Newtown Hockey Club in 2017

The many facets of the Newtown Hockey Club are illustrated in the 2017 Annual Report, which was presented to members at the Annual General Meeting on November 23.

The Club had a very successful year, because of the contributions of many club members in a wide variety of roles – both on-field and off-field. Special thanks to the Management Committee, who each put in many hours behind the scenes. Without their efforts, the Club and the members would not enjoy such a successful year. Thanks to Claire Barnes, Andrea Crosbie, Lachlan Birse, Darren Bradbury, Penny Beckworth, Dianne Fitzgerald, Zenon Skuza, Richard Stella, Chris Stuart, Peter Stuart.

Highlights of 2017

A sustainable club.

  • The 40th Anniversary of the foundation of the Newtown City Hockey Club, and the Gala Dinner to celebrate the occasion.
  • Continuing growth of membership, with 365 members during the period of this financial year, representing a 48% increase in the past 10 years.
  • 127 new or rejoining members for the season
  • Remains the largest hockey club in Geelong and the largest hockey club in Victoria outside the Melbourne metropolitan area.
  • Come and Try hockey clinics were conducted in 9 local schools and education organisations, with over 1500 participants involved.
  • Hook In 2 Hockey programs consistently see at least 1/3 of participants join the Newtown Hockey Club and play regularly.
  • Financial management and fundraising projects have put the Club in a very sound financial situation.

Success on the field.

  • 19 teams entered in all 9 divisions of the Hockey Geelong competition
  • 9 teams participated in the Hockey Geelong Finals Series, with 5 teams winning through to the Grand Final.
  • 3 Junior Premierships and 2 Senior Runners Up placings for the season.
  • 18 members participated as players, officials or umpires at Western Wildcats Regional, State and National level.
  • 63 members of the Club contributed to the conduct of and development of hockey in Geelong as administrators, officials and players for the local competition and for Hockey Geelong representative teams.
  • Continuing recruitment and development of new umpires.

A welcoming club.

  • Potential new members have a variety of ways to try the sport before making a commitment to join the Club, with Hook In 2 Hockey, Kookas midweek, open training sessions, Saturday Social and low cost options during the summer season available.
  • Programs offered for children and adults, boys, girls, men, women, with members ranging in age from 3 to 70+
  • The only hockey club in Geelong to offer a program for boys and girls Under 6 – Joeys
  • 47.6% of Newtown Hockey Club members are female, 50% of teams have a female coach or manager, 57% of players in U6 – U10 are female, 51% of senior players are female.
  • Communication with members and promotion of the Newtown Hockey Club to the local community have improved.

Congratulations to members doing great things.

  • Sean Fitzgerald was selected in the Hockey Australia U21 Country team.
  • Jonah McKinnon named Hockey Geelong Most Improved Umpire for 2017.
  • Craig Molyneux was inducted into the Hockey Geelong Hall of Fame, well deserved recognition for his contribution to hockey in Geelong over many years.
  • Claire Barnes had a very memorable year. She was awarded an Order of Australia medal in June for service to hockey, and played her 700th game for Newtown Hockey Club in September, setting a new club record.
  • Chris Stuart was awarded Life Membership of the Newtown City Hockey Club. Chris has served the Club exceptionally well for 27 years, with roles as team manager, Kiosk supervisor, Catering Manager, fundraising organiser, Management Committee member. Huge thanks Chris for your dedication, your enthusiasm and your support for the Club.
  • Many thanks to Dianne Fitzgerald who has given 11 years of excellent service to the Club as the Uniforms and Equipment co-ordinator. Dianne is now taking a well-earned rest.


newtown hockey

Chris Stuart – awarded Life Membership of Newtown Hockey Club

Sponsors and Supporters

Thanks to the organisations and businesses who have provided support during this year.

Just Hockey

Browns Mensland

Horton Automotive

HF Richardson

City of Greater Geelong

Rebel Sport


Novotel Geelong

Nardi Produce Pty Ltd

On to 2018 …….

Congratulations to the Committee who have been appointed to lead the Club for the 2017/2018 year. We appreciate your commitment and value your time and effort.

President: Claire Barnes

Secretary: Andrea Crosbie

Treasurer: Lachlan Birse

Committee members: Darren Bradbury, Penny Beckworth, Peta Hanley, Zenon Skuza, Chris Stuart, Peter Stuart

There are many areas where members can assist, and offer their time on a one-off or a semi-regular basis. We are especially looking for volunteers to assist with uniform and equipment sales, and we have vacancies for Vice President plus 1 committee member. If you have some time to help, please let us know.

Nomination for Office

2017 Hockey Season – Grand Final

 The 2017 hockey season finished on a high for the Newtown Hockey Club, with 3 Premierships and 2 Runners Up placings. Congratulations to all the teams who played on Grand Final day, and to all of the teams and players who represented the Club in this hockey season.


Under 12

Newtown Rebels vs Bellarine Lightning 3-2

An all-round team performance saw Newtown Rebels run out Premiers with a 3-2 win over Bellarine Lightning.

