Match Reports July 19 & 20

Great to see the start of the Mixed Masters Competition this week, with 6 players making their ‘official’ winter debut for the Club. And it’s great to see the D1 Men continuing their mastery of the competition.

Mixed Masters

Newtown Eagles vs Saints 6-6

A great first game for the Mixed Masters Competition, although a couple of extra players would make things easier.  Great defence by Colleen and Meg, with Adam showing plenty of skill and running ability to score 5 goals.  Great work by Graham, in good position both in midfield and in attack, with a couple of near misses in front of goal. Claire finally got one in too, when she remembered she wasn’t playing goalie in this competition.

Newtown Kestrels vs Condors 6-4

Great team play and sharing of the ball by both teams with all members contributing to the game.  Good to see James, Sean, Brendan, Philip and Ahmer play their first ‘official’ winter games of hockey for the Club.  Kestrels goals to Kirsty, Ahmer and Rodan, while Julie and Brendan scored for Condors.

Minkey (U8)

Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White

Thanks to Liam and Maggie for playing for Maroon this week.  The smaller teams created a very open game, with some excellent passing and teamwork.  Liam defended the goal well, keeping his stick down to gain possession.  Great passing in the first half by Imogen in midfield was followed up in the second half by Meya, recognising space and making quick free passes.  Excellent leading to the ball by Maggie and Freddy to take advantage of Meya and Imogen’s quick passes.   Best Team Player Award to Imogen who showed great effort to tackle and put pressure on the opposition and very effective passing.

Newtown White vs Newtown Maroon

 We are well on the way to creating a really cohesive team and we had some stand out performances  this week, but most of all we had some really cohesive team work. Some of the highlights of the game were:

  • Oliver was great in goals and consistently put pressure on our opponents;
  • Ruben demonstrated some really good attacking play – great effort;
  • Maggie and Liam showed great sportsmanship for playing for the other team;
  • Nate’s passing and defending skills were great and he has been improving his game with each week;
  • Phoenix showed some really consistent play and it was great to see her put her stick down and keep going;
  • Charlotte defended well and made sure she picked up her player throughout the match;
  • Kellie was impressed with out improvement in defence.

We are working on:

  • Looking out for each other and calling out for our team mates;
  • Being ready in position when the whistle goes so there are options for the person taking the penalty.

The Best Team Player Award this week was handed to Oliver for his strong back line skills and skilful interceptions – well done!

It was a really competitive match and we really held our own. Thanks to the Newtown Maroon Team for being great sports.  Claire Barnes commented on how impressed she was with the level of skill both teams displayed, saying that it was “the best Minkey game she had seen in a long time” … well done!!

Under 11

Newtown Maroon vs Golden Plains 1-0

A much better match by Newtown Maroon, especially in the second half.  The first half began with a tendency to crowd the middle and the lack of strong passing allowed Golden Plains to regain possession. A lovely pass by Robbo on a short corner saw Newtown score. Better use of the wings in the second half with great co-operation between Robbo and Willo, using the right side line and corner saw the ball passed into the attacking circle numerous times.  Some great work by Angus and Harley, with Amelia again providing very effective defence.

Newtown White – Bye

Under 13

No matches for the U13 teams this week due to the U13 Carnival.

Under 15

Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia Maroon 1-2

Nice even game this week.  We were unlucky in the first half not to score with some good work by our running players getting into good positions. Great goal on the run in the second half by Thomas P. Despite some nice play we were unable to score an equaliser, going down by 1 goal to Kardinia. Nice to have Jenn back and playing with the team. Thanks again to Lachlan D for filling in.

Newtown White vs Bellarine Storm 12-1

Goal scorers Jimmy 6, Bella 2, Thomas 2 and individuals to Alex and Bronte. Big thanks to Luke and Thomas for playing with us this week.

