2017 Hockey Season – August 12 & 13

There were some great matches in this round, with only 2 weeks to go before the finals of the 2017 hockey season.


Another fantastic game of hockey this week which shows how much these players have improved during this season. Lennie showed great concentration and was keen to get in and get the ball before the opposition. Charlie was everywhere, using speed and good ball control to advance the play for his team. Tom made some great moves to get to the ball, and some great position to receive the pass from team mates. Emily, Ebony and Braydn were always ready to block opposition moves and used good strategies to send the ball into attack for their teams.

Under 8

Newtown Rebels vs College White

Rebels had another fantastic match this week, playing extremely well against Geelong College White. Rebels displayed a positive attitude throughout the game and all players were enthusiastic and worked well together.

In the first half Rebels got off to a strong start, moving forward and passing well to one another. College White tended to stay close together in the middle of the field and Rebels took advantage of this by staying in position and passing out wide to make use of the space. The team showed great tenacity, always trying to get the ball and move it forward. At half-time Colleen praised the team’s efforts, particularly their calling to each other and their positioning.

In the second half Rebels continued to dominate although they also had to defend against some strong attacks from College White. All in all, however, Rebels were the stronger team and once again showed great improvement and excellent team work.

Tommy was awarded Subway Player of the Week for most improved player, for responding well to directions from the coach along with his strong attacking skills.

Newtown Raiders vs Torquay

Well done to everybody on another great game. It was great to see some awesome passing between team members this week.

Oliver did a fabulous job as our centre and did lots of running . He was well supported by Chloe, Lilly and Jesse on the wings. Isabelle did a great job in defence, stopping lots of attempts a goal. Both Charlie and Hannah demonstrated great dribbling skills , passing out wide.

Well Done to Isabelle for being awarded Best Team Player

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers

Spirit players showcased their growing skills in defence and attack in a friendly encounter against stablemate Strikers in Under-8 competition at Lloyd Reserve at the weekend. While Strikers sprang into attack from the start of play, Spirit worked hard to block and stop their opposition’s forward march. Winger Juliette put herself in the right position time and again to not only hinder Strikers’ run with the ball, but reclaim the attack for her team.

The halfback line of Michael, Summah and Pollyanna stood strong too. With play concentrated in Strikers’ attacking zone, the trio had plenty of action repelling the ball away from the goals. Fullback Baxter performed to his usual high standard and was called on frequently to clear the ball.

At half time Coach Kellie said there were plenty of good things happening on the field including positioning. She urged them to prepare quickly for free hits and use loud voices. The coach also instructed them to look for their teammates before hitting the ball in order to make good decisions leading to linked play. And she set them a task of directing the ball sideways and then down the line.

After the break and a position reshuffle, wings Michael and Avah and centre halfback Baxter pushed their team into attack with vigour, combining beautifully to score. Minutes later Michael was back in the action, creating a solo run right up the field, sneaking his way skilfully around a defender to add to the tally. But Strikers didn’t give up for a second. They regrouped, regained their forward momentum and put serious pressure on Spirit’s defence. Fullback Pollyanna stopped a couple of strong shots on goal, sending the ball out to her teammates waiting in support.

Avah made some great decisions with her play, working out her positioning beautifully to take advantage of some lovely through balls by Baxter. Juliette followed suit, getting her stick to the ball cleanly and moving into attack. Pocket rocket Summah didn’t stand back for a second either, tackling the opposition with enthusiasm and winning frees, while Drew contributed strongly on the half back line.

Strikers, who showed impressive skills throughout the game, goaled in both halves and gave Spirit a great work out on the field. Well done to both teams for an entertaining match. After the final whistle Coach Kellie praised Spirit for their balanced game, great decisions and positioning. She applauded them for creating more space by shooting the ball down the sidelines.

Avah and Juliette received Spirit’s Best Team Player awards for the match for their strong play including taking that extra second to look up so they could seek the best passing option to their teammates. Well done girls.

Under 10

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong College 1-1

Another great game from strikers working together as a team. Congratulations to Ruby for scoring a goal in the first half. Isla, Jai and Charlie worked great together through the centre field.  Charlie stopped the run of play from college with his tackles. Eliza May never gave up during play. Alex created turnovers by looking for the players feet and then taking the penalty quickly. Great work from Amber playing down the line and following on. Elliott made a huge pass from the side line and also stopped the College momentum. Amelia stopped the pass in from the short corner. Thamindu played a fantastic defensive role backing up Emma in the goals. Brandon and Anna had a rotating role during the game and made good decisions with their passes. Isabel practiced her defensive role with reaching in to stop play. Best Team Player awards went to Ruby and Alex.

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 1-3

Under 12

Newtown Rebels vs Geelong College 14-0

Newtown Rebels put in their strongest performance of the year, defeating Geelong College 14-0.  Throughout the year, AJ has been working hard to improve the team’s ball movement.  There were several outstanding switches of play making it difficult for College to defend and allowing the Rebels forwards to penetrate the goals on several occasions.  It was a great team effort.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 3-2

Round 12 saw Spirit come up against Torquay. Lachie stepped into goals for us again this week and did an exceptional job, stopping quite a number of balls that would have been certain goals.

It was a game filled with drama and excitement. Firstly we had Oliver receive a deflected ball directly into his face. Everyone thought the worst but when we checked him out there was no blood and his glasses had taken the full impact of the ball without so much as a scratch!  Our second piece of drama was when Mia tripped and fell backwards hard onto her head. She was determined not to come off and played on. She did have a small break as her head was sore but the break wasn’t long and she was back on scoring one of the 3 goals!

Our other 2 goals came from the other 2 ‘veterans’ of the game Maggie and Angus. Angus, Mia and Maggie have been playing together since they were 8 and it’s been great to see them grow and develop over the years and I hope they continue to enjoy the game in the years to come.

These 3 goals were created by some brilliant team work from the rest of the team. Harry playing his 25 th game had a great passage of play that saw a well placed ball up to Angus. Matilda as always played her position really well and had some great play down the wing. Daniel also playing his 25 th had a great game and blocked the ball well to keep it up our attacking end. India seemed to find speed that we were unaware of which resulted in balls being kept in our attacking half. Liam and Mitchell were consistently solid throughout the entire game with some wonderful stick work. Once again Edie has I think cemented herself as a defender. She is so comfortable there and is so solid.

Well done everyone on a great game.

Newtown Strikers vs Bellarine Lightning 1-1

Awesome game Strikers!

It was another very windy day making conditions very difficult out on the hockey field and in the dugout! The kids played a tough first half against a very in form Bellarine Lightning team who managed to put a score on the board working their way through our strong defence.

In the second half we enjoyed watching one of the best plays of the season with Alice passing onto Gil who was in perfect position to slam it in to goal. Gil had a perfect match playing like a pro and constantly being where he needed to be. His goal was the icing on the cake and well deserved for his fantastic effort all game. Needless to say he was best on field.

Coming a close second was Kenna who was an awesome goalie yet again saving many close calls. Alice was also a standout on field working hard all game. It was lovely to see the drills being practised in training being utilised on the field. I think I saw a tear in coaches eye!

Under 14

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 6-1

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong Jaguars 10-0

Newtown Spirit had Geelong Jaguars under pressure from the very start of their match on Sunday, and Harry, Ella and Will took advantage with early goals. Nice passing from Will and then Sam, saw Nick have a chance at goal but his hit was just wide.

Geelong Jaguars had a few forward pushes, but Newtown always had numbers to the ball. Angus made some good switches across the back, Riley, Harley and Bailey defended well and Grace and Claudia took the ball well forward on a number of occasions. Charley also had the ball up forward and hit a nice ball across goal, and Harry gave some good scoring opportunities to Nick and Grace in the D, with some great passes.

By half time, the score was 7-nil with goals to Ella (1), Harry (3) and Will (3).

At half time, Coach Carl said he wanted to see early passes, and switches going back and around, as we had a few backwards passes that were returned straight back to the same player. Assistant Coach Darren told the team to keep their position, to beat their opponent and then pass the ball, and called for the wings to take the ball out wide. In the second half, Newtown continued to control play but Geelong did threaten at times. Goalkeeper Amelia received a huge cheer from the crowd when she saved a Geelong hit at goal. But with a goal each to Angus, Harry and Will, the game ended with a 10-nil win to Newtown.

Under 17

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 8-0

Newtown were quick to advance into opposition territory and were awarded a short corner in the first few minutes. Thursday night training drills paid off handsomely when Tom trapped at the top of the D and Jemma scored with a superb strike and her first goal – hooray!!  Once the excitement had abated, Newtown were back into attacking mode with a second goal to Jack, who capitalised on some confusion around the Golden Plains goal. Golden Plains were unsuccessful at a short corner and a Newtown counterattack by Tom and Miles resulted in a third goal to Jack. Two further goals to Miles and Tom courtesy of a long range through ball and short corner respectively, left the half time score at 5:0 to Newtown.

The half time oranges for both teams clearly weren’t very juicy as the second half started at a snail’s pace compared with the first half. As the half progressed Newtown began probing down the right wing and were eventually rewarded with a spectacular top of the net goal to Oliver.  The right side was being favoured and yielded two further goals to Miles and another first goal to Brianna, who had been patiently waiting on the left post for her moment of glory – another hooray!!

