2016 Hockey Season July 16 & 17

The 2016 hockey season is fast approaching its conclusion, and its good to see the ladder positions firming up, giving us great hope for success in the finals for our teams – a reward for all the hard work.

Under 8

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia

 Welcome back everyone and we hope you enjoyed your break.  Great work from everyone in the team for staying in position and moving good choices of passing wide. This is what we have been aiming for this season and it was fantastic to see it in action. Great work from Emma on the wing passing straight in to Ruby to assist with goal scoring. Ruby and Isla went on a goal scoring attack throughout the game, well done girls.

Eliza showed off some fancy stick work throughout the game and Mr Alex made some great diving saves. Amelia copped a stick to the arm and also fell onto a stick and needed some time out but was great to see her straight back into the game. Mrs. Alex took the opportunity of a clear space in play and ran the entire field length to score a goal. Well done Mrs. Alex on being Best Team Player for this week.

Newtown Rebels vs Kardinia Kangaroos

Rebels returned to Lloyd Reserve after the holiday break to face Kardinia Kangaroos. With almost a full strength team, Hana kindly volunteered to play for a fellow Newtown team, which was much appreciated by all.

The early part of the game was very congested, particularly through the middle of the pitch, where players from both teams swarmed towards the ball. Eventually, players moved apart as they were reminded about their positioning on the field and some persistent efforts in the forward zone resulted in success for the Rebels players. In particular, Georgie and Surry were determined with their tackling and follow up efforts, quickly pouncing on any openings in front of goals. There was some very positive ball movement towards the end of the half, with players gaining confidence in using team mates and looking for options out wide.

In the second half, some positional changes brought Hannah and Mai into the play with both running hard and making good position. Hannah was constantly moving to provide an option to teammates taking free hits, which proved successful on a number of occasions and Mai made a great move in to the forward line, anticipating and receiving a pass from Surry. She showed great composure to trap and score. Scarlett worked hard all game chasing back whenever there was a change of possession and sent a strong pass out wide to a free teammate to set up a forward attack. Hamish worked hard as a forward in the first half and provided a good option out on the wing in the latter stages. Best Team Player Award this week to Mai.

Some tips going forward; players spreading out with only one player at the ball at a time, attempting to move the ball around the opposition when dribbling instead of through their stick and letting each other know they are free using voices.

Newtown Spirit v Golden Plains 2

Newtown Spirit put on a strong display of skills when it met a keen Golden Plains 2 at King Lloyd Reserve on Saturday. The encounter revealed just how far Spirit has come in this hockey season. The teamwork kicked in right from the starting whistle, with clever passes evident as players lifted their heads and looked for best options to move the ball forward. Nate took control at half back, firing off passes out wide to a quicksilver Max on the wing. And Max didn’t waste any opportunity to race forward, peppering the goals time and again. Charlotte made careful use of her free hits, linking them to teammates including a determined Lucy, and helping launch them into attack. Ruben played a strong first half at full back, repelling several quick breaks from the opposition. It was also pleasing to see his teammates race back to provide support when needed.
After a reshuffle in the break, Spirit concentrated on keeping to their positions, passing cleanly and marking their opposition. Youngsters Summah and Pollyanna were part of the action too, with the team making a real effort to feed the ball to them and include them in the play. Both showed they weren’t intimidated by the Under 8 action. Nate received the Best Team Player Award after a sterling team game. Avah and Meyah also worked hard for Spirit in the first half before filling in for another Newtown team to bolster their numbers in the second half.

Newtown Raiders vs College White

The first week back after the holidays showed that the Raiders players had not forgotten anything during the break. Cate and Isabel showed great determination in the first half, and chased hard to put pressure on the opposition. Thanks to Hana from Rebels who helped us out, making great position in the centre and executing some lovely passes to team mates. Charlotte’s ball control and spins were a delight to see, and sticks on ground from Jesse and Eamon gained possession for Raiders.

The second half saw Meyah and Avah from Spirit bolster the numbers for Raiders, and add further strength to the defence. Meyah met any attacks high up the field, not allowing College to gain any significant ground.  A great free pass by Eamon to Meyah saw her score a goal from just inside the scoring zone and right near the sideline. A great game by all. Best Team Player Award to Isabel.

Under 11 North

Newtown Rebels vs Geelong 5-0

Newtown Rebels travelled to St Ignatius College for their Round 10 match against Geelong on Saturday. The team was really excited to be back for the remainder of the season after the break for school holidays.

The first half was an even tussle until the 15 minute mark when Kiah was able to score. This was closely followed by another goal from Sam a few minutes later. Grace and Brandon were notable in defence, displaying good ball control and passing up forward.

In the second half, Kiah tangled with an opposition player and had to sub off with a few scrapes, but she was right back in the pitch soon after. Teijai scored a nice goal from a good cross out wide, and Patrick scored with a good strike a few minutes later, and late in the half his tenacity allowed hi to get through a strong Geelong defence to score another goal.

Charlotte showed lots of enthusiasm during the game and was rewarded with many hits. Basyl was everywhere on the pitch and got lots of possession, and Olivia also did well and created many opportunities with her great passing. Genevieve as goalkeeper had a fairly quiet day due to our great defence, but when the ball did get through she cleared it well with some excellent kicks. The finals score was Newtown 5-0.

