2020 Hockey Season Fees Reduced

As health and government restrictions have relaxed, the 2020 hockey season will go ahead. As it is a shorter season than usual, members’ fees have been reduced to compensate.

The junior hockey season will run for 10 weeks, from July 18 to September 19/20. The senior men’s and women’s seasons will begin on July 25, and run for 10 to 14 weeks. The finishing date is yet to be determined – possibly October 25.

The adjusted fees include a reduction of 25% for junior teams and 35% for senior teams, plus the normal early payment discount. Depending on the finishing date, further reductions to senior fees may be made. A refund or a credit is available for those who have already paid the pre-COVID-19 fees.  Fees may be paid in installments if desired. Please contact the Treasurer (treasurer@newtownhockeyclub.com.au) to make arrangements for refunds, credits or payment by installments.

Check the details of fees here…..

New Members Welcome

The club would love to have all of our 2019 members rejoining, and would be very pleased to welcome any new members. Newtown Hockey Club welcomes new members at any time of the year. We don’t care if you have never played before or haven’t played for 25 years. We welcome players from 3 to 70+, beginners or experienced. You can be social or competitive, with teams and programs to suit a variety of people.  New members for 2020 will receive 2 free pairs of socks (value $20).

If finances (or any other factors) present a problem for your participation, contact the Treasurer, Peta Hanley, 0418 143816 or the President, Claire Barnes , 0417 015130 and we will happily discuss alternative arrangements in confidence.

Hockey is a great sport – fun for the whole family and for all levels of skill and experience. Here are some good reasons from Grays Hockey why it’s a great sport for children to play.

If you would like to join us for the 2020 hockey season, Register here.

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If You Have A Question…..
If you have a question about any aspect of the club’s activities, you can find the answers here:

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