2023 Hockey Season – May 13 & 14

Our teams are still finding their way in this hockey season, but their efforts are paying off with improved team work and defensive skills.

Under 6

The Under 6 players are having fun playing small games, and learning new skills. Dribbling and control is a highlight, leading in to some great passing too.

Under 8

Newtown Spirit vs Saints

It was another great outing for the Spirit team this time against the Saints.  Once again all players put all the lessons learnt from training into practise, maintaining good structure and working together to move the ball around the opposition. This allowed the forwards to breakaway into attack with both James and Casper having great runs in the first half.

Abby and Esther owned the wings and made many good runs with Flynn and Claire putting up a great effort at halfback to not only defend well but feed the ball out to the wings and make use of the whole field.    

In the second half Cohen slotted in seamlessly up front and continued to challenge the Saints defence.  Overall another great performance from the Spirit with great support on the sidelines from all families.

Best Team Player Awards to Esther and Cohen.

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars

Another fantastic game from the rapidly improving Strikers. In just three weeks the player’s ability to “read the game” and understand the importance of teamwork is becoming evident. I’m tremendously proud of all the U8’s attitude and growth this year. Excellent work Strikers!

Thomas and Charlie had magnificent games in both attack and defence. They were ever present in front of goal, each scoring goals in the first half and showing great energy to get back and help defend when necessary. Tess was a dominant force in the midfield. Displaying her wonderful dribbling skills with several attacking runs through the centre to set up multiple scoring opportunities in the second half. Excellent game Tess!

Miriam and Henry were dedicated in their defence of the Newtown goal. Both showing exceptional focus to stay low when tackling and proving to be impenetrable for the Jaguars attack. Well done guys!

We look forward to Eliza and Nadia re-joining us for Round 4 and hope they’ve enjoyed some well-deserved rest.

Under 10

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 1-7

U10 Strikers are showing great improvement each week, learning to spread out and look for team mates in good position. Torquay was expected to be a tough opposition after their early wins in this hockey season, and that proved to be the case.

Some great defence from Campbell, meeting the oncoming horde at the top of the circle and using flat stick tackles to deflect the Torquay attack.  Great concentration on the last line of defence saw Vicky save a number of Torquay’s attempts to score and some good passing out to team mates by Tom eased the pressure in the defensive circle.

The midfield is beginning to use more square passes, with Joe and Georgia working well to bypass the crowded centre.  A great pass by Felix found Paddy running onto the ball, and he controlled it all the way to the goal to score!  Paige is always focused on the ball and on gaining possession, controlling the ball well to move Strikers into attack. Dot, Alexis and Winnie found some good position, with space to receive the ball, and great efforts to pass to team mates.

Best Team Player Awards to Campbell, Vicky and Paige.

Under 12

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 0-0

A very even game was played between Spirit and Kardinia. The majority of the game was played in the middle third and the defence was excellent on both sides. Kardinia had two short corners for the last play of the game but the relentless energy by Spirit kept a clean sheet.

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-5

Despite some great team work and a positive attitude to their game unfortunately the Under 12 Newtown Strikers were not strong enough to match Torquay this week with a 5-0 loss.

Eva had a fantastic debut in goalie and managed to defend a number of attempts from Torquay at the goal.  Joseph moved well around the field and worked hard to get the ball down the other end, supported by Georgia with some good tackling from Jack and Lucy.  Lilly and Albie defended well in the first half to support Eva in the goal.

A big thank you to our coach Dan who continues to encourage the players to be the best in their game and in their conduct.

Under 14

Newtown Strikers Bye

Under 17

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-10

Another mild morning out at Stead Park.  Firstly we would like to thank Zac and Kashvi for playing for us. Having them on the team allowed us to have one on the bench. 

Torquay came out strong and Spirit played a very defensive first half.  There was good talking amongst the team that saw some really good plays between Georgia, Ruby, Kayla and Leo. The defense was applying a lot of pressure and was clearing wide. Super running by Zac and Max and good tackles by Hugh and Kashvi. The first half finished with Torquay scoring their sixth goal. Half time scores Torquay 6 Spirit 0

The second half saw the advantages of opening up the space, the ball was now spending more time in Spirit’s forward zone. Max was strong providing some really good runs forward. The first half was a very different game to the second half. The team was creating space and held Torquay to one goal in the third quarter. A good tackle by Felix and then cleared by Zac showed Torquay that we were not giving up without a fight. 

The last quarter saw some really good balls and tackles by all with a great ball by Leo towards our goal during the last minutes at of the game.  

Player of the match went to Madden our goalie, well deserved, he did an amazing job. Another huge thank you to Zac and Kashvi, to help us field a whole team. 

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Red

On Sunday, the Newtown Falcons (D1) played Saints Black (D1), the benchmark team in the competition and ladder leaders. It was a glorious sunny afternoon – perhaps a little too hot for hockey! The Saints played well and immediately put us under pressure. We conceded several goals in the first quarter but steadied from the second quarter onwards.

We had some strong periods of play and defended determinedly, but were unable to create scoring opportunities. We had a depleted line-up with Mother’s Day. Thanks to several players for doubling up including Cal, Mitch and AJ. We look forward to playing the Saints later in the season.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs HG Sharks 0-1

Division 2 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay (D1) 0-15

This week’s game was a tough challenge for the Strikers, coming up against the Torquay Division 1 team. Eight goals were conceded in the first half in spite of determined Newtown defence. Despite the score, the Strikers fought hard until the final whistle.

Torquay had many shots on goal, but our team pressured the attackers such that many of the shots went wide, and Madden defended well in goal, making several successful blocks. Especially big efforts were made by AJ, Callum and Mitchell, who also played with the Newtown D1 Falcons just moments before the Strikers game.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 1-0

The ball was gliding at the back on Saturday, with defence moving as one and having everything covered. Thanks muchly to Ainsley and Alex who were a major part of the structure and movement at the back. Working like a well oiled machine, they were switching players with Andy and Kirsty for the first and second tackle and the chatter was strong and positive. If Torquay managed to slip past, Claire had it covered with her solid presence. Adriana was schooling Torquay with a marking master class. Hanna was a great asset with her flexibility on position making sure that we could all grab a breather with a very light bench.

With the back covered it was easy for Katrina and George to settle in for the game and assist in carrying the ball to the forward. Triangles all the way down the pitch with some great cross over runs from Dee, Grace and Peta.

We have not reached peak match fitness with tired legs nearing the end. Luckily Katrina was able to convert a short corner (with some assistance from the opposition) to give us the 1-0 lead late in the game. They turned up the heat in the last 5 minutes but solid defence for the rest of the game held them out.

Yay team… First win of the season (if you dont count the forfeit).



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