Festival of Sails Fundraising

Fundraising for 2015 is about to kick off, with the Festival of Sails in January coming up quickly.


Newtown Hockey Club obtains its income from:

  • fees paid by members
  • fundraising ventures conducted by the Club
  • grants received
  • sponsorship by businesses

Fundraising events are organised with the aim of contributing to the development and improvement of facilities provided for use by Club members.

As not all members are able to participate in fundraising ventures, costs associated with fielding teams are covered by the fees paid by members, with some subsidies provided by grants and sponsorship arrangements.

The Club has received  a number of grants which will be used for:

  • purchase of an iPad and video equipment for use at training.
  • preparation and maintenance of an additional grass playing surface adjacent to Lloyd Reserve, for use in winter and summer seasons
  • purchase of equipment – face masks, goalkeeping gear, first aid kit, sticks for loan to new Saturday Social players

Thanks to


Telstra Kids Fund






Community Sport and Recreation Awards









VicHealth Active Club Grants



Members’ playing fees are used for:

  • affiliation with Hockey Victoria and Hockey Australia
  • personal accident insurance for all players
  • match and training fees for use of Stead Park
  • cost of Lloyd Reserve fields and pavilion
  • team entry fees to Hockey Geelong
  • equipment – balls, goalkeeping gear
  • umpires fees
  • coaching honouraria
  • trophies, team photos and games badges
  • scholarships and subsidies for players selected in regional and State teams


So where does our fundraising go?

As the majority of the Club’s members live within 10 minutes drive of Lloyd Reserve (230 of 300), the availability of a synthetic pitch in the central Geelong area would be a time saver when travelling to matches and training.  The time taken to travel to match venues has been noted as a probable barrier to new members joining the club.

The Club aims to construct a synthetic surface pitch in the Newtown area, preferably near to or at Lloyd Reserve.  It is acknowledged that this aim will not be achieved within the next few years – more likely it will take 5 years or more to achieve. Hockey Victoria have stated their aim of seeing Hockey Geelong with 2000 players by the year 2020 – about 900 more players than current levels. Even though there are two synthetic pitches at Stead Park, an increase to 2000 players in the Geelong area will require more top class facilities. The availability of such a facility could potentially drive further increases in membership of the Newtown Hockey Club and of other clubs within Hockey Geelong.

While funding would be sought from Government and Council sources, the Club must be able to show its ability to provide some funds toward such a major project – including paying for some initial feasibility studies.  Therefore our annual fundraising ventures are aimed at building cash reserves to be put toward the cost.

How Can Our Members Help?

Each member has an important part to play in achieving financial stability for the Club:

  • pay your fees promptly
  • participate in the Club’s fundraising ventures.  If you are unable to do so, we will gratefully accept any donations you can offer.
  • refer any potential sponsors to the Club’s Sponsorship committee. Contact Bronwen Charlesonph 0428 399228
  • recruit new members to the Club.  More members will give us a better case for seeking funding.


Carols by the Bay

Unfortunately the Denis Walter Carols by the Bay event was cancelled last week due to the heavy rain, so this means that we will not receive the income we had expected for our cleanup services to contribute to our fundraising total for this year.

Festival of Sails

The major event each year on the Club’s fundraising calendar is the Festival of Sails, run over the Australia Day period by the Royal Geelong Yacht Club, which raises about $4500. Funds are raised through recycling of aluminium cans and through the payment which the Club receives for supplying volunteers to keep the event clean and tidy – clearing tables, picking up rubbish, emptying rubbish bins.

We are seeking volunteers (adults or juniors aged 15 or over) to fill 92 shifts (3 hours each) as follows.  We would really appreciate your help, so if you are available on any of these days please let us know.

  • Friday January 23rd: 12 noon-3 pm, 3-6 pm, 6-9 pm
  • Saturday January 24th: 6 am-9, 9-12, 12-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 midnight
  • Sunday January 25th: – 6 am-9, 9-12, 12-3, 3-6, 6-9 pm
  • Monday January 26th: 6 am-9, 9-12, 12-3, 3-6 pm

Enquiries: Claire Barnes, 0417 015130


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