A superb defensive effort as well from the backs and diving goal keeper who managed to keep a clean slate – great to see such commitment leading into the finals.  The willingness to share the ball around and pass to team members in favourable positions was highlighted by the six different goal scorers for the game – well played to all.

Newtown Strikers Bye

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Newtown Strikers 5-1

A very warm day and great for hockey but both teams started with only 10 players. Thanks to Ian for filling in for Falcons. Strikers caught Falcons asleep early in the game and they scored first, score 0-1. With less players in both teams, the strategy was to move players around to different positions, and it worked well, also giving players a chance for a rest without leaving the field.

Falcons’ first goal was scored after a pass from defence to Jimmy out wide across the D, on to Zed, to Adham and to Hamish who goaled – 1-1.  The next goal came from a short corner, converted by Jimmy. Score at the half time break was 2-1.

A quick chat and a focus on slowing the play, and changing the play to go back before going forward saw the second half begin well. The warm weather meant drinks for all were a necessity, including the pitch. The players began to move the ball a lot better. An open play goal came from a ball from Lachie in deep defence with a 4 pass sequence – to Jimmy, Zed, Tom P and finishing with Adham who put the ball high in the net. Score 3-1.

The defence began to move forward with plenty of passing back and switching to the opposite side. Another great sequence of passes saw Zed pass to Jimmy, on to Adham and Nik behind the goalie pushed the ball in for Falcons 4th goal, score 4-1. The final goal came from a quick push from defence to Zed, and then on to Jimmy, Hamish, Adham and finished off by Tom P. Score 5-1.

Strikers at times had Falcons flat footed, and on many occasions Will H was the saviour in goals, defending many shots on goal and saving many one-on-one contests – a fantastic effort by him which kept the score down. This was a great effort from Falcons and an impressive effort by Strikers, with the game played in good spirits.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Falcons 1-5

In a week short of players both teams started with only 9 on the field which meant that fitness would become a key factor in the game.

To the Strikers’ credit, the scores were tied 1 all at the end of the first half, with both teams making a number of attacking plays.  Unfortunately, as the second half progressed, Falcons were able to overload our defence resulting in 4 goals being scored.

Talking to a number of people watching after the game they commented on how competitive the game was and were impressed at how long Strikers were able to match the Falcons in the first half.

With only two weeks to go and playing against some of the lower ranked teams, if we can continue to play like we did today it would be a nice way to round out the season.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 0-3

Newtown Strikers Bye

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-5

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Red 1-6

A great game by Spirit, with a never say die attitude by all players. Saints attacked early and Eichelle was under pressure in goals, so inevitably some had to go in. The defence team continue to improve each week, and Hill, Tracey and Wendy intercepted many attacks and made Saints work hard for the ball. Penny, Jacinta and Andie pushed forward to meet the ball higher up the field and gained possession on many occasions, to feed the ball through to the forward line.

Despite her sore knee, Phoebe ran hard all game and was everywhere, always ready to put pressure on the ball carrier. Peta’s persistence saw her win the ball on many occasions and strong passes to the attacking circle and good running by De and Kirsty gave us some hope. Some lovely passages of play between Penny and Kellie moved the ball along the space on the wing and into attack. The benefit of keeping your stick down was proven when Kirsty got a lucky touch and deflected a straight ball from outside the circle into goal. Despite Saints scoring plenty in the first half, the second half was a 1-1 affair. Well done Spirit.


2017 Hockey Season – August 5 & 6

2017 has been a memorable hockey season so far, with the Club celebrating its 40th Anniversary and continuing to grow in strength. With only a few weeks to go before the finals, we may have lots more to celebrate if this week’s games are anything to go by.


With the return of Charlie and Emily this week, the game was played at a fast pace and with some great skills on display. Emily’s reverse stick trap was again on show, allowing her to quickly pass to team mates in good position. Braydn as always is keen to get to the ball first and to create space in front of goal, and with some great passing to and from his team mates, there was some fantastic hockey played. Justine continues to show great skills and understanding of the game, despite having played only a few games. Lennie’s passing is good, with some lovely co-operation with those close to him.

Under 8

Newtown Rebels vs Newtown Spirit

Rebels had another fantastic match this week, playing extremely well against Newtown Spirit. Both teams kept their positions well throughout the game and everyone contributed well, making it a great game to watch! In the first half Rebels got off to a strong start, moving forward well and dominating the opposition. The team was relentless in their pursuit of the ball and showed amazing persistance, never giving up when Spirit had the ball.

At half-time Colleen praised the team’s efforts, particularly their positioning and excellent team work. In the second half, Rebels continued to move forward but also had to fight off some strong attacks from the Spirit team. Despite this, Rebels remained the dominant team in the game. All in all, Rebels again displayed excellent team work and they keep improving and gaining confidence with each game played.

Aiden was awarded Subway Player of the Week for most improved player, particularly his strong attacking skills.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Rebels

Spirit battled valiantly against an attacking Rebels outfit in the latest round of Under-8 competition at Lloyd Reserve on Saturday. Spirit had to lock down its defence against the talented opposition right from the starting whistle, with full back Michael capably and calmly repelling many hits on goals. Juliette positioned herself well out wide on the wing and used her stick effectively to block Rebels’ forward runs while Drew and Braydn were also determined in defence. Baxter, who managed to control the ball beautifully, was a workhorse in shutting down the fast-moving opposition. Michael took some great free hits including a powerful one to centre forward Pollyanna, who trapped it cleanly before setting off into attack. Neve, on loan from Rebels to even up player numbers, was a welcome addition to Spirit and added strength to the team across right half.

At half time Coach Kellie praised the Spirit players for their great work under pressure, applauding their marking and second efforts. She urged them to use their ‘’clock face’’ positioning to give Michael more options when taking free hits deep in defence. She also called on them get back and defend again if the ball got past them. Spirit sprang into action in the second half, enjoying more of the attack than they had in their opening stanza and putting pressure on their opposition’s backline. But Rebels were keen to add further to their goal tally and kept on battling. Spirit centre half back Drew stood strong and Baxter and Michael worked hard to keep the ball clear. All Spirit players dug deep, keeping their sticks down, putting in second and third efforts and marking opposition players despite Rebel success in goaling again.

After the game Coach Kellie applauded her players for their work ethic, marking and determination to control the ball. She also paid tribute to strong decision making by Spirit players in free-hit taking and positioning. Baxter received the Subway Best Team Player award for a fantastic two halves, characterised by smart decisions, slick skills, strategic play and a never-say-die attitude. Well done Baxter on a great match and thanks Neve for filling in for Spirit.

Newtown Strikers vs College Green

Strikers this week took on a large College team. The first half saw great passing out wide and calling for the ball. All players had many touches of the ball with it being moved around well. Stella once again was great in defence stealing many balls from the opposition. Strikers this week were hungry for the ball and in search of goals. Unfortunately just could not get them through the cones.

In the second half, Strikers held their positions, which meant plenty of passing opportunities, enabling passing from wing to wing. The boys (Alex, Sam and Will) attacked strongly, with the only Strikers’ goal coming from Matilda who ran onto a great pass from Alex from the wing, it was so quick and smooth the College goalie didn’t even see the ball. Great hockey. Stella finished off the game in goals fending off several goal attempts and Bella and Lucinda handling plenty of the ball in the centre and wing areas.  Unfortunately Alex left the field after a hit to the hands.

It was a great game to watch this week from the side lines with great passing and holding positions, which made passing the ball to players in space very easy. Matilda received the Subway Encouragement award for hungry attacking and scoring a goal. Well Done.

Newtown Raiders vs Kardinia Kookaburras

A great game by Raiders this week some good examples of focus on the ball proving its benefits. Jesse gained possession with his stick on the ground on a number of occasions and continued to move the ball forward to his team’s advantage. Hannah and Issy were everywhere, and good strong passes by Oscar and Hannah allowed Oliver and his team mates to take the ball into attack. Chloe and Lily provided great support in midfield and thoughtful disposal to Raiders players. Great work by Lily in defending the goal in the second half, even though she wasn’t feeling well. Subway Best Team Player award to Jesse.

Under 10

Newtown Strikers vs Golden Plains 0-0

Thank you firstly to Seb for volunteering to help Strikers.

Saturday saw great play from everyone and quite a few attempts on goals and lots of short corners for our team to attempt to score goals. Great play from Jai and Charlie running down the field and making strong passes to open up the play. Amelia and Eliza May made good decisions passing out wide to each other. Eliza consistently stopped the run from Golden Plains with her tackles. There was great persistence from everyone in front of goals, creating goal scoring opportunities. The team also spread out in front of the opposition goals to defend. Seb showed some great stick skills throughout the game. Emma had great calling from the wings and knew when to move in closer to gain the ball. Ruby made great decisions when under pressure and Alex kept the game moving by taking quick penalty shots. Amber in goals successfully stopped all the short corners by Golden Plains. Well done team, you have all come so far this season as we had previously lost 0-5 to this team.

