School Hockey Clinics Begin

March 17 sees the beginning of the Newtown City Hockey Club’s annual programme of school hockey clinics.

Junior players are our future hockey stars

Founding member of the Club, Alan Barnes, began this programme of school visits in 1977, initially just as an address to the students to invite them to Come and Try Hockey. The programme quickly advanced to include clinics in which the students participated, to get a real idea of what the sport was like. The programme has continued each year, and is one of the major methods by which the Club can let the local community know about its activities.

Typically, the programme sees members of the Club visit anywhere between 7 to 14 schools each year, representing 500 to 1000 students exposed to hockey each year for the past 36 years. Participating students are usually in grades 2, 3 and 4. Interested students are then invited to come and try a Hook In 2 Hockey session.

The programme begins with:

  • Monday March 17 – 9 am to 3.10 pm – Montpellier Primary School
  • Tuesday March 18  – 9 am to 1.30 pm – Roslyn Primary School
  • Thursday March 20 – 9 am to 12.30 pm – Chilwell Primary School
  • Friday March 21 – 9 am to 3.10 pm – Clairvaux Catholic School

If any members are able to assist, please contact us.


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2 Responses to School Hockey Clinics Begin

  1. Lach d says:

    Hi Clare,
    I was wondering if and when in about term 2 you could come to Nazareth to do a clinic.

    • Claire Barnes says:

      Hi Lachie
      Sorry – I have just seen this message. I am happy to come to Nazareth and do a hockey clinic. I will send you an email and arrange the details.

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