Match Reports July 26/27


 The Joeys players continue to show great attention to what they are learning, with tackling on the agenda this week.  Great work by Bella, Amelia and Parker to keep their sticks down and gain possession.  Great running to space by Sadie, Alex and Avah with Matt, Jimmy and Phoebe always ready to receive the ball.

Minkey (Under 8)

Newtown Maroon vs Geelong College

Meyah did a fantastic job in goals, saving a lot of goals and hitting the ball wide to keep it in play, with great recognition of where the spaces were.  Freddie and Imogen played in the middle, attacking and defending the bigger Geelong College players well, with great chasing back by Imogen.  Some nice touches from Brandon and great free hits whenever Paige took a free hit, with all the players moving around well, calling for the ball and remembering to spread out.  Thanks again to Avah for filling in from Joeys.  A fantastic game.  Best Team Player Award to Meyah.

Newtown White vs Geelong

Newtown White are really consolidating their game and showing some really exciting play. Some of the highlights of the game were:

  • Phoenix had a number of really amazing runs down the field;
  • Oliver showed his skills in handling the stick and defended well;
  • Liam did a great job blocking a number of the opponents shots at goals;
  • Charlotte picked up her team mates well and was great in defence;
  • Nate was consistent and was always out wide and providing an opportunity for pass;
  • Ruben really put pressure on the other players and tackled well;
  • Maggie’s passes were great and she was consistent throughout;
  • Edie was in form with some great passes, blocks and tackles.

We are working on:

  •  Always providing options for passing;
  • Listening out for our team mates.

 It was a really competitive match and we put a lot of pressure on our opponent and had some lovely passages of play!! The Award this week went to Liam for his great defensive skills in the goals and strong passes in defence.

Under 11

Newtown Maroon vs Geelong College 0-1

A fantastic game by Newtown Maroon this week who controlled most of the play after letting through an early goal.  Jemma and Angus were excellent across the back line and repelled many attacks with solid tackling, even when outnumbered.  Willo and Sarah have improved a lot over the year and again made some great runs up the right and left wings respectively as we used both sides of the ground.  Newcomer Imogen was well positioned at centre forward, and we had several circle entries from the likes of Olivia and the dangerous Will.  Harry excited the crowd with outstanding skills and team play and was unlucky not to have a great cross tapped in at the post.  Overall an excellent team effort not reflected on the scoreboard. Congratulations to Kasey on her 75th game!

Newtown White vs Torquay Tornadoes 1-1

Another fantastic game by U11 White with some very impressive game play by everyone.  Charlotte and Claudia played great games out wide and Angus and Bailey in defence took their frees early with big hits down the middle. Miles and Gus were both tenacious in their attempts to get the ball down to Newtown’s goal. Jonah’s tackling was also very impressive.  Ely in goals played a fantastic game and was able to stop many attempts by Torquay.   We took an early lead in the first half but Torquay scored in the second half bringing the final score to a draw 1-1.  Best Team Player Awards to Ely and Gus.

Under 13

Newtown Maroon vs Torquay Tornadoes 9-1
Great to have the team back in action in what seems like a very long break, interrupted by a forfeit by Geelong College as well as last week’s U13 Carnival, which many of our usual team played in!! Great effort by all those involved in the Carnival and if I may be permitted, another indulgent thanks to Adam Reilley and Deb Barnett for coaching in the U13 Carnival as well as Belinda D’Arcy for managing one of the Geelong Teams!! Great to see Newtown HC so well represented!

Today was our first game on the new pitch – nice to have a different aspect, but it didn’t stop our players from getting out there, firing from all cylinders right from the beginning! Newtown Maroon were off to a great start, with a quick couple of goals to Tom, coming out of nowhere – very little defensive pressure from Torquay Tornadoes (TT).

Relentless speed and willingness to possess the ball by Newtown, saw most of the play in our forward half. Excellent positioning by our younger players and willingness to pass to them in the D allowed goals for both Miles (junior) and Jamie. Half time comments by coach Marcus and assistant Adam (for today) focussed on possession and strong passing, rather than players holding the ball for too long, limiting the opposition chances of gaining possession. Amber continued to impress with her athleticism and speed with the ball as well as when looking to receive it, with a nice goal resulting from her excellent set up. We have also seen a great willingness by Paris to position herself well and not be afraid to go after the ball. Lovely to see her confidence building as a new player.

 Again, Rachel was strong in many aspects of the game and like her younger brother, was rewarded with a lovely goal, beautifully executed. Brief lapse in defence, allowed TT to take possession, with a score resulting, but overall strong performance and dominating win by Newtown Maroon, to hold the lead on the ladder, coming into finals.

