2017 Hockey Season – May 20 & 21


A win for Team Orange this week with some good early passages of play creating plenty of attack. Charlie, Tom and Ebony worked well together, with some great ball cotnrol skills. Great defence by Red and some good switching of play turned the tables and Red began to trouble the Orange defence. Great running to space by Braydn found him in perfect position in front of the goals on a number of occasions and Emily made some nice interceptions and was always looking for a team mate.

Under 6 Joeys

The ‘Monster Forest’ game is popular with our younger players, and they are developing very good dribbling skills, with excellent scanning and changes of direction. There were some beautiful straight passes this week too, right on target and through the legs of the volunteers. We finished off with a game of ‘keepings off’, and already players are showing a good understanding of finding space on their own in which to receive the ball. Excellent passing by Alexander and Harrison, looking for team mates.

Under 8

Newtown Rebels vs Kardinia Kangaroos

Rebels performed amazingly well, especially being 2 players down against a full Kardinia Kangaroos team. There was an early attack from Kardinia with some rapid attacks in quick succession, however Neve defended well and put pressure on the opposition and denied them some chances. Rebels gained confidence with some strong passes and started to move forward. Aiden showed great tenacity, tackling well and never giving up when trying to get the ball. Sophie, Genevieve, Audrey and Paddy also showed great team work and persistence. Kardinia continued to attack right up until the half-time whistle.

At half-time Colleen stressed the importance of players keeping their sticks down and Rebels started the second half strongly. However Kardinia, with the advantage of two additional players, kept up a strong attack and, despite all the efforts of the Rebels players, created some successful moves toward the goal.

All in all, Rebels displayed excellent team work, always trying to get the ball and move it forward. Each week they are improving and growing in confidence – great effort Rebels! Aiden was awarded Subway Player of the Week for his improved skills and relentless pursuit of the ball.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia Kookaburras

Spirit overcame a sluggish start to fire in the second half in Under-8 action against Kardinia Kookaburras at Lloyd Reserve on Saturday. While there were moments of strong play early in the game, with Michael and Baxter defending strongly and Drew creating a couple of fast breaks, the team seemed a little lost amidst wave after wave of Kookaburra attacks.

Centre half back Juliette worked hard to mark the opposition during the congested game, with play concentrated in the central corridor. Coach Kellie instructed her team to stick to their positions and pass out wide to escape the mass of players roaming the centre strip. She also urged Spirit to get into position straight away after winning a free, swiftly setting up options for the teammate taking the free hit. She set them the challenge of keeping their eyes on the ball at all times.

The coach’s speech worked, the team “woke up” and Spirit players threw themselves into the action with renewed vigour. Avah was on fire, sending a lovely hard push of the ball into the back of the goals to score. And the team lifted even further. Michael, who also goaled, kept solid pressure on the Kookaburras at all times. He also combined with Pollyanna and Baxter in a great sequence of linked play that carried Spirit deep into attack. Drew and Juliette stood strong at full back, while Summah lurked dangerously at left wing.  Braydn, who filled in briefly for the opposition in the first half until more Kookaburras flew in, slotted in at centre forward and was in the thick of the action.

Coach Kellie was delighted with the team’s turnaround after half time. “You paid attention, got into position,” she told Spirit players after the game. “We woke up and it was a fabulous second half.” She also praised players for their second and third efforts.

Avah, who goaled twice, received the Subway Best Team Player Award after a wonderful game, characterised by great skills and her never-give-up approach to hockey. And well done Braydn for volunteering to fill Kookaburra numbers at the start of the game.

Newtown Raiders vs Kardinia

A great game by Raiders with everybody developing some good basic skills and putting the training into practice during the game. Everybody did an excellent job staying in position and really starting to play as a team. Great work by Isabelle in defence, often outnumbered by the Kardinia attack but always ready to block the shot. Great free passes out of defence found Hannah and Charlie in good position and created some nice runs forward into attack.

Well Done to Charlie for being awarded Subway Player of the Match, with excellent ball control skills and some great dodges and perseverance to bypass the opposition.

Newtown Strikers – Bye

Under 10 South

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay Tornadoes 0-3

This week Strikers faced a strong contest against Torquay. The opposition didn’t field a goalie and had eight players on the team which opened up the field for Newtown. The team made great use of the space and held their positions really well, which allowed for some very effective passing from deep in defence towards goals. Early in the first half Charlie in goals organised a strong line of defenders to battle two short corners, and one shot unfortunately went just out of Charlie’s reach to put Torquay on the scoreboard.

