Match Reports June 14/15

Highlights of the Week

The Division 1 Men and Division 2 Women Newtown Gold continue to put in some excellent performances and the U13 Maroon team had a great game this week too.  The U15 White game was very impressive for the teamwork and skills which players are developing.  Well done all.

Why not go along and watch the D1 Men this week in their match against Torquay – 3.30 pm on Sunday at Stead Park.  With the star-studded line-up they have, we could all learn something to help our own game.


Newtown Gold vs Torquay
A very cold, wet & tough game for the Gold team this week. Again there was good passing between the forwards (Basyl, Adrian, Eoin & Lochlan). Emma & Grace’s defence skills are improving every week. Best Team Player this week went to Basyl.

Newtown White vs Golden Plains.

It was cold and wet for the 7th game of the season for Minkey White V Golden Plains and a very evenly played match.  We did our best to stay warm! Our Coach Kellie was pleased with the way we called out in loud voices for the ball.  There was some excellent stopping of the ball in defence and some really nice “running on” when we got the ball.

 We are working on:

  • “stop, look, listen and pass off” skills so that we are quick to get the play moving;
  • Looking for our team mates when we have free passes and setting up play;
  • Looking forward to where we want to pass the ball.

Overall it was a great match! Nate Harding received the Best Team Player Award for his awesome defending skills – well done.

Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia Kookaburras

A very cold morning for our young stars but great focus on the ball in defence by Imogen and Meya stopped many of Kardinia’s attempts to score.  Excellent free passes from defence got the ball out to Nathan and Michael on the wings and some nice work in the midfield by Paige and Brandon led to some forward moves for Newtown.  Chris and Freddie worked hard to gain possession and pass to team mates.  Best Team Player Award shared by Imogen and Meya.

 Under 11

Newtown White vs Geelong College 0-1

Round 7 had Newtown White playing against Geelong College on a very chilly morning.  There was some great play with everyone working hard to hang on to the ball longer and using loud voices to call to one another.  Everyone seems to be getting the hang of taking frees quickly and keeping play out of the middle.  College scored a goal in the first half but Newtown came together well to stop them from scoring again and although we didn’t have a win, our team work continues to improve.  Special mention to  Charlotte and Claudia who won Best Team Player awards for their consistent and courageous performance and to Amber who umpired her first game.

Newtown Maroon – bye

 Under 13

Newtown Maroon vs Bellarine 10-0

Newtown White vs Torquay 0-3

 Torquay started strongly with a barrage of shots on goal in the first 5 minutes from both general play and a short corner, with the 4th attempt on goal shot finding its way past Josh.  Newtown White were stunned into action from the restart and made their way into the Torquay half, but were not able to penetrate the D.  Play then moved swiftly to the Newtown defensive end where Torquay were awarded successive short corners. The first was well cleared by Josh but the second resulted in goal after a string of well structured passes. Newtown White also lost Amelia in the short corner melee after being struck on the wrist by a Torquay stick. Newtown White didn’t have any substitutes available and were forced to play the remainder of the game a player down.  Play for the remainder of the half was evenly matched with both Newtown White and Torquay having shots on goal through short corners.  Newtown White executed successive short corners well with Tom pushing fast and accurate balls to Lachy for shots on goal, but the Torquay goal keeper was equal to the task.  There was evidence of Hockey World Cup viewing in some of this play!

 The start of the second half was marked by the start of rain, which didn’t abate for the rest of the game.  Newtown White played with Tom and Malcolm forward, both covering a wing and the centre forward position.  Malcolm stepped up under the added pressure and played his best game of the season with a number of decisive runs along the right wing. Newtown White held their own throughout the majority of the second half and mounted strong challenges to Torquay in the mid field, with notable efforts by Lachy and Rachel.  Torquay were however able to grind down a depleted Newtown White team and score a final goal near the end of the game to finish 3:0 up.

 Although playing for the majority of the game with a player short, the real difference between the sides was in their hunger for the ball.   Torquay were determined to challenge for the ball and keep possession, which provided them with opportunities to score.  A tough game but great effort by all in cold wet conditions.

 Under 15

Newtown Maroon vs Saints 3 – 3

The game got off to a slow start for Newtown with Saints scoring 2 early goals and a 3rd one coming later in the half. The second half started with some excellent passing and running to get us 2 quick goals to Lachlan and Thomas P which put us back in the game. Our third goal from Monique came midway through the half to make us level with Saints. Our second half saw a lot more running, passing, talking and use of the ball out wide. Despite quite a number of shots on goal late in the game we were unable to get through Saints goalkeeper and we ended a very good game with a 3 all draw.

