Information for Umpires

Umpires are an essential part of playing hockey – and a great influence on our enjoyment of the game.  Becoming an accredited umpire can lead to great options for developing your own game, and travel to tournaments throughout Australia, and maybe even internationally.  One former Hockey Geelong member, Jan Adams was well regarded as an international umpire.


Newtown Hockey Club is fortunate to have a great team of excellent umpires, with many of aged between 14 to 20.  We are very proud to have as members of our Club the past five winners of the Hockey Geelong Most Improved Umpire trophy – David Fitzgerald, Luke Hatton, Leo Fitzgerald, Zed Armistead and Christian O’Halloran.


If you would like to learn more about umpiring, start by attempting the online test for the Community Level Umpire.  Go to HockeyEd to create an account, and follow the directions from there.


Hockey Geelong are providing some UMPIRE DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS, which are a great opportunity to get the correct interpretations.  These are suitable for both Junior and Senior Umpires, to be held at Stead Park on Monday March 17.  Bookings are essential.  Welcome to Courtney Pearson, in her new role as Junior Umpire Mentor Co-ordinator.


Hockey Victoria have a Junior Umpires Development Pathway to help umpires aged between 14 to 23 improve their performance, with the ultimate possibility of umpiring at National Championships.  If you are interested, register before May 19.


Newtown Hockey Club is required to provide approximately 15 umpires each week for junior and senior matches. If you would like to umpire for Newtown Hockey Club junior matches, contact Sean Fitzgerald.  If you would like to be rostered for Hockey Geelong senior matches, contact David Fitzgerald.


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