Annual General Meeting 2018

Members are invited to attend the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Newtown City Hockey, at 7.30 pm on Thursday November 22, at Stead Park, Corio.

Share the triumphs and highlights of the year, and give us your comments and suggestions to make 2019 even better.

Why would you want to attend?

  • Find out about the Club’s activities during 2018.
  • Receive a copy of the 2018 Annual Report and Financial Report.
  • Help start planning for a fantastic season in 2019.
  • Initiate discussion of any issues or problems within the Club
  • Enjoy a delicious supper and a chat with fellow members.

Members are invited to volunteer for a role within the Club or a committee position for 2019, but your attendance at the meeting will not place you under any obligation.
View the agenda here or nominate for a position on the Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Committee member).
If you are unable to attend, please submit a proxy form prior to the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting will be followed by a General Meeting, which will include discussion about the items raised in the Member Satisfaction Survey. All comments and suggestions from members will be greatly appreciated.

Just One Thing
With the release of the G21 Regional Hockey Strategy, there are big things and important actions on the horizon for Newtown City Hockey Club.
You are invited to participate in our “Just One Thing” campaign for 2019.

We want to develop our sport and our club for the benefit and enjoyment of current members, and that of future participants. There are many “things” which need to be done to achieve sustainable development and long term stability. With a large club such as ours (currently 340 members), we cannot expect these things to be done by just a few people.

We would be grateful if every family would nominate to do “just one thing” throughout the year. Your participation will make a significant contribution to our  club’s success, both on and off the field. Volunteering is also a great way to meet other people and other members of the club.

Here is the list of “Things” that we would appreciate your assistance with. Please  tick just one “thing” (or more if you wish)​, and we will be in contact with you regarding your participation.

Summer Hockey Roundup November 3

Summer Hockey Is All About Fun

The summer hockey season provides a great opportunity to keep active and have some fun with hockey. For new players or those returning to the game, it provides a relaxed way to learn or rediscover some skills. Play with friends and family, or make new friends.

Reminder: there is no hockey next week (November 5 & 6) for the junior teams due to the Melbourne Cup events.

More players wanted

More players are wanted for the U17 teams on Tuesday nights, plus Kookas on Friday, so if you are available, check the details and register here….

Beginners are welcome.

Supersonics are looking for some fill-in players next Friday as they will be playing an ‘Us vs Us’ game. White shirt and socks, maroon shorts.

Under 10 Mixed – Monday October 29

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 8-1. Great effort by new players Archer and Hugh who both scored again for Spirit. Nice goal for Strikers by Jacob.

Under 12 Mixed – Tuesday October 30

 Newtown Strikers vs Golden Plains 10-7. Excellent use of the width of the field this week and some great passing.

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong Jaguars 3-5

U14 Mixed -Tuesday October 30

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong College 10-2. Lovely game by Amelia, with all players making great tackles and interceptions.

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia White 7-4

U17 Mixed – Tuesday October 30

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong College 2-8

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 3-8

Senior Mixed – Wednesday October 31

Flame On vs Roped In 7-6

Newtown Strikers vs Bunny Bots 6-6

Waaah Spaced vs Newtown Spirit 8-4

Masters Mixed – Thursday November 1

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Black 12-4

Newtown Strikers vs Saints Red 6-4. Great debut game in Masters from Kellie, with Claire S frequently in perfect position on the wing.

Friday Family – Friday November 2

Rockets vs Not Fast Just Furious – received a forfeit but had a very enjoyable ‘Us vs Us’ game. Thanks to Darren, Harry and Peta for filling in. The contest between Noah and his dad Jason was very entertaining.

Supersonics vs Wombles 9-5. Great last line defence by Darren.

Kookas Junior Hockey – Friday November 2

Some excellent scanning and passing from Olivia and Annabel, and great calling  by Annabel.


2018 Winter Hockey Season – Grand Final

The 2018 hockey season came to a close with the highlight being a thrilling match in the Under 17 Mixed Grand Final. Congratulations to Newtown Strikers – Premiers for 2018.