It was a tense first half for both players and supporters! Early on, Lightning had much of the ball, and it wasn’t until late in the first half that Newtown started to put some serious pressure on the Lightning defence. The first goal of the game was an excellent follow-up goal from Kiah after a short corner.

The second half saw Brandon and Harry score goals to take the score to 3-0, and give the Rebels some breathing space. Newtown were starting to look as though they might be comfortable winners, but Lightning had other ideas. With around 8 mins to go, Lightning scored two ‘lightning’ fast goals, one after the other, to bring the score to 3-2.

Rebels showed tremendous calm, way beyond their years, and more than can be said for the supporters who were just a little nervous!!! With only 30 seconds to go, the ball was again deep in Lightning’s forward half. Clever thinking saw a pass to Harry who cleared the ball, sending it safely to Newtown’s forward half. The clearance was followed shortly by the umpires final whistle.

It has been a fantastic hockey season for the Rebels team. The team has worked hard and listened to their coaches. Thank you to AJ and all coaches who have so kindly given their time. Thank you also to all of the parents – your support has been very much appreciated. Go Rebels!!!

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 3-1

Newtown Spirit played Golden Plains in the U14 Grand Final, their 3rd head-to-head game in 4 weeks. Golden Plains had the most recent win 2 weeks ago, so Spirit knew they needed to work hard, and the crowd was buzzing with anticipation.

From the start, Spirit looked to be more determined, as they were first to the ball and their passing was very accurate. Some early highlights from the first half were Charley and Nick teaming up on the right wing to take us deep into attack, and Riley and Harry keeping Golden Plains under pressure. Charley, Claudia, Grace and Harley worked well in the midfield and took the ball up into attack. Good passing from Will to Nick, and then Harry took the ball into the half-circle and drew a short corner. From the short corner, Jamie had a mis-hit but then steadied for another hit to score a goal.

Golden Plains bounced back immediately and had a chance of their own but the hit was wide. Through tight defence from Angus, Harley, Ella, Bailey and Amelia, Spirit was able to keep the play forward for the remainder of the half, and we had a few attacking chances but no further scores.

In the second half, Golden Plains had a hit on goal within the first minutes, but Max’s goalkeeping reflexes were great and he kicked the ball clear. Sam was able to get clear in attack soon after and hit the ball past Golden Plains’ goalie to give Spirit a 2-0 lead. Spirit’s passing in the second half was again a stand-out. Ella, Sam, Amelia, Jamie all shared the ball around and showed great use of the ball that was missing a little in the first 2 finals matches.

Will was persistent in attack and hit our 3rd goal. As they do at stoppages, Golden Plains again got the jump on us, and passed through our defence to goal, making the score 3-1. Golden Plains then had a few short corners but they were well defended. Then it was Newtown’s turn to have 2 short corners, but also without any score. With the final siren, the score was Newtown Spirit 3 to Golden Plains 1.

It’s been great to see Coaches Carl and Darren mould this group of young players into an excellent team of good sports, and we look forward to their continued development in future hockey seasons. Well done U14 Newtown Spirit.

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 2-1

The big day finally arrived.  To our dismay, we had a setback even before the game started when we found out that Angus had broken his hand the day before the game!  In our warm up talk we focused on two things; (a) Torquay would come at us hard from the start as they had done during our previous encounters, and (b) we would only win this game if we played at no less than 100% intensity.  We reinforced amongst ourselves that we had to play a tight defence from the very start as the first goal would be all important.

And as we expected, Torquay attacked with all barrels blazing.  The first half was like trench warfare with Torquay attacking us with rapid fire.  It’s not the way we normally like to play but Torquay forced us into this approach.  Fortunately our defence was strongly led by Luka and Corey who made sure that all of the key Torquay forwards were marked tightly and kept Torquay from scoring.  Callum, Byron and Ollie took on the task of keeping the key Torquay forwards scoreless which they had successfully achieved at half time.  Rachael S and Declan made sure that their opposing wingers did not get any cheap shots at goal.  We managed to break through into our forward line every now and again in the first half but they tagged our forwards Tom, Sam and Erin so tightly that we were starting to get frustrated with the lack of freedom that we normally experience.

Early in the second half, Torquay managed to sneak a goal.  It wasn’t their best shot at goal for the day but nevertheless the ball found itself on the wrong side of the baseline in the net.  Now at this point in time, an average team would have hung their heads after trying so hard and not getting on the score board.  However the Strikers saw this differently.  They knew that Torquay would be so overjoyed after working so hard and scoring the first goal that they might temporarily drop their guard.  Suddenly the game opened up and started to look more like our preferred way to play in the open fields instead of in the trenches.  We started working the ball out wide and linking our passes nicely.

We eventually earned a short corner and knew that this was now the time to look into our collection or arsenal to find some high-tech weaponry; and we found Rachel V.  Poised at the top of the D, Tom sent a firm straight pass to Rachel.  “Smack” went the ball when she struck it and “thud” it went as it hit the back of the net.  We celebrated briefly but knew we were only half way there, so we rolled up our sleeves and got straight back to business.  Torquay were probably in shock at this point because they were not expecting this.  Again, this was the opportunity to hurry up and score another goal.  We played it back and forward a bit more whilst the game still resembled our preferred open game.

