Fair Go, Sport!

Research shows sport is a significant site of homophobic harassment, discrimination and exclusion. There are many positive benefits of being able to participate and be involved in sport, including a way of connecting with the community and the opportunity to belong.

The Fair Go, Sport! project is funded by the Australian Sports Commission, and is supported by Hockey Victoria and Hockey Australia. It is aimed at promoting safety and inclusiveness for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) people involved in sport.


Fair go, sport! is not about coming out, but about helping clubs create safe, supportive and inclusive sporting environments through awareness, education and leadership, as well as inclusive codes, policies, procedures, and events. By getting involved, Hockey Victoria has put out the welcome mat to all players,” 

Karen Toohey, Acting Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner

The Newtown City Hockey Club is committed to ensuring that everyone involved in our Club feels safe and included.

That is why we have agreed to be a part of the ‘We’re In and We’re Out’: Discrimination Free Zones in Community Sporting Clubs project.

The project is aimed at Club members aged 16 to 25. Participants will receive support to develop and deliver projects and activities that challenge homophobia and discrimination, with a view to creating safe and welcoming community sporting clubs for all young people, including young people who are same sex attracted or gender diverse.

All members are invited to attend and hear a presentation about the project – what is involved and what opportunities there are to be involved in creating a safe and welcoming environment at our Club.

 *     Wednesday June 19, 6.30 pm

*     King Lloyd Reserve Pavilion, Windsor Rd, Newtown

Pizza dinner provided.

RSVP to:                                   Claire Barnes, ph 0417 015130

Email: abarnes@pipeline.com.au



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