The Grand Final match between Newtown Strikers and Torquay finally arrived on Saturday. Stead Park gave us the usual weather – windy and cold but with sunny skies and a few sprinklings of rain prior to the match. Our match was delayed a little due to the fantastic penalty shootout between U14  Torquay vs Geelong. Strikers started with a touch of nerves, we were passing early, and the hits were strong and long, but pressure from Torquay meant that many of those passes were inaccurate. Torquay had a Penalty Corner when Miles cleared the ball over the back line, but they couldn’t convert. Strikers pushed into attack a few times through Harry, Jack, Jarret, Oscar and EJ but Torquay’s defence had us struggling to reach the circle. It was mostly Torquay in attack with Sam R doing some good work to dispossess Torquay’s most senior player and Caleb and Miles continuing their brilliant form in defence. We were under siege for much of the half, and with Torquay entering the D quickly mid-way through the half, they scored a goal with a fast low reverse stick beating our defence and getting past Luka.

Soon after, Miles was sent off for 2 minutes, and then the clouds broke and pelting rain and hail saw the crowd vacate their seats to take cover. The rain slowed down the play a bit and there was no further scoring in the first half.

At half time as we tried to keep out of the rain behind the dug-out, Coach Darren and Assistant Coach Deb gave the team some words of encouragement and inspiration and they certainly took the words to heart, as we came out a much more cohesive unit in the second half. At the 8 minute mark Jarret forced a turn-over that enabled Harry and EH to take the ball into the circle and Strikers drew a Penalty Corner. Strikers had been practicing our Penalty Corners at this week’s training, and to stop Torquay running straight at Ella (as the only girl who could take the first hit), we practiced passing to other players and then to Ella for the hit. This worked perfectly during the Grand Final, as Jarret received the push, then passed to Harry who passed to Ella and she put the ball through, making the score 1-all.

The game was back and forth from there, with Torquay having the better opportunities with a hit across goal but no-one to receive, and a Penalty Corner 14 minutes into the half, but in a brilliant passage of play Jarret took the ball forward and passed to EJ. EJ then took the ball into the circle and with his trademark big swing scored a brilliant goal to give Strikers a 2-1 lead. Torquay kept calm and had a Penalty Corner which Strikers defeded, then Torquay again had a big chance with a hit across goal. Strikers too had some nice play with the team streaming into attack late in the half and a near goal as we managed to bring Torquay’s goalie out past Sam S but Sam’s hit was saved on the very last line of defence. With just on a minute remaining, Strikers had a Penalty Corner which was defended, but Torquay ran out of time to take the ball into attack. As the whistle for full-time was blown, the Strikers players, coaches and supporters were ecstatic to win in a fantastic game against a really awesome team in Torquay.

Thanks to Coaches Darren and Deb, families of the players, and most importantly the players themselves for believing in themselves and giving us a great hockey season, culminating in this fantastic Premiership triumph.

Go Strikers!


2018 hockey season

Newtown Strikers

2018 hockey season

Hockey Geelong U17 Premiers for 2018 – Newtown Strikers









Grand Final Day also saw the presentation of Premiers and Runner Up medals and pennants for the U10 Mixed Competition. Congratulations to Newtown Strikers, Premiers, and Newtown Rebels, Runners Up, for these well deserved rewards for a hard fought hockey season.


2018 Winter Hockey Season – Semi-Finals

Congratulations to the 6 teams who earned a place in the semi-finals for this hockey season. They provided some great excitement and some tense moments for the spectators with well deserved applause at the end.