Best Team Player awards were presented to Jai, Charlie and Amber.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay Tornadoes 0-2

This week we had Lucy as our Captain and  Hamish (on his birthday) as the Goalie, again! The game saw us needing to take the ball out wide, and not through the middle, constantly mark our players and have a good go at getting to the ball first. Kellie did identify that there were times when the Torquay players were unsure where to hit, because we had our opposition marked so well. We were also doing well at taking our “frees” quickly which meant the opposition were not in the position they needed to be in, and we then we had a much better play at the ball. We needed to work on big sweeps and starting to move ourselves on an angle not directly into “Jakarta”.

Kellie gave Best Team Player awards to Hana for always being in a position “ready to go” and to Grace for a great game all round.

Under 12

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 2-0

Great game Strikers!

The weather conditions were near perfect for playing hockey with only a slightly icy wind, but lovely blue skies and sunshine. The kids enjoyed the game and the parents enjoyed watching with lots of encouragement and positive feedback being given. Jack scored in the first half and Ruby scored her first goal of the season midway through the second half with a lovely pass by Tom. Kenna did a great job as goalie for the first time. With our back line on fire in defense they gave her great support.

Congratulations to Torquay who played a great game and were very competitive with an undermanned side. Cameron worked hard all game earning him a well deserved best on field with Jack and Archie also playing an outstanding game.

Newtown Rebels vs Bellarine Lightning 4-1

Rebels  started strongly against Bellarine Lightning with 3 first half goals to nil.  Sharp passing in the ‘D’ kept Lightning under tremendous pressure.  Despite Lightning not having a goalie, their excellent defence made Rebels work hard for each goal.

The second half saw Lightning score an early goal, but Rebels kept their composure to score a fourth goal. Rebels finished the game winning 4-1.  Hoalscorers for the Rebels were Kiah, Pat, Lachlan and Isobel.  It was an all-round great team effort.

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong College 5-2

Spirit had a full team and a bench until half time when Oli had to leave us. Mitchell took to the goals with great enthusiasm and as it turned out with great skill!. It was a wonderful game by all the Spirit players. Some wonderful passages of play saw us score comfortably which lifted the spirits greatly. Positions were held well and the ball was kept out of the middle for the most part of the game.

The most thrilling part of the game came when Daniel found himself in the perfect position to score a goal. The whole team were just so excited for him and there were hugs and high 5’s all around.
Maggie, Mia and Matilda had a fabulous triangle going through the game and used each other really well. Gus was solid in full back although Pete did tell him to play high. He played so high he scored twice….! Edie cemented herself as a very competent full back with not much getting past her the entire game and once again India was unlucky not to score. Harry had a great game with some great runs with the ball which pushed the team forward. Lachie also had a great game and moves confidently into different positions. Well done everyone on a great 5-2 win.

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 2-1

Spirit hosted Strikers in a Newtown derby for Round 11, and with the players on both teams sharing some good friendships, it was fitting for the game to be held during the “Fair Go Sport” round.

The game was off to a fast start, with some nice passing from Jamie enabling Harry to reach the top of the D, but his reverse-stick hit on goal was deflected by Strikers’ goalkeeper Gus. Spirit then drew a short corner but Strikers’ defence cleared the ball. Strikers then took the ball into attack and Ben dribbled quickly past Spirit’s defenders and Lotte was in perfect position to get the ball past Max to take Strikers to a 1-nil lead.

Strikers had the momentum and another push forward reached the D but Spirit was able to hit it clear and then take the ball into attack, through a nice pass from Riley up to Will. Unfortunately, Will’s reverse-stick hit at goal was wide. A mix-up in defence nearly resulted in Ben scoring another goal for Strikers, but Spirit’s goalkeeper Max defended well. And on the opposite side of the field, Gus also defended well to keep Jamie’s reverse-stick hit from scoring. Spirit kept the pressure on Strikers with some excellent tackling from Harley, and we saw great passing under pressure from Riley, Claudia and Harley to close out the half.

At half-time, Coach Carl asked for more passing in the attacking 25 metres and tighter defence through the centre corridor. In the second half, Spirit took the coach’s advice and passed the ball more in the attacking 25, with Harry crossing to Grace on the post. Although Grace’s hit was saved by Gus, Jamie was there to take the rebounded ball and switch to his left side to put the ball through and level scores at 1-all. A second push forward had Jamie lifting the ball at goal but Gus deflected the ball away. Grace was in great position on post a few times soon after, and with some great passes from Harry, Jamie and Will, she was unlucky not to have scored on more than one occasion.

It wasn’t all Spirit’s way though, with Strikers taking the ball into attack, but Amelia, Angus and Bailey had some nice clearing hits out of defence. With 5 minutes to go, Charley and Grace did some great work up forward to draw a penalty corner for Spirit, and after the corner, Spirit locked the ball up forward enabling Jamie to hit a nice goal from the top of the D, to take Spirit to a 2-1 lead. Soon after, Spirit got the ball forward to Charley, giving her a one-on-one contest with Gus but her hit struck the goal upright and bounced away.

The final score was 2-1 to Spirit. The Newtown teams brought out the best in each other and it was a really entertaining game for the crowd. Congratulations to Jamie from Spirit, who received the “Fair Go Sport” player of the game award.

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Golden Plains 5-1

There was a cold icy wind blowing at the start of the game so it was no surprise to see lots of Strikers leading for the ball (or were they just trying to keep warm?).  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter because there was plenty or hard running on show.

It was another great game in defence.  Corey, Ollie and Rachael V combined very well once again without a goalie to make sure that Golden Plains couldn’t get the ball into our defensive 25m area which they did superbly; only letting the ball through once in the entire game and that was in the first 5 minutes of the game.  They were very well supported by Rachel S and Declan who seems to have found a new strength as a half back reading the play and dropping to fill gaps in defence.

Meanwhile, the midfield led by Callum kept driving the ball into our offensive zone.  Scoring was not easy because our forward D was always congested.  However we managed to get 5 goals on the board, with some great set ups from Tom, Jonah and Erin.  There was a good spread of goal scorers (including a 3rd goal from Sam in 3 weeks) which shows that we’re not too dependent on any individual.  In fact the Golden Plains coach complemented us after the game on our constant passing and 1-2’s which he very much envied.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 0-1

Division 1 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Saints Black 0-6

Another competitive game from the Strikers and as usual the final score line doesn’t do justice to the way that we played.  Throughout the game we were able to clear our defensive line well, giving us a number of opportunities to push up the field and have some opportunities on goal.  There were some gutsy efforts from Hudson playing most of the second half after taking a hit to the knee and Jimmy was on the wrong end of a deflected ball into his nose (luckily no stitches required, just some magic glue). With 3 games left in the season, versus Falcons, Geelong and then Torquay Tornadoes, it will provide us with a great chance to gauge how much we’ve improved this season and hopefully put some goals in the back of the net.

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong Jaguars 2-2

Falcons were once again at a disadvantage with limited player numbers, and thanks to Beau, were able to get 11 players on the field. The game started without a full team, but as players took the pitch, the game settled. This was a great game by both teams, with plenty of ‘Ooh, ah’ moments for the spectators. There was plenty of calling, switching and passing, but both defences played strongly against the pressure applied by the opposition attackers. Hamish scored the first goal for Falcons from open play with the ball crossing from right to left and back again. The score at half time was 1-2.

A quick chat at half time and advice to slow down and hold the ball until support players were in position before passing was effective. Falcons followed this advice time and again, creating plenty of attack and a number of short corners. Falcons tried a variety of moves on the short corners and one of these proved successful, with Zed scoring to tie the game at 2-2. This was a fantastic effort by the Falcons defence and attack combinations, leaving the coach very happy with the efforts of the team.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Newtown Strikers 2-0

A very enjoyable match between these two Club teams. Falcons began well with some excellent running up forward by Nicole and Hailey and close support from team mates allowed them to pick up rebounds and intercept misdirected passes. Emma P and Ainsley pushed up high and pounced on any loose balls, denying Strikers the chance to score. Midfield play by Deb, Shannon and Bec showed control and good vision to send the ball back into attack for Falcons. Great play by Eichelle in goals for Strikers prevented Falcons from capitalising on chances earned from quick play, and she was well supported by Hannah, Meg and Penny.

The second half saw Strikers continue to work hard, and advance the play to the circle on a number of occasions. Elese, Julie, Erin and Dom created pressure for the Falcons defence but calm controlled play was the order of the day. Claire, in her 700th game for Newtown, was in position in goals for Falcons if needed.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 3-4

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-3

 An excellent game by Spirit against a fast and strong opposition. Confident defence by Eichelle, Tracey and Hill prevented many more goals, and with Andie, Jacinta and Beth taking proactive positions in midfield, Torquay were not able to totally dominate the game. Excellent work by Phoebe, Katelyn and Kellie created links between defence and attack, and passing the ball forward saw Katie and Deanne working hard to lead to space and put pressure on the Torquay defence. There were a number of attempts by Spirit to score, unfortunately without result. Overall, this was a great game by Spirit, who with the benefit of a full team have improved in recent weeks.

