Celebrating a Successful Junior Hockey Season

We have come to the end of another junior hockey season and there is plenty to celebrate for the teams in our older junior competitions.

With 1 Premiership and 2 Runners Up finishes for our U12, U14 and U17 teams, the 2022 season has provided the most onfield success since 2016. Congratulations to all the players and all the teams on the commitment and effort they have put in throughout the season. Thanks also to the coaches, managers and umpires for their time and enthusiasm which allowed this junior hockey season to finish on such a high note.

Many thanks to the parents for their support of the teams and the club. In this post-COVID recovery period, it’s especially pleasing to see how much both parents and players have enjoyed the opportunity to play hockey.

Congratulations to the Premiers and Runners Up:

  • Geelong Hockey Association U17 Premiers – Newtown Strikers
  • Geelong Hockey Association U14 Runners Up – Newtown Rebels
  • Geelong Hockey Association U12 Runners Up – Newtown Strikers

Games Milestones and Awards

Congratulations to members who received Bronze Merit Awards:    Jo Murphy, Jen Shand, Lesley White

Well done to the following members who reached games milestones during the season.

 25 Games

  • Lucy Anderson, Audrey Cleeland, Liam Cooper, Serena Cunningham, Anessa Cunningham, Kayla Murphy, Peri Saunders, Ved Shetty, Charlie White

50 Games

  • Baxter Alves, Maia Burch, Harrison Calder, Leo De Leiros, Matilda Gordon, Zac Wingert, Jacob Young

75 Games

  • Charlotte Baker, Bella Bradbury, Will Burch, Surry Burch, Scarlett Knight, Amber Quick, Mitchell Quick, Pollyanna Smith

100 Games

  • Isabel Baker, Nate Harding, Basyl Jalil, Mai Lorenzen, Grace Milne, Ruby Moon

150 Games

  • Harry Bradbury

State and Regional Team Awards

Well done to the 16 members who participated in Regional, State and National teams and programs during the year.

  • Charlotte Armstead – Hockey Victoria U18 Academy
  • Charlotte Baker – Hockey Victoria Goalkeeper K development program
  • Bella Bradbury – School Sport Victoria 12 & Under, Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Academy
  • Harry Bradbury – Hockey Victoria U18 Academy, Hockey Victoria U18 Development team, Western Wildcats, National Indoor Emerging Talent Squad U18
  • Will Burch – Hockey Victoria Under 13 Development Team Train On, Hockey Victoria U13 Academy
  • Anya Dreyer – Western Wildcats U15
  • Phillip Dreyer – Western Wildcats U18
  • Matilda Gordon – School Sport Victoria 12 & Under, Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Development Team, Hockey Victoria U13 Academy
  • Mai Lorenzen – Hockey Victoria U15 Academy, Hockey Victoria U15 Development team, School Sport Victoria 16 & Under, Western Wildcats U15
  • Grace Milne – Western Wildcats U18
  • Ruby Moon – Western Wildcats U15
  • Ivy Renouf – Hockey Victoria U13 Academy
  • Aimee Van Der Meer – Western Wildcats U15
  • Charlie White – Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Development Team
  • Jacob Young – Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Development Team
  • Madison Young – Western Wildcats U13, Hockey Victoria U13 Academy

Keith Robertson Scholarships

  • Ilia Adeli, Harry Bradbury, Phillip Dreyer, Basyl Jalil, Georgia Pritchard, Mitchell Quick, Harry Whelan

Club Awards

Congratulations to winners of the 2022 Trophy awards

  • Best First Year Player – Madden McLeod
  • Best Conducted Team – U14 Spirit
  • Umpires Achievement Award – Surry Burch
  • Colleen Neal Leadership Award – Ruby Moon and Mitchell Quick
  • U12 Strikers – Best Team Player – Charles Donovan
  • U12 Strikers – Encouragement Award – James Stewart
  • U12 Spirit – Best Team Player – Patrick Theobald, Bella Bradbury
  • U14 Strikers – Best Team Player – Surry Burch
  • U14 Strikers – Most Improved – Leo De Leiros
  • U14 Spirit – Best Team Player – Hamish Flett
  • U14 Spirit – Most Improved – Jett Loone
  • U14 Rebels – Most Consistent – Eoin Couch
  • U14 Rebels – Most Improved – Inge Larkan
  • U17 Strikers – Best Team Player – Peri Saunders
  • U17 Strikers – Most Improved – Mitchell Quick
  • U17 Spirit – Best Team Player – Luke Cannard
  • U17 Spirit – Most Improved – Liam Cooper































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