With 5 minutes remaining in the game, Jonah eventually spotted Jamie up high and fired a long range pass to him.  Suddenly Jamie was one-on-one against the goalie.  Eager to join the party of goal-scorers with his sister, Jamie kept his cool, controlled the ball nicely under pressure and tip-toed around the goalie to put the ball in the net.  Again, we only had a short celebration because this time Torquay woke up and we had to roll up our sleeves and get back into the trenches to fight them off.  They came blazing at us again for the last 5 minutes, however our defence that worked so tirelessly in the first half staved off the barrage.

Some may think we were lucky to win this game because Torquay had so many more chances than us.  But on reflection we won because in the face of adversity we persisted and never gave up.  Our defence just relentlessly kept doing what they had to do and our forwards kept their chins up when things were not going their way and waited for the right opportunity.  A very well deserved win to a fantastic team of players.  You did it and you deserved it!

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 0-7

What a good night for a hockey game. We started the game very well, moving the ball from one side to the other. Falcons had some chances and some short corners but could not convert them to a score. The high intensity pace of the game saw both teams working hard and both had attacking chances early in the game. Falcons forwards made space but a lack of calling meant Torquay were able to mark our players and delayed passes were cut off.

Campbell was under pressure in goals from the beginning and made many great saves in the first half. Torquay were able to convert their opportunities and the score at half time was 0-3. Falcons continued to use back passes and switches well to get the ball out of defence and try to find a way into attack. A great shot by Nic M was saved at chest height by the Torquay keeper. Some nice work by Alex in good position, and overlapping to get the ball into attack. Solid defence by Sean and a great ball to space found Tom P leading to pick it up and into attack, but no result on the score board.

Newtown continued to attack in the second half, but still couldn’t find a way to goal. Torquay continued to attack and added 2 more goals – 0-5.  Some great work by Zed got the ball into attack and Newtown earned a number of short corners and chances in front of goal.  A pass from Zed went across the face of goal, unfortunately without any  Falcons stick connecting. Falcons continued to work hard with Leo and Clarke getting the ball forward but without success on the score board. Torquay continued to mount attacks and put the defence under pressure. Lachie and Sean were able to gain possession and prevent a score but Torquay’s tight marking made it difficult to mount any significant attacks.

As the game came to a close the score on the board showed 7-0 to Torquay. Falcons played very well but could not convert the chances. Without Campbell’s efforts in goals, the score would have been even higher.

Congratulations to Falcons on finishing 2nd, after a difficult year. A focus on regular team selection and training will help Falcons in their aim to do even better in 2018.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Red 1-2

2017 Hockey Season – Preliminary Finals

Getting even closer to the end of the hockey season, and the excitement is building, with our teams keeping the crowds entranced right to the end.

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 2-1

Torquay applied great intensity from the first whistle and they had more possession of the ball early in the game. Jamie had a hit from the top of the D in the first minutes which was wide, but overall both teams were evenly matched. Charley gave a great pass off to Harry who weaved through the Torquay defence to score a goal.

The rest of the first half was a tough slog from both teams. Torquay’s one-on-one defence made it difficult for Spirit to have their usual fast-flowing and passing game. There were short corners awarded to both teams but neither could break through for a goal for the remainder of the half.

At half-time, coaches Carl and Darren asked the team to run hard and to be on the run when we are awarded free hits, and in defence to have our sticks down with knees bent.

Torquay came out firing in the second half and with a good pass deep into attack, they goaled to make the score 1-1. Spirit rebounded with a good pass from Jamie to Will but Will’s reverse-stick hit was defended. Torquay then had a series of short corners, all of which Spirit were able to hold off. When Spirit then went forward, they had a few unlucky misses with Claudia perfectly placed on post to receive a pass from Jamie. Jamie’s hit off a short corner went to Ella but the bouncing ball got away from her. Sam, Will and Grace also had some good play up forward where we had a few short corners. Unfortunately we couldn’t convert, and Will’s hit at goal went wide.

With scores locked at 1-1 after the second half, we went into extra time for a golden goal. Spirit immediately went into attack with Harry drawing the Torquay goalie out very far from goals. Harry was able to get the ball out to Jamie who drew a short corner. Ella delivered the short corner out to Jamie who made no mistake, scoring a goal and putting Spirit through to the Grand Final.

It’s sure to be a great contest against Golden Plains and we hope to see a huge crowd cheering for the U14 Spirit team on Saturday.

Under 17

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-4

Torquay used pace and space to create attacks from the beginning of the game, with slick passing to switch the play. Spirit defended valiantly, with Oliver and Hudson cutting off many Torquay attacks and stopping shots at goal. They were well backed up by goalkeeper Max who made many saves. The midfield defence of Caleb, Jemma and Cassidy cleared the ball out of deep defence time and again and sent Spirit toward goal.

Some great through passes by Hudson and Oscar found Miles running hard, picking up the ball and threatening the Torquay defence.  Great positioning and persistence by Harry, Olivia, Brianna and Emily won the ball for Spirit. Their efforts sent the ball into the forward half and there were some promising advances into attack. There were opportunities from good play in the circle but sticks just failed to connect.