2017 Hockey Season – July 29 & 30

With 4 weeks to go in the 2017 hockey season, there are 9 Newtown teams placed in the top four in their divisions, and likely to participate in the finals. The Under 12 competition is especially interesting, as there are 5 teams within 3 points of each other, vying for a place in the top four.


It was a very entertaining and fast paced game this week from the Kookas players. Justine and Lucy worked well together, and Lucy’s speed got her to the ball early, allowing many interceptions and creating forward moves for Team Red. Ebony continues to show great anticipation and movement to space, helping her team to gain possession and open up scoring opportunities for Team Orange. Braydn and Lennie showed good focus, especially in the first half, and got to the ball early to make good passes to Orange team mates. Great running by Tom and great ball control skills saw him win the ball for Team Red and he had numerous opportunities in front of goal.

Under 8

Newtown Spirit vs College White

Newtown Spirit showcased their developing skills when they met College White in Under-8 competition at Lloyd Reserve on Saturday.

While play was fairly congested in the first half, Spirit enjoyed much of the attack. Sisters Summah and Avah worked hard to spread out the field by sticking wide on the wings while sweeper Braydn powered a few lovely square passes to Michael. Spirit created a handful of fast-paced runs in attack and successfully goaled after quality combination play involving a host of team members including Michael and Baxter. Juliette also put in a great solo run towards goal before being tackled at the last moment. There was strong defence on show too, with fullback Drew and right half Pollyanna cutting off College attacks and powering the ball to Avah to carry forward.

At half time Coach Kellie labelled the game “challenging” and praised her players for their good marking and positioning. She urged them to talk to each other more, use the full width of the field and always be ready for the ball. After a position reshuffle, Spirit upped the ante straight away. Michael intercepted the ball from the centre hit-out and sprinted towards goal, with Summah backing him up well.

Baxter, who was in the action all game, retrieved the ball in the centre of the field, directed it to Avah and she sent it towards goal. On another occasion Spirit players spread out in great formation in a run towards goal, with Avah scoring at pace. Coach Kellie told her team she was impressed with their positioning and marking, applauding their ability to always look for their best options. She said their efforts were lovely to watch, and the Spirit spectators watching on the sidelines agreed.

Michael won the Subway Best Team Player award after a stand-out game, characterised by speed, skill, great passing and a never-give-up attitude. Well done Michael.

Rebels vs College Green

Rebels had a fantastic match this week, playing extremely well against College Green who had one extra player on the field. In the first half Rebels got off to a strong start, moving forward well and dominating the opposition. The team kept their positions well and showed amazing persistence, never giving up when trying to get the ball. Whenever Geelong College had possession, Rebels fought back and showed great tenacity.

At half-time Colleen praised the team’s efforts, particularly their excellent team work, enthusiasm and persistence. In the second half Rebels increased their pace and continued to move forward. There were some strong attacks from Geelong College, but Rebels quickly won back possession and counter-attacked. All in all, Rebels displayed excellent team work and are gaining confidence with each game played this hockey season.

Sophie E was awarded Subway Player of the Week for most improved player.

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia

This week Strikers took on an army of Kardinia players. Sam started off in goals doing his best against the Kardinia players. There was great positioning up forward with Bella seeing a lot of the ball again this week, but Strikers couldn’t overcome the extra players Kardinia had on the field. Will displayed some great stick skills playing in defence.

At half time Darren talked about receiving the ball on your strong side and continuing the great passing. In the second half Kardinia were kind enough to even up the teams running an interchange.

In this half there were many great passes from the centres to the forward players who were running into space, Eliza received some well passed balls and there was some great running by Matilda. Despite the ball being in the Strikers forward line for most of this half, they really had a hard time getting shots on goal. The Kardinia defence was just too strong. However, their centre work was superb with awesome centre clearances, great intercepting and plenty of running and dribbling with the ball. For his excellent stick skills this week, Will received the Subway Encouragement award.

Newtown Raiders vs Kardinia Kangaroos

Raiders put in an excellent game this week, showing the improvement which has been building all through this hockey season. Improved focus also leads to improved confidence and it was great to see Jesse, Chloe and Lily intercept the ball and continue on into attack with great ball control skills. Lily’s excellent marking of her opposition player was also a highlight. Lovely quick free passes by Oscar  found Charlotte, Hannah and Isabelle in space, and able to run the ball forward to the goal scoring area. The standout for the game however was our new player Oliver. Playing his first proper game of hockey, Oliver opted to play full back and mind the goals – and did an absolutely superb job. His focus on the ball was terrific. He met the opposition goal shots early, and made some excellent clearing hits and accurate free passes to team mates. The Subway Best Team Player award was just recognition of his efforts.

Under 10

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 2-0

One of the best Under 10 games of this hockey season. This week we had Ryley as our Captain for the day, Scarlett volunteered as goalie and it was Bella’s first game.

The first half saw some great play from everyone, with great efforts from all players. In her first game, Bella was making great position all the time. Fantastic co-operation on the left between Max and Lucy created a number of attacks down that wing. Quick free passes from Max and Surry moved the ball forward well for Spirit, and their second and third goes at the getting the ball eventually resulted in them scoring the goals. Great defence by Spirit with Scarlett in goals making some lovely saves.

Coach Kellie encouraged her players to trap the ball and then pass wide to the wings and run the ball up the sideline. Half time guidance included advice on marking opposition players, getting to the ball first and then making sure that forwards are in front to receive passes from team mates.

At the end of the game, all the spectators agreed with Kellie that the players had put in a fantastic effort, resulting in an excellent and very skilfull game. Spirit players worked well together, looking and using team mates well. Marking and positioning of players was a highlight. All players are improving their skills and it certainly showed this week. Taking some time to look for team mates before passing will be even more beneficial for the team in future.

Subway Encouragement Awards went to:

Lucy – always marking her player, in position and generally played a fantastic game

Surry – played an excellent game and helped out team mates with their positioning during the game

Best Team Player award went to Max – played his best game, looked out for his team mates and always had a second and third go – didn’t give up!

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 0-2

What an evenly matched game we had on Saturday with so many close misses on goals. Jai covered some much distance on field and knew exactly where he wanted to place the ball. Eliza was tenacious in defence and never gave up. Emma on the wing has shown a great development in her role with strong passes and tackling. Amber managed to play some clever passes while on her knees. A fantastic effort from Isla who copped a ball to the stomach during a short corner and came back onto the field after half time. Amelia also sustained an injury late in the game after playing a consistent defensive role. Alex and Anna made a great pair for options to pass to through the mid field and able to drop back to help in defence. Isabel was a great goal keeper and saved all the short corner attempts. Thamindu and Elliott continue to develop so much this year as first year players and able to read the play so well. A big thank you to Leo for helping out our team. Players of the day were awarded to Isla, Eliza and Emma.

Under 12

Newtown Rebels vs Bellarine Lightning 5-1

Despite the windy conditions, it was a high standard game between Rebels and Bellarine Lightning which saw Rebels run out victors winning 5-1. The first 5 minutes was an arm wrestle between both sides before Rebels took the ascendancy and broke away to a 3-0 lead. At half time the score was 3-1 after a late Lightning goal.  Rebels scored the final 2 goals of the game, but at no stage were they able to relax. The goal scorers for Rebels were Harry (3), Brandon (1) and Patrick (1).  All players worked hard for each other.  Well done to Adele who was our goalie this week.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 1-0

Fantastic game Strikers!

The weather conditions were very treacherous with the wind causing mayhem. The kids enjoyed the game and the parents enjoyed watching, with lots of encouragement and positive feedback being given. There were no goals scored by Strikers in the first half but Chloe scored midway through the last half with some great support by her  teammates. Ruby did a great job again as our goalie. Chloe earned best on field and Archie and Adam also played an outstanding game.

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 3-2

Spirit played against Torquay on Sunday in a battle of first vs second on the ladder. With Charley and Claudia away, and Amelia and Jamie unable to play as they arrived after half time, we called on Angus to field 11 players. Torquay began strongly and Spirit’s defence was tested time and again. There were some hits on goal by Torquay and then a series of Torquay penalty corners which were held off with great defending from Ella and Max.

Spirit went forward on a few occasions through some long hits, but we couldn’t lock the ball in up forward for long. Max had a great diving save on a Torquay hit but they were relentless and ultimately got the ball through for a score. Spirit regrouped and we had a few forward attacks, notably Will tried a tomma which was nearly helped through by Grace. Again Torquay received a penalty corner toward the end of the half and got the ball through on the second effort to go 2-0 at half time.

Coach Carl asked the team for more accountability at half time by ‘knowing your player’ and tagging them well, especially in defence. He wanted the team to get in front, make sure they were first to the ball, and to not just watch the ball, but to watch where they were in the game, in order to make best position. Assistant coach Darren encouraged the team not just to clear the ball, but to direct it to another team mate.

In the second half, we started well with Nick and Harry taking the ball up forward but Torquay defended well. Torquay then received a short corner which Spirit was able to defend, and soon after, Harry took the ball deep into attack to score our first goal, making it 1-2. Torquay then had a few chances through a hit at goal and a short corner, but again Spirit’s defence held strong. With 5 minutes to go, Harry reached the top of the D and with a nice tomahawk, levelled scores at 2-2.

