Match Reports June 28 & 29

Excellent work this week by Newtown White U13 team for their first win of the season, with Newtown Falcons Division 1 Men continuing on their way undefeated.  And it’s great to see how much the Joeys players are improving.


The Joeys players are learning some great skills, and moving well into playing games and learning strategies and tactics.  There were some some fantastic pushes to pass the ball to team mates and great running to move to the next space.  Great work Parker, Hamish, Jimmy, Matt, Avah, Alex, Amelia, Sadie and Bella.


Newtown Maroon vs Torquay

 Newtown Maroon put in a great team game this week against a strong opponent.  Some excellent defence by Meya in the first half and great passing out to team mates using the width of the field.  The second half saw Newtown working hard on picking up their opponents and chasing back when Torquay gained possession. Great passing by Freddie and Imogen saw some Newtown team plays reach the attacking zone, with Chris and Nathan in good position and ready to take possession of the ball.  Best Team Player Award to Meya.

Newtown White vs Newtown Gold

 We had a few unfortunate injuries which kept our team down to 5 players this week.  Thanks to Emma for stepping in and playing for our team.  Luckily this was matched by our opponents who also had 5 players.  With less players it meant that the teams did a lot of running – there was no time for being cold this week!

 Some of the highlights of the game were:

  • Positioning, especially Emma who was always providing an option out wide;
  • There was some good trapping and keeping on going, particularly by Maggie and Edie;
  • Ruben and  Nate set up some good play and tackled well this week;
  • Good cheering by Phoenix and Charlotte who were injured on the sidelines.

Some things we are working on are:

  • Our concentration when there are so few players;
  • Picking up our opponents;
  • Setting up options for passing.

 Edie received the Best Team Player Award for her persistence in the second half, good tackling, ball placement and her ability to keep her stick down and keep going.

 Thanks to Newtown Gold for creating some really competitive play and for being such a fair opponents and great sports! We look forward to the school holiday break and welcoming our injured players back for the next match.


Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White 4-0

Things went well for Newtown Maroon this week, with improved passing, wide clearances, and generally staying in our positions.  Hitting practice for the last few weeks paid off with some excellent penetrating balls from the backs and halves to generate forward pressure.  And this was capped off by unselfish play around the circle, leading to 4 good team goals, finished off by captain Will (2), Harry and Willo.  The scoreline would have been different if not for an outstanding game in goals by Kasey.  Best Team Player awards this week to Willo and Kasey.

Newtown White vs Newtown Maroon 0-4

Round 9 saw Newtown White playing against Newtown Maroon on a very chilly morning.  White played well with a particularly good game from Isabel and Daniel as the full backs.  Miles had some spectacular attempts at goal but was thwarted each time by Maroon’s goalie.  Max had his first try at goal keeper and did a great job.  White kept working on taking the frees quickly and the wings and forwards focused on trying to keep ahead of the ball.  Great job Imogen on your first game with the team.  White’s new focus for the remaining games will be to spread out more and use load voices to each other so that the whole team works well together.  Well done White for a great effort and well done to Maroon too who proved to be too strong for White on the day.


Newtown Maroon vs Torquay 8-0

Well a freezing start to the first Saturday of the school holidays must have inspired action amongst Newtown Maroon players!! They were off and running, immediately disadvantaged by a disorganized Torquay team who were on the pitch under staffed and without a goal keeper!! Newtown Maroon played in a strong, attacking style, preventing Torquay any opportunity to move the ball out of their defensive area. Team work at a high level in the first half, with lovely passages of play and good passing between players.

 A six goal first half for Maroon, without any reply from Torquay – goals to Tom, Jamie with a sneaky little well-timed field goal, Amber and a beautiful little touch on the post from Paris, allowed Maroon a very strong lead. Half time comments from the coach, reminding players to use the width of the pitch and wing players to move the ball with more effectiveness at times. Also encouraged a swift response from attack to defense, when Torquay looking like securing some forward movement.

 Less dominant second half by Maroon, with a further 2 goals scored by Tom and Amber, to seal a strong result for Newtown Maroon and ongoing top of the ladder position. Well done finishing so well before the school holiday break and best wishes to Rachel van der Ploeg and Jonah McKinnon for their Wildcats campaigns in the Junior State Championships being held this week.

 Newtown White vs Torquay Tornadoes 2-0

 Play from Newtown White looked very promising from the first touch with fast accurate passing and a desire to keep possession. Players were looking for team mates in space or in a position to run onto the ball.  When there were no safe options forward, the ball was played back and across the field in search of an option forward.  When Torquay did gain possession, tackling was committed and Torquay were under constant pressure from Newtown White.  The majority of the half was played in opposition territory with a few unsuccessful shots on goal.  Torquay had one opportunity to score which was foiled by Josh as he lay in front of goal using all means possible to prevent a goal being scored.

