2021 Hockey Season

After a very interrupted 2020 hockey season, it looks like the 2021 season is on track to a more normal path.

The 2021 Geelong Hockey Association season will begin officially with matches on April 24/25, and we are looking forward to a good year.

The advent of the COVID pandemic has interrupted the usual acquisition of new members and the flow of players on to the next age group. This has resulted in a reduced number of teams entered by our club and by other clubs. Overall, we can still be relatively pleased with the Club’s position at this stage.

We have teams in:

  • Under 8 Mixed – 2 teams
  • Under 10 Mixed – 1 team
  • Under 12 Mixed – 2 teams
  • Under 14 Mixed – 2 teams
  • Under 17 Mixed – 2 teams
  • Division 2 Men – 1 team
  • Division 1 Women – 1 team
  • Division 2 Women – 1 team

We will also continue the Under 6 Joeys program and the Saturday Social hockey program, which were not able to operate in 2020.

2021 will be the beginning of a recovery phase, which may last for a number of years. However, we are working hard to regroup and welcome both new and old members for the 2021 hockey season.

Our first Hookin2Hockey program for the year has shown very pleasing results, with 26 children having participated during the program, and 20 of these having registered for Hookin2Hockey. Registering for the program provides insurance benefits and membership of Hockey Victoria for the year, resulting in a cost saving for many if they decide to join a team and continue playing hockey. The first program finishes on March 30, but a further program will commence on May 18.








We are very pleased to welcome senior members back to play too, including 8 new or returning members. We greatly appreciate the patience and continued interest in participating from senior players, after we were unable to provide a senior competition at all for the 2020 hockey season.

We are always happy to welcome new members, regardless of age (3 to 65+), experience or skill level and we don’t care how long it is since you last played.

We are especially glad to welcome Astrid Lempriere, who joined us for our senior and U17 practice matches last week, and expressed her preference for playing goalkeeper. Hooray! It’s often hard to find someone for this valuable position. Astrid says she hasn’t played for 17 years and felt quite rusty, but she looked in great form.












There was a joyful atmosphere at the practice match, with comments about how nice it was to be back playing hockey, and to see people watching. Thanks to all those who participated, and who helped with the BBQ afterwards.

The matches allowed the coaches (Maggie, Paul, Carl, David and Gordon) to get a feel for how the season might go, and how the teams might be selected.



















Anyone who would like to join one of our teams is very welcome.

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