There were some great tackles executed throughout the game by Eliza, Eliza-May and Thamindu. Alexandra showed her strength in defence with a sweeping clear out wide to Jai who dribbled the ball the length of the field for a breath-taking shot on goal that Amber almost managed to nudge in for a score with a great position on the post – alas we will have to try that perfect run again next week. Another quick succession of passes from Amelia to Isabel to Isla and to Jai showed some great attacking potential. Finally, Elliot and Amelia took the prize for commitment to the team, both executing very effective diving tackles (although dislocated shoulders are not to be encouraged).

Awards this week went to Isabel (Subway Player of the Week) and Amelia (Best Team Player).

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 1-14

A really tough opposition today, lots more pace and ability to pick up and play the ball. Kellie talked about our loss of structure and an an inability to have a 2nd and 3rd play at the ball. She wanted us to mark our players better in the second half so that it could prevent them from getting the ball, spread out more across the field and call for the ball when out wide. A goal to Meyah saw our spirits lift just before the whistle went.

The second half saw us spread across the field more but we were still hitting it back to where it came from. The final chat from Kellie encouraged our players for next week’s game to spread out wide which will see the opposition follow and then this can allow us to hit across the field not just straight down the centre. She encouraged each player to challenge each other by shouting out to “find your position”, “find your player”, claim the ball “my ball” and letting your team mates know that there is a “tackle coming”. Trust in your team mates was the drive home message. A very tough game against a strong opposition. Better luck next week Spirit. Best Team Player Awards  went to Max and Nate.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Newtown Strikers 6-9

Falcons began the game with 8 players, and were glad to have Tom McD from Strikers join the team. Tom proved valuable, scoring a goal from some good play outside the Dee. When Pat arrived for the game, Falcons had 10 players, and looked a little more settled. There was plenty of passing, calling and switching the play and Falcons looked good. But so did Strikers.

The game was an even contest, wtih Falcons scoring quickly matched by Strikers. The game was a test to see who could score from field play, or from short corners. Half time score was 3-2 to Falcons.

The second half started a little slowly for Falcons but with good buildup of play, changing from one side to the other. It was great to see both goalkeepers in the thick of things, with plenty of saves by both. More goals came from open play, and one for Falcons from a short corner. Score 4-4.

Then with ten minutes to go, the pace picked up and the contest was really on. Scores went 4-5, 5-5, 6-5, 6-6, and then Falcons ran out of breath. Scores 6-7, 6-8, and final score 6-9 giving Strikers a well deserved win.

This was a game with a very high standard of skills. Players of both teams did not give up and tried their best right till the end. This will give the Strikers players confidence to take on the higher placed teams in the competition.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Falcons 9-6

In what can only be described as history repeating itself, in very similar circumstances to a middle round match last year, Strikers were up against an undermanned Falcons team and after a tight tussle came away with the win.

Obviously in such a high scoring game, both teams traded goals but it wasn’t until mid way through the second half that the Strikers’ young offence broke through with some outstanding running plays, resulting in some equally amazing goals (one from Thomas plucking the ball out of the air from a raised deflection to put it in the back of the net) placing the game out of reach of a Falcons comeback.

All of the Strikers and Falcons should be commended on what I can only assume would have been a very entertaining game to watch. With a few players back from injury the Strikers can now focus on maintaining fourth spot on the ladder in what is shaping up to be a very competitive season.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 0-2

Newtown Strikers – Bye

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 1-5

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Red 1-4

Newtown Spirit began the game well, glad to welcome Peta back from holidays, and Julie and Erin filling in from Strikers. Saints put an early goal in the net from a straight short corner shot. But Newtown just got on with the game, and with some great defence from Andie and Peta were able to deflect many attacks and send the ball forward for Newtown. Great running by Deanne and Julie on the left saw Spirit enter the goal circle on a number of occasions for some ‘just missed’ shots at goal. Deanne was on the end of some scrambled play in the circle to even the score, and we were feeling confident.

The second half saw Erin and Emily working hard on the right side, creating space for play to flow along the wing and into the circle. Julie made some great position and great passes to get the ball through the Saints defensive press.  Peta, Andie and Beth continued to confront and steal the ball from the Saints forwards in midfield. Excellent marking by Wendy in the second half irritated the Saints opponents and limited their effectiveness. With only 11 players though, the hard work saw our players tire toward the end and it was in the last quarter of the game where Saints were able to find gaps and score again to seal the win.



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