Match Reports August 2 & 3

 Mixed Masters

Newtown Condors vs Newtown Eagles 14-7

Great work by both teams with limited numbers of players.  Goals to Richard, Meg, Graham for Eagles, and James, Brendan, Julie and Philip for Condors.


Newtown Gold vs Golden Plains

The last game of the season started off at fast pace with both sides playing good attacking hockey. The forward line comprising of Adrian, Basyl and Lochlan showed good team work by passing the ball around whereas Emma and Eoin were once again impressive in defence to hold off opponents’ many attacking moves. Adrian and Basyl were unstoppable with their attacks on opponents’ goal and impressed with good speed as wings plus good ground coverage to support the defence when necessary. Lochlan was impressive with his dribbling, dodging and shrewd passing in the centre. Emma has gained in confidence to timely tackle the opponents’ forward line and Eoin was exceptional today with his diving goal line saves and firm hits to the forward line to clear the ball earning him the Best Player award.

The team has come a long way since its first game against the same opponents a few months back showing good team work and cohesiveness against a strong side. In addition to their good goal conversion skills, the team has also learnt importance of team work and value of timely & accurate passing, taking the free hit early and also to mark opponents team players to cut down their attacking moves. The team showed good sportsman spirit and fair play throughout the season and appeared as a  well knit disciplined unit to earn positive comments from not only the parents but also the opposing teams and coaches. Both manager Kirsty and coach Ahmer wish each member of the team success and hope to see them all again next season!

Newtown White vs College Green

Does Minkey White have a future Hockeyroos or Kookaburras player?  If selection was judged on enthusiasm then I am going to say “yes”!! Our players showed some really great passages of play on Saturday and as we look back over our season and be proud of how far we have come! Skill level has improved so much over the season!!

 Some of the highlights of Saturday’s match:

  • Phoenix’s enthusiastic play and great sportsmanship for offering to play in opposition;
  • Oliver blazing down the field to score an amazing goal from about 15 metres out;
  • Liam’s consistency as our goalie in continually coming forward to meet the opposition;
  • Charlotte defensive skills and ability to stick on her player;
  • Nate’ persistence and constancy and always being a reliable option for passing;
  • Ruben’s tackling and placement of passes;
  • Maggie’s defensive skills and ability to always keep her eye on the ball and stick down;
  • Edie sportsmanship for also starting in opposition and blocking skills.

The Award this week went to Edie for her excellent defensive skills and consistency throughout the match.

I’d like to sincerely thank our coaches Kellie and Colleen for guiding our children in such a patient and caring way.

Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia

A great game by Newtown Maroon with some excellent passing by Meya and Freddie, which got the game moving quickly.  Chris was in good position in defence of the goals and with stick on the ground stopped a number of shots.  Thanks to Avah for filling in again.  Great running and excellent pushing by Imogen, and with Nathan in good position we were able to create some attacks.  Best Team Player Award to Chris.

Under 11

Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia 6-0

A fantastic effort in our last game for the season highlighted how much everybody has improved over the year as players and as a team. Kardinia had several excellent players that challenged our back line of Amelia and Jemma with quick breakaways.  Steady heads and clean tackling from both backs, as well as Harley, Angus and Robbo across the half line kept the day quiet for Kasey in goals. Again we used both sides of the ground with some great switching from Jemma, Angus and Robbo, to feed Sarah and Zeke on the left, and set up some dashing play up the right by Willo and Harry.  It was very pleasing to see great passing and talking, great teamwork, and good decision-making around the circle (not rushing straight into trouble).

Will was in great position at centre forward and set up the first goal that was pushed past the keeper by Harry.  Minutes later Harry slotted another off his backstick from right in front.  Zeke tapped in a goal before half time, and then Will added another soon in the second half after some excellent ball control.  Taking over at centre forward, second gamer Imogen was in the right place at the right time to slap home our fifth, and then moving up to left inner, Amelia finished off a brilliant solo run with our final goal towards the end.

Thanks to Taylah who volunteered to play for an undermanned Newtown White, as did Olivia in her 25th game for the club – congratulations! And finally an enormous thanks to coach Claire for her tireless work and enthusiasm, and congratulations on coaching her 2,500th game, give or take a few!

