadoes 2-1

Strong pro-active defence by Alex and Ainsley stopped many Torquay attacks well before they caused any problem, and with Xanthia always ready to provide an option, there was plenty of attack by Newtown.  Thanks to our junior players who filled in, with Amber, Isabel B and Charlie H all showing great ball control and speedy transfer of play to attack. A fantastic goal by Isabel, who picked up the ball at half-way and carried it all the way to the attacking circle, putting it nicely into the left corner of the goal. A great game by all, and a good basis from which to start the last half of the season.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Falcons Bye

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Golden Plains 4-2

With the benefit of a nearly full team, Golden Plains are always a tough opponent. Holidays absences this week saw a number of newer faces in the team again, but the team showed great commitment and worked hard, without the ability to interchange and recharge energy levels.

Solid midfield defence from Andie, Tash, Peta and some nice interceptions from Ruby turned back a number of Golden Plains forward moves. Great work in deep defence by Hillary and Carly (despite carrying an injury – not hockey related) frustrated Golden Plains and kept the scoreboard looking OK. A penalty stroke well converted by Golden Plains did not depress the efforts of our forwards with Ella, Emily and Grace making great position and putting pressure on the opposition defence. Excellent running and support for the defence from Georgie, Peta and Tash moved the ball forward with well directed passes to team mates moving to space, and some great results on the scoreboard. Goals to Peta, Tash and Georgie (2)



2021 Hockey Season – July 3

In a hockey season which will be slightly shortened by  COVID restrictions, it’s still obvious how much everyone is enjoying being able to play. This is especially true for the senior teams who did not achieve a senior season at all in 2020 due to COVID.

The junior teams are still on holidays, but the senior teams had some excellent matches this weekend.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong Blue 2-0

We started the game without a goalie and we started hard and fast and quickly  scored 2 goals, with Grace Baker and Kristen Paul the scorers.

The first half saw the game being played in our attacking end. When it went to the other end the defence ladies Alex, Xanthia, Beth and Ainsley worked hard to get it out of Geelong’s attack, well before it posed any threat to the scoreboard.

Isabel B in her first senior game did a fantastic job, pushing out on the short corners and making great position to support her team mates. There was some great ball movement and distribution to players in space, creating a number of opportunities in attack.

Special thanks to Claire for responding to the last minute call to step in as goalkeeper, arriving at 2.20 for the 2.00 game. Luckily, the ball never came near her in the first half, and barely gave her anything to do in the second half.

Thanks to Paul for coaching on the side line.

The Paul family combination of Kristen, Isabel and Claudia is showing great promise, and it’s great to see Kristen playing – not having played since school which was just a ‘few’ years ago.










Divison 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay Tornadoes 1-1

With the advantage of Alex filling in, providing a strong barrier at full back and working well with Hillary, Newtown was able to withstand the attacking pressure from Torquay. Andie, Hannah and Lauren again worked well together in the midfield, marking the opposition well and turning back many attacks with composed play and good ball control skills. Great running and positioning by Georgie and Kate helped get the ball through to forwards Grace, Deanne and new team member Tash, who were making good leads and finding space. Ella, filling in for her first senior game, showed great speed AND ball control on her runs down the wing and quickly put pressure on the Torquay defence.

Great work by Tash to score the goal, earning a great result for Strikers. Well done all!

Division 2 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 2-5

In this battle between the #1 team in the Men’s Division 1 competition and the Newtown Division 2 team, the Newtown team stood up well to the challenge. Newtown scored their 2 goals in the first half and were well in contention to keep the game competitive.

Torquay began to assert control in the second half, and goalkeeper Martin Andrews was frequently in the play – although maybe he would have preferred it otherwise.

Goals scored by Rommel and Tom P.