Congratulations to Newtown Spirit on a great effort in this hockey season. Bring on 2018.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints 3-1

This was a great game from both teams. Falcons came to play some great hockey, with very good passing, calling and switching the play from one side to the other. This is the type of play the team has been aiming for all this hockey season.

Our first goal came from a variation on a short corner, which Leo scooped into the net and the score was 1-0. Some good running off the ball into space by all the forwards was great to see. There were plenty of attacks from Saints, stopped dead by our goalkeeper, Campbell.

A quick chat at half time and the team were ready to go into the second half with renewed determination. Some great running by Niko earned a penalty stroke, which Sean took, but unfortunately it was saved by the Saints keeper. 10 minutes later, there was another penalty stroke after Tom met with some determined opposition from Saints. Clarke executed successfully and the score was 2-0.

Saints returned to the attack and finished with a goal, 2-1. A quick free hit from Alex to Leo, and passes to Gus, then to Zed got the ball into the circle. A reverse stick hit by Zed under the diving goalkeeper was finished off by Adham who was running to the post, resulting in a fantastic team goal.

A 100% effort by all players, from defence to forward line was fantastic to see, earning the team a well deserved win and passage to the Grand Final. Well done everyone.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 3-2

So we have one more game to go for the hockey season. The Spirit players are playing with great spirit within themselves but they can also see that constructive teamwork is a successful formula. Midfielder Callum McWaters scored the winning goal in the first period of Golden goal time on. A captain’s goal.

The game had been tight, and Torquay had many penalty corners. Many shots were saved by much improved goalkeeper Brodie Birse. Our field goals were set up from defence with skilful link up through midfield and accurate crosses in the scoring circle. This was great work to beat a worthy opponent who deserved to finish on top of the ladder.

Form can be elusive at times. There were moments in the game where doubt could have taken over. However there is a strong work ethic to keep at it. We move on quickly to win the next passage of play. So this was a great effort by all to make the Grand Final. We have now beaten every team in the competition this year.

Relax and enjoy the Grand Final day this week.


Grand Finals This Week

Grand Final Day on Saturday September 16 promises to be a very exciting one for Newtown Hockey Club and a great finish to the 2017 hockey season. We have teams participating in 5 of the 7 Hockey Geelong competitions, so come along and cheer them on. The first match starts at 8.15 am with U12 Newtown Rebels on the field, and the last match for the day features the D1 Men Newtown Falcons at 5.30 pm.

Check the fixture here  ……..

2017 Hockey Season – Semi-Finals

The 2017 hockey season has nearly reached its conclusion, and the Club was very proud to have 9 teams participating in the Semi-Finals for the 7 divisions of Hockey Geelong competition.


The Kookas games are continuing until the end of term, and will restart again in Term 4.  Tom and Lennie combined really well this week with some great passing and good recognition of who and when to pass the ball to.  Brayden continues to show good ball control skills and is always thinking of ways to outwit his opponent and help his team gain the advantage.

Under 12

Newtown Rebels vs Kardinia 5-0

Newtown Rebels have moved through to the U/12 Grand Final with a 5-0 win over Kardinia.  It was an exciting game with both teams not willing to yield early on.  Eventually Rebels broke through with a fantastic goal from Harry.  Luca was solid at full back, rebounding many of Kardinia’s attacks, and Mai showed plenty of hustle in the last line of defence.  As a sweeper, Harry created numerous attacking opportunities with long, angled passes to team mates ready to pounce and attack, and as always, was dangerous in attack.

When Kardinia had the ball, Imogen and Lachlan placed tremendous pressure on the opposition, creating mistakes and turnovers.  Olivia and Sam provided plenty of drive through the back and middle half of the pitch, penetrating the wall put up by Kardinia with their silky skills.  As they have throughout the season, Basyl and Brandon worked in tandem to move the ball along the right wing, finishing with fast, driving passes to teammates.

In the forward half, Kiah’s work rate was outstanding finishing with one goal to her name, and contributing to several other attempts from passes to her team mates.  Likewise, Adele played an outstanding game, her attack on the ball created several turnovers, which she cleaned up with some excellent passing.  Teijai worked tirelessly in the D and several times unselfishly passed to team mates in better positions, one of which resulted in a sharp goal from Brandon waiting on the post.

It has been amazing to watch the team develop over this hockey season.  Well done to all the Rebels players for making it to the Grand Final!!!

Newtown Strikers vs Bellarine Lightning 1-2

Great season Strikers! Well it was certainly a tough and tense 2nd semi-final that played out to determine who would be playing Kardinia in the Preliminary final next week. Right from the start Bellarine dominated in the centre and Strikers defence were worked very hard to clear that ball out of the danger zone. Unfortunately for Strikers, Bellarine found the gap on 2 occasions giving them a comfortable lead at half time.

Strikers fired up in the second half and it was Bellarines’ turn to work their defence. Rory finally scored a lovely goal to give the Strikers some hope. There were a few narrow misses by the Strikers in the dying minutes of the game and although we finally had the momentum going, time ran out.

