2022 Hockey Season – July 30 & 31

With 3 weeks to go before the end of the 2022 hockey season matches, and leading into the finals, there were some good results this weekend. Well done all.

We currently have 11 teams placed in the top 4 in their competitions and likely to continue on to semi-finals, or top place finishes in the case of the U10 competition.

 Under 6 Mixed

The U6 Joeys players are learning more each week about the tactics and strategies of hockey, and showing that they can control the ball well.  Some great work in stealing the ball from others makes our game of ‘Robbers’ lots of fun. Our game of ‘tennis hockey’ focused on finding the space and quick passing to get through the gaps left by the other team.  Some strong passing resulted in a number of ‘goals’.  Well done all.

Under 8 Mixed

The Under 8 teams are all showing great improvement in skills and teamwork. It’s fantastic to see the number of Under 8 players who join the Under 10 teams for training, and it’s obviously having great effect.  Passing, dribbling and tackling all create some exciting games to watch and to applaud the efforts of the players.

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars 3-1

Newtown Spirit Bye

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong Jaguars 1-5

Geelong was on the ball scoring the 1 st goal with the ball being in their half most of the 1 st half. Newtown got the ball down to their end a couple of times but had no luck getting it into the goal. Geelong was too strong for us although everyone for Newtown was doing their best. At half time it was Geelong 4 to Newtown 0.

In the second half Geelong came out fighting, scoring a goal in the 1 st 2 minutes.  Jess did an excellent job to get the ball out. It was a great effort by all Newtown players,  but overall Geelong were way too strong.

Thanks to Jess, Evelyn, Maia and James for filling in for Spirit.

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 3-1

U12 Strikers played Kardinia this week with the help of Bella from U12 Spirit as well as Chelsea and Eddy from U10 Strikers. The team made a number of attacks into the D, with the movement up the wings working especially well with strong passes from Will and Bella to Audrey at right wing. Audrey scored a goal by rebounding a save by the Kardinia goalie, giving the Strikers a 1-nil lead at half time.

Eddy had an impressive game with lots of great traps, tackles and strong passes. Other stand-outs were Liz making some good moves on the left wing, Isobel playing as if she has been playing hockey for years, and Harrison making some long runs with the ball down the centre.

Kardinia scored a goal in the second half, but Will and Harrison both scored for Strikers, giving a final score of 3-1.

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia Blue 4-2

Great teamwork by Newtown Spirit! A couple of great saves by goalkeeper Taya kept Spirit ahead of Kardinia Blue. Great work by the backs and midfielders Madison, Baxter, Ruby, Harry and Declan to push the ball into the forward zone, with Hamish, Felix, Jett, Aimee and Ved working in a co-ordinated effort to score goals.

Thank you to Ved for filling in this week! Thank you Rach for your wonderful coaching. Well done team!!

Player’s Player awards this week to Felix and Baxter.

Newtown Rebels vs Torquay 2-0

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia White 1-1

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 11-0

Sunday was a Newtown Party with Strikers taking on Spirit in an all-Newtown affair. Both teams were missing players, and we started the match with 9 on the pitch. Our secret ‘break glass in case of emergency’ weapon, Ilia kitted up for his maiden match as goalie.

Strikers got off to a good start, maintaining most of the possession in the first 5 minutes with our midfield preventing Spirit from moving the ball into their offensive half. Our initial struggle to score was ended when Amber popped a goal in off the post. We followed up with 3 more in the remainder of the half to send us to a 4 – nil lead. It was excellent to see that the 4 goals were scored by 4 separate players.

From the whistle, the second half lacked energy from both teams. There was less running off the ball and more running with it. The best passage of play for the whole match occurred when Basil, from near the baseline ripped a fantastic pass to Harry B in centre pitch. Harry B then moved the ball 3 metres and fired it to a stationary Harry W waiting at the top of the D. Without trapping, in a single sweep he sent the ball straight to Amber on the post who controlled the deflection home for her second goal of the match. Final score was 11 – nil. Well done Strikers.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 1-0

Division 2 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong White 2-2

Division 2 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Saints Red 2-1

This was a morale boosting win over the ladder leaders in the Division 2 competition, highlighting the improvement in the team performance across the season.

Thanks to Alex and Beth for filling in from D1, we managed to get a full team despite a number of players unavailable.  The adaptability of our team continues to be a positive factor, with Kate and Charlotte able to comfortably fill roles in either midfield or attack, and both scored goals in this game.

Tash and Kirsty are a great combination in defence, rarely letting anything through to the keeper.  Great positioning, passing and ball control by Sarah and Georgie fed the ball into attack for Grace and Shan to take it further and keep the pressure on the Saints defence.

Well done team!  Looking good for the finals!

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