A Successful Festival of Sails

Thanks to the 74 members of the Club who were part of the ‘Cleanup Crew’ for the Festival of Sails over the Australia Day weekend.

Special thanks to those who worked on Monday in very hot and uncomfortable temperatures. Extra special thanks to those who worked on more than one shift – the Stuart family (Chris, Peter, Alana and Ainsley), Penny Beckworth, Jenny Macintosh, Claire Barnes, Chris McWaters, Chris Muggeridge, Jackson Carr, Andrea Crosbie and Richard Pearson.


If we had a ‘Team Challenge’for this event, it would be won by the D2 Women’s White team, who had 10 members helping during the weekend. Great work team.



With more than 350 boats entered in the event, there were some quite busy times, keeping things tidy and emptying the bins after the sailors’ festivities.





There was an international flavour to the event. One of our members spoke to a sailor who had previously represented the Netherlands in hockey.



We also signed up a new player for our Joeys program – so this event helps to let people know about our great Club.


Keely, Jackson and Chris have it all under control – before the rush.


The expected profit for the weekend is approximately $4300, including money from the recycling of 8 large bags of aluminium cans.





Thanks to these members and families for their work:  Barnes, Beckworth, Birse, Biskup, Carr, Carroll, Clarke, Crassini, Crosbie, Dolenc, Elder, Fitzgerald, French, Hannan, Hatton, Hutton, Jalil, Jennings, Jirik, John, Johnson, Kelly, Loxley, Macintosh, Maher, McWaters, Milne, Muggeridge, Nash, Neal, O’Halloran, Parker, Pearson, Rau, Robson, Russell, Shanahan, Shears, Sheehan, Simic, Smith, Stewart, Stuart, Thomson, Van den Nouwland, Welsh, West, Wyld.  A great effort by all.


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