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong 0-2

After a convincing win against Geelong in the last week of the fixtures (which had been an unexpected result following Geelong’s otherwise dominant season), there was a real sense of anticipation heading into the Preliminary Final. Geelong was back at full strength and this showed from the whistle with a strong passage of play resulting in an almost immediate early goal. It was, however, the only time in the game that Geelong demonstrated unmatched passing as for the remainder of the first half, the tightly fought contest we have come to see from the U12 Spirit players was exemplified. Playing in goal and facing a number of strong short corner plays and a stroke, Lachie played an outstanding game. His agility, fearlessness in facing strong hits and his ability to read the play, meant that he ably withstood the Geelong attack. The Geelong players’ frustration at his efforts and those of our fullbacks was clear and they were sent back from the circle time and again with controlled clearances and accurate tackling. As they have done well in the latter part of the season. Ollie A and Basyl combined to provide a strong wall of defence.

Showing the tenacity and courage which has grown over the course of the season, Emma played another strong role in the half line. Geelong’s attacking runs were often broken by her tackles, sometimes against players head and shoulders taller than her.  Liam P-H combined well with Emma and Kate in defence and displayed his usual and important speed and skill on the ball. Liam P-H’s ability to draw the player to create opportunities for other team mates and to switch play from one side of the field to the other, allowed for movement to our inners, Brandon, Issy and Gil. This saw increased pressure in front of our goal and there were a number of really close hits, with one rebounding from the post, that could so easily have seen us share 1-1 with Geelong, but not to be.

Continuing with her usual controlled use of the ball and her speed in carrying the ball forward, Matilda played a strong role on the wing and as an inner. She was ably assisted by Bella, who was so close to scoring in the second half, and Grace and Daniel. Grace and Daniel positioned themselves well during attacking short corners looking for the rebound opportunities off the goalie’s pads. Further strong opportunities came through hits on goal by Liam K and Spirit held Geelong to 1-0 deep into the second half until Geelong were able to score again after a series of short corners. Whilst it was a disappointment to leave the field with a 2-0 loss, Spirit should hold their heads up high after an excellent team game.  All 14 players under Coach Tom’s direction made an impact on the day. The lessons from this match for the Preliminary Final against Kardinia are to look to move the ball wide, to be available in attack, to follow up if the opposing players get past you, to take free hits early and to force short corners when in the circle so we have our strongest opportunity for scoring. Thank you to the players who were patient with substitutions given we had all 14 players in attendance. Bring your A game for our game against Kardinia bright and early on Saturday.

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Bellarine 2-1

The two games in this hockey season against Bellarine have both ended in draws so this was poised to be an even contest, but with a definite result one way or another. Bellarine needed to win to progress based on ladder position and were attacking early but Jack did a fantastic job to keep them scoreless. Newtown were eventually able to gain possession and launch their own attacks but the half finished at 0:0 with neither team able to gain any advantage.

It was a positive start to the second half with an attack up the left wing by Brandon, passing off to Charley in field and then to Basyl camped in the D, who was unlucky to have his deft deflection miss the goal. Newtown kept the pressure on and locked the ball in the Bellarine half and produced another multi player attack including Sam, Will and the ever present Basyl in the D, who hit the target this time for a 1:0 lead. A second goal came soon after to Ethan following some scrappy play in front of goal. Loose defence by Newtown allowed Bellarine to claw back one goal with only 5 mins remaining on the clock, and sensing an opportunity to keep their season alive, Bellarine were quickly back on the Newtown D earning two short corners. The Newtown defence was equal to the task and kept the score 2:1 at the final whistle to break the string of draws against Bellarine this season.

Fantastic team effort to make the next finals round, see you all at training on Thursday to prepare for the game against Geelong and an opportunity to the make the grand final.

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 2-2

Newtown Strikers and Kardinia had a re-match of last week’s game in their elimination Final on Saturday. The higher intensity of the game was evident from the start of play, and Kardinia really took the game up to Strikers. Both teams were looking for quick, long passes but many of them didn’t connect, and the best scoring opportunities in the first half came from Penalty Corners, with 3 a-piece, and Kardinia managing to score on their last Penalty Corner to go into the half-time break with a 1-nil lead.

