Match Reports April 11 & 12

Round 2 of the Senior Competition highlighted the potential of some of our younger players, stepping up into new roles or new levels of competition.


 Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Red 14-1

 A relatively slow game for the Falcons with a number of players missing due to rep games, and players coming in after games in the morning, but we managed to scrape together a full 11 to play against Saints Red, who also had players missing due to rep games, and with a number of double ups who had just finished a game against Torquay.

With tired legs and a group of players not used to playing in div 1, Saints Red were always on the back foot, with the ball rarely traveling into the Newtown defensive half, albeit for a few folleys into attack which resulted in a goal due to some sloppy defending.

With the run in the legs of the younger players, Newtown scored a handful of goals in the first half to take control of the game. In the second half it was a slightly different story, with the Saints players running on empty, we took over the game fully and managed to score a total of 14 goals which included some screamers. However the young GK for Saints held his own making a number of really good saves and stopping the score reaching into the late teens or even early twenties.

Goals to Matt (1), Lauchlan C (3), Adam G (1), Jimmy J (5), Adrian (1), Luke H (1) and Luke P (2)

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 2-3

The game started at a fast pace with Torquay scoring a quick goal. We rallied and played a good team game in the first half, scoring 1 goal. In the second half, the girls played a very good game with a few short corners, but without success on the scoreboard as the Torquay defence was too good and blocked all shots on goal. Newtown’s defence was solid, and with Jess W defending the goals well, only 2 goals were allowed to sneak though. Well done girls. Nice to see the teamwork coming together as the new lineup settles down. Keep up the good work.

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong 0-8

It was another tough game for the Strikers, with Geelong proving too strong throughout the game.    We struggled in the first half, but some great work up back – particularly by Jessie fending off plenty of shots on goal and by Sharon, Jacqui and Amanda, which prevented the scoreline blowing out too far by the half-time break.  After a rest and a pep-talk we came back much stronger in the second half, creating several scoring opportunities, aided by some great running by Kelly through the middle and some impressive stick skills up forward by Amber. Unfortunately it was not our day and we weren’t able to convert these chances.  It was terrific to have our coach, Courtney, in for the first game of the season, who delivered a stand-out best on field performance.   Thanks also to Jessie J and Sharon for bulking up our numbers and providing us with three rotations which was greatly appreciated in the midday heat.

 Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Saints 2-3

With some words of encouragement from Don before the game, Spirit faced off against Saints this week. The team worked well together focussing on making space and maintaining possession which they did well, especially towards the end of both halves. Good tackling and defence by Michael, Nathan and Don repelled many Saints attacks. Great passing in the forward line between Chris, Nik and David resulted in a spectacular goal to David in the middle of the first half, with Saints equalising by half time.

Saints came out strongly in the second half scoring two quick goals but Spirit fought back hard, controlling much of the game play which resulted in a second goal to David. Unfortunately Spirit was unable to equalise by the end of the match but it was great to see the team working well together and looking to make opportunities up forward. Thanks to Nik for filling in this week!

 Newtown Strikers vs Corio 7-2


Division 2 Women

Newtown Rebels vs Saints 0-1

 Talk about an adaptable team! With a totally different backline this week, Newtown Rebels showed that effort, skill and teamwork provides results regardless of who makes up the team. Great midfield defence from Meg, Kellie and Remi cut off many Saints attacks before they proved of any great concern to the keeper, but Dana and Hill were up to the task, mopping up any attacks which did sneak through.  Great work on the forward line by Jenny, Nicola and Erin S pushed the ball forward into our attacking circle on many occasions.  Fantastic positioning and great persistence by Erin W was a delight, and with Meredith on the other wing making some great passes, we were unlucky not to score.  In fact, Jenny did put the ball in the net, but unfortunately, the whistle had already been blown for a short corner.  Saints scored in the second half, with a last minute deflection right into the corner of the goal.  A great game by all.  Thanks to Nicola and Hill for filling in, and welcome back Kellie.

Newtown Spirit – Bye


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