Torquay had one more penalty corner which was defended, and then Spirit got the ball out to Sam who was on his own out front, but his goal past the lone kicking back of Torquay was disallowed and was instead paid as a short corner. With seconds to go, Harry made good on the short corner, giving Spirit plenty to cheer about and wrapping up the game 3-2 for Newtown.

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars 1-0

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 5-2

Another interesting game again this week without a goalie.  However the defence was bolstered with Jonah and Byron, and combined with Ollie the conductor, they created an almost impenetrable defence which only let the ball into the defensive D twice for the whole game.  They didn’t give away any short corners which are always a challenge when you don’t have a goalie.  Great effort to those three, as well as the half backs Rachel S and Angus who marked their players well.

The forward line also played inspiring hockey with a good spread of goals across the forward line, including Sam’s second career goal plus a poster (after scoring his first goal last week he now has a taste for it, like a hunting dog getting its first kill).  Tom created a lot of opportunities, not only for himself but also setting up his team mates, with goals also coming from Erin and Angus.  Callum is also hitting top form again after several weeks of injury and it was great to see him at full flight again.  Unfortunately Tom came off for the last 15 minutes with a rolled ankle when the score was about 3-2 and we thought we could be in trouble (we were down to 10 players with no goalie whilst Kardinia had 3 players on the bench), but our work rate defied logic and somehow we managed to keep scoring!  We almost scored a sixth goal in the dying moments when Corey sent one of his trademark pinpoint long range slaps straight onto Jamie’s stick at the top of the D, only to have the umpire steal the goal from him by blowing the whistle and robbing him of a certain goal.

The second half was an amazing display given the lack of players; coach couldn’t hide his awe at the end of the game.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay  1-6

Newtown dominated possession in the first half and had numerous shots on goal but Torquay were first to score against the run of play, when they broke through the Newtown defensive line leaving Max to take on the rapidly approaching attacker.   It was a valiant effort by Max diving away to his right and deflecting the ball with his stick, but not quite enough to prevent a goal.

Newtown were buoyant at the half time break given their possession in the first half, however spirits sank somewhat early in the second half as Torquay piled on three quick goals. Newtown had a flurry of counterattacks and eventually pulled back one goal following a deflection off a Torquay player in front of goal. Torquay scored two further goals leaving the final score 1:6.

Despite the score line, there were encouraging signs for Newtown with a majority of ball possession and a passing game that is working well with everyone on the team involved. Some work to do in training around converting some of the opportunities on goal and limiting turnovers, but all within the ‘art of the possible’ as demonstrated in the prior round 9 game. Looking forward to seeing all at training to prepare for the final push to the end of the hockey season and finals.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-16

You would most likely conclude from a 16 – 0 scoreline that the game was a complete thrashing, but it could not be further from the truth.  Regardless of the goals being scored, the Strikers reset after each set back and played a fantastic game of hockey against one of the teams that will most likely contest this years’ premiership.

Big thanks to all of the guys who turned up on the day (it was looking like we’d play the game with 9 players at one stage…), especially Richard who donned the maroon for the first time in a few months, Alex who dropped back from the Falcons and Sean who popped in for a cameo appearance which is always handy.

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay Tornadoes 5-3

The wild and windy weather was a bonus for Falcons last Saturday as it meant some players were unexpectedly available to play – a nice change to have 14 players for a game. With the extra players available, assistance from Niko to run the bench was invaluable, and Falcons were able to run hard and make changes often.

The first goal was scored by Adham after a nice cross from the forward line into the D, and he made no mistake in putting it in the net. The second goal was almost a copy of the first, with Zed being the scorer. Falcons had many passes into the circle from the forward line but could not finish off with goals. Then Torquay got a quick break and put one in. At half time the score was 2-1, but could easily have been 6-1 as Falcons had the majority of the attack.

After a quick chat at half time, it was back to the game. Falcons started where they had finished at half time, with plenty of great passing, calling and switching, but there were still plenty of missed chances in front of goal. All of a sudden, a great pass from the back line to the wing found Adham with possession, and he ran to the circle and crossed the ball to Sean who executed a reverse stick shot high to the right corner and Leo pounced to slap the ball in the goal. What a great goal and the score was 3-2.

Torquay bounced back and scored, levelling the game at 3-3. Falcons increased the pressure and Leo scored again, followed by a nice goal from Hamish in open play.

The game saw a number of misses from short corners and open play, which could have added significantly to the score. But overall, this was a good win, with great work from the defence and the forwards. Well done Falcons!

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong 0-8

Geelong began strongly from the first whistle and the Falcons backline was forced to defend a number of shots at goal in the first 15 minutes. However, the defence held firm, with Emma P and Ainsley making good position and great interceptions. Emma H and Deb showed great anticipation and impressive tackling and distribution to send the ball forward where Jacquie, Nicole and Hailey  were running well, picking up the ball and passing to team mates. Hard work saw Falcons earn a number of chances in front of goal but shots went just wide of the post and the Falcons player  moving in. Elese and Jess worked well through the midfield and into attack, and Jess made some great passes through to Tiahna, who was making space in the corner.

Falcons continued to defend staunchly, with Peta and Kate providing strong opposition, and Peta’s hits created forward moves for Falcons. After 25 minutes of scoreless play, Geelong finally got one in the net. Geelong continued to threaten in attack and their forwards were able to slip away from their markers and create a 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 situation to score.

Falcons continued to work hard in the second half, but Geelong’s speed and relentless pressure gave them the advantage. Despite the defence again deflecting many Geelong shots at goal, Geelong scored a few more goals to put the result beyond doubt.

Newtown Strikers vs Saints Black 0-4

An excellent game by Strikers, with the bare 11 players. Saints applied early pressure but were matched by steady defense from Meg and Penny who were well backed up by Deb in goals. Good marking of opposition players by Shannon, Hannah and Kylie limited the effectiveness of Saints’ attacks. Midfield interceptions were passed to the forward zone where Nicole, Julie and Erin used speed and ball control to move past opponents without panic. Jacquie and Bec provided options for team mates to aim for. Strikers produced some good attacks but without a score on the board. Overall, this was a gear game from Strikers, leaving the coach pleased with the efforts.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong Jaguars 4-2

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong Jaguars 1-5

Newtown Spirit faced ladder leaders Geelong with a full team of 11 players but with a shortage of keepers available, elected to play with a kicking back. This was a good strategy for the players available but made the task of scoring goals easier for Geelong. Geelong attacked with speed and skill and were able to score an early goal. Spirit defended well with Tracey and Wendy making many great tackles in deep defence. Good clearances from free hits by Tracey provided forward momentum and Georgie, Phoebe and Peta took up the challenge and took the play into attack. Katelyn and Katie both provided avenues to the circle on a number of occasions and we were unlucky not to score more than once. Jacinta, Kellie and Andie stood firm in the midfield, with some great tackles and great persistence. The second half was an even better effort by Spirit, limiting Geelong to 1 goal for the half.





2017 Hockey Season – July 22 & 23

Junior teams were back this week for the last part of the hockey season, and the run to the finals.


Justine joined us for Kookas this week, and in her first game of hockey, showed great skills and great understanding of where and when to run and call for the ball. At the request of the boys, it was ‘Girls vs Boys’ when teams were selected. The Girls worked very well, stringing together a number of passes, and switching the play to move forward into attack. Great passing and then running to space by Justine, Ebony and Olivia with Kristy solid in defence saw the Girls put the early scores on the board. Tom, Darren and Yonie ran well and were hard to beat for pace.

The Boys regrouped in the second half, and with Lennie and Braydn making some great position in front of goals, and using team mates with a better angle, they were able to score a number of goals to even up the game.


Dribbling skills are improving each week as the hockey season progresses. The players are showing great vision and awareness when moving through the ‘Monster Forest’, using changes of direction to avoid being caught. A game of ‘Keepings Off’ is a fun way to finish, with great passing and scanning for team mates from Alexander and Lachlan. Braxton called well to let his team mates know he was available, and Jasmine and Maia made some excellent passes. George and Harrison were always keen to get the ball and ready when it came their way.

Under 8

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay

This week Strikers took on a strong Torquay. It was a little light on for Newtown players, so the starting team was topped up with a few ‘fill ins’ from the other Newtown U8 teams. In the first half Torquay attacked very strongly with several goals scored. Both teams really struggled to spread out in the first half. Despite this, Stella had plenty of the ball and Alex also did extremely well as goalie defending Torquay’s many shots on goal.

In the second half Newtown started to spread out and pass the ball out wide. Will took the field playing in his favourite position up forward, dribbling and passing well in attack. Chloe and Bella were solid in defence and after her huge effort early Stella rested her legs as goalie. Matilda scored Newtown’s only goal with a fantastic pass from Will on the wing.

The second half was much better hockey by Newtown with everybody calling for the ball and holding their positions to create space and passing opportunities. A well-deserved Subway encouragement award for Stella. Great Job Stella.