 Newtown White – Bye

 Under 15

Newtown Maroon vs Saints 1-3

 Yet another tough game for Newtown Maroon this week. Some very good attacking moves which the opposition goalie saved very well. We were unlucky not to score. Some good defensive work by the two Lukes and Tom B and some nice saves by Luka. Hudson did some great defensive work against very large opposition, giving everyone a lesson in channeling. Bronte adapted well to her new inner position and Jenny was solid at half back again. Monique showed her great ball control often and Miles ran hard despite being sick all week.  Erin was always in the right position on the wing. Another nice goal on the run by Thomas P.

 Newtown White vs Kardinia Blue 3-2

This week’s match was a close one, Kardinia scoring both their goals in the first half, and we hadn’t managed to get a score on the board by halftime. We came out hard in the second half, seeing us get a number of short corners. Amber may have been sporting grazed knees from an earlier match, that didn’t stop her from putting in a great effort, especially a fabulous jink over Kardinia’s stick in the circle. Saskia made a great save in the second half. Oliver put in a solid game, with his relentless pressuring of Kardinia’s forwards. Corey and Remi were strong in defence. Alex worked hard, forcing a corner and also had a great run and shot on goal. Jimmy played well, making a remarkable back-hand cross into the circle, Jesse was in prime position and scored a great goal. We scored three goals in the second half – individuals to Corey, Jimmy and Jesse – all very impressive goals. Thanks to our regular U/13’s  Amber and Tom M for playing this week and to Jennifer who also joined us. Thanks to Richard, our coach this week. Everyone put in a strong effort this week, well done team.

Under 17

Newtown Maroon – Bye

Newtown White vs Torquay 2-0

A gorgeous sunny day, the game got underway at a steady pace with Newtown passing strongly, opening up the play and the run of the ball. Newtown had some wild shots at goal, but were off target and going wide. Torquay were outnumbered, however still able to find a hole to go on the attack, keeping Brodie, Beth and Sean on their toes in defence. Kelly and Andoni covered the midfield well, Baden playing strongly in the centre corridor, each pushing the ball to Amy, Adam, Dan, Alex and Lachie on the forward line. Sean won a great tackle, passing long to Lachie in perfect position to bang in a goal and finally get a score on the board. Torquay had some short corner chances and Whites struggled to clear cleanly but managed to get out of danger and reverse the attack. A short corner trap by Adam and a neat pass to Lachie on post deflecting the ball off his stick for his second goal and seal the win to Newtown.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 3-4.

Falcons were defeated by Torquay on Sunday afternoon at Stead Park. The heavy pitch conditions impacted the fast paced and highly skilled Falcons. The bigger stronger bodies of Torquay were also a point of difference throughout the game. Goal scorers for the match were Luke 2, and Nic M 1. The Falcons have another big game this week against second placed Saints Black. This is a must win game to regain momentum going into the finals.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White 1-6

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints 2-0

Division 2 Women

Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White 8-0

Bleak conditions for the local derby but both teams came out firing. Maroon were quick to score with Katey, Nicola, Hayley and Kirsty all finding the back of the net. Whites worked well on the wings to break down Maroon’s attacks.In the second half Maroon’s defence were put on alert but great sweeps and switches kept the forwards well armed. Bron relished her moment in the forward line with a goal to remember. Katrina took home more than memories and will have a lovely show and tell bruise this week. A big thank you to Jess W as our goalie.

 Newtown White found it difficult to keep up with the Maroon speed of attack and switching of play in front of goals, and this combined with a tendency to hang back allowed Maroon to find space in the circle and pounce on any loose balls. Despite the score line, there was some great defence by Jenny, Emmason and Kellie, and good linking play by Steffi and Rachael created some forward thrust.  Nice short passing between Amber and Molly on right wing was lovely to watch, giving White some hope of scoring.  Great work by Cait on the left saw her gain possession and put some nice passes in to teammates in central position.  This possession play and teamwork between the midfield and forwards is great to see, giving some indications of future improvements.

Newtown Gold vs Golden Plains 0-2

Despite missing several key players we played a solid and very even game against Golden Plains this week.  The score was locked at 0-0 for the vast majority of the game, but two very late goals to Golden Plains handed them the win.  Some great keeping by Penny thwarted several other Golden Plains attempts and Bron K also had a stellar game on the half, restricting further scoring opportunities.  Tess led the way up forward and we created a few scoring opportunities which we were unable to convert.  Thanks to Deb for filling in from the Falcons and providing immense skill through the middle – and valuable instruction throughout the game – and to Colleen for providing extra support in the backline and Monique who showed some great skill up forward in her first senior game for the season.


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