Match reports March 28 & 29

The first round of senior hockey matches began with some great examples of skilful play.  On a warm day and with a number of players missing, all teams worked hard and showed great promise for the season ahead.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 5-1

A hard game to start the season vs Saints Black, and with some recruitment for both sides with the addition of Premier league players to both sides it was going to be a great game to watch and it didn’t disapoint.
Saints were out of the blocks early and playing an impressive brand of hockey with quick ball movement and effective passing, they scored in the first 5-10 mins with some lacklustre defending and good attacking.  Falcons then decided that they were actually here to play hockey and started to play the way we wanted to, with quick ball movement, player support around the ball and some razzle dazzle skills from old and new players alike.
There were tight and tense moments in the game but with the defense holding strong, midfield controlling the center of the field and the forwards scoring a handful of goals, we were able to come away with a hard fought 5-1 victory.
Goals to debutants Lauchlan C (2) and Keiran S (1) along with James H (1) and ‘fullback’ Sean F (1), who will not be allowed to leave the defense again this season (haha).  A great start to the season Falcons

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Newtown Strikers 8-1

A good team effort by Falcons considering we didn’t have a full team.  With a number of changes to the 2014 lineup, the players settled well early.  Katey and Rachel created great space on the forward line, and with Shelby and Phoebe running well, Falcons were able to pile on the pressure.  Goals were scored by Rachel, Katey and Penny. Welcome to new member Emma who played an important role in linking play into attack.

It was very warm for the Strikers’ first game of the season, not helped by the absence of a bench (both teams were short and goalie-less) but we survived nonetheless! Despite a less than flattering final score of 1-8, we managed some good play and improved as the game progressed.  As a team of (almost) exclusive forwards, we were more comfortable moving the ball forward (mainly through the running of Bec, Jess, Eliza, Kate, Molly) than trying to defend.  Fortunately, we roped in Colleen just before the game (a much needed doubled-up – thanks Colleen) in full back and Peta also stepped back to help out in defence; combined with Jacqui and Amanda moving back quickly when required we were able to thwart quite a few scoring attempts by the Falcons.  In the end, however, the Falcons’ attacking power proved too great. We did, however, have some reason to celebrate in the second half when Jacqui took control of the ball in our D and smashed one through the Falcons’ defence – great effort.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 11-2

Strikers had a friendly game against the Spirit in the first round before Easter.  It was a warm afternoon with a few players feeling the effects of a full term game in the heat afterwards.  Strikers had many returnees from last year with a few exceptions and a few welcome additions.  The combination of Nik, Brendan and Lachie Baensch in the forward line was formidable and we hope this bodes well for the season ahead.

Spirit lived up to their name and showed great determination and a great work ethic. Great defence by Don and Chris, backed up by great keeping by Brodie prevented many more goals. Lachie D took the field to bolster numbers, playing against his dad, and showed some great skills. Alex, Tim and Rowan created a number of attacks, with 2 goals being scored.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Corio 7-0

A new name, a new face and the old Maroons were back for another season. Welcome to Angela who quickly found her place in the centre and was key to leading many charges forward with Bron C. With a little help from our friends Katey and Rachel, we were able to find the back of the net before the end of the first half. Sound defence from Hillary and Jessie kept Corio at bay. Playing well mid field was Jacinta who made many passes out to Deanne who was well placed to lead many attacks. 5 more goals followed before the final whistle. A huge thanks to Penny, Claire, Jessie J, Katey and Rachel  for filling in. A great result for the first match back.

Newtown Rebels vs Golden Plains 2-0

A great start to 2015 by Rebels, against 2014 finalists Golden Plains, especially as we only had 9 players.  Solid defence by Bron K, Nerida and a flawless game by Katelyn prevented Golden Plains from gaining any ascendancy, with Colleen and Deb backing up well. Great running on the forward line and leading to the ball by Monique and Erin saw them able to penetrate the circle and Meredith was in great position to assist. Goals to Monique and Bron. Excellent team work and position play by all.



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