Newtown White vs Golden Plains 3-0

Best game of the season for Newtown White – very impressive team work, lots of loud voices, great passing to the wings and fantastic tackling.  Charlotte and Olivia were best on ground with Mia tenacious in her determination to win the ball.   Newtown came out on top 3-0 against Golden Plains – well done team!

Under 13

Newtown White vs Kardinia 4-1

Newtown Maroon vs Geelong 5-1

Under 15

Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia Blue 0-1

Newtown White vs Kardinia Maroon 5-2

This week was a closely contested match, we were a little slow off the mark yet as the match progressed we pulled together. Alex and Laurence applied great pressure throughout the match, Remi and Corey were steady on the backline with some nice clearances. Bronte was in on the action up front and positioned herself well. Jimmy and Jesse showed some clever stick work resulting in goals. A great team play in attack saw Bella slot in a great goal – diving in the process!  Thanks to Jennifer for playing with us this week. Scorers: Jimmy & Jesse 2 each and Bella 1.

Under 17

Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White 5-2

Maroon played White this week in U17 and it was set for a tough contest, we had a few regular players out, but were lucky enough to pick up Nathan and Noah on the day to give us the luxury of having someone on the bench. We started the game well with some quick ball movement between the McKinnon brothers Angus and Jonah, this resulted in Jonah scoring the first goal of the game. 5 minutes later roles were reversed and Jonah passed to Angus in the D and he scored the 2nd. The game evened out with both sides holding better defence,  White started to find space through Sean and Alex later in the half and they combined twice to have the scores level at half time 2 all .

The second half saw Maroon dominate the play a lot more with Pat, Nick and Chris working solidly in defence and finding  Tiahna and Angus in the midfield many times. Angus converted a short corner to give us the lead 5 minutes into the half  then he scored a field goal through a great team build-up to have us 4-2 up. Tess and Luke worked hard all game on the wings and Tess was rewarded late in the game with a goal on the post. Final result a 5-2 win.

U17 Newtown White vs Newtown Maroon 2-5

Whites had a lot of possession early on, passing well, making good use of the field and attacking strongly around goal. Sean won loose tackles to take advantage without success coming up against a well defended goal. Maroon turned the tables scoring two quick goals however Whites responded drawing Will out of the Dee, the ball run in by Alex for a great goal. Soon after, good teamwork and strong passes by Dan, Adam, Sean, Kelly and Lachlan criss-crossing the field combined for a second goal to Alex. Good hassling and tackling by Beth and Baden in defence closed in on Gus slowing his attack. Scores were level at half time. The team worked really well together in the second half with Brodie outstanding again in goal, Andoni, Kelly and Baden in midfield, Amy and Courtney in good position on wings, Adam going in hard winning tackles and pushing play forward or clearing out of danger to the sideline. Whites were able to keep the majority of play, opening up chances but unable to add to their tally. A great game by both teams. Thanks again to Lachy for filling in.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Bellarine 1-7

A very hard and fast game against Bellarine.  We fought hard for little result, our girls just could not connect together as a team because of the hard defence from Bellarine. The score was 7-1 with a win to Bellarine. Thanks to Nicola and Tess for helping us out.  Bec scored our only goal.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 2-0

Division 2 Women

Newtown Gold vs Newtown White 5-0

A good return to form this week for Newtown Gold. Although we missed our coach and captain, who we hope will return for our final game next week, we played a good team game this week.  Eliza, Dom and Tess provided some terrific run up forward and Remi and Bron did a great job through the middle.  Eliza got us on the board with the first goal for the game, before Meredith snuck a hotly contested ball across the line for our second.  After half time Bron Kelly produced two sensational goals – and almost scored a hat-trick, with a further strike being assisted over the line by Meredith, well placed on the post.  It was wonderful to see Sharon back from injury and a big thanks to Andy who helped us out in defence.

Newtown White vs Newtown Gold 0-5

An improved result for this rematch, with Newtown White defending well, reducing the number of scoring opportunities for Gold.  Good defence from Jenny and Colleen was well supported by Emmason and Katelyn.  Great positioning and linking play by Steffi with Rachel, Amber, Erin and Phoebe pushing the ball into attack.  Newtown White had several entries into the attacking circle, and were unlucky not to score at least once.  Team play continues to improve with some nice passing to spaces.

Newtown Maroon – Bye

Division 2 Men

Newtown Maroon vs Torquay 2 drew 3-3

Newtown White vs Golden Plains 3-1





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