Victorian Country Selection

Congratulations to Jessie Johnson on her selection in the 2014 Victorian Women’s Country team.  Jessie will play as the goalkeeper in what is likely to be a fantastic team and a great experience at the Australian Country Championships.  The tournament will be played from August 2 to 9 in Clyde Park, Queensland.


Even at Jessie’s young age, she has a wealth of hockey experience, having begun playing hockey at the age of 5.  Jessie’s goalkeeping expertise is demonstrated every time she pads up, with excellent performances for both the Newtown Falcons Division 1 women’s team and the Hockey Geelong Vic League 1 Women’s team.


Jessie is keen to share her knowledge and expertise with others, and has been working with the junior goalkeepers in the Newtown Club, offering individual guidance and advice as required.




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