Excellent Season Continues

Match results from May 10/11 show the benefits of good attendance at training.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 2-1.  Torquay scored the first goal of the match and scores were unchanged at half time.  Newtown Falcons again showed the benefit of match fitness and took advantage of the older Torquay by scoring two goals in the second half.  Adrian was again consistent around goals, and slotted Newtown’s first to level the scores at 1 all.  Zed then took the game on from the 25 yard line beating no less than 7 players to score an amazing field goal.

The score could have been very different if it hadn’t been for Chriso who stepped in as goalkeeper at the last minute.  Chriso used some of his past wicket keeping experience to save a number of goals and to distribute the ball cleanly from the back line.  The team was very strong right across the ground from both a defensive and offensive perspective. There were many great examples of excellent team passing that kept the game very entertaining to watch from the side lines.  A big thank you to Jimmy and Adam from Newtown White for their contributions to the Falcons over the past 6 rounds. It is very reassuring to know that we have such great depth within the Club.  We look forward to their return for some additional Division 1 games later in the season.

  Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints 1-0.  This was a hard fought match with neither team able to score.  Solid defence by both teams stopped any attempt to score.  At half time the score was nil all. With about five minutes to go, Newtown managed to break through the Saints defence to score a goal.  Newtown fought hard to stop Saints from scoring in the short time left.  Goal scored by Deb.  Well done ladies.  Keep up the great team play.

 Division 2 Men

Newtown Maroon vs Corio 2-3. A great game, well fought out by Newtown Maroon.  Newtown came out looking for goals and scored quickly, with Minh picking up a loose ball in the D.  The game was locked at 2-2 at half time, and the Newtown defence held on well for most of the game, finally conceding a goal to Corio late in the game.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Maroon vs Saints 2-1.  This is always a tough one but it was a strong game from both teams. The first half saw Saints make many incursions into Newtown Maroon territory but solid defence from Hilary and Katrina thwarted any attempts. With Maroons settling in the forwards made a strong push into Saints defence. A cracker ‘smoking hot’ goal from Katey sealed the first half.  In the second half Saints scored a quick deflection but Maroons quickly got on top and dominated. Many corners resulted in a another goal for Newtown. Rachel was relentless in attack as an inner. Newtown maintained the pressure to come out winners. A huge thank you to Monique, Shannon and Kellie for filling in. Thanks to Claire for the quiet words of encouragement from the sidelines!

Newtown Gold vs Torquay 9-1.  A great game from Newtown Gold this week.  It was pleasing to have a near full strength team back and that produced a great team game. Lots of running from the forwards, particularly Dom and Eliza through the middle, created plenty of opportunities and we were able to capitalise on many of them. Great team defence also prevented Torquay from creating too many opportunities forward and resulted in numerous quick counter attacks.  Two goals to Eliza and Julie and singles to Peta, Kate, Meredith, Dom and Kelly.

Newtown White vs Geelong 0-0.  Newtown White continues to grow in confidence and strength, with teamwork and calling developing well.  The first half saw Newtown with plenty of the play but a tendency to direct play to the middle of the field allowed Geelong to regain control.  Better ball control and possession skills in the second half saw the play directed to space on the wings, and Newtown created many attacks.  Great calling and position by Jade and Rachel with Kass, Steffi and Phoebe running well to space to gain possession resulted in a number of scoring opportunities.  Great midfield defence and confident distribution by Kellie, Jenny and Emmason prevented Geelong from gaining any real domination.  Great awareness of the play by Tracey and Colleen and proactive play cut Geelong off early before reaching the circle.  An excellent game.

Under 17

Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White 4-2.  A close game fought out on the sandy Grammar School pitch, Maroon winning 4-2 in the end.  Some solid work in the back line from Amy and Baiden kept the ball rebounding into the middle of the ground where Tiahma and Chris were able to control play for Maroon.  Good stick work and quick passing allowed the forwards to apply plenty of pressure on the goals.  Noah snuck one home and Gus finished with 3 after a couple of great solo runs from the half line.  All in all a solid performance from both teams.

 Newtown White vs Newtown Maroon 2-4.  Newtown White put the pressure on early, passing well and tackling hard, with some short corner chances slightly off-target and well defended by Newtown Maroon’s goalie.  Great work and skills by Alex and Kelly on the wings, working the ball into the attacking half to Adam and Sean. A quick pass from Sean with Miles in great position, able to work past the keeper for a goal, followed soon after by a strong shot by Baden for the second goal of the half. Fantastic goalkeeping again by Brodie against a strong attack.  Despite Newtown White having the majority of play, Maroon were able to boost their score in the second half.  Well done everyone on a great game.  Thanks to Miles, Thomas and Luke for filling in this week.

