Match Reports July 12 & 13

Joeys (Under 6)

A great game by the Joeys this week with the ‘Girls vs Boys’ game showing some great skills and goal scoring.  Matt and Parker combined well, while Sadie, Avah and Bella were great at moving to space.

Minkey (Under 8)

Newtown White vs Torquay Tornadoes

It was a very chilly start to the game on Saturday, but our opponents kept us on our toes and there were plenty of great match ups and running on play.  Everyone was commenting that  confidence of our players is improving so much!  We welcomed back Phoenix from injury.  Some of the highlights of the game were:

  • There were some exciting tackles – special mention to Oliver and Nate for never giving up and getting the ball back from our opponents on numerous occasions;
  • Edie set up some great play;
  • Charlotte for being consistent in goals
  • Phoenix starred in the second quarter and received the Best Team Player Award for listening to Kellie’s advice and putting extra pressure on the opposition players;
  • The team work and persistence from all players in putting pressure on and quickly getting into position when needed.

We are working on:

  •  Setting up good options and spreading out not “lining up” in a row.

It was a really competitive match and we really held our own!!

Newtown Maroon vs Geelong

A small but awesome team. Paige on her 8th birthday was a great goalie and made some fantastic saves. Meyah, Freddie and Brandon worked hard on the forward line. Special thanks to Geelong for loaning us some players to make up our team and Avah from Joeys for stepping up and playing Minkey.  Best Team Player Award to Paige.

Newtown Gold vs Golden Plains

Under 11

Newtown Maroon vs Torquay Tornadoes 0-1

The wintry weather held out again as Maroon took on a depleted Torquay side fielding just 7 players for most of the game. Despite this, they controlled a lot of the play, and the score may have been worse if not for excellent games in defence by Amelia and Kasey (both awarded Best Team Player Awards this week). Coach Claire was extra hoarse this week reminding us of the basics, and in the second half we finally manned up in defence and spread our attack wide, using our extra numbers to bring about some scoring opportunities. Willo made several good runs down the right wing, and at the other end, Harley made a great save on the goal line. Well done to all our players who are trying hard, and continuing to develop their skills and knowledge of the game.

Newtown White vs Torquay 5-1

Goals to Gus, Isabel, Miles (2), Jonah.

Under 13

Newtown Maroon vs Geelong College.

Newtown received a forfeit from Geelong College, who were affected by lack of players due to the school holidays.

Newtown White vs Geelong 2-2

Goal scorers Josh D’Arcy, Max Hyde.

Under 15

Newtown Maroon vs Bellarine 0-2

First game back after the holidays saw us off to a slow start.  We played our first game on the new pitch which took us a while to adjust to. The first half was very scrappy and slow with Bellarine having a lot of the run of the game. Second half saw us improve with some wide passes and getting a few runs forward, unfortunately without seeing a resulting score. Some great keeping by Josh D’Arcy and solid work in defence by Tom, Tom and Luke kept Bellarine to 2 goals. Thanks to Josh and Lachie for filling in.

Newtown White vs Saints 5-0.

Round 10 saw the White get to play their first game on the new pitch.  We dominated the game which was reflected by the score. Thanks to Tom B, Amber and Lachlan D for playing with us this week. Amber ran the ball into attack numerous times, assisted in penalty corners, and had shots on goal. Corey had a solid game in defence with sturdy tackles, great clearances switching the play. Laura applied great pressure to the Saints defence and was in prime position on the goalie’s pads to score. Jimmy had a steady match, scoring from a clever flick on a penalty corner. Saskia got a couple of touches in the second half, including a couple of nice saves. Scorers this week: Jimmy 2 and individual goals to Alex, Laurence and Laura. Well done to all team members this week!

Under 17

Newtown Maroon vs Saints 2-2

Newtown Maroon faced Saints this week and fought out a well deserved 2 all draw. We started the game one player short this week, With Emma H playing a great game as a lone sweeping full back. The whole team held their positions well with many great passages of play on both sides of the ground. Jack and Pat were solid in defence and linked up well with the mid field of Angus, Chris and Noah. The team’s controlled passes  and movement of the ball was great to watch, with several runs down the wings from Luke and Tess putting lots of pressure on the Saints backline. Angus was able to capitalize on a couple of runs into the D and scored both our goals, While Will at the other end made several great saves with the pads.