Newtown Raiders – Bye

Newtown Spirit vs College Green

Spirit took on College Green with enthusiasm in their first Under-8 game at Lloyd Reserve after the winter holiday break. The young Newtown team had to dig deep in defence on several occasions to keep College at bay in a first half dominated by congested play. Fullback Pollyanna repelled several College runs on goal while sweeper Baxter and halfback Michael were excellent in halting the opposition’s attacking moves.

Right wing Avah positioned herself beautifully out wide, ready to latch onto any free hits sent her way. Juliette provided clever passing options in ‘square’ position while Braydn was ready for action in the centre.

At half time Coach Kellie praised Spirit players for their skills and positioning but urged them to spread out more and keep moving forward. The coach, who reshuffled positions, also asked them to each strongly mark an opposition player for the entire second half.

After half time Spirit put together a series of effective forward attacks, which led to a two-goal haul. The first goal flowed from a fast break by Michael while the second came from a passage of play that stretched the entire field. Sweeper Oscar, filling in while club stablemate Raiders had a bye, sent the ball to Pollyanna in the centre, who then powered it to Michael. And off he went. Michael sprinted from the centre line all the way to the goals.

Baxter, at left wing, was time and again in the perfect spot out wide to get his stick to big-hitting Oscar’s great free hits while Summah performed well in attack on the right side of the field.

Coach Kellie applauded the youngsters for their efforts at the end of play, praising their ball movement, goals, positioning and marking. She awarded the Subway Best Team Player award to Juliette for her “sheer listening-to-me-ness” in strongly marking her opposition player and clever positioning, especially her ability to provide a square-pass option for teammates. Well done Juliette!

Newtown Rebels vs Kardinia

Rebels had a good solid match this week and performed well against Kardinia who played with one extra player due to the cold weather. In the first half both sides played well with strong attacks from both teams. Rebels kept their positions well, particularly as Kardinia tended to crowd in the centre of the field. Rebels showed amazing persistence, never giving up when trying to get the ball.

At half-time Colleen praised the team’s efforts and stressed the importance of passing out wide and finding space to move forward. In the second half Rebels again worked hard, defending well in the face of strong attacks from Kardinia. All in all, Rebels displayed fantastic team work and are continuing to improve their skills with each game played.

Genevieve was awarded Subway Player of the Week for most improved player.

Under 10

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-3

What a great start back to the hockey season! Torquay beat us by a huge margin last match and we were able to keep their score to just 3 goals this game!!  Kellie was very impressed with the players getting to the ball with their sticks down, which then gave them the ability to pick up the ball and run with it straight away. She was also praising the players for going around and pushing the ball strongly down the side of the field, which was away from the traffic of the other team. We have a new phrase  “Keep out of Jakarta”, meaning ‘Keep out of the middle’. There was alot of forward running by the whole team. Kellie reinforced the need to hold onto the ball for a couple more seconds, look where your team mates are, call out where you are and continue our good positioning for the next half.

Heaps of team work saw us keep the goals to 1 in the second half. Kellie praised all the players for stopping, trapping, controlling the ball. Player of match went to Scarlett for a great game. Other awards went to Hamish for his brilliant work in the goals!!! And Ryley. Thanks to Avah for playing and congratulations to Nate on his 50th game.

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay Tornadoes 0-1

Strikers were back in action after the holiday break and played a fantastic game on the weekend. Thamindu and Amelia made great position in defence and supported Eliza in goals. Elliott, Emma and Eliza May made great passes from the wing and playing the ball along the line. Alex held her position well and used some great calling to provide options for keeping the ball moving.

Jai and Isla kept at the ball throughout the midfield and looking for options for attacking the goals. Amber and Anna kept in their positions creating options throughout the game and followed the play to minimise turnovers. Ruby stood her ground and made great choices when taking penalty shots. Isabel never gave up and worked hard throughout the entire game. The team only conceded one goal for the match. It was great to see the team taking penalty shots quickly before the opposition had time to get into place. The team have been great at staying in their positions but still need to focus on getting in front of the opposition for penalties to prevent easy turnovers. Players of the match Amelia, Eliza May and Elliott.

Congratulations to Ruby who played her 25th game on Saturday.

Under 12

Newtown Spirit vs Bellarine 1-6

After a short break over the holidays the Spirit team were ready and raring to go for round 9 of the hockey season. We had a full team including a bench which was great. The team came out of the gates really well and for the first 15 minutes we were attacking really quite well down the right side. However the defence from Bellarine was proving a little tricky and we were unable to break through. As the minutes ticked on, the frustration started to show in the team and we started to lose our positional play. There was a lot of reverse stick work which Peter was not overly happy with as it created mistakes. As a result Bellarine caught the team off guard and poor Mia was left to fend for herself resulting in a couple of goals. Despite this happening Mia saved some other great shots and did really well in the goals. Matilda was always sitting high ready for the ball but it was just too hard to get it through despite some big hits from Gus. Archer seemed to be everywhere and was tackling and playing really well. Oliver seemed to spend a lot of time on his knees but this was due to trying very hard to stop Bellarine. Maggie was also like a dog at a bone and never gave up on pressuring the opposition.

At half time Peter asked the team to not use their reverse stick tomahawk. The team listened although Archer briefly forgot the instructions and scored a beautifully well deserved goal through a tomahawk…….we forgave him! The second half was a mixed effort. India was well placed to score but it was not to be. Mitchell played well through the center and Liam found his fast gear to defend like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately we just couldn’t get the ball where it needed to be and once again frustration set in and Bellarine converted too many times to mention.

Despite the score line it was not reflective of the game. Spirit were so unlucky not to convert at least once more. There were some wonderful passages of play from all the players. Lachie was moved from forward to back and transitioned really well to his role, Harry supported his team mates brilliantly. Edie had one of her best games to date and never gave up. Well done Spirit.

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 1-3

Great game Strikers!

The weather conditions were fairly good with the rain threatening only slightly in the first half. The kids enjoyed the game and the parents enjoyed watching with lots of encouragement and positive feedback being given. There were no goals scored by Strikers in the first half but Jack scored midway through the last half with some great support by his teammates. Ruby was our goalie for the first time and did an amazing job which earned her best on field. Cameron and Thomas also had a great game showing lots of skills in defence.

Newtown Rebels vs Torquay 0-1

Rebels took on Torquay on Saturday for our Round 9 clash.

With a number of players away ill or on holidays, we were still able to field a team of 10 players thanks to our fill-ins Alice, Jack and Olivia. It was a very even game, with both teams trying to force the ball through the centre. Torquay had more goal chances than Rebels and fortunately for them, one ball trickled past goalkeeper Sam’s feet to give Torquay a 1-nil lead early in the second half.

Our passing improved in the second half and we had a few shots at goal through Jack and Pat, but they were just wide.  Torquay found it easier to get through our defence towards the end of the game, with a few more shots on goal. Rebels defenders did well to deflect them away. Final score was 1-nil to Torquay.

We’ll be hoping all of our regular players are available for the next round, as the competition is extremely close for the top few positions on the ladder heading into the finals of this hockey season.

Under 14

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 3-1

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 3-4

Ladder leader for this hockey season, Newtown Spirit played 3rd placed Golden Plains on Saturday for their Round 9 match.

Spirit knew this was going to be a tough match and the team’s intensity level was high from the start. Golden Plains also came out firing with their fast runners streaming into attack and they scored early. This was followed up soon after by a Golden Plains short corner. Some nice skills were on display with good 1-2 passing between Riley and Harry, and Ella dribbling past opponents with nice ball skills.

Spirit then drew a short corner and Oscar was perfectly placed to chip in a goal on post to level scores 1-all. Soon after, Will had a nice strike in the circle which was defended by Golden Plains’ goalie. Spirit took the lead 2-1 after Harry’s hit into goal was defended but followed up by Oscar who was there again to put the ball in. Golden Plains ocntinued to make good use of their short corners and levelled scores again, making it 2-all at half time.

In the second half, Grace scored her first goal of the season for Spirit with great positioning on the post, and nearly followed up a minute later when again near goals, she received a great pass from Harry. Spirit earned a short corner the but shot went a little wide.

Golden Plains sensed the game slipping away but they managed to lift, and scored 2 goals in the remainder of the second half, giving them the game 4-3. Max did a fantastic job in goals. There were many strong hits which he deflected well, and it was great to have him return to the side this week.

Coach Carl was really happy with the team’s intensity but thought that the team held on to the ball in the centre a little too long. We’ll be looking forward to the action if these two teams play again in the finals.

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 5-6

Intraclub matches are often the hardest games and this proved to be correct on Saturday morning.  Once again, we looked like we were going to struggle for numbers but fortunately Will and Rachel V offered their services and suddenly we had the luxury of a player on the bench.  We were a bit disorganised at the start of the game since we were missing our usual defenders (including our goalie) and Spirit sneaked a goal in the first 30 seconds.  Coach was a bit frightened by this start and was about to rejig all positions on the field when Ollie walked in to save the day; special commendation goes to Ollie for taking control of the defence like an orchestra conductor – suddenly everyone in defence was playing in unison like a finely tuned symphony orchestra.  In fact the efforts of the defence (Ollie, Rachel V, Rachael S, Callum, Will and Angus) during the remainder of the first half were so impressive that we held Spirit goalless for the rest of the first half.  In the meantime we managed to score 3 goals in the first half, including a career first goal to Sam (one of many to come, we are certain) and two goals from Tom including a skilled goal from the baseline.

