2018 Winter Hockey Season – Preliminary Final

The 2018 hockey season is drawing to a close and what fantastic games our 4 teams put in!

It was a beautiful day for the Preliminary Finals, but fortune didn’t favour our U12 and U14 teams, with matches which couldn’t