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Thanks to Go Hockey News for the feature article in the March newsletter about the Newtown Hockey Club’s success in winning the title of 2014 Community Sporting Club of the Year.

We were delighted last year to win this fantastic award as part of the Victorian Government Sport and Recreation Awards.  We are very proud and extremely happy all over again to have this achievement acknowledged  in this way by Go Hockey News and the hockey community.


Read the article here …………


The prize money received as part of the award has already been put to good use, with the aim of providing further opportunities for our members and for people in the local area around our home base at King Lloyd Reserve, Windsor Rd, Newtown to participate in hockey.  The Club has arranged to lease a site adjacent to Lloyd Reserve, and is already well on the way to preparing the land for use by junior players, in addition to the fields available at Lloyd Reserve.  The availability of this site will also allow us to provide hockey opportunities during the summer period.

Windsor Rd field Before

Windsor Road field – not exactly a level playing field

Windsor Rd field Before (2)

Before renovation

junior hockey field

A much better field for junior hockey

The Newtown City Hockey Club is committed to the Hockey Victoria ideal of providing opportunities for members of the community, especially junior members, to play hockey in their local area – without having the burden of extra travel and time to get to games which are more distantly located.

Having a field which is available year round allows the Club to offer a range of programs to participants of all ages, at flexible times and at a lower cost.

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