In the second half Strikers levelled after Miles took the ball into attack and passed to Oscar who scored. Oscar followed up with a nice pass to Jack but Kardinia defended, and after a Strikers Penalty corner, Kardinia streamed into attack leaving us short in defence and scored a second goal. Kardinia followed up immediately after with another attack but Luka defended well. With a Preliminary-final berth on the line, Strikers kept cool, and Jack, Sam S and Oscar combined to draw scores level 2-all. With no further scoring, the game went into “Golden Goal” time with 2 7-minute halves. Strikers seemed to have the upper hand with 3 Penalty Corners through the two Sams and Jarret, and Harry also had a few hits on goal but all were defended. With “Golden Goal” time nearly complete, Kardinia drew a Penalty Corner but Strikers held them off. With the final score being 2-all, Strikers progress to next week’s Preliminary-final due to their higher ladder position.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-2

Newtown Spirit played Torquay in a highly anticipated first semi-final on Saturday 1 September 18. As expected both teams played a tough game, but the attacking play was largely by a full strength Torquay in the first half. Spirit defended strongly with Tom, Oliver and Rachel resolute in blocking, clearing and keeping the Torquay attack at bay. Goalie Max was called upon to keep the ball out multiple times in the first half with some spectacular saves. At half time however, the scores were 1 – 0 Torquay’s way.

The second half saw a more determined Newtown press the attack to Torquay, with a number of good passing attacks executed on each side involving many of the team, notably Miles, Gus and Ben resulting in a number of shots on goal, deflection opportunities, and short corners. However the Torquay defence and goalie played well and Newtown were kept scoreless. Riley made some strong intercepts and Emily had some nice touches on the ball and was well positioned on the post. Torquay maintained their attacking pressure throughout the half, the final score was 2 – 0 to Torquay, setting up a Spirit vs Strikers elimination final next week. Thanks to both of our Harry’s, and Oliver who played up from U14’s and contributed solidly to the Newtown game. Keep up the momentum Spirit!

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong 3-4

Unfortunately it was somewhat of a disappointing end to the hockey season with the Falcons losing to Geelong in the Elimination final 4-3. The team was fired up to get a good start and this was achieved with Matt scoring early. Geelong then scored their first goal with some determined play in the goal circle. Matt again stepped up to the plate and delivered a sensational toma into the top right corner pegging back the lead. Unfortunately after this the team seemed to fall into a bit of a lull and Geelong pounced with quick turnovers to open up their forward line. Geelong then scored the next two goals with one just on half time to give them a 3-2 lead.

We re-grouped at half time and the message was to play simple hockey, work the ball around the back and wait for our opportunities to open up space and get the ball forward. We had all the play in the second half and Gus scored a nice goal from a short corner to level 3-3. Unfortunately another quick turn over resulted in Geelong sneaking forward and scoring an opportune goal to put them in front. We pressed really hard in the last 15 minutes and had all the play in our forward half, but even with multiple short corners we just couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net. I know the players were disappointed with the loss and we certainly had our chances, but that’s hockey!

Thanks to the players for a great season, it was lots of fun and I would like to thank all those that contributed to the Falcons throughout the year.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 0-4

First round of playoff activity found Lady Falcons versus Saints.  It was back to back weekends of playing them, with the final game of the regular hockey season ending up against them as well.  Hoping to come out on the other side of the score board and pull off an upset we came out focused for warm up. There were strong individual performances on every area of the pitch, and the ladies can feel very good about how they played.  Unfortunately, we just couldn’t put together a solid enough flow of team play to provide consistent and supported pressure in the Saints backfield.  We did create some attack play and earned corners but not enough polish (aka lack of practice) to get conversions to keep us in the game. In my opinion it wasn’t a case of our bad play, just that Saints played a stronger possession and team game, keeping us reactionary.

There are a number of positives to take from the game as we were getting more numbers up the field and not leaving poor Hailey and Erin alone to do it on their own.  We created enough opportunities to keep the game close.  From start to finish of the season we cut down on the number of penalty corners we gave Saints.   Thanks to Jessie J for coming out and being bench coach, it certainly helped and gave us an opportunity to try and change up our tactics to create scores.