 Newtown White started the second half reinvigorated by juicy navel oranges and were quickly attacking the Torquay goal. Lachy had the Torquay team on the back foot within the first few minutes of the half with a solo run into the D around a couple of defenders. The shot on goal was padded away by the goal keeper, however the pressure resulted in a short corner and long corner in quick succession, with a goal to Lachy the end result.  The team was visibly lifted by taking the lead and soon found themselves in a position to score again. A great pass from Rachel high on the right side of the D back to Lachy was swiftly flicked into the back of the net. Both goals were a great demonstration of team work as they were only made possible by good positional play and passing the ball.  Torquay only had one scoring opportunity in the second half when the Newtown White backs were left exposed by a great through ball from Torquay. Josh’s positioning in goal forced the Torquay centre forward into a difficult shot which went across the face of goal. In a final short corner to Newtown White, it was good to see a variation in play with the ball going first to the top of the D and then being passed forward and right for a shot on goal, albeit unsuccessful.

 This was the first win for the season and all team members have showed a clear improvement over the last couple of games in commitment and application of skills practiced during the week in training. A tremendous game by all of the team and thanks also to Miles and Emma from U13 Maroon for doubling up.


Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White 0-4

 Tough game this week with our first loss of the season to Newtown White who had a strong team. The first half saw lots of play in our defensive half with some hard work by Bronte, Luke HD, Tom McD and Luka in our last line of defence. The second half saw us manage to enter our forward 25 a few times with some good work by Hudson who was seemingly surrounded by giants!, Miles (in his third game for the day) and Chloe with some great attacks on the wing. Everyone contributed in a hard fought game. Well done all. Thanks to Chloe S, Erin S, Lachie D and Tom C for filling in this week.

 Newtown White vs Newtown Maroon 4-0

 This week’s match saw much contribution from all players, thanks to Amber R for playing with us this week – she played a solid match with some great plays in attack. Bronte came off briefly after an accidental stick to the face from the keeper, but soon when back on to hassle Maroon’s defence. Corey played a steady and composed match in defence, we mixed the positions around a little this week and saw Bella do some great clearances in defence. Jimmy played well and set up some great plays. Thanks to Richard Stella for coaching this week’s match. Scorers this week – Jimmy 2, Bronte 1 & Jesse 1.


Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia 6-9

Newtown White – bye


Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 3-2

Falcons played Saints Black in round 12 of the Division 1 competition on Sunday afternoon at Stead Park. The Falcons line up was some what changed due to injury, school holidays and clashes with other hockey competitions. Starting the game with only 10 players they held off the second placed Saints until the cavalry arrived  to match the opponent with numbers.

The Falcons scored the fist two goals of the match, both were very skillful runs by Leo beating numerous players to penetrate the D and get shots on goal. In the second half Josh scored another field goal to take the score to 3 nil, however the Saints hit back scoring 2 goals in the second half before full time. 

Another great win to the undefeated Falcons showing the depth we have across the mens playing group. They play Saints Red this week on Sunday night 6:30pm at Stead Park.


Newtown Falcons vs Bellarine 5-2

The game started well with the scoring a quick goal. It was a very hard fought game.  An even team game resulted in a win of 5-2 against Bellarine.  Bec scored 2 goals, Elena scored 2 goals and Bonnie scored 1 goal.  Great play by Katie and  Tess created lots of attack and great team play finished it off.


Newtown Maroon vs Saints 0-4

Maroon played a great game against Saints on the weekend not even a late downpour could dampen our spirits. David had an outstanding game with a near miss that would have been the goal of the season. We had the top team scrambling but their players stepped up after a goal by the Geelong 1st rep player. We were 1-0 down at half time. A good solid performance by Chris C and Alex in the second kept us in the game but Saints proved too strong and we finished 4-0 down.

Newtown White vs Corio 4-1

Newtown White played the first half on a water logged pitch for the third week in a row.  Luckily avoiding the hail that hit the match before us.  For the most part the team played well using short passing to good effect.  It was good to have the younger guys in the forward line this week to give us some additional options in attack.  We still need to look at varying the way we go into the D and the effect of drawing defenders in to flood the goal area.  Don showed his class with a terrific save on the line again this week.  We remain second on the ladder one game behind Saints and one game in front of Geelong.


Newtown Maroon vs Torquay 3-2

In between the downpours Saturday night Maroon faced a hard match against Torquay. Torquay were quick out of the blocks to score. Maroon regrouped and with a fast running forward line spearheaded by Kirsty, Rachel and Katey a reply goal was answered. The tussles were a bit tough with a green card awarded against Torquay.

In the second half Maroon scored an early goal with quick work between the inners and centre. Defence came under attack but great sweeps from Hil, Andy, Bron and Jacinta kept Torquay’s scoring chances down. Great switches out to the wings in Sarah and Deanne and Pam playing a pivotal role in the centre. A tough but well deserved win for Maroon

Newtown White vs Saints 1-1

 Another great game by Newtown White with excellent team play and good use of a shorter passing game.  Cait scored the first goal for Newtown early in the game, in the right place and with a great low sweep to put it in the net.  Great defence by Jenny, Bron K and Emmason was well backed up by full backs Tracey and Colleen pushing up and meeting Saints attacks early.  Excellent chasing by Rachel and Steffi put pressure on Saints to keep the ball heading in to our attacking zone, and great running and possession skills by Amber, Phoebe and Julie created many attacks.  Saints were able to score in the second half, and despite renewed enthusiasm and effort in attack, Newtown were unable to score again.  Great work by all players.

Newtown Gold – bye


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