Sharp Minds at the Trivia Night

The 2014 Trivia Night was another great success, thanks to Nicola and Boris and the interesting and varied range of questions.  Who knew that there were more than 17000 islands in the Indonesian territory? And Miles entertained us all with his visual illustrations for the music questions.

Thanks to all the teams for participating in such good spirit.  Thanks to Bron for giving everyone the answer to the question about Thursday’s child!

Well done to Hopefuls, 3G, Invincible, AllStars, Sharpies and Basyl’s Ninja Turtles.

The last round of questions saw Sharpies and Basyl’s Ninja Turtles tied on 101 points.  A tiebreaker round failed to split the teams so the winner was decided on the toss of a coin – good choice by Basyl saw the BNT declared winners.  Probably just as well we had 2 prize packs so the Sharpies also went home with prizes.

Thanks to all those who donated prizes.  Special thanks to:

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