Match reports May 17 & 18

Under 8 Minkey

Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia Kangaroos.  The first half saw some great work by Freddie in defence, with great focus on the ball and the movement of play, stopping many shots at goal.  We had great free passes to wide positions but Kardinia were able to cut off many of these attacks.  Improved concentration and marking of opponents in the second half resulted in Newtown gaining possession and with great passing between team mates we were able to create some attacks.  Nice work by Brandon, recognising the best opportunities to pass the ball earned him the Best Team Player award.  Good position and good defence by Michael and Nathan helped to maintain control of the game.

Newtown White vs College Green.   This was the best game of the season for Newtown White!  Everyone agreed that there has been a massive improvement since the start of the season and we are developing great team working skills! Our Coach Kellie was most impressed with:

  • Our teamwork and the way we looked for our team mates for passing;
  • Our ever improving ball skills and the way we are seeking out our team mates when passing;
  • Our marking of opponents;
  • Our momentum –we are “putting our sticks down and keeping on going”

Maggie received the Best Team Player Award for her skilful play and keeping the play going.

 Under 11

Newtown Maroon vs Golden Plains 3-2.  A hard fought win in a very exciting match against Golden Plains this week.  The game was scratchy early with lots of crowding the ball, and Maroon went down a goal within the first 10 minutes.  As the game went on, the players kept to their positions and found targets wider to create good movement up the wings, thanks to good clearances from Willo and Zeke on the back line.  Angus was excellent in the midfield, with patient tackling to dispossess his opponents and feed our forwards.  Will and Harry again showed some great running and dragging to exploit the backstick side, and great passing lead to 3 team goals, including 2 to Taylah.  Kasey was very good kitted up in goals for just the second time this year, and a 60 m solo run from Robbo that nearly yielded another goal had the crowd on its feet near the end.  Best Team Player awards to Angus and Harry.

Newtown White – bye.

 Under 13

Newtown Maroon – bye

Newtown White vs Golden Plains 1-1.  Newtown White took a while to get going this morning, must have been the balmy autumn weather! Golden Plains had most of the early possession but were unable to convert due to some fearless defence by Caleb and obsessive protection of the goal by Josh. Newtown White eventually found their groove and started spreading wide and heading into the opposition’s half.  This excellent team play yielded a goal when Tom took an opportunistic shot from just inside the D that went straight through the goalkeeper’s legs.  Golden Plains had another push on the cusp of half time and if it hadn’t been for an excellent tackle by Matthew, it would have been an almost certain goal to Golden Plains.

The second half started well for Newtown White and credit here goes to the backs and mid field for controlling possession and spreading wide, particularly along the left wing.  Tom was fed some good quality ball forward and left, but to their credit, Golden Plains defended the D well and Newtown White were not able to score. Play from both sides was scrappy at the back end of the second half and Golden Plains equalised with a goal from congested play in front of goal. Soon afterwards, Golden Plains had a final opportunity to snatch the game via a short corner, but desperate defence from Newtown White kept the score drawn.

As Deb indicated to the team after the game, this is the third draw for the season but the team shouldn’t be disheartened as they haven’t been defeated.  The team is demonstrating the positional play, teamwork and skills to be in a position to win and just need to maintain intensity through to the end of the second half. Good effort by all again.

Under 15

Newtown Maroon vs Newtown White 1-1.  A very close game between the two Newtown U15 teams this week. Maroon scored in the first half with a lovely run by Thomas and were unlucky not to score again. Great play in the backline by Tom McD, Tom B and Luka keeping out numerous attacks by White, although one slipped through in the second half. A full team effort, with Bronte and Monique working well together on the forward line. Thanks to Byron and Eneko for filling in and doing a wonderful job.

Newtown White vs Newtown Maroon 1-1.  We were a team of ten this weekend and no goalie, yet all team members pulled together and contributed. Thanks to Amber and Tom M. for playing with us this week and pressuring Maroon’s defence.  Eva and Laura played their first match of the season for Newtown White.  Laura is to be commended for some fabulous tackles as full back.  Remi was reliable in defence and Bella applied great pressure to Maroon. Maroon scored halfway through the first half, and Newtown White held them at bay for the remainder of the game.  With 5 minutes left in the game, Oliver broke through the Maroon defence and scored from a sharp shot on goal to level the game.  A great game from both teams.

Under 17

Newtown Maroon vs Kardinia 0-3.


Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 2-1.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Bellarine 0-1.  The game was competitive but Bellarine jumped out of the blocks and scored a goal in the first few minutes, making Newtown chase them all game. Newtown earned a lot of shots at goal with hard work but were unable to score. Overall it was a hard and fast game with good efforts from everyone.  Welcome back to the team Ainsley.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Maroon vs Torquay 5-1.  A great game by Newtown Maroon this week. We came out and scored very quickly, with wonderful play by the forward line, led by Ross and Ben S.  The defence was solid all game as was Martin in goals.  Coming up against a tough Torquay side we dominated all game and finished with a great win.

Newtown White vs Geelong 3-5.  Newtown White lost to Geelong this week. Geelong played to their strength through the middle of the field and caught us on the fast break – wow those guys are quick. It was a good lesson for the team that against quality opposition it becomes even more important to run straight onto your oppositionn player to provide close marking. Whenever the marking was loose it was exploited by Geelong. We welcomed a few new faces again this week and can see the exciting potential once everyone learns each others play and gets the confidence up to start calling decisively. We had a session of excellent hockey along those lines in the last 10 minutes when Geelong’s structure had broken down, the play hardly left their 25 yard area. But with 5 goals in the bank, Geelong held us off through to the whistle.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Maroon vs Geelong – match postponed.

Newtown Gold vs Saints – match postponed.

Newtown White vs Golden Plains 0-2.  The Newtown White team continues to impress with the effort and hard work that each player is prepared to put in.  Newtown began the match with 9 players, a tough ask against the top team in the competition. Great defence by the midfield team with Kellie, Jenny and Katelyn marking opponents well and limiting the opportunities for Golden Plains. Colleen and Tracey pushed up from the back line to cut off many forward moves by Golden Plains. Fantastic running on the forward line by Phoebe, Steffi and Peta resulted in many forays into the attacking circle for Newtown.  A ‘nearly’ goal from a penalty stroke gave us encouragement.  Injuries in the second half saw the team reduced to 7 players for 10 minutes or so, and we played most of the second half with 8 players.  Despite this severe disadvantage, all the players continued to work hard and Golden Plains were not able to dominate even with their numerical advantage. Golden Plains had scored 1 goal in the first half, and followed with another in the second.  Another penalty stroke for the game was saved by Claire, preventing a further score.  A fantastic effort by everyone, especially from Colleen, Phoebe and Jenny.


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