Match Reports June 21 & 22


Newtown Maroon vs Newtown Gold

Special thanks to Avah from Joeys who helped us out this morning.  She did a great job of keeping her stick on the ground ready for the ball, and hit some lovely free passes.  Imogen worked hard in the centre passing wide to the wings Paige and Meyah. Freddie made some great saves in front of goal and Brandon did a great job of chasing back and defending.  Fantastic game, with everyone working hard, so the Best Team Player Award this week went to the whole team.

Newtown Gold vs Newtown Maroon

A very evenly matched game. They all seemed to be having a lot of fun too. The passing is really improving. Eoin and Adrian worked well together in the forward line. Basyl made many great shots at goal. Lochlan, Emma & Grace backed up well. There was great improvement in Emma’s overall skills this week, winning her Best Team Player for this week.

Newtown White vs Kardinia Kookaburras

It was a warmer morning that greeted us this week.  We were a few players short, but so were the other team, so it worked out well – thanks to our opponents for lending us a team member.  We had some great passages of play, particularly from Oliver and Maggie who are doing a great job of keeping the flow of the game going.

Our Coach Kellie was pleased with the hard work we are putting into all aspects of our game.  We are working on:

  • Spreading out and leading out wide;
  • Marking and putting pressure on our opponents;
  • Looking sideways for our teammates and asking for the ball.

This week:  Maggie received the Best Team Player Award for her looking sideways for other players and asking for the ball – well done.


Newtown Maroon Vs Torquay  1-3.
Newtown fought well against a strong Torquay side on Saturday.  Kasey had a busy time in goals and made several great saves.  However the midfield and forward pressure from Torquay resulted in a number of entries and short corners, culminating in 3 goals for the game.  We will need to brush up on our short corners this week.  Angus was again solid at centre half, and dropped back to join Olivia in making some good defensive clearances.  Robbo displayed very good timing from full back with some penetrating firm hits and pushes.  And when we finally broke through late in the first half it lead to a short corner, and a cool head from Zeke to pass across to Logan ended up in our only goal.  In the second half there was some effective playing on from frees by Jemma and Willo, and some great running from Will and Logan and Amelia.  Harry made a few excellent interceptions late in the game and looked likely to score, showing great ball control, but it wasn’t to be.  Overall a fair result against a good side to whom we lost 8-2 earlier in the year.  Best Team Player Awards to Olivia and Zeke.

Newtown White vs Kardinia 5-0

Newtown received a forfeit from Kardinia, with the holidays forcing a lack of players for them.


Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White 4-1
Well it was the Under 13 Newtown Derby with Maroon against White. Top of the ladder Maroon has been looking strong in recent weeks, but had the handicap of our goal keeper unavailable this week, in addition to another absence.  Jonah McKinnon was given the task of ‘kicking fullback’ with coach Marcus Lanyon making the decision to forgo the goal keeper for the match.

 Maroon started strong as usual with a lot of play in our forward half. Some lovely passing and running forward allowed several opportunities to score from penalty corners. Tom M started the score building with a lovely field goal, with a second to follow from an opportunistic and clever Amber! Without the goal keeper, White was able to move the ball quickly into their half, and capitalize, scoring a goal before half time. Great efforts by White were thwarted by the strength of Maroon’s defense and forward running.

 Half time words by the coach was building on the confidence of the team as well as encouraged some quick passing rather than trying to ‘run through’ opportunistic players! Second half  saw another solid performance by Maroon, with some lovely skill shown by Rachel to keep the ball in the forward half. Further goals by Tom M and Rachel, finished off another convincing win 4:1. Well done Maroon and best wishes to an injured Lachie in Newtown White.

 Newtown White vs Newtown Maroon 1-4

Despite the cold early morning start, Maroon came out full of beans and were soon attacking the White goal. Josh charged down the first shot on goal but Maroon put away the deflected ball for their first goal. A second goal to Maroon came very soon afterwards.  White did however strike back immediately after the resumption of play when Henry received a ball high in the Maroon half and was able to run it into an empty goal, having dodged the kicking fullback.  This was the only foray into the Maroon half and White spent the remainder of the half defending their own goal.  Maroon had a number of short corners but strong defence by White prevented any further goals.

 White were again under pressure at the start of the second half and Josh was forced to put all of his goal keeping skills into practice, gloving, kicking, diving and hitting away shots on goal.  When White did gain possession they struggled to penetrate the Maroon half. The White forwards were drawn back to their own goal in an effort to assist in defending the relentless attack on goal by Maroon. The pressure eventually led to a further two goals to Maroon at the back end of the second half.  Another toughgame where White were forced to play most of the game defending their own goal.  Final score 4:1 to Newtown Maroon.


Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia Blue 1-1

The first half was hard fought with no score from either team. The second half saw Newtown working hard to implement the coach’s instructions and resulted in many great passages of play, with some very near misses. A great goal from Matt showing his silky skills. The game continued with some nice passing out wide and hard running from Hudson and Erin. Miles continued to pressure their full backs really well. The back line was put under a bit more pressure from the opposition which resulted in a goal to Kardinia to even the game. Great team effort.

Newtown White vs Kardinia Maroon 0-2

This week’s match was a tough one, with Kardinia doing most of the attacking. Luka joined the team this week as GK, making a number of saves. Well done Luka. Great game by Corey, who was “steller” in defence!!!!!!! Alex and Remi were steady with their pressure on Kardinia.  Everyone got in and had a go, good effort.


Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White 8-3

An entertaining game was witnessed between the 2 Newtown U17 teams. A few ins and outs saw Patrick stand in for Will in the Goals. Gus was the first to score for us taking a penalty stroke 5 minutes in. White responded with a few solid runs only to be cut out by Baiden sweeping across the D. Emma was only available for the first half and showed some great skill in midfield and attacks on D, she finished with 2 goals before having to leave to play Geelong Rep. In the second half Chris and Thomas worked well in attack for us and were rewarded with 2 goals apiece and the White team also started to counter attack and snuck 3 past Patrick to finish the Game 8-3 in favour of Maroon.

Newtown White vs Newtown Maroon 3-8

Whites were unlucky early in the game despite great defending by Brodie, Beth’s save on the line saw a penalty and goal to Maroon. Settling down after the hectic start, Whites displayed good passing play by Alex, Jonah and Luke – Alex reading the play well, winning possession passing long to Miles on the wing. More great work by Courtney this week, getting in perfect position on post passing quickly to Sean to bang in a goal. Whites had to restructure, maintain position and keep the positive talk going regardless of the score in the second half. Baden, Alex, Dan and Sean were all chasing hard running in to open space to create chances, Baden eventually rewarded with a goal and Sean finished the game with two. Overall, it was a good game but Whites were outplayed this week by a stronger Maroon forward line. Thanks to Luke and Jonah for filling in.


Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 7-2

Falcons defeated Torquay 7-2 in the Division 1 competition on Sunday afternoon at Stead Park. It was a battle of the young and skillful against the older experienced playing group of Torquay. In the end the pace was too much for Torquay as they were overcome by the pace and intensity of the reigning premiers. Goal scorers for the game were: Hamish 3, Angus 1, James 1, Will 1 and Adrian 1.

The Falcon play second placed Saints Black this Sunday 2:00pm at Stead Park.


Newtown Falcons vs Saints 7-2

The game started well, although even with Saints only having 9 players they managed to get the first goal in the first few minutes.   Then the girls started to fire, scoring 3 goals by half time.  The second half was fast with Saints scoring another goal to our 4. Great team play by Courtney who passed off to team mates allowing them to score, as well as snagging 4 goals for herself. A good team effort. Thanks to Amy for helping us out and playing a great game.


Newtown Maroon vs Golden Plains 1-2

Newtown White vs Saints 2-2

Newtown White managed to hold our own against a determined Saints on Saturday.  With weather conditions similar to the week before the pitch was again saturated during the first half.  With a couple of (older) injured players not at 100% and at least one key player on holidays in Bali we did well to be competitive and hold out for a 2 all draw.  We are still also trying to go in through the top of the D against good defence so despite having the majority of the play in the first half saints scored first.  In response to this Nik Hinett scored a great diving desperation goal from the base line.  Saints scored from a penalty corner in the second half and then again in response after the umpire letting a few corner decisions go to advantage Ben O’Sullivan put the ball up past the keeper from the pack to level.


Newtown Maroon vs Newtown Gold 2-3

Pitched against Newtown Gold, the girls from Newtown Maroon knew that this was going to be a tough match from the outset.  Joined by Kellie and Sharon, who kindly played for our team, Newtown Maroon started strongly led by great attacking play from Rachel.  At times Rachel appeared to singlehandedly take on the entire Newtown Gold defence and it was one of these attacking runs which set up a short corner from which our team’s first goal was scored.  A strong hit from Katey at the top of the circle was deflected in by Deanne (again well positioned on the left post).  This drew the scores at 1-1 after Gold had scored a soft goal : providing a timely reminder that we need to play the whistle and allow for advantage to be played.

It was terrific to have Kirsty back in the team after a break due to injury and Kirsty had a great second half playing high on the right wing, bringing the ball up the line and across into the circle.  Katey enjoyed a series of strong runs ably assisted by Rachel and Katey scored an excellent goal to have the teams level at 2-2.  Hill and Katrina provided solid cover in defence and Edna used her kick well to clear the ball from the goal on a number of occasions.  A late goal to Gold saw the score at 3-2 and sealed their victory : a great game enjoyed by all.

Newtown Gold vs Newtown Maroon 3-2

It was a terrific game between Gold and Maroon on Sunday.  Lots of good run through the middle brought with it plenty of forward attacks, but scoring was tough.  In defence, Dana, Bron and Meg were terrific and made it very tough for the Maroons to penetrate the circle.  It was close for the whole game but Gold came away with a 3-2 win thanks to a last minute goal from Meredith.  Meredith ended up with two for the game with a brilliant single to Bron K.  Thanks to Claire for filling in as our goalie and kudos to Sharon for playing for the Maroons to even up numbers.

 Newtown White vs Torquay 2-0

A great game by Newtown White with the benefit of a full team and interchange players.  Thanks to Julie and Bron C for filling in. Newtown White began a little hesitantly with some indecisive marking in defence but soon settled to a steady style of game, with good focus on the ball gaining possession in the midfield.  Tracey and Bron in defence pushed up into attack to cut off Torquay attacks before they posed a major threat with Kellie, Katelyn, Jenny and Julie playing solid hockey in the midfield.  Great positioning on the forward line by Steffi and Phoebe with excellent passing from the midfield.  Excellent skills on the wing by Amber worked the ball into attack beautifully with Rachel, Cait and Erin making nice passes and setting up play in front of the goal.  It was very hard to pick best players as everyone did a great job and worked really hard.

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