2018 hockey season

U12 Newtown Spirit

hockey season

U14 Newtown Spirit

hockey season

U17 Newtown Strikers










Preliminary Finals Next Week

Come out to Stead Park for the Preliminary Finals and cheer on our 4 participating teams.





Saturday September 8

8.30 am – U12 – Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia

9.45 am – U14 – Newtown Spirit vs Geelong

11.00 am – U17 – Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers


2018 Winter Hockey Season – August 25 & 26

With the last of the home and away matches for the 2018 hockey season completed, six teams are heading to finals, while others can rest and relax for a little while.

Congratulations to all teams on their efforts in this hockey season. It has been great to see the number of families participating and the friendships which have developed during the year. We hope to see many people playing in the summer hockey season, which will begin in mid-October.

Under 10 Excellence

Special congratulations to our Under 10 Mixed teams. We began this hockey season with 2 teams entered in the Hockey Geelong competition, but extra players joining resulted in the entry of an additional team and reshuffling the 2 teams into 3. The players all adapted very well to the change and have demonstrated a very high standard of play all through the year. Many players have shown great maturity, good sportsmanship and great skills and game understanding. Goalkeepers are always in demand in a hockey team, and the performance of Hamish Scudamore for U10 Spirit has been outstanding in this role. Hamish is one to watch in the future, as he already shows great goalkeeping skill and tactical awareness.

There are no finals for the U10 teams, so the Premiership is decided on the final ladder placings. We are delighted to note that Newtown Strikers finished as Premiers for the 2018 hockey season, with Newtown Rebels as Runners Up (despite having played 2 less games than other teams). Newtown Spirit were placed in 4th position, but only separated from the 3rd placed team on goal difference.

U10 Girls

Well done to the girls who participated each week in the Hockey Geelong U10 Girls program. With 13 players from all clubs, 7 from Newtown, involved during the hockey season, teams were randomly selected each week from those in attendance. The development of skills and game strategy was very pleasing to see, and also showed in those who were also playing in the U10 Mixed teams. Friendships were formed during the program too, and it is hoped that this program will progress to U12 in 2019, with more players participating.

Congratulations on your efforts – Ruby, Amelia, Elliott, Stella, Lily, Alex, Matilda. The program finished last week, with the girls and families enjoying some after game dinner and chat.

hockey season

Hockey Geelong U10 Girls

hockey season

Hockey Geelong U10 Girls






Under 8 Mixed

Newtown Spirit v Newtown Rebels

Spirit showed just how much they have improved in 15 rounds in an action-packed game against club mates Rebels as they closed out the winter hockey season on Saturday.

With the sun shining at Lloyd Reserve, the two Newtown teams gave spectators an entertaining spectacle that featured fast breaks, strong defence and great linked play. With Drew protecting the goals and delivering well-placed free hits out of defence to forwards Braxton, Summah and Ollie, the team took advantage of any chances they had to push forward. But Rebels kept Spirit under pressure, with the opposition working the ball into their attacking zone time and again. Spirit half backs Pollyanna, Edie and Maia toiled tirelessly to keep the Rebels at bay, with all delivering great free hits out to players including Ollie, who positioned himself beautifully out wide and latched on to any ball that came his way.

Spirit tackled, trapped, marked and passed strongly, creating space by keeping to their positions. They also put in some great second efforts to keep the game flowing.

After a position reshuffle at half time, the team took to the field with renewed vigour. Half back Braxton powered a beautiful through ball to Drew on the forward line, who shot it off to a well-positioned Edie and she capably forced a free. The linked play was just one of many examples where Spirit’s teamwork shone through. It was also clearly evident within the Rebels team, with their players working the ball well in both attack and defence.