Newtown White vs Kardinia 7-2

Good teamwork by Newtown White early on, maintaining possession of the ball and putting a lot of pressure on the Kardinia defence. A pass from the sideline from Adam to Sean to goal from the top of the D, followed soon after by a solid goal from Gus and Newtown were on a roll, scoring three goals in three minutes! Great play, making good use of the field, switching sides and backed up by great defending by Emma skilfully winning tackles. The pace slowed with a bit more control, thinking about passes and making leads and Newtown had a good lead at the half time break. Newtown had most of the play with a few challenges in the second half, and awarded several short corners to boost the score. Highlights – great ball control by Alex – hard tackling and running by Adam, Baden, Sean, Gus, Dan and Patrick – Courtney and Amy always in great position on the wings – Kelly feeding the ball through to the forwards – and everyone working really hard for a convincing win against a strong team. Thanks to Emma, Gus and Patrick for filling in.

Division 1 Men

 Newtown Falcons – bye

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Corio 1-2.

Thanks to all the players who helped out the team when we needed some support.  The game was very hard and fast in the first half. Newtown were very fortunate to get a goal which deflected off a defender’s stick. The second half started as the first – very fast – but unfortunately Corio managed to get 2 goals past our defence who were working very hard all match.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Maroon vs Torquay 1-6

The match was nice and sunny with a quick goal to Josh T, but unfortunately for Newtown Maroon that was the end of our luck as we went down 6-1 to Torquay. A great game from Darren in the centre who held well and linked up nicely with the inners.

Newtown White vs Geelong 3-5

Newtown White Men played Geelong this week.  The final score was a 5 – 3 win to Geelong.  The 2 goal difference reflects the quick 2 goals Geelong got at beginning of the match before we figured out how to cover them through the middle of the ground.  Once we figured this and the new pitch out we held with them goal for goal.  Everyone across the team played well.  A salient lesson we have learned for if and when we meet Geelong in the finals.  White needs to now keep winning games through the rest of the season to retain second place on the ladder and the double chance in the finals.

 Division 2 Women

Newtown Gold vs Saints 2-3

It was a tough game on the new pitch on Sunday evening.  Gold struggled a bit with the slow wet and sandy pitch, particularly in the first half, and let a couple of early goals through despite some great work in the back and midfield – particularly by Remi and Dana. Our attack, which normally relies on fast ball movement around the pitch, started to adapt to the slow conditions and created a few good opportunities in the second half. Great goals to Kate and Bron evened up the score, but a very late goal to Saints gave them a narrow 3-2 win. Good effort by all given the new surface. Thanks in particular to Colleen who filled in to help our defence and to Erin S, who was confronted with a particularly tough game for her second senior outing, but did an extraordinary job providing skill and speed on the forward line.

Newtown Maroon vs Geelong 5-0

A new surface and a new lease of life for Newtown Maroon! Despite starting with 9 players, Maroon got off to a quick break with a great runaway goal from Hayley. This was quickly followed up by a shattering corner goal to Katey. The game evenly seesawed with great pressure put on Newtown’s defence but also allowed for the forwards to wind up a gear in attack. At half time Newtown Maroon were 3-0 up. In the second half another 2 quick goals were scored with a well positioned Deanne as inner  and Kirsty as wing to score. Despite the score it was a hard game with a lot of strong tackling in the centre but great breakaways down the wings. Well done girls! A big thank you to Tracey for filling in, only to be sidelined with a hit to the head. Hope you’re feeling well soon.

A huge congratulations to Pam Oliveiro for clocking up 450 games. You legend, Pammy!

Newtown White vs Golden Plains 0-7

The recent good teamwork and passing shown by Newtown White was impaired by the slow speed of the new pitch, and we found it hard to get the ball through the opposition lines. A lack of co-ordination in defence allowed Golden Plains players to find space in attack and they took advantage of it to score 4 goals in the first half.  The second half saw some improvement in our marking, and better use of team mates in close support positions to move the ball wide and long. This lead to a number of attacks which reached the goal circle and some near misses when shooting at goal. Great running for the whole game by Kellie and Phoebe, with Katelyn and Steffi combining well.  Nice chasing and proactive approach to the ball by Rachel and Cait gained possession for Newtown.  Golden Plains scored a further 3 goals, although this doesn’t reflect the improvement in play shown by Newtown in this second half.


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