2018 Winter Hockey Season June 30 & July 1

The last part of the hockey season sees the senior teams putting in some great efforts, with good prospects of playing in the finals at stake. There were no junior hockey matches this week because of the school holidays.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 2-5

The Falcons came up against our old nemesis Torquay last weekend. Torquay were missing all their big guns which unfortunately seemed to change our mindset leading into the game, thinking we were confident of a win. We certainly started that way with some nice play in the first 5 minutes leading to a nice goal scored by Matt B. Unfortunately that’s where it ended with Torquay stepping into gear taking control through the mid-field with some great structured team hockey. Their accurate passing and using space well meant they ended up with numerous short corner opportunities which they converted.

At halftime we were 3-1 down and there were some home truths discussed about the way we were playing, particularly not respecting the opposition and our ball movement. Unfortunately the second half was much like the first with Torquay more desperate for the ball and controlling the space. The end result was a 5-2 loss. With the next weekend off we certainly need to come out next game firing with a greater desire and desperation to win and a willingness to trust each other with quick ball movement. Looking forward to us re-grouping and playing the type of hockey I know we possess.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 1-2

In a well fought match, our Falcons went down 2-1. Once again chances to score were there as we had the goalie beat, but we couldn’t quite get it over the line. A great job by our Captain Emma to do a good job of controlling the middle. Ashlee denied attack through the top of our circle and forced the opposition to find another way in. Our young guns, Hailey and Erin ran their guts out and are really getting a handle on both the defensive and attacking side of their play and maturing into great all round players. Shannon and Astrid had their share of running as inners and had some great linking play. Pen was her solid, consistent self and helped wall up the defense while Zoe was dominant in the circle with some timely slides and strong clears – a questionable stroke put  Saints ahead on the scoreboard.

With a little experience under her belt – well okay a lot, like 500+ games, Peta was tremendous in the sweeper role and her ability to relieve pressure with nice, hard clearances. While not able to run at full capacity, Georgie was able to stretch the field and keep the Saints fullbacks busy. Katie now has her second Division 1 game and improved upon her fine play of last week. Thanks to Beth and Kellie for stepping up as well in double up capacity and on the same day!! As inner and half back players they had lots of running (like they didn’t get enough in the first game). I feel a bit like a broken record but we really are so close to a winning result. Well played everyone! Enjoy your week off.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 2-0

A very good game by the Division 2 men, with our second consecutive victory, this week against Torquay. We were aided by some handy re-inforcements – thanks Brodie, Craig, Dave W and Callum and also thanks to Nick who joined us in his first game.

A good solid game of hockey, with excellent defence and attack and everyone working hard and well together. Pleasingly we kept our cool and moved the ball around well. Dave F was slightly nervous starting as kicking back, but the rest of the team kept most of the play down the attacking end and a good passage of play resulted in Axel putting away his first goal of the season. With Brodie’s arrival we had a sub until Nick copped a nasty whack in the hand and was off the field and in the Emergency Department getting x-rayed later in the day.

Early in the second half Craig sent a hard ball into the D, with AJ getting a nice touch right next to the post to take us to a 2-0 lead. Several other forays came close, but no more goal success. Continued strong defence and great running from the halves and inners managed to keep Torquay from scoring. Final result 2-0.

The spread of votes around most members of the team was an indication of the all-round great teamwork and contribution that was on display. Overall votes Dave W -3 , Callum – 2, Craig – 1. Looking forward to the next game in 2 weeks.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-1

An excellent game by Newtown Spirit, with strong defence and great team passing in attack. Tracey and Hillary intercepted many of Torquay’s attempts to enter the circle and passed quickly and effectively to running teammates, Kellie, Emma and Beth. Great marking by Andie throughout the game with some fantastic last minute clearances in deep defence. Despite strong knocks during the game, Beth and Wendy both returned to the game and continued to give 100% effort, gaining possession and using team mates well. Jessie continues to give maximum effort all over the field and worked well with team mates to create forward moves for Spirit. Excellent work by De on the left wing to receive the ball from midfield, and then look for good options to pass, with some nice back passes proving useful. Sarah found great space on the right wing, and controlled the ball well to take the team into attack on many occasions.  Unfortunately, Torquay were able to score the only goal of the game, but Spirit showed great determination and strategy and will look to continue this game style in the last part of the hockey season.

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