After the final whistle Coach Kellie praised her team for their strong game, applauding them for creating more opportunities to run into attack. She told the team they had called more and marked players well. She awarded Braxton a Subway award for his great game that included well timed tackles and clever delivery of the ball. Pollyanna also received a Subway voucher after playing a cracker of a game. Well done Spirit for a great winter season and thanks to Coach Kellie for a sterling job at the helm. See you next year.

Newtown Strikers vs College Green

Strikers had another great performance this week against College Green. Strikers started the game confidently by attacking strongly, forcing College Green to defend for the majority of the first half. Strikers showed their improved skills by controlling the ball well andpassing accurately to other team members. Strikers kept their positions which enabled them to find space and continually move forward.

At half-time, Colleen told Strikers they were playing extremely well as a team and to carry on doing the same!

In the second half, Strikers again attacked quickly and strongly and the play continued to flow well. Strikers again showed how much they have improved since the start of the season. Well done Strikers for a fabulous last match of the hockey season!

Cormac and Odin were awarded Subway Players of the Week for their improved performances over the season. Congratulations Cormac and Odin!

Newtown Rebels vs Newtown Spirit

Newtown Rebels finished off the hockey season with an excellent game, showing great focus on the ball with sticks on the ground and always ready to put pressure on the opposition. Players showed lots of desire to get the ball, although at times moving out of their positions to do so. Great running by George, Harrison and Sam and good passing by Ella, Sofia, Marlo and Edward allowed Rebels to move the ball into attack well. Zeph and Amelia made some lovely interceptions with good scanning before deciding where to pass to space for team mates. Improved marking of the opposition was pleasing, not allowing Spirit to move forward easily, although their strong defence make Rebels work hard. Subway Awards to Ella and Zeph.

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 0-1

The pre game coaching heard Kellie asking the team to use the field and our team mates – this would be the key to us being competitive in this match. We needed to ensure the ball went to a team mate, any loose balls or passing to a free space would see the opposition get it straight away. Our all round skills today would be imperative to being competitive, as we knew the opposition would have touch tackles. Kellie gave the team the opportunity to pick their own position for the game, which was really exciting.

The game was so exciting, with lots of excellent & pressure plays – it was so intense, with intense speed, using the ball well and stepping up to the ball rapidly. Kellie wanted the players in the second half to stick to their players, as we did lose momentum when we were out of our position in the first half. We also needed to call for the ball, look for our team mates, and if one of our team mates had the ball, let them know if they were about to be tackled by the opposition.

At the conclusion of the game Kellie and the parents all agreed that it was the best game ever! We all enjoyed watching the plays, the strong ball movement, how we were making more options, and how we naturally fell into our positions. We looked dangerous all game with Kellie feeling like there was a goal on the tip of her tongue all game. There was a unlucky goal scored by Strikers in the dying minutes of the gamer that left us feeling defeated but we can hold our heads high as we showed how strong we can be. It’s been a joy this season to watch each player grow and develop their skills. All the best to the players for next year. Four Subway Awards were handed out – Hamish & Lucy received one for being conscious of where they were sending the ball back to, thinking before doing. Nate and Charlotte received theirs for being intense and strong all game.

Newtown Rebels vs Geelong College 3-0

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong 4-0

Newtown Strikers Bye

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-2

In the final game for this hockey season Strikers met Torquay on Pitch 1 at Stead Park.  An excellent Torquay attack and goal early put Strikers under real pressure.  Strikers rallied and play a solid team defense to repel the Torquay team until a chance goal late in the half put Torquay up by 2.  Several close chances for Strikers either just passed the post or were the subject of excellent saves.  Strikers successfully implemented the team plan of spreading wide and using the wings.  An entertaining first half.

In the second half Strikers fought hard again with resolute defending and counterattack.  Both sides were scoreless in the second half with Torquay prevailing 2-0.  Despite the scoreline it was perhaps the Strikers most complete performance against a team that is high on the ladder.  Strikers dominated periods of play, ran hard and were desperate in defence.

