Competition Rule Changes

Changes to Competition Rules for 2014

There have been a few changes to the rules to be used for Hockey Geelong competitions for 2014.

  • The ‘Own Goal’ rule will not be used in 2014.
  • The ‘tomahawk’ stroke will be permitted in Hockey Geelong junior matches, to be umpired according to the rules of dangerous play.
  • Changes to the Competition By-laws will be put in place to alter the procedure for drawn Finals matches to a Penalty Shootout instead of Penalty Strokes.
  • When a green card is issued to a player, it will constitute a warning and not a 2 minute suspension.
  • The demerit system of points for yellow and red cards will continue to be used. A yellow card earns 5 demerit points, a red card earns 10 demerit points. If a player accumulates more than 15 points within an eight week period, he/she will be penalised with an automatic suspension from play of 1 week.


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