 Newtown White vs Kardinia Blue 2-2

 It was a very close match this week. At half time the score was level with 1 all.  Alex scored the first goal from a deflection on a short corner. Kardinia scored again in the second half. The match was all but over, with less than a minute left in the game, we managed a short corner and converted into a goal by Lachie. Saskia had quite a bit of action in goals this week, with a number of saves. Great game by Alex who was relentless in hassling the opposition and Tom M and Corey were solid in defence.

Well done to everyone, particularly like to thank Tom McD for playing with us this week and the U/13 crew – Amber, Tom M, Lachie & Miles R – much appreciated and all contributed greatly.

Under 17

Newtown Maroon – bye

Newtown White vs Torquay 1-1

Newtown began strongly with many attacking opportunities and good passing play by Baden, Adam, Dan and Patrick backed up well by Miles, with Alex and Courtney on the wings. Brodie was kept busy, needing to work hard in goal as Torquay put a lot of pressure on with several chances skilfully cleared, combined with solid defending by Noah and Beth. Newtown had good momentum with the majority of play, trying to work their way through the congested middle towards goal – nil nil at half time. Second half was much the same, however Newtown made the most of a short corner – trapped by Chris, passed quickly by Baden to Patrick for a well-earned goal. A late corner and great defending with chaos in goal and Torquay were able to equalise to draw the game. Thanks to Noah, Chris, Miles and Patrick for playing for us this week and Don for coaching at short notice.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Corio 10-0

Falcons defeated Corio 10 nil in the Division 1 competition on Sunday night at Stead Park. Similar to the standard set by the Men’s Australian hockey team at the World Cup the Falcons scored the first goal only 2 minutes into the game and finished the first half 5-0 up. Coach Peter challenged the group to maintain the intensity in the second half and not to concede a goal for the game.  The Falcons responded by converting a further 5 unanswered goals in the second half. Goal scorers for the game were Josh 3, Hamish 2, Chriso 2, Harry 1, Nic 1, Leo 1.  The Falcons play third placed Torquay at 3.30 pm this Sunday at Stead Park.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 1-1

Division 2 Men

Newtown Maroon vs Torquay 2 – 1-5.

We had a cold game at Stead Park where Torquay proved a little warmer on the field. A great game from Lachlan who was solid all game, then our new wing David scoring a great goal. It was a very enjoyable game with Maroon smiling throughout, though it was fairly one sided with Torquay winning 5-1.

Newtown White vs Golden Plains 7-1

Newtown White had a strong hit out against Golden Plains this week, winning 7-1.  A couple of the younger rep players were not able to play on Saturday, despite this and the wet conditions we had more people wanting to play than spots on the team sheet.  The start of the first half was bogged down in Newtoon’s half initially with a lot of water on the pitch.  After a few good overhead balls and with the ground starting to drain the game opened up with Newtown using the back pass and switch to open up the game.  Once the game opened up Newtown controlled the majority of the play with those running off their marking players in the forward line rewarded with getting the ball into the goal.  Nic did this the most successfully and scored 3 times.  The back and half line also played well as a group controlling the movement of the ball and by not pushing high allowing the forwards to run into space.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Maroon – bye

Newtown Gold vs Newtown White 8-0

Great game from Gold this week who had the benefit of a near full-strength team for the friendly against Newtown White. It was particularly nice to have our captain, Kelly, back, who put in a BOG performance; with all our young guns firing this week we were able to regularly attack the goals and convert on eight occasions. Some great defence also ensured nothing slipped through into the Gold goal. Thanks to Saskia who donned the keepers pads for us at the last minute. Four terrific goals from Kate (bringing her to 10 for the season after 10 rounds) and singles to Peta, Julie, Dom and Tess.

Newtown White vs Newtown Gold 0-8

Unavailability of some regular defence players forced Newtown White to adjust and try new positions.  Gold players found opportunities to create space in front of goals but great work by Jenny and Jacinta in defence, backed up by Claire, denied Gold many more scoring opportunities.  Tireless work in the midfield by Kellie, Katelyn and Emmason saw Newtown White gain possession and with great position and passing from Rachel, Erin and Phoebe some advances were made into the attacking zone.  Steffi and Cait provided some forward thrust but unfortunately without results on the scoreboard.  A really hard game for White but great to see that everyone continued to give 100% effort.


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