We thought about playing a kicking back in the second half but since we had opened up a gap in the score line we decided we wouldn’t bother (this proved to be a bad decision).  Unfortunately early in the second half Callum had a fall and was kept off the field as a precautionary measure (second bad thing).  He had made a significant contribution to the defence and we really started to lose some structure once he came off the field.  Added to that, Tom also had a fall and although he fought on it was obvious that his injuries had taken away some of his X-factor in the second half (3rd thing to go wrong!).  With the smell of fresh blood in the air, Spirit came roaring back like a pack of wolves, resulting in a 5-6 loss.  Despite the loss we still played well.  Commendation goes to the Spirit players who played a great team effort, especially in the second half.  We will be looking forward to the rematch.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 6-5

Numbers were not looking good for either team as game time approached, however a few miraculous appearances at the 11th hour resulted in full squads, but Strikers were playing without a goal keeper. The game started with promise for Spirit with a goal to Tom in the first few minutes, but Strikers were quick to respond with two goals due to some complacent defence by Spirit. A third goal to Spirit late in the first half left the score at 3:1 at the half time break.

Niko’s words of wisdom at half time had a profound effect on the Spirit team as they pulled back two goals early in the second half to equalise at 3:3. The second goal to Oscar came from a great series of team passing and a final feed of the ball to the top of the D by Emily on the left wing.  The third goal came from a fantastic individual effort by Hudson, who was also involved in the 4th Spirit goal, when he seemingly pulled from the sky a high ball from Tom and fed it to Miles who was at full pace on the opposition 25. In between Spirit goals, Max was being kept busy defending goal with great support from the full backs, but Strikers were eventually able to equalise at 4:4 after sustained pressure on goal.

Spirit were still full of running and scored two further goals to Miles and Tom, both coming from long range counterattacks. With one minute remaining the Strikers scored again from a short corner but the Spirit cleared the ball long up the field from the restart leaving Strikers no opportunity to equalise, with the final score 6:5 to Spirit.

In summary, a great contest played in good spirit and the best all round team performance by Spirit for this hockey season, with every player on field having significant contributions in both attack and defence. Also great to see Spirit come from behind at half time to win.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 0-4

On a cold wet winter’s day, we all came out to play, moving around the field well trying to keep warm. Falcons created attacks from strong play by the defence, running the ball carrier down to gain possession and create a turnover. Positioning was great, with good calling and switching the play from one side of the field to the other. Falcons had plenty of play in the attacking zone but could not put the ball between those white posts. Score at half time was 0-2.

The half time talk focused on strategies to put that little white ball in the net. Falcons started well as they began, with plenty of calling, switching, controlling the ball to maintain possession, with 95% of the attack in Falcons favour. But again, despite the great play by the team, and many chances in front of goal, Falcons weren’t able to score. Final score was 0-4.

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay Tornadoes

Division 1 Women

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong 3-10

A great game by Strikers against strong and speedy opposition, helped out by having a full team. Geelong began strongly but the Strikers deep defence of Penny and Meg held their own and repelled a number of Geelong attacks before there was a score. Geelong continued to make things difficult for Strikers with their speed in attack and great ball control. Despite great marking and positioning by Emma A, Teeah, Kylie and Emma P, Geelong were able to move the ball around quickly and slot the ball neatly into goal.

Grace was proving dangerous on the forward line, and with Georgie and Elese in support, Strikers created a number of attacks and scored a well earned goal. Score at half time was 1-6.

The second half proved to be more of the same from Geelong, with fast paced attacks finding space in front of the goal. But Strikers were returning the pressure with some great attacking plays, and Julie and Erin provided valuable runs and great ball control skills to give Strikers hope. Final score was 3-10 – a great effort by all the Strikers players.

Fantastic to see Emma A back in her first game after injury, making some great clearances and denying Geelong chances in attack.

Newtown Falcons – Bye

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Red 2-5

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit – Bye

2017 Hockey Season – June 24 & 25

As the hockey season progresses, it is pleasing to see the effort which players are putting in for their teams every week.


Team Orange started the game well,with Tom making good position and Lennie seizing possession of the ball before Team Red could reach it. Great passing by Lennie to team mates running into space. A great double back by Tom saw Team Orange move the ball into the scoring zone and pressure the Red defence, finishing off well with 3 goals resulting.

The second half saw Team Red working hard and good passing by Braydn and Ebony created attacking opportunities, and found players in front of the goal. However the shot went just wide on a number of occasions before they found the target. Great defence and ball control by all players with excellent switching and running in support of team mates.

There will be no Kookas hockey game this week, due to the start of the school holidays. The Kookas program will continue for the remainder of the winter hockey season, beginning again in Term 3.

Under 6 Joeys

The Under 6 players are showing great dribbling skills and working on learning to pass accurately and firmly. Thanks to our ‘targets’ who joined in at the risk of their ankles, the players enjoyed being able to pass the ball through the target.

Both of these skills were on display in our game of keepings off this week. Zeph, Alexander and Lachlan showed some excellent dribbling skills and great passes to team mates. Harrison, Jasmine and Maia concentrated very well on the ball with sticks on the ground to trap well. Amelia, Cate and George found some great spaces away from the opposition for team mates to pass to them, and Braxton was fantastic in calling to let his players know that he was ready.

The Under 6 Joeys program is a great precursor to the next hockey season, when we anticipate that many of these players will move up to the Under 8 teams, having learnt both skills and strategies in a fun environment.

Under 8

Newtown Spirit v Kardinia

Spirit tried a ‘clock face’ approach to get around their talented Kardinia opposition in an exciting Under-8 game at Lloyd Reserve on Saturday.

After Coach Kellie asked them to position themselves “like a little clock” when they won free hits, they spread out across the field to open up play and work the ball around Kardinia. With wings Braydn and Pollyanna hanging wide at `3’ and ‘9’ on the clock and centre Summah up high at the `12’, defenders had clearer options to successfully pass the ball forward.

Half backs Michael, Avah and Juliette put in a big effort to shut down the fast-moving Kardinia outfit, which made the most of its attacking runs. Spirit’s defenders produced some clever square passes to avoid their opposition and used the width of the field when they could, firing the ball up the sidelines and into attack. There were some clever skills on show as well as great marking, with Summah and Juliette getting in front time and again to block the ball from Kardinia.

Drew, at full back, put in a pearler of a game. He combined well with Spirit’s hard-working half backs and stopped several certain goals by blocking the ball calmly and sending it out of the danger zone. He also did a great job of coming out and meeting the attack when in a one-on-one battle to protect the goals.

Drew won the Subway Best Team Player award for the game after listening carefully to Coach Kellie’s instructions, putting them into play and making good decisions under pressure. Well done Drew.

Newtown Rebels v Torquay Tornadoes

Rebels had another great match this week and are continuing to improve their skills with each game played.

In the first half both sides started well with strong attacks from both teams. Rebels kept their positions well and there were lots of opportunities for them to move forward and score. Aiden and Tommy played tirelessly, always chasing the ball and tackling well. Annabelle also took some excellent free hits. At half-time Colleen praised the team’s strong performance and stressed the importance of Rebels keeping their sticks down, calling to one another and finding space.

In the second half Rebels again moved forward well and kept up the attack. Both Sophies and Audrey worked well together, constantly chasing the ball. Neve worked well in goal, helped by Paddy who defended brilliantly. All in all, Rebels again displayed fantastic team work and had an amazing match!

Sophie B was awarded Subway Player of the Week for most improved player and never giving up.

Newtown Raiders vs Newtown Strikers

Another excellent game this week by Raiders, with concentration on the play and covering the opposition both highlighted – things we have been working on during this hockey season. Excellent defence by Lily in front of the goals stopped a number of Strikers attempts to score. Keeping sticks on the ground saw Raiders gain possession and with excellent ball control, Charlotte was able to spearhead attacks and move the ball forward. Chloe and Isabelle found some good position on the wings and Oscar made himself available in the centre. Jesse made some nice interceptions and good passes to team mates, denying Strikers the opportunity to move to the goals.

Subway Best Team Players this week went to Lily and Charlotte.

Under 10

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-11

What a fantastic effort from everyone this week as it was a completely different game compared to last time we met Torquay Tornadoes. We never gave up throughout the game.

Isla did a fantastic job in goals with some fancy foot work. Anna put into practice what we have been focusing on in training with making great passes and her trapping. Jai and Charlie had great calling to each other and worked well together passing along the side line. Amelia and Thamindu never gave up and continued to support Isla. Isabel, Eliza May and Elliott worked together brilliantly with Brandon with great tackles and passes. Amber and Ruby made a great pair through the centre field creating turnovers for Torquay. Alex had great strong passes of the ball. We caught the opposition off guard with how quickly we took our penalties.

Great game from everyone, enjoy your break and stay safe.

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong College 1-0

Will (in his first game for Spirit) with great persistence and a great pass from Nate saw the only goal of the match scored on the whistle in the first half of the game. Another great game watched from the sidelines by the parents. It was a really fabulous first half with great 2nd and 3rd efforts, fabulous positioning, picking up and controlling the ball.

