Match Reports April 18 & 19

April 18 and 19 saw the first week of the Junior competition for 2015, with some excellent performances by players stepping up to the next level of competition.

Highlight of the Round

The highlight of the round was a fantastic game by the D1 Women Newtown Strikers. After a couple of tough games to start the season, the team finished a tight game against Torquay with some great teamwork, and feeling justly proud of their efforts.

Under 8

Newtown Rebels vs Newtown Strikers

A sunny Saturday morning welcomed the start of U/8 Minkey for 2015.  What followed was an enjoyable hockey game between two teams both getting to know their teammates and the game.  From the start both teams were very impressive with their willingness to pass to each other with 2, 3 and 4 pass linkages common.  Where the Rebels showed promise with their passing, the Strikers played some excellent through balls for their forwards and midfield to run onto.  Both are good means to move the ball forward so this is something try out next week.

 Alana and Freddie did lots of running in the first half, Sadie and Mai stayed close to their opponents at free hits and Grace passed the ball around.  In the second half Eoin and Adrian did some excellent running and passing up and down the length of the field. In all a great learning experience.  We are meeting the Kardinia Kangaroos next Saturday.  Can all parents make sure they have signed a health form for their kids.  We also need to decide if we are going to have a half time fruit roster for the kids.  For next week I will bring some fruit.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Rebels

An excellent first game by the Newtown Strikers team with a very open game style allowing players to use their skills.  Great quick free passes by Locke and strong passing by Alex and Chris.  The second half saw Amelia make some fantastic passes out of goal and with Eliza in good position on the wing, Newtown Strikers were able to create some nice attacks.  Jakai worked hard all game, with his stick on the ground, putting pressure on the opposition free hits. Well done team – one of the best 1st U8 games of the season for many years.

Newtown Spirit v Torquay Tornadoes

Newtown team Spirit has lived up to its name in its first game for the 2015 under-8 winter season, putting in a spirited performance against the Torquay Tornadoes. Spirit, who borrowed two Torquay players to boost its numbers to eight, started confidently in the first half. With plenty of forward momentum, including a couple of lovely crosses from Charlie on the left, the team showed encouraging signs for the season including some good calling for the ball and a strong attack on goal just before half time. Phoebe defended well in front of goals, thwarting the opposition’s efforts to score. Both teams went goalless into the break.

Coach Kellie urged her charges to spread the play out and concentrate on pushes, not hits, for greater ball control during her address at half time. She also switched players to different positions. Torquay Tornadoes came out firing and goaled soon after play resumed. But Spirit rallied, with sisters Avah and Meyah helping teammates to drive the ball forward. Right inner Nate, who got the ball on his stick at the centre line, raced into attack and scored Spirit’s first goal for the season. The Tornadoes responded quickly. Spirit full back Ruben blocked a strong shot on goal but the Tornadoes kept coming,  finally sending one into goals despite the best effort of Spirit to stop them. Spirit showed tenacity all game and kept battling to the end. Well done Spirit and good luck next week.

Under 11

Newtown Strikers v Geelong College 2-0

Newtown Strikers had a wonderful game to start the season against Geelong College, with goals to Harry S and Harry B, combined with some terrific defence and mid-field play, resulting in a 2-0 win.  We were unlucky not to have a third, with Robbo coming painstakingly close to hitting one through the posts.  It was great to see several new players demonstrating some terrific skills on the field – in particular, Locke and Amity who were fantastic on the wing and Ella who was in perfect midfield position.   Overall a great team performance and a well deserved win.






Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 4-2

 Our first game of the season was started with great excitement. The new players coming up from the Minkey teams did really well on the big field and enjoyed having the space to play with!  The first part of the first half was a little shocking with Kardinia scoring 2 quick goals!
However the team soon lifted and scored its first goal coming from Gus A. The second half was just great. Some really good passages of play out to the wings helped bring the ball into the forward line where goals were scored by our fill in player Sarah and then Mia with the final 2 goals. It was a great game with everyone on the field contributing to the first win of the season. Well done everyone! Final score 4-2.

Under 13

 Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia  9-0

The first half saw Declan score the 1st goal, followed by a double by Miles & then Harry getting the final one for the half . Late in the first half Kardinia had their first major attack but was well stopped by new goalie James.

At half time there was a strong emphasis to have more talking. This saw a much more attacking half with Isabel & Olivia driving the ball forward often, resulting in goals to Will, Sam & Angus, and Declan finished with 2. Despite Kardinia mounting more attacks in the second half, good goal keeping by James prevented any score. This was a good overall team effort from a team that will only improve the more time they play together.

Newtown Strikers vs Bellarine 1 1-0

An excellent game for the U13 Strikers team to kick off the season, particularly given the mix of old hands from U13 last year, U11 players stepping up and new players.   With no subs available, there was no respite for any of the team throughout the game, so it was a hard start to the season. The Strikers were unlucky not to score in the first half with a few balls hitting the post and ricocheting across the front of goal.  Otherwise, the first half was a fairly even contest.

The Strikers found their rhythm early in the second half and produced a goal after passing frenzy between Jamie and Tom, with Miles finishing it off.  Bellarine attacked the goal a few times in the 2nd half but Josh was equal to the task and came out of goal a number of times to kick the ball away. There was also a very committed slide to foil another attempt.  The Strikers had a few more attempts on goal but weren’t able to convert, with the final score remaining at 1:0 to the Newtown Strikers.