The standout players were Rory who put 100% effort into his game, Jack who came close to scoring a number of times and never gave up and Adam who was fearless and ran hard all game. A special mention to Jamie too who did an awesome job as goalie once again.

What a great game to end the 2017 hockey season. We are all so proud of our wonderful, talented team and look forward to seeing them all on the field in the future.

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 1-3

Spirit were favourites for this match coming off last week’s 10-1 win against Golden Plains. With a Grand Final spot on the line, nerves were high. We were bolstered with the return of Amelia and Max, but Jamie and Grace were away.

Golden Plains started well early and with an extra fast attacker since last week, they spent a lot of the first half in attack. This forced Spirit to do more switching in the back half which they executed well. Half-way through the first half Golden Plains were able to get the ball clear to one of their fast attackers, who got clear of our defenders and put the ball past Max to take Golden Plains to 1-0. A minute later, Golden Plains were into attack again but the hit was wide of the goal.

Spirit had some opportunities, with Amelia tackling well, then passing the ball to Charley and then Sam in attack, but Golden Plains’ defence was impenetrable. Harry attempted a tomma at the top of the D which was defended. Charley, Sam and Nick also saw some action in attack and Will’s pass to Sam enabled Spirit to earn 2 short corners in succession. But we couldn’t get through their strong defence in the D.

Golden Plains again pushed into attack, and while Spirit was able to defend a few hits on goal, Golden Plains drew a short corner and made no mistake to give them a 2-0 lead at half time.

Coach Carl asked for harder running, as Golden Plains were beating us with their speed through the midfield into attack. We were also holding the ball too long, giving Golden Plains the chance to crowd us out in attack.

In the second half, Spirit stepped up and Harry had a hit on goal early which was defended right on the goal line. Spirit sticks tried desperately to get the ball over the line and we received a penalty corner. Will took the corner and passed to Harry who made no mistake with a tomma to give Spirit their first goal. Golden Plains recovered and were again in attack but Harley and Ella did well to push their attackers out to the right and the hit was wide of the goal.

Will and Sam then had entries into the half circle, and a short corner was awarded, but we couldn’t capitalise. The game continued in this back and forth fashion with short corners and great defending on both sides, until Golden Plains were able to get a ball to a fast attack who ran past our defenders and tapped in a goal.

The final score was 1-3.  Spirit now goes into an elimination final against Torquay on Saturday.

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-3

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 2-0

We are now at the business end of the hockey season.  Unfortunately we had 2 players become unavailable at short notice; luckily we still had one on the bench and plenty of depth in the team.  Before the game, we talked about the importance of not letting Torquay get any easy goals early and that the first goal in a final is very valuable.  We felt that if we got the first goal then Torquay would feel under pressure and cause some of their key players to get a little more desperate.  Both teams played very well in the first half with good movement through the mid-field.  We ticked our box when Corey scored a goal midway thought he first half.  We maintained good control through the remainder of the first half and limited Torquay’s scoring chances to half time.

The second half started similarly to how the first half went – a very tight arm wrestle.  We managed to get another goal through Jamie about 10 minutes into the second half to really put the squeeze on Torquay.  To our dismay, Corey came off injured around about the same time as jamie’s goal.  From that point on, Torquay really started to press and most of the play in the last 15 minutes was in our defensive half.  Matters got worse as a couple of our players got carded.  Fortunately some cool heads prevailed with Erin and Jamie dropping back to help the defenders as Torquay piled on the pressure.    Torquay kept penetrating into our defensive D, but between some great saves by Luka and awesome tackles/clearances from Callum, Byron and Ollie, somehow we managed to keep Torquay scoreless.

It was a fantastic game by Strikers given we had a few of the more experienced players out of the game and the week off will be very beneficial to let a few players recover from injury.  Next stop – the Grand Final!  Well done team.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 1-0

Our matches with Kardinia throughout the 2017 hockey season had been close encounters with narrow winning margins and this game proved no different. Newtown absorbed significant pressure in the first 10 minutes of the game and were able to weather the storm and eventually start winning possession. Both teams had shots on goal but the goal keepers were equal to the task with the half time score 0:0.

The second half continued in the same fashion with multiple attacks on goal from both teams but excellent work by the fullbacks and goal keepers kept the score at 0:0 at end of the second half. The game then moved into extra time and a golden goal scenario. Kardinia started with possession but Tom was able to intercept the ball in the Kardinia half and pass to Miles who scored the winning goal.

The result puts us into the semi-final against Torquay this weekend coming and we stand every chance of making it through to the grand final, if we can maintain the excellent defensive effort shown against Kardinia. Great work by all, let’s keep the momentum going.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong Jaguars 4-2

A late game on Saturday meant we had to be on our game. We started off the game at a very fast pace, with some good defence skills from Lachie, Sean, Leo, Pat and Alex, and great keeping by Campbell which kept Geelong at bay.

Some good work from Jimmy, Zed, Niko and Tom P resulted in a goal, 1-0. Then good play from Geelong caught us napping and it was 1-1. A short corner from Falcons which Jimmy scored with a lovely drag flick put us 2-1 up at the break.

