Annual General Meeting 2022

Club members and supporters are invited to attend the Newtown City Hockey Club Annual General Meeting for 2022, to be held on:

📅   Thursday November 17

⏰   7.30 pm

📍   Stead Park, John St, Corio

2022 was expected to be a rebuilding year after the 2020 and 2021 effects of the COVID pandemic.  We are very pleased to say that 2022 has been an excellent year for the Newtown City Hockey Club in many ways, with highlights including:

  • excellent on-field performances
  • significant recruitment activities and increased membership
  • strong financial performance
  • progress with facility development

The Annual General Meeting will allow members to see the strength of the club and the activities which have been undertaken in 2022. Reports will outline the strong financial position of the club and the performances of all our teams. The Annual General Meeting gives members the opportunity to ask questions regarding the Club’s finances, the actions taken during 2022 and future plans and projects.

The election of office bearers and committee members for 2022/2023 is one of the very important actions of the Annual General Meeting. The incoming committee will be guided by input from the members of the club, so contributing your thoughts and asking questions is both an important right and a responsibility of your membership of the Club.

We welcome any member who would like to volunteer their time, whether as a member of the incoming committee, or for an occasional role in the wide range of  roles and tasks across the club.

Supper will be provided.

The Annual General Meeting will be followed by a Special General Meeting. The results of the recent 2022 Annual Review survey and the actions planned as a result will be discussed. This is the opportunity for club members to contribute ideas to ensure that the club meets their needs and provides an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

How can we make the Newtown City Hockey Club even better than it is at present? Is there some aspect of the Club which is not performing as well as you, the member, expects? Do you have a suggestion which the club could adopt to ensure a strong and sustainable club?

We would love to hear your ideas for the Club’s future actions and aims. Please join us for the Annual General Meeting and share your thoughts.


Agenda:               Annual General Meeting Agenda 2022

Nomination for Office

Nominations are called for positions on the Committee of the Newtown City Hockey Club for 2022/2023. Nominations should be returned by Thursday November 10.

The Newtown City Hockey Club Rules  assign voting rights to fully paid playing members aged 15 and over. Members aged under 15 have Associate membership but do not have voting rights. Parents of Associate Members may choose to become members in their own right by becoming a non-playing Voting Member at a cost of $5.

The Committee generally meets once per month via Zoom, with each meeting lasting about 2 hours.  If you have a few hours to spare each month, we would value your input.

Proxy Forms

If a member is unable to attend the meeting, a Proxy Voting Form   may be submitted. This form should be received by 1 pm on Thursday November 17.

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