Umpires Welcome

Umpires are an essential part of playing our game – and it’s a job which is often not appreciated by those on the field. So it’s fantastic to see how many young players we have who want to learn to umpire.


Welcome to Matt Horne, Lachlan D’Arcy, Rachel Van der Ploeg, Bella Missio, Matt Barnett, Thomas Pearson, Luke Pearson and Jonah McKinnon who have joined the ranks of our junior umpires.



Many thanks to Sean Fitzgerald who is doing an excellent job of rostering umpires for our junior matches, and of organising tutoring and training for the beginner umpires. Any person, whatever age or level of experience, who is interested in learning to umpire, please contact Sean.


Congratulations to Will Crosbie, Leo Fitzgerald and Sean Fitzgerald who umpired at the Hockey Victoria Zone Challenge, gaining from the extra training given them.



More information about accreditation from Hockey Victoria.

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