Under 17

Newtown Maroon vs Torquay 4-3

Newtown Maroon played Torquay with a very depleted team. We took to the field with 8 players and Thomas filling in from U15. Torquay dominated the first 15 minutes of the game and put 2 goals on the board. We eventually found some structure mid-half with some good link ups with Chris, Pat and Thomas up front. We got a goal back late in the half through Chris. Early after the break, Pat converted a short corner, then Torquay scored again. With the score 3-2, the team really dug in, applying great pressure from the back line with Jack and Baiden solid in defence, and Tess and Luke working back hard from the wings. Thomas was making great space up front and was rewarded with a goal on the line. With 5 minutes to go, Pat put one in from the top of the circle and we found ourselves in front for the first time. In the last 2 minutes, we were under lots of pressure around goal, but Will put plenty of pressure on Torquay forwards and kicked clear several times.

Newtown White vs Saints 3-1

Although down in numbers, Newtown White began strongly using long flat passes and opening up spaces across the field. Great tackling by forwards Patrick, Miles and Alex, winning possession and confidently pushing forward into Saints defence and great teamwork paid off with a lovely goal to Adam. Saints put pressure back on the White defence with Brodie deflecting a high attempt and Beth and Jack also defending well. It was a confident second half for Whites with Andoni working hard in mid-field and good work by Lachlan in great position, sent a short pass to Alex who was rewarded with a well-earned goal. More solid defending by Whites and a great clearance by Beth through the middle to Adam with Baden and Patrick covering a lot of ground to keep the pressure on the Saints back line. Whites were marking well, reading the play and intercepting the ball to take advantage and press the attack. Close to full time, the ball was worked to the top of the Dee, picked up by Baden in front of goal to score. Everyone worked hard for a good win by Newtown. Thanks to Jack, Patrick and Lachlan for filling in for us this week.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Corio 17-2

A convincing win for the Falcons at Stead Park on Sunday afternoon to remain undefeated and on top of the ladder. The new pitch continues to play slow and posed some challenges for both sides. Once the sand settles in it will be one of the best surfaces in Victoria to play on. The Falcons had a clash with Premier League and Metro games so were not at full strength this week. Some nice passing around the attacking 25 resulted in many skillful goals throughout the game. Goal scorers were Hamish 4, Adrian 4, Sean 3, Zed 1, Chriso 1, Nic M 1, Baden S 1, Luke H 1 and Gus 1.

 Division 2 Men

Newtown Maroon vs Geelong 2-6

Newtown White vs Torquay 2, 4-1

An impressive win for the Whites, we managed to consistently apply pressure which resulted in a number of goals.  Out of defence, Baden and Nic M were able to create a number of opportunities for our forwards.  Strong defence by Don, Marcus, Nathan and Rodan assisted Brody in limiting Torquay’s counter attack.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 5-0

Division 2 Women

Newtown Maroon vs Golden Plains 3-1

Maroons welcomed Molly Dunstan and Phoebe Walker to the team for a much anticipated match against Golden Plains. The young girls and the slightly older girls were quick off the mark to score 2 early goals. Most surprising was Pam Oliveiro’s goal from her ‘new’ wing position! Maroons made good use of short passes to move around GP’s mid centre and made great use of the sidelines for many advances. Some tremendous saves from Edna and the rest of the defence to keep the score low.

Newtown Gold vs Geelong 1-5

Unfortunately it wasn’t one to remember for Gold this week.  We got off to a good start, dominating play in the first 20 minutes, but failed to convert opportunities. Geelong scored first, but a great deflection from Amy evened up the score before another Geelong goal put them ahead at half time. Geelong had the better of the play in the second half and, importantly, converted their opportunities. Despite the score-line there was some great defensive work from Meg and Remi in particular and Kelly and Dom provided some good run up forward creating several scoring opportunities. Thanks to Amy and Kellie B who filled in for us this week and also congratulations to Jess W who played her first game as goalkeeper, sharing duties with Penny.

Newtown White – Bye

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