Half time chat focused on controlling the pace of the game, and letting the ball do the work. The second half saw great benefit from switching the play and slowing the play, resulting in another goal, 3-1. Geelong came back at pace and caught the defence out to score, 3-2.

There was plenty of calling and passing from the forwards, which earned a short corner and a goal, leaving 4-2 as the final score. Great goalkeeping from Campbell, and without his efforts the game could have finished with Geelong up and Falcons out of the finals race. Falcons will need to work hard this week against Saints to make it to the Grand Final, but we look forward to a great game with a good finish for this hockey season.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 1-2

Falcons approached this game with some optimism given our recent matches against this opposition. However, with some of our regular players unavailable, we were thankful to have Peta and Kellie filling in. The game began well with neither team dominating the possession.  Saints forward moves were met early by Deb, Emma P, Tiahna and Ainsley and turned into attack for Falcons. Deb’s great reach and ball control skills were a pleasure to watch.  Marking of opponents was fairly tight, not allowing Saints any great latitude in attack. A number of Saints shots at goal were well defended and cleared by Falcons. Saints first goal came when a forward managed to elude their marker and a strong shot found the net.

Falcons continued to work hard in the second half, with Georgia and Kellie providing great options for team mates to move the ball out of defence. Peta’s determination and occasional burst of speed helped to create opportunities to attack. Great running by Hailey, Elese and Shannon and good positioning by Amanda got the ball into the circle and there were some narrow misses when the ball went across the face of goal on a number of occasions. Falcons earned 6 or 7 short corners but were not able to capitalise on them. Late in the game, Hailey was able to put a goal on the board and although Falcons continued their great efforts, the game finished with a win to Saints.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Bellarine Storm 4-1

2017 Hockey Season – August 26 & 27

The last home and away match for the 2017 hockey season saw some fantastic efforts from all our teams, showing how much players have worked as a team and improved during the year.


Coming to the end of this term of Kookas games, and players were perhaps a little tired this week. There were some great examples of teamwork and good play with Tom making some nice free passes and recognising when and where to pass the ball to the advantage of his team. Ebony continues to show fantastic understanding of the strategies of hockey, and her running to space creates many opportunities to move play forward. Braydn made some great traps and is always thinking about deception and ball control tricks to outwit the opposition. Lennie’s desire to get the ball and be able to pass it well has improved each week.

Under 8

Newtown Spirit v Kardinia Kangaroos

Spirit marked the end of the U8 winter hockey season with arguably its best game ever in a showcase of skill against talented Kardinia Kangaroos at Lloyd Reserve on Saturday. Playing at full strength, Spirit revealed just how much the team had developed over the 2017 competition. By keeping to their positions, players created room to move the ball across the field. With Baxter effective in defence as sweeper, Braydn standing strong in front of goals and a half-back line of Michael, Avah and Pollyanna, the team withstood many strong attacks by the opposition.

Pollyanna was in fine form, trapping the ball and firing it to well-positioned teammates including one shot to Avah that led to her goaling. Braydn made sensible selections from free hits that found Spirit targets eager to launch into attack. Wings Drew and Juliette hugged the sidelines, latching onto wide passes and helping Spirit move the ball effectively around their opposition while Summah provided attacking power at centre forward.

At half time Coach Kellie praised her players for their calling and marking and for creating space through good positioning. She then shuffled player positions before the action restarted.

Centre forward Braydn celebrated the beginning of the second half with a great individual run and goal – his first ever in U8 competition – and his beaming smile was a game highlight for Newtown spectators on the sidelines. Michael, full back, showed why he is such a valuable player for Spirit with excellent defensive work under pressure during impressive attacks by Kardinia Kangaroos. He cleared the ball away safely time and again.

All Spirit players displayed good passing and tackling during the competitive game, as did their opposition. In one example of fantastic linked play Avah, in her last U8 game before she moves up to U10s, sent the ball to Drew, who pushed it to Pollyanna with great accuracy. She then delivered a smashing cross to Juliette on the right. It was just one example of how Spirit has learnt to navigate the ball effectively around opposition players during the course of the year. And it was wonderful to watch.

After the final whistle Coach Kellie labelled the game “really great” and applauded players for getting their sticks down, tackling well and getting into effective clock-face positions.
“Really well done – I’m so impressed,’’ she said. While the whole team played strongly, Coach Kellie shone the spotlight on Braydn’s “beautiful game” over both halves, drawing attention to his ball control and ability to take time and think before passing. She awarded Pollyanna the Subway Best Team Player award, saying it was her best match for the year and one characterised by fantastic traps, good use of the ball and clever positioning.

Congratulations to Spirit for a great winter season and many thanks to Coach Kellie for helping shape this band of young players into a skilful squad with a strong love of hockey. “The important thing to me is if you had fun,” she said. “I really hope to see you all here next year and I love being able to watch you develop over the season.” Thank you also to the team’s supporters on the sidelines every week for their positive contribution to the junior competition. It is much appreciated.