Special thanks to Phil Telfer for his coaching this season.  He has provided excellent, measured guidance for the kids and this is appropriately evidence by the level of improvement in the team over the year.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia Blue 5-0

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 3-2

Harry and Coach Darren were away but Sam R and Miles returned, and we had Oliver from U14, for Strikers’ game against Kardinia. Coach Deb decided to mix the players’ positions up a bit and had EJ and Ella up forward, with Miles playing in defence. This change must have caught Kardinia off-guard, as EJ received the ball and with a big hit scored a goal in the opening minutes of the game.

That was followed up by another goal to Oscar, but to Kardinia’s credit they steadied and had a few entries into their attacking circle, but Miles’ stick-work was excellent, trapping bouncing balls on his reverse-stick and leading out of defence. Strikers had further chances through Penalty Corners but Kardinia did well to block hits from Ella, Oscar and EJ.

In the second half, Kardinia turned the tables on Strikers and had 2 early goals to bring the scores level 2-all, but from there Strikers really took control of the game. Our defence in EJ, Caleb, Sam R and Luka were impenetrable, and good passing saw us create lots of opportunities. Miles hit our 3rd goal with a bouncing hit over through the goalie, and there were some good runs from defence into the attacking circle from Jack and Miles, and a number of crosses and passes in front of goal that we were unlucky not to score from. Final score was 3-2.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 1-1

Newtown Spirit vs TorquayNewtown Spirit played Torquay with 13 team members on Sunday in a tightly contested match. Spirit started strongly and with a good passing game penetrated the attacking circle many times in the first half including three shots at goal early on. Torquay resisted the pressure and at half time the score was 0:0. ln the second half Torquay increased the intensity of their attacking play and produced many solid passing and attacking plays; but Spirit defended strongly with Rachel and Oliver in deep defence, and Tom and Angus chasing down and clearing balls from the circle.

In the last quarter Spirit re-established their passing game with Ben and Miles playing well along the wing and passing quickly to our forwards who had run hard to gain good deflection positions. This resulted in one attack consisting of a great run by Angus then a pass to Ben who passed to Harry whose strike was deflected in by Oli. A quality goal that had the crowd on their feet in applause. Both teams continued to contest and with only two minutes remaining Torquay attacked and converted to equalise resulting in a one-all draw.

Coach Paul praised the team after the game commending all on playing well, short corners, putting in the effort, creating many 1-2’s, making good decisions in the D, chasing down free balls, and stopping Torquay from running with the ball. He praised Oliver and Rachel for their rock solid defence, Harry and Oli for a “cracker” of a game and Ben for playing a lot better.

Thanks to Oli and Harry for playing up from U/14’s and for being instrumental in today’s successful outcome. Well done to all players for their individual efforts, passing well, chasing down balls and ultimately improving the team result with a draw. Well done all players keep up the hard work with a determined effort against Torquay in the semi-final next weekend!

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong 4-1

IGA Player of the Week Luke Hatton

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 2-4

IGA Player of the Week Award Deb Barnett

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Corio 2-8

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Red 0-5

Newtown Spirit has shown great cohesiveness during this hockey season, with a strong and reliable defence and this last game was no exception. Great midfield play and pressure on the opposing players by Kellie, Andie and Beth was well backed up by Wendy, always in the right position, and Tracey, meeting the opposition onslaught early to deflect attacks. Great running and position both in attack and defence by Katie, Emma and Amelia allowed the play to move forward into our attacking area, where De, Jessie, Peta and Sarah were always ready to receive and look for team mates in good position. Spirit had a number of attacks which reached the goal circle and shots at goal which unfortunately didn’t result in scores, although not for lack of trying.

Well done and congratulations to all the members of the team. Although eliminated from the finals, it has been an enjoyable year and the improvement both individually and as a team has been very pleasing. Although our goal difference was significantly negative  (we won’t mention how large), the 16 goals scored for the year gave us all some heart and enthusiasm for next year. Thanks to Paul whose coaching efforts have been much appreciated. Bring on 2019!