Encouraging points raised in the post match huddle by Brendan and the players included, players generally holding their positions well, consistent marking of opponents leaving Bellarine with no viable options when free hits were awarded, and lots of passing.  Elements of the game to work on include more calling and firmer passes to eliminate opposition intercepts.  Overall, a great start to the season – well done Strikers.

Under 15

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong College 3-2

Newtown Spirit opened the 2015 winter season with a 3 – 2 victory over Geelong College on the weekend. An under strength team was reinforced with Byron and Amber stepping up to help out. The team played very well with good open play, the front line of Monique and Amber keeping the pressure on and resulting in 2 first half goals.

The second half saw the team push on with open running play, forcing several short corners resulting in the scoring of the 3rd goal by Amber. Good defence and goal keeping from Luka backed up by Captain Corey in the second half kept Geelong College scoreless.

 Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 3-1

Goals to Amber, Rachel, Lachie

Under 17

 Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 8-0

The excitement of starting a new hockey season was thick in the air on Sunday morning.  Despite the downpour earlier in the morning this was not going to deter anyone from turning up. You can never be too sure how many will turn up for the first game of the season but we were fortunate to have 3 on the bench. Not sure how often this will occur for the remainder of the year.

The enthusiasm continued once the game started. The pace was intense right from the start and it was pretty clear early in the game that undermanned Torquay would struggle with the intensity that was being applied by Newtown. The enthusiasm was probably a bit too high at the start and resulted in some intercepts by Torquay, but nothing got through the solid backline led by Tom McDonald and Nick Proebstl which resulted in our young fill-in GK not having to touch the ball for the whole game (thanks Luka). As the game went on, the decision making improved and we looked like a very well drilled team. Meanwhile, the forward line were
running havoc with a good spread of goal scorers which will give us plenty of scoring options through the rest of the season.  Most importantly, the whole team enjoyed themselves and played in good spirit. Keep up the good work U17’s.

Division 1 Men

 Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 5-2


Division 1 Women

 Newtown Falcons vs Saints 3-0

A good team game resulting in 2 goals in the first Half. Good clean passes and players making good position throughout the game.

Amber played a good game and fitted in well with the team. The second half was another good fast game, playing as a team which resulted in another goal. Our defence played a good game holding the opposition scoreless.  Goals to Phoebe, Elese and Elena. Keep up the good talking and team work.

Newtown Strikers v Torquay 1-2

After a couple of rounds of getting to know each other and sorting out positions the Strikers pulled it together and had a great game against Torquay.  Although the result did not go our way, the game was very even and we produced plenty of shorts and other scoring opportunities, including a couple that made it through but were just a tad too high to count.  Torquay scored first, but it didn’t take too long for Dom to sneak through an equaliser and it remained locked at 1-1 until Torquay broke away and scored the match-winner mid-way through the second half.  Dom, Kelly, Kate and Angela all provided terrific run though the mid-field, Jac and Amanda made the most of the opportunity to move forward this week and Courtney controlled play beautifully out of the back line (but also came close to taking off Amanda’s head with an errant hit!).  Overall, a much more even team performance this week.  Thanks to Claire for keeping for us, to Deb for doubling up and to Angela for stepping in and bolstering our numbers.

Division 2 Men

 Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-9

Another very tough game for Spirit, Torquay proving too strong during the game. The defensive line did a great job keeping Torquay at bay and denying a lot of scoring opportunities which resulted in goals being scored against us by turnovers and very long passes. During the second half we had a few chances up forward but were unfortunately unable to convert these chances. It was a great effort by everyone throughout the game!


Newtown Strikers vs Saints 5-0


The Newtown Men’s Strikers played Saints this week with a 5 nil win to Strikers.  We were joined by Adam and Hamish who both made a significant contribution in attack, scoring 2 goals a piece.  The other goal went to our regular scorer Nik.  Saints had some strong front line players that streamed forward in the mid field, but usually by the time they got to the D we were able to close them down with our experienced back line – well done David, Fitzy, Craig and Martin.  Saints also had some self inflicted injuries during the match that upset team balance – they will be a much more capable side next time we meet no doubt.  Leaving the mid field open is definitely something we need to work on for when we come up against Torquay this week who will make the most of loose marking.

 Division 2 Women

 Newtown Rebels vs Geelong 1-4

 A solid defence lineup saw Newtown holding its own in the first half of the game.  Great work in midfield by Meg, Kellie, Bron and Katelyn with Tracey and Colleen pushing up from full back and deflecting many opposition attacks.  Great running on the forward line by Kelly, Emily, Erin, Erin and Meredith (no it’s not a typing error) with some great ball control skills by Kelly and Emily. Geelong scored initially from a deflection which caught the defence unawares and then gained control of the game with greater circle penetration.  Newtown continued to work hard and great teamwork on the forward line saw Meredith in the right spot to finish off with a goal.

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 4-3

An abundance of subs and a well paced game eventuated between Spirit and Plains. A big welcome to our new winger Donna who quickly found her position and worked well with Emily on the left. Spirit dominated in the first half with a lot of clean breaks through. Deb pushed hard on the right to make several entries into the circle. Emily scored 2 beautiful goals to see us go into the break in the lead.

The second half saw Golden Plains break out with 2 quick goals. Kirsty was able to score then another quick reply from Golden Plains to see scores locked. Solid defence that featured throughout the game from Hillary, Sharon and Jessie kept out attackers. Emily broke through again to score and the final whistle went.

 Hopefully Deanne recovers from her rolled ankle in time for next week’s game. A huge thank you to Emily, Jessie, Deb and Lauren for filling in.

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