2020 Hockey – Are We There Yet?

In the normal situation, the 2020 hockey season would just have completed matches for Round 5. Many of us are a little like that child in the back seat on a long road trip, asking are we there yet? And the answer is – very nearly.

Return to Training

It is likely that training will resume in the next week or two, although in a different format, and the possibility of a shortened 2020 hockey season commencing in late July is slightly more realistic. However, there are many factors to consider and actions required before we can get out on the field.

We must abide by the guidelines and restrictions currently in place, set by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Geelong Hockey Association and Newtown City Hockey Club must prepare a ‘Return to Play’ plan which manages all the risks to participants and ensures the safety of all. The plan must be submitted to the City of Greater Geelong, and when approved, we will be given permission to access the facilities at Stead Park and at Lloyd Reserve.

The ‘Return to Play’ plan will include such things as:

  • groups of 10 players plus 1 coach may train. While the logistics of this are still to be fine tuned, this will require players to reserve their place for each training session in order to ensure that this limit is not exceeded.
  • no physical contact allowed. Players to remain 1.5 metres away whenever possible.
  • parents to keep a reasonable distance away and practice social distancing. Good idea to stay in your car.
  • players must sign in and out, including contact details and time of entry and departure. Players must leave the facility promptly at the end of the session.
  • separate points for entry and exit of players at the beginning and end of the training session. Extra time allowed between sessions to reduce the number of people entering/ leaving at the same time.
  • hand sanitiser and disinfectant facilities available at entry and exit.
  • no equipment to be shared. No bibs or face masks to be used (unless they are your own). Balls, cones etc to be handled only by the coach.
  • toilets will be available for use, but social areas and change rooms will be closed.
  • regular cleaning of toilet and other surfaces which participants may come into contact with.

We may also need to consider arranging training at different times and venues in order to meet the needs of all players, and remain within the specified limit of 10 players.

Please let us know if you would like to resume training by completing this survey.

These guidelines also make it possible that Hookin2Hockey programs may resume in coming months.

2020 Hockey Season Format

There are a number of formats under which the 2020 hockey season may operate:

  • Start July 18 (after school holidays), finish September 19 (1st week of school holidays) = 10 weeks
  • Start July 18, finish October 24, excluding school holidays (September 26, October 3) = 13 weeks
  • With 2 or 3 week finals series, or without finals (so that every team plays more games) and with Premiership awarded to team on top of the ladder
  • Matches scheduled during school holidays for junior competition
  • Matches scheduled midweek instead of training to provide additional games
  • Season extended after the traditional finish time, with matches in October/ November

If you have not already done so, please complete this quick 2 minute survey to let us know which of these options you would prefer.

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