2023 Hockey Season – August 5 & 6

The 2023 hockey season has proven to be an exciting one for our teams. In an unusual year, all teams will be in the finals, partly due to the limited number of teams in the competition. With many teams showing significant improvement in the latter part of this hockey season, the finals could prove to be even more exciting! Anything can happen on the day!

Under 6

The U6 players are honing their skills while having fun with games and drills. There was some great work in the ‘Rob the Nest’ game this week, with players collecting and delivering the balls well from the middle.

Under 8

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars

On a beautiful Saturday morning this week the U8 Strikers revealed their true identity and played exceptional team hockey. Fierce in defense and keen in attack, their play across the field exhibited a greater understanding of Hockey than at any other point this season. With the end of this year’s winter season fast approaching, the improvement from the entire team has been incredible. Excellent, excellent work guys!!!

On a very pleasing note, Miriam really stood out this week and scored a wonderful second half goal. It was great to see her shed her apprehension of the contest and “get involved”. Well done Miriam and congratulation on being this week’s “Player of the Round”.

Charlie and Thomas were once again a joy to observe and a real delight to have in the team. Tess was solid in the midfield and ably assisted by Henry, who for the second week in a row picked up the”player of the Round” with Miriam. Well done!!

And finally, a very big thank you to Nadia who fought off wave after wave of the Geelong City attacks while she was playing at fullback. Brilliant Nadia!

Have a great week and see everyone Saturday morning.

Newtown Spirit vs Saints

This was one of Spirit’s best games for this hockey season with players showing great skills and good understanding of game strategy and positioning.

Great focus on the ball saw Caspar and Lily create forward moves and goal scoring opportunities on many occasions, with support from Abby and Esther.  Midfield defence from Leila, Claire and Cohen blocked many Saints moves and passed the ball to team mates in good position.

Flynn and Elspeth at full back coming well to guard the goals and prevented Saints from scoring successfully.

Best Team Player awards to Caspar and Flynn.

Under 10

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 1-2

U/10 Strikers played a terrific game against top-ranked Torquay. We were missing Tom, our spiritual heart in defence, and Georgia, our tenacious attacking forward, due to a broken arm and toe respectively. But Miriam and James stepped up from the U/8 and filled their shoes admirably.

First half was all about our defensive efforts, with Miriam saving an almost certain goal, Paige seamlessly playing the role of full-back in her first go at that position and Joe just getting in amongst it wherever he could. Despite our best efforts, Torquay scored in the first half and again early in the second half.

We spent a lot more time in attack in the second half, with Joe having a great run towards goal supported by Dot in perfect position on the post. Great defence again down the other end by Miriam saved another certain goal to Torquay. A final run up forward by Paddy late in the match, again ably supported by Dot on the wing, resulted in a much-deserved Newtown goal.

Final score of 2-1 was a huge improvement on earlier efforts against Torquay and was celebrated by sausages and flavoured milk by all!!

Under 12

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 2-3

A fantastic game for the Under 12 Strikers this week with a 3-2 loss to the leaders of the competition to date – Torquay. Audrey played an amazing game and was rewarded with a goal in the first half.

Parker scored in the second half set up by some great defence by Lily. The score was quickly matched by Torquay who then went on to score a third goal in the last part of the game. The Torquay coach said at the end of the game it was the toughest match they have played all season which is a credit to the amazing improvement this team has made.

A big thank you to Hayden Francis for coaching while Dan was away.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 1-1

This was the game to probably decide who qualifies second and third. Kardinia started well with an early short corner goal and went to half time 1 goal ahead.

Spirit opened the game up in the second half and there were numerous attacks but not enough polish to score. Four short corners to Spirit in the second half and finally Lucas Young scored after a couple of short passes found some space.

Spirit dominated and should have won but could not find that final touch. Spirit 1-1 Kardinia and should secure Spirit second place who are 5 points ahead with 2 games to go.

Under 14

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia Blue 1-0

Another really tight match for the Strikers against a tough team in Kardinia Blue. The Strikers started well, moving the ball well around the field and using the pass back to either Will or Kashvi to great effect to open up the field. The Strikers created some great chances with Baxter going on a tremendous run and just missing with the shot. Fortunately, Zac was on target from a short corner strike and got the Strikers on the board and they went into half time up 1-0.

Kurt asked the team for their feedback at half time and the key themes from the players were there wasn’t enough communication, and they weren’t using the width of the field as much as they could. It was terrific to hear the players able to do their own self assessments and showing what they had learned about the game from this season. Kurt stressed that if they can do these basics it will take the team to another level and also emphasised that the players should work together in organising themselves into positions and set up the play.

