Saturday Social Hockey Is Starting

“All things Old are New Again” aka “On the grass”

The Newtown City Hockey Club aims to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to play hockey. Over the years many players have stopped playing for a variety of reasons, but would possibly still like to play hockey.

Reasons for not playing may include travelling time, irregular match times, injuries, lack of social atmosphere – and of course – cost of playing.

If any of these ring true for you, then we have an offer for you.

Come and join the Newtown City Hockey Club in its “Saturday Social” hockey programme.  This “competition” will be based on an old style grass surface, with games played at King Lloyd Reserve, Windsor Rd, Newtown on Saturday afternoon – just like the old days.   The grass surface at Lloyd Reserve is of a very high standard so none of the mud and potholes of the “old days”.

The features of the programme include:
* 2 halves of 25 minutes each
* matches played at 1.30 or 3.00 pm – depending on the number of interested players
* field marked at 80% of normal field size – less physical wear and tear and less running
* mixed men’s and women’s teams – depending on interest
* minimal fees – $20 – for membership of the Club to provide insurance cover etc.

The programme will initially be run on the following days, but can be extended if there is sufficient interest.
*  Saturday May 11
*  Saturday May 18
*  Saturday May 25
* Saturday June 1

This is a fairly informal program so if you are not able to come every week, that’s no problem.  The one-off fee of $20 would cover the initial 4 weeks of the programme – and any extension of the programme for this season.

Equipment required:  mouthguard, shinpads, hockey stick, comfortable clothing to run in.    We have some hockey sticks we can loan to participants if you haven’t got your stick any more.

This opportunity is not intended to be a replacement for the competition at Stead Park for those who want the full experience of competitive hockey.

If this is of interest to you or to someone you know, we’d love to see you “On the
Grass”.   Let us know if you are interested – or just turn up this Saturday May 11 at about 1 pm.

Enquiries:  Peter Stuart, 0417 280118

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