Under 11 South

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 8-1

With holidays done and dusted the spirit team were ready and raring to go. With almost a full team we were playing newtown strikers. Kellie was away so Kirsty filled in as interim coach. It was a great game by all players. The first half saw the backs work the ball out well out to the side through the half backs and up to our forwards. Unfortunately we were not able to find the back of the goals but it was not for want of trying. The Strikers defence was very strong indeed. With a couple of changes in the second half we were this time able to find the goals. Our fill in from Minkeys, Max lead the charge by scoring 2 goals. Jamie found himself in the right place and also managed to score. Other goal scorers were Angus and Ruby O’Neil. With these goals came a little complacency and Strikers were able to make a great break and score. The team listened really well and although we had numerous goal scorers the best on ground were given to non scorers in Liam and Maggie. Well done everyone.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 1-8

Newtown Strikers were under pressure for most of the game, despite great efforts from Jack and Nathan to meet the ball early and clear it to forwards. Michael in goals made some great position to block the initial shots at goal but Spirit were quick to pounce on any balls which weren’t quickly cleared away. Some nice free passes by Jack, Gil and Chris allowed Owen to gain possession and he showed calm and controlled play and great reverse stick skills move the ball into attack, with Grace nearby to help.

The second half saw better use of passes to the wing and Kenna, Lachie and Zoe were able to create some great play down the right, and with Declan in support and in great position, he ended up with the goal for Strikers.  Best Team Player Awards to Owen and Nathan.

Under 13

Newtown Strikers vs Bellarine Lightning 1-0

The Strikers U13 team took on Bellarine on Sunday morning in sunny conditions at Stead Park.  Bellarine defeated the Strikers earlier in the year and again proved to be an organised and tough opposition.  The Strikers fielded a strong team with Harry Bradbury returning, most players available and three on the bench to provide fresh legs.  In the first half the Strikers had enough of the ball but were unable to spread it wide enough to stretch the defence.  As a result the ball kept coming back.  Kade, Sam and Harry were all effective while Angus R and Miles defended well.  The score line was nil all at half time.

 In the second half the Strikers structured play better and Harry broke through with a goal.  There were more opportunities in the second half for the Strikers though there remained some periods where stout defence was necessary.  Special mention to Angus S in goal who worked hard to maintain a clean sheet.

U13 Spirit – Bye

Under 15

Newtown Strikers vs Bellarine Storm 3-3

The Strikers achieved a hard fought draw on Saturday against the Bellarine Storm. With a final score of 3 all, both teams showed how evenly matched the competition has been this year.

The first half saw Bellarine storm taking a 2:1 advantage into the half time, following this up with an early goal when play resumed. The Strikers rallied in defence from that point and set about taking control of the play resulting in 2 quick goal and evening the score up at the final whistle.

Special mention of Emily West, named most valuable player for the match, for her exceptional positioning and reading of the play enabling the setting up of successful scoring shots.

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 9-1

Under 17

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 3-0

Return to local hockey on a glorious day in Geelong.  Thankful for Strikers’ Bye this week, we were able to utilize 4 of their players including Luka (one very useful GK!!), with more players out then expected for us! Kardinia looking strong today with some handy additions, creating an atmosphere of intense competition from the beginning. Spirit took a while to warm up (despite the sunshine) and gel as a team – maybe due to the break and the change in line up, however defending well and managing to hold Kardinia from scoring, despite several opportunites in Kardinia’s forward 25.

Alex scored a lovely goal deflecting from Gabe’s shot, late in first half, putting Spirit ahead despite a fairly even half. Stronger as is often the case, in the 2nd half of the match, Spirit had 5 penalty corners to 1 for Kardinia. Much more time spent in attack and play starting to look more structured and effective with Jack and Oscar proving to be handy through the midfield. Two more goals scored with calm and measured timing from Gus, allowed Spirit to finish the game with a 3:0 win. Not an easy win at all. Looking forward to a match vs Strikers next week – hopefully we both have capacity to field full teams.

Newtown Strikers – Bye

Division 1 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong 1-4

Solid game from the Strikers this week. The forward line was boosted significantly by the addition of Nic and Tiahna who had stellar games, with Nic scoring the first goal for the Strikers in several weeks. Jacqui also put in a stand-out game up forward and, as usual, Meg provided solid defence, supported by Shannon R and Shannon J. Behind them, Jen had a brilliant game in front of the goals, including defending a stroke from Geelong. Geelong, however, managed a few quick bursts forward and made the most of their opportunities resulting in a final score of 4-1.

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 2-0

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints 2-6

There comes a point in every season when a team requires a good old fashioned reality check. Falcons received that on the weekend. We were poor in many facets of the game but if there was a positive it was that we weren’t playing in a final and we now know there are improvements that need to be made.

I’ve performed some calculations, according to analysis performed on statistics taken over the last 12 rounds, we need to improve by 110%. Luckily that means that each player on the field only needs to improve 10% to achieve that goal. May each of us improve 10% this week…

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong 4-1

Division 2 Women

Newtown Rebels vs Geelong 0-6

A quick goal scoring blitz in the first 5 minutes of the game from Geelong took the Rebels by surprise. Regrouping, Rebels settled into a more even match, breaking down a lot of Geelong’s run at goals. Again Rebel’s defence was on high alert, but great saves from Eichelle and solid play from Penny, Ros and Jacinta.

 The second half saw much improved marking and a more even game with several breaks into Geelong territory. Birthday girl Colleen was relentless in defence and was equally supported by Kellie and Tracey. Despite the score it was still a well played match.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Saints 3-3

A great effort by the team to finish with a draw against the ladder leaders. Newtown dominated the play early with a 3-0 lead at half time, but Saints pegged them back in the second half to snatch the draw.



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