The second half saw the Strikers create offensive opportunities with some great aggressive crosses into the circle but and could have easily added a couple more goals if things had gone our way. Kashvi continued to relish the move a little further up the ground to half back and was able to make a number of intercepts while supported by Oliver L, Ruby and Riley who has brought some great run since he came back into the team. In the end the score stayed 1-0 in a scoreless but entertaining second half.

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 4-2

Overseeing the strikers this week was Tom and Luca. Everyone played their roles well and made great position.

Chloe was on fire throughout the game running onto anything that came her way. Lara knew her position well and ran to the post any chance she had. Mai was solid in goals and when something got around her Amelia was there to back her up. Serena was able to tap the ball in for a goal and Anya was calling out plays. Alex had a great game stopping the ball anytime it came her way. Welcome back Surry who made the team work together with Grace.

A great win over our Newtown colleagues.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 2-4

Very cold weather this Saturday compared to the sunny morning we had last weekend.  The game started with Spirit’s defence on alert, Ruby had her work cut out for her. There was an early short corner to give Strikers an opportunity at goal, but Spirit’s defence was too good. A couple of shots at goal that were defended well by the Spirit team, in particular, Hugh saved a great shot at goal. Felix almost got a goal in the last minutes of the first quarter. 

Second quarter there was a lot of talking by the Spirit team. The team work and support was evident. Spirit had to defend two short corners, the second one saw Strikers score the first goal for the game. 

The third quarter started with an early goal by Strikers, which was followed quickly by a short corner that Hamish defended really well.  Great play by Max and Felix up the line saw a short corner for Spirit. Nate did an amazing job against Strikers defence. The ball was soon back in Spirit’s forward zone and Charlotte had the Strikers goalie on the ground.

Last quarter started with an early goal by Strikers. Teamwork by Leo, Hugh, up the line saw the ball in Spirit’s forward zone which saw Nate score Spirit’s first goal for the game.  Strikers retaliated quickly another goal. Ruby was critical in clearing the ball out of the D.  The game finished with a great ball by Hugh to Leo into the D for a goal to be scored by Max. 

Players player went to Max this week. 

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Red 2-3

Newtown Falcons played Saints Red on Sunday.  For the first time in several weeks we had 11 players, which was a relief (particularly for Ash Quick!). We also welcomed Harry B back to the team after being unavailable for many weeks due to representative duties.

We started strongly against the Saints, and had the majority of the play. We moved the ball well out of defence and through the mid-field. Harry had some great runs into the circle which drew several short corners. Credit should go to the Saints keeper and defence for saving several strong shots. Tom P scored first to give us a 1-0 lead at quarter time.

Following quarter time, we continued to move the ball well, but couldn’t convert attacking opportunities into goals. We weren’t able to find clear space in the circle and get to the posts.

In contrast, the Saints were able to convert their attacking opportunities into goals. We were 3-1 down in the final quarter and lifted, with Tom P scoring a second goal with a desperate lunge towards a rebound from the Saints keeper.

We will need to convert our attacking opportunities in the coming weeks including finals, and will practise converting opportunities in training.

Thanks in particular to Madden for stepping up and keeping for us.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs HG Sharks 5-0

This game was awarded as a 5-0 forfeit by HG Sharks but some sharing of players resulted in a scratch game and a 1-0 scoreline at the end.

This proved to be one of the Falcons best games for this year with some precise passes from Ainsley and Beth in defence finding Rosie and Jane leading to spaces to pick up the ball and continue the attack.  Great midfield defence by Georgia, Alex and Rachel didn’t allow the Sharks free rein and frequently turned the play back to our advantage.  Great support in the forward line from Scarlett, Emily and Audrey pushed the ball forward and kept Falcons in the play with many chances in the circle.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay Tornadoes 1-4

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Saints 3-0

Strikers are continuing their stellar season, sitting on top of the ladder, and leading into the finals with 8 wins to their credit.

The team is combining well from the back line all the way to the attacking goal. Alex and Kirsty are a formidable barrier at full back, well backed up by Rachel in goals.  Strong and determined play in the midfield from Tash, Kat, Andie met any Saints attacks early and redirected the play forward. An adaptable forward line with plenty of running and great ball control skills saw Charlotte, Hanna, Claudia, Serena, Georgie and Peta all having an impact on the game, getting behind the Saints defence on many occasions.

An excellent game from all.




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