Under 15

Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia Blue 5-1. Another excellent game from the Under 15 Maroon team. This time against Kardinia Blue, we had new goalkeeper Josh and what a fantastic effort for his only second game with us as goalie. Watch out for him in years to come. Some excellent passing resulting in corners and goals. Everyone was terrific especially when asked to play in different positions to normal, Lovely goal to Miles showing his calmness in front of goal after an excellent pass from Luke. Tom McD enjoyed a bit of a run on the half back line, maybe forward line next week! A full team effort.  Goals to Luke, Thomas, Matt and Miles.

Newtown White vs Kardinia Maroon 5-1.  Both teams had their work cut out for them with only 9 players a side.  In saying that, everyone banded together and we saw some fantastic teamwork by everyone, in particular, great passing. Alex and Jonah had some great plays in the attack in the first half.  Corey played a solid game, as too did Jimmy and Jesse who were relentless in attack.  Sas was under pressure a few times from Kardinia and made some great saves in goal.  Goal scorers Jimmy 3, Jesse 2.

 Under 13

Newtown Maroon vs Geelong 2-0.  A more focused and energetic Newtown Maroon turned up this week – rain had stopped and they seem to be adjusting to the early time slot (though the same can’t be said for the Parents!!).

Good ball movement with some lovely passes and strong defensive play kept the majority of play up Newtown’s end in the first half.  The newer players are really listening well and playing a stronger role in the team as time goes on – Paris making real effort and positioning herself well to receive and pass on the ball. Team goals were set up for Tom to finish off twice in the first half – nice strong decisive field goals. The coaching message at half time focused on playing out wide, spreading options when tackling, rather than 2 on 1, as well as focusing on players holding their positions.

The second half was scoreless but Newtown Maroon continued to work on the strategies reiterated.  Jamie showed some lovely skill and control out wide, and Byron was building his speedy skill throughout the game! Well done Maroon, to win against a very promising Geelong team. Newtown Maroon is continuing to grow as a team with positive and consistent messages from coaches Marcus and Darren.

Newtown White vs Kardinia 2-2. Very good positional play from all team members during the first half. The mid field under the guidance of captain Matthew spread the ball wide on a number of occasions and with the assistance of the inners, the team was able to gain significant ground up the wings. Great team play enabled Tom to push in a goal from right in front and we went to the half time break with a 1:0 lead.  The second half started well with another string up passes up the field and a goal to Tom after recovering the ball from near the back line and hitting in off the goalkeepers pads. Kardinia were however persistent in attacking and were able to break through our defensive line and pull back both goals. The final score of 2:2 was a fair result and the game was played in a great spirit by both teams. Deb and Brendan both commented on the improvement in positional play from earlier games, however we need to concentrate on calling for the ball in upcoming games.  Overall, an excellent effort from all team members with significant contributions from all.  On a final note, welcome to new team member Trinity, great to have you on board.

Under 11

Newtown Maroon vs Torquay Tornadoes 1-0.  Torquay with ten players were quickly on the defensive against an improved Newtown Maroon team.  Solid defence and wide clearances from Robbo and Willo and centre half Angus generated several long runs down the right via Logan and Zeke.  The play was often congested in the right half, but some attacking runs from Amelia and Harry brought about several circle entries and short corners. Patience paid off when a firm centering ball through the D was narrowly missed by Harley before being slotted home by wing Jemma who was correctly positioned at the left post for a 1-0 win.  Best Team Player Awards to Amelia and Logan.

Newtown White vs Torquay 2-3. A great team game by Newtown White, with good use of the wings and leading to space.  Strong defence by Miles and his effective distribution to team mates allowed Newtown to create attacks, with great passing between players.  Miles was able to score 2 goals. Great position play and game awareness by Jonah and Bailey in defence kept Newtown in control of the game.


Newtown Maroon vs College Green.  Newtown had to work hard against a strong College team this week.  College had lots of attack but great concentration on the ball and awareness of the play saw Meya save lots of shots at goal.  Great passing from defence by Meya allowed Freddie and Imogen to create some attacks.  Some lovely play by Brandon  and Paige and better focus on the game by the team in the second half significantly reduced College’s ability to score.  Best Team Player Award to Meya.

Newtown White vs Geelong.  Things are really coming together in the second game of the season for Newtown White. Our Coach Kellie was most impressed with the way players spread out and our marking of players and particularly commented on the our improvement in the second half. Oliver received the Best Team Player Award for getting a lot of free passes by keeping the play going – well done!.  Our team work is really coming together and so are our balls skills. Thanks to Geelong for being such a fair opponents and great sports! We look forward to next week’s game.


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