There were some great improvements in marking our players and Kellie spoke about working on this in the second half. We needed to ensure that we could see our players, making sure they were in front of us so we knew where they were and then when the get the ball and turn we are right there to defend the ball.

The second half saw us hit the ball out wide, a technique we have talked about for weeks. Moving our bodies to ensure we were able to clear the ball out to the sides then allowed us to be in control of the ball with the defence in front of us. She wanted us to continue to work on holding the ball for 2-3 seconds longer before having a shot. Great game Spirit, enjoy the break.

Under 12

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 0-1

This week Spirit came up against Kardinia who were very competitive, and it was a game that proved more difficult than the team anticipated. The first half saw Kardinia crowding which meant we also crowded and  did not play our positions. We were a little frazzled to say the least and as a result Kardinia scored but not before some desperate defence from our backs and Angus who was goalie this week. Despite being frazzled our team never gave up and were persistent.

The second half was much better and the team came out raring to go. Right from the start spirit played their positions well and took a couple of seconds to look up before passing off which was lacking in the first half. The panic had disappeared and there was much more thoughtful play by everyone.

Angus had some great saves and Mia, Maggie, Edie and India were very unlucky not to convert at least twice! The perseverance from the entire Spirit team was just wonderful to watch and despite being 1-0 down they never ever gave up.  Mitchell and Lachie were solid in the back line, Daniel tackled really well in the Center, Matilda playing her 25th game ran her heart out and held onto her player really well. Oliver was solid in defence and in attack. Harry was always in a great position and ready to receive the ball. Liam received a ball to his head (off his own stick) but continued to be strong in his play. Well done everyone.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Rebels 0-5

The first half started out well for Strikers with some great play shown on both sides in the first 5 minutes. After that the ball constantly seemed to be in the Rebels half of the field testing our defensive players. Jamie, our goalie, did very well, saving 3 attempts at goal, however Rebels finally broke through with a goal later in the first half.

In the second half Rebels seemed even more confident with their dominance on the field and although Jamie saved another 3 attempts at goal, Rebels eventually found the gap another 4 times. Despite the odds, and to their credit, Strikers did not give up and finished strongly in the last 5 minutes. We were all very proud of their good attitude and positive body language.

The things we learnt in this game was to trap the ball first and take a second to find a teammate before passing. We also learnt that we need to go wide and in some cases even wider to find that perfectly positioned player and we learnt that we need to put pressure on and tackle the opposition for that ball.

A big thank you to Oliver from Spirit for helping us out as we were a bit short of players this week. He played a great game and put in a lot of effort.  For our best on field we couldn’t go past our amazing defence of Thomas, Tom and Jamie. They were really pushed to the limit, but didn’t give up and kept on trying. Their hard work saved many more goals.

We are all looking forward to a nice break over the holidays and look forward to coming back with more determination and a full team once again.

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 7-0

Newtown Spirit hosted Kardinia in their Round 8 clash at Stead Park on Saturday. Max was unavailable to play, so Spirit had one player back as a kicking defender. Coach Carl in his pre-match address asked the team for possession hockey, to practice transitioning the ball around the back, and to take some time to look up and see who’s available.

Spirit had plenty of possession and a few short corners early, with some good work from Riley, Harry, Ella, Charley and Jamie keeping the Kardinia defenders really busy. Our first goal came from a short corner, with Jamie receiving the ball and then passing back to Ella on post for the goal. This was followed by 2 goals to Harry, one from the top of the circle and another after dribbling from the mid-field right in close to goal.

Kardinia had some attacking opportunities too, but were repelled by Spirit with some good defending by Bailey and some clearing hits to the side from Ella. Harry also did some great defending at full back, then took the ball up forward to give Amelia a chance which went just wide of the goal. Amelia then got a score on the board with a nice pass from Nick, taking us to 4-0, and Jamie followed up with a pass from Ella to make it 5-0.

At half time, Carl called for quicker passes to catch the defenders off guard because we were holding the ball a little too long, and to work on the transitions from the backs. The team responded with excellent ball movement and running with numbers into attack up the wings. 2 more goals were scored, with Will hitting in to goal and Harry in great position for a deflection past the goalkeeper, and Riley scoring his first goal of the hockey season with a great strike. Final score was Newtown 7-0.

Newtown Strikers vs Golden Plains 1-4

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 3-0

With Torquay the only team to have defeated us so far in this hockey season, this was always going to be an interesting game.  The aim at the start of the game was to focus on our defence and not let them score any cheap early goals, particularly since Torquay have a handful of fast strikers.  As it turned out, they needed to be wary of us as Tom M scored a goal in the first couple of minutes.  Our defence stuck to their objectives, with Byron, Angus, Rachel, Ella and Tom C guarding the Torquay forwards and not giving them any easy opportunities to score.  We went into half time with a handy 2-0 lead after some good short passing around the D resulting in a goal for Erin.

We expected Torquay to come out hard in the second half and we had to make sure that we didn’t become complacent with a 2-0 lead.  The second half was tightly fought with both teams holding tight defences.  With few opportunities to score, Corey and Jamie combined to create an opportunity out of nowhere when Corey saw Jamie alone up in the D and sent a long ball through heavy traffic which Jamie used to drag the Torquay goalie out of the goals and set up another goal.  Great effort by the Strikers – we worked hard, helped our team mates and won the game.

Newtown Spirit Bye

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong Jaguars 2-7

Lack of players again saw Falcons grateful to Tom M, Beau and Alex who were willing to fill in. Falcons could not find their mojo for this game and Geelong began strongly. Falcons gained possession of the ball but were unable to get the game flowing and Geelong took advantage with 3 goals in the first 5 minutes. A great cross from Adham to Gus resulted in a goal and Falcons were 1-3 at half time and hoping for a reversal of fortunes.

Half-time discussions focused on positive actions to improve the game, with more calling and switching of play required. Geelong continued to attack and pressure the defence, finding spaces to pass to team mates and Falcons were unable to counteract the forward moves. There were some good passages of play but not enough to take control of the game. With a few minutes to go, and the score at 1-7, another great cross saw Adham finish off with a goal, making the final score 2-7.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Newtown Strikers 2-0

An excellent game by both teams. Falcons began well with fast running, quick free passes and excellent use of space. Great overlapping by Tiahna created space down the right side, and with Tiahna, Jess and Nicole working as a well-oiled team, Falcons had much of the play in their attacking circle early in the game. Some great crosses to the left narrowly missed their targets with Georgie and Hailey both honing in on the ball with determination.

The second half in particular saw some great defence for Strikers by goalkeeper Eichelle, keeping out many 2nd, 3rd and even 4th shots by Falcons. Great positioning and strong clearances from defence by Peta and Kylie saw Strikers gain some forward momentum, and composed play by Erin and Elese made the Falcons defence work hard. Lead by Deb with calm, controlled play and great stickwork, the Falcons defence team of Ainsley, Emma, Bec and Kellie responded to the Strikers pressure and held their positions, working well together to clear the ball from danger. Great work for Strikers by Rachael in her first Division 1 game, showing she wasn’t fazed by the opposition and making some great interceptions and passes to team mates.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 3-2

With 20 minutes before game time a slightly anxious Coach Fitzy was waiting for balls, face masks and some late comers (who for now will remain nameless). Add to this the news that Marty was resting at home after a big week of hockey and that there was some doubt about a Goalie turning up. So who do you call? Don was mentioned but he was also resting. Brodie Birse was also mentioned but unable due to double up rules.

Gwyn had been asked but due to some technical glitches his phone wasn’t able to pick up Gordo’s smoke signal the night before. In a dire situation it takes a special person to step up when needed. Enter James Wood. But where was the goalie gear? Gordo was dispatched forthwith back to the cage. Stu was dispatched forthwith to get the balls from the cage.

Rodan made a welcome return to the team and was very polite and only displayed mild bemusement at the shenanigans going on. With help from sympathetic spectators Woody was fitted out with his armour and looked somewhat like Ned Kelly as he tottered out onto the ground to face a hail of shots from the Golden Plainsmen. As the game progressed our new GK warmed to the task with a couple of great moves that amazed all involved. Many sincere thanks to Woody. He made a significant contribution to the team winning a tight game.

Goal scorers: Joe, Beau and Ian

Next week. EVERYBODY be there by 1.30 for a 2pm start.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 0-2

With Jacinta, Katelyn and Tracey returning to the team in recent weeks, Spirit are showing some great play and good teamwork. Strong defence at full back by Rachel and Tracey stopped many Golden Plains forward moves, and great marking and positioning in the midfield by Wendy and Andie saw Newtown gain possession. A first goal by Golden Plains did not dampen the enthusiasm and the effort of the Newtown defence line up who matched the speed of the opposition well.

With some improved trapping and ball control, Spirit were able to launch a number of attacks. Tireless running by Phoebe and Katie was well supported by De and Katelyn running to space to receive the ball. Peta and Kellie worked hard to contain the opposition forwards and made great passes to team mates in space, with determined play and second efforts to gain possession.