2022 Hockey Season – May 21 & 22

With 4 weeks of the 2022 winter hockey season completed, we are starting to see some great games.

Under 8

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Navigators

U/8 Strikers continued to improve their skills and teamwork in their match against U/8 Newtown Navigators. Vicki and Dot both displayed great sportsmanship by offering to play one half each for the Navigators, to help boost their numbers.

There was some great passing between Strikers teammates, especially by Ewan, Paddy and Lexi, who fired off a magnificent pass in front of goals in the second half. Paddy and Grace were enthusiastic in attack again, with Paddy making some great runs up the field to score in both the first and second half, and Grace scoring her first ever goal in the second half after a persistent effort in front of goals. Vicki, Dot and especially Ewan were tenacious in their tackling efforts.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia

A great game from Newtown Spirit with some excellent defence in front of goal by Harry and James in either half.  Cate’s work in the midfield blocked a number of Kardinia forward moves, and with Harry and James sharing the zone, we were able to see some attacks head to our goals. Edith and Thomas approached the ball with purpose and determination and some good passing to team mates allowed Spirit to maintain possession.

Best Team Player Awards to Cate and Thomas. Well done to all.

Under 10

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 0-0

A fantastic game by both teams, with strong defence and good forward attacks contributing to a very even game. Spirit are improving their use of space and passing to the wings, which is helped by strong tackling and good ball control, allowing us to maintain possession.

Under 12

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 3-0

Spirit triumphed 3-0 against a competitive Kardinia at Stead Park on Saturday, with the Newtown team’s play becoming more cohesive as the game went on.

Spirit’s determined defence was put under pressure from the start but stood strong despite congested play that became frequently bogged down in the centre of the field.

With Coach Kellie urging players to use the wings, Spirit started to find space and move into attack. Two goals followed, including a great run and cross by Bella to Xavier, who hammered the ball home.

With decisive defence in the second half, with Patrick a key contributor, Spirit continued to make the most of its forward opportunities with some fine cohesive linked play. The team moved the ball around faster and used space more effectively. A great goal by Eddy added to the score line.

Many thanks to Under 10 players Eddy and Joey, and Liz and Lucy from U12 Strikers for bolstering Spirit’s ranks with skill and determination.

Newtown Strikers Bye

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia White 2-4

With a few players away this week, Spirit were extremely grateful to Zac, Charlotte, Ved and Kashvi for jumping in to help us field a full team. Despite these team changes Spirit played well against a strong Kardinia side. Kardinia applied pressure right from the start of the game and Spirit were able to defend strongly. The score of 3-0 to Kardinia at half time did not really reflect the balance of play.

Spirit came out fighting after half time and had a good period of pressure with lots of nice longs passes up the wings. It wasn’t too long until they were rewarded with a goal from Aimee.  Spirit kept up the pressure and had a couple of great runs on the turn around but couldn’t quite convert them into goals. Ruby converted to a penalty flick to take the score to 2-3 and Spirit pushed hard to try and find an equaliser. Unfortunately they ran out of time and then Kardinia secured a late goal.

Despite the score, the team should be very proud of their performance and how they are gelling as a team. There was lots of great movement around the pitch involving the whole team. This week’s player’s players were Ruby, Hamish, Aimee and Maddie. Great job everyone!

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Rebels 4-2

It was great to see a full list turn up for the first time this season, but unfortunately not all of you could play in the same team this week, with Rebels only having 6 players. We managed to run around helping them quickly find another few from the Spirit game that had just finished, and we loaned them 2 to even up the numbers. Thanks to Max and Brandon for joining the Rebels to make it a good game. Thank you to the umpires (Paul & Margie) for your patience as we figured out a way to get the game to go ahead.

With all the pre-game organising, Kurt had to do some last second restructuring of the team on the fly (as the team ran out). Rebels with their strong mids were pushing us hard, making plenty of work for our defenders. Understandably our structure was a little jumbled at the start, and it was Rebels who were doing a lot of the attacking.
As the game progressed, we managed to form up our structure, and move the ball a little better. Some nice positioning of our players out wide, and manning the post got us on the board.

After Kurt’s half time chat our team was a lot more settled and were able to repel more of the Rebels attacks, pushing our team back into attack. Rebels kept pushing us to the final siren, and with only a few minutes to go the scores were a very even 3-2. Some great saves from our goalie stopped the ledger being levelled, and a late successful short corner conversion saw us finish with a 4-2 win.

Well done team, and thanks again to all the players (Spirit & Strikers) that joined Rebels for the day.

Under 17

Newtown Spirit Bye

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 1-2

On Sunday Strikers came up against a determined Kardinia side. With a few players missing we welcomed Charlie and Liam into the team to make 11.

We were off to a flying start when Charlie threaded a goal with less than 2 minutes gone. From there Kardinia made things a lot more difficult. Strikers defended well and showed good channelling skills to prevent the Kardinia running game down the lines. Kardinia evened the match from a short corner and followed up with a second to leave us trailing at half time, 1 – 2.

Coach Niko emphasised sticks on the ground in defence and much more talk to guide our defenders in cutting off easy passes.

Strikers came out in the second half with renewed vigour, following Niko’s instructions well and looking to even the score. We struggled to penetrate deep enough into offence with any structure and or to get any clear scoring opportunities. Kardinia went on the offensive, gaining chances from short corner after short corner right up until the final whistle. Our defence in short corners was excellent, resulting in both teams being scoreless in the second half.

Well done Strikers and thanks again to Charlie and Liam.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 1-0

A great game for the Falcons this week, with some excellent ball movement, solid defence, and breaking the lines with hard running had us in attack on multiple occasions. We had some early good entries into the attacking D and were a little unlucky to not get the short corners. Our pressure on the ball carrier was excellent and had Saints on the back foot for most of the game. The pressure on the opposition was obvious, and it was great to see our team maintain our system, despite some of the questionable tactics being employed by the opposition. You can all hold your heads high.

Despite our dominance with possession, we went into half time 0-0. But with plenty of positive signs for the second half. Some re-grouping at half time, emphasising what we were doing well, and how if we keep up the system, the results should come our way.

In the second half we managed to ramp up the pressure, getting multiple repeat short corners. If not for some good saves by the Saints keeper we would have been on the board early in the second half. However the way we maintained the pressure to get the ball back, and get those repeat corner chances was very pleasing to see. A great piece of ball movement through the middle saw Alex get a good shot on goal, getting us on the board. Saints then tried to ramp up their efforts, but it was great to see our players lift, repel that pressure, and put us back into attack. Our ability to break through a defensive line was very good, and something which with a little more work should become a feature of our play as the season progresses.

Well done Falcons, a well-deserved win!

Division 2 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Red 1-6

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Saints Red 1-3

An excellent first half by Strikers with some precision passing finding players in space. The team play was so impressive and there was so much space in attack that it seemed as if Saints had less than 11 players on the field. The defence of Kirsty, Tash, Deb, Kellie and Charlotte was nearly impenetrable, as shown by the fact that we had no defensive short corners in the first half and Claire in goals had not touched the ball before half time. Great passing to space and running to receive the ball by the forwards, Georgie, Peta, Anessa, Kate and Serena created a number of attacks for Strikers, with many unrewarded. Kellie was the one who finally put us on the board, and we went in to half time with a 1-0 lead.

Unfortunately, Saints scored 2 quick goals just after half time, from their very limited number of forward attacks. The lack of an interchange began to tell, and our looser marking in the second half allowed Saints to regather and begin to threaten.  The defence still withstood the pressure on many occasions but we couldn’t connect as well to our forward line and put the pressure back on the opposition.




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