Newtown Rebels Bye

Newtown Raiders vs Torquay Tornadoes

What a great team effort this week by Raiders. It’s especially nice to see players showing great sportsmanship and happily volunteering to play for the opposition team when they are short of players – thanks Isabelle and Oscar.

Thanks to Genevieve who joined us for this game from Rebels, and was always focused on the ball and ready to gain possession and move into attack for Raiders. Great running by Charlotte and Oscar, with Chloe making some nice traps on the wing. Oliver and Jesse showed us some great ball control skills and strong passes. Hannah did a great job at full back, keeping the ball away from goals and passing quickly for free hits.

In the second half, Isabelle moved into midfield defence, taking the free hits well and looking for teammates in space. Lily helped out in defence in front of goals, and was very effective in meeting the ball early and clearing the ball to the side to limit Torquay’s scoring ability.

The improvement shown during this hockey season by all these players was very pleasing, and congratulations to them all on their efforts. Best Team Player Award went to Lily this week, with great focus and concentration on the play.

Under 10

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 3-7

We knew the opposition was going to be tough today…..but coach Kellie and parents were very impressed with everyone’s game, it was certainly an exciting match to watch from the sidelines. We had some excellent positioning and decision making. We were moving the ball well, with our sticks down and having some brilliant 2nd and 3rd attempts at the ball. Also we were getting to the ball early but Kellie encouraged the team to take an extra moment to see where we were going to pass it because we were sending it back to quickly, at times, into a ‘sea of orange top’ players.

The second half saw us score our second goal against Torquay and you could see the team lift and even though it was a tough opposition Spirit didn’t let that phase them right through the half. Our third goal saw Max in a lone run towards goal and Hana in a perfect square position to receive the ball…….seconds later Hana delivered a great through pass to Max which saw him goal.

Best Team Player Awards went to Scarlett and Bella. What a great team the Spirit has turned out to be……..congratulations on a great hockey season! Thank you Kellie and we look forward to picking up where we left off in 2018.

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay Tornadoes 0-3

Thank you to everyone involved in Strikers season this year. We hope you enjoyed yourself and we hope to see you for summer hockey or next season. Good luck to those moving up age groups, we wish you all the best.

Tornadoes got an early goal in the game which saw our team refocus and put more pressure on. Great passes from Ruby and Alex throughout the game created some attempts on goals and a lot of short corners in the later part of the game. Thamindu backed up Isla in goals and saved multiple attempts on goals from the Tornadoes. Amelia, Isabel and Eliza kept the ball moving and showed some good blocking skills. Charlie and Jai worked the mid field together with lots of calling and teamwork. Anna and Amber both saw options to get the turnover and then push on quickly. Emma on the wing made great position and getting in front of her opponent and constantly moving and Elliott worked further on her defensive game. Unfortunately our attempts on goals didn’t covert but the team showed how much they have developed over the season. Again thank you for a wonderful season.

Under 12

Newtown Rebels vs Kardinia 3-0

Second-placed Newtown Rebels played against ladder leader Kardinia on Saturday. The teams were very evenly matched with the ball moving back and forth across the pitch into each team’s forward line. There were some early penetrations from Rebels with Sam drawing a short corner and Patrick taking a shot from the top of the D. Kardinia also had a few short corners which were defended well by Rebels. Rebels eventually got a score on the board via Harry taking the ball into attack and making a nice cross to Brandon who scored.

At half time, Sam said the Rebels intensity was great, and they kept it up in the second half. Lachlan and Imogen gave some nice passes on the wings as did Kiah, Pat and Adele up forward, which saw Adele score our second goal. Kardinia kept attacking and had a few penalty corners but couldn’t capitalise. Harry and Luca were great in defence, and when Luca fell heavily mid-way through the half, Pat took his place and also defended well. Rebels’ final goal came from a nice run by Basyl through the centre, passing to Teijai on post to tap the ball past the goalie.

Coach AJ was really happy with the passing from all the team, and he encouraged the team to keep it up as we meet Kardinia again next Saturday for our first final of this hockey season.

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong College 2-0

Congratulations Strikers! Well it was another inspiring game by Strikers to cement their place in the finals. The first half was a hard fought battle to score with Geelong College making it difficult for Strikers. There were quite a few near misses by Strikers and Geelong College attacked strongly on a number of occasions but our ever reliable back line held firm and Ruby, our goalie, made a few great saves.

In the second half we came on stronger and finally managed to score through Chloe and her new trademark goal. Shortly after there was some very skillful play by Adam that created an opportunity for Rory to score. Geelong College attacked strongly in the final minutes and thankfully for us the whistle blew ending the match.

Best on ground went to Chloe, followed by Rory for his hard work and Jamie for being our ‘secret weapon’.

It was another entertaining and skillful match to watch and it was a pleasure seeing how far our team has progressed and improved throughout this hockey season. We are very proud of the way they have played as a team right from the start of the season and have bonded and worked hard together to become the wonderful team they are. We are very much looking forward to playing in our first final.

Newtown Spirit vs Bellarine Lightning 0-1

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 10-1

Golden Plains were expected to come out firing and they didn’t disappoint, with their fast forwards getting through and having a hit which luckily was wide, in the first 2 minutes. Spirit weren’t rattled, and immediately returned fire with a nice sequence of passes from Harry, Claudia, Will back to Harry and finally Charley who put the ball past the goalie. Golden Plains had another hit on goal which was wide, and then Spirit took the ball forward and Jamie had a nice hit from the top right of the D to take the score to 2-nil. Golden Plains had another attack and this time were successful, making the score 2-1, and by half time Spirit had a 3-1 lead after Jamie scored from a short corner.

In the second half, Spirit scored through Will early, which really took the wind out of Golden Plains’ sails. Their goalie did really well against many Spirit attacks, but Spirit still managed to add 7 goals in the second half through Harry (5), Sam (1) and Will (1) giving a final score of 10-1. Coach Carl congratulated the team on their really strong performance and asked them to maintain that level of intensity for the finals.

It was good to see Spirit do some switching off the ball in the back half, with Bailey, Ella, Harley, Nick and Sam putting into practice some of the plays Coach Carl has been wanting to see. Ella also did really well to stop their key attackers and to clear the ball out of defence on multiple occasions. Thanks to Ruby from U12 Strikers for being goalie for the day, she did a fantastic job for the team.

Hopefully we’ll have Amelia, Angus, Max and Grace return on Sunday for our rematch with Golden Plains in our first final.

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-6

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 6-1

It was great to see the full team of Strikers who have qualified for the finals arrive to play, meaning we could have a full dress rehearsal before the finals start next week.  We got off to a bit of a nervous start with Spirit breaking through our defences early in the game and getting the first goal on the board.  We didn’t react particularly well to this initially and many of our players looked tense and struggling to get into their normal rhythm.  Spirit threatened us continuously in the first 15 minutes with most of the play in our defensive half.  Our defenders played well though and stuck to our game plan.  Declan and Rachael S showed great discipline manning their opposing wings who stayed up high.  We eventually found our rhythm and went into half time with a 2-1 lead.

At the half time break, we felt we had not really hit our peak yet.  We took a deep breath and backed ourselves that if we focus on what we have been doing well all year (leading, passing, calling) then the results will come – and they did.  There was some great linking up through the mid-field via Corey and Callum.  It was great to see a good spread of goal scorers with goals to Jonah (2), Jamie (1), Erin (1), Angus (1) and Tom (1).  It was good to see the team keep their heads up and push on when they were down and when they didn’t feel that things were going their way.

Well done to the team for finishing this hockey season on top of the ladder.  We have a big game against Torquay next week in the first week of the finals; we will need to show the same determination to win that game.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 1-6

The first half was an evenly matched affair with neither team dominating possession. Spirit were first to score when Miles took matters into his own hands and carved through the Strikers defence, however Strikers equalised soon after via a short corner.

The second half looked like a different game as Strikers had the majority of possession and were able to pile on pressure and goals throughout the half. Despite the best efforts of stand-in goal keeper Tom, Strikers scored 5 further goals to end the game 6:1 up.

With the winter blues behind us we can hopefully field a full strength team this weekend coming for the start of the final series, which will allow us to play everyone in their preferred positions, and give us our best chance of progressing beyond the first week of finals.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay Tornadoes 4-1

Well you couldn’t have asked for a better end to the hockey season. We’ll ignore the fact that Torquay only had 9 players as that was the handicap that we’ve had to endure a number of times this season.

The game was played at a quick pace with Torquay focusing on offensive pressure which we were able to use to our advantage every time there was a turn over, attacking in numbers resulting in a number of impressive team goals.

After the game it was great to have most of the team stick around for an end of season catch up, reminiscing over the season that was. It was a tough year but I couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s determination and positivity regardless of the outcome of the games.

Good luck to the other Newtown sides that made the finals this season, we’ll be cheering you onto success.

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 2-2

Falcons began the game in anticipation of a good game, with a full team plus interchange being a rarity. The game started at a great pace with Falcons earning a short corner, and Clarke scored the first goal with a strong drag flick. 5 minutes later, Saints replied after some loose marking and the score was 1-1.

Play continued to seesaw and there were some great chances created by both teams which had the coach ‘oohing and aahing’. Some nice passing out of defence to forwards in space in the D saw Clarke with a nice quick pass to Niko who made no mistake and scored, and the scoreboard said 2-1.

Falcons came out after the half time chat, aiming to chase the ball carrier down and limit Saints ability to move forward. The game continued at a quick pace, with both teams still creating chances in the scoring circle. There was plenty of switching, calling and passing and this was a great feature of this game. With 3 minutes to go in the game, Saints managed to find space in front of goal and scored to even the game at 2-2.

A great effort by Falcons, with lots of opportunities created, but unable to finish with the result on the scoreboard which the play deserved. Well done all.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons Bye

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars 0-5

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Red 0-0

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay Tornadoes 5-0 (forfeit)

A win is a win, but Spirit were disappointed not to be playing our last game of the season after such a pleasing game the previous week. Thanks to all the Spirit players for their efforts and perseverance this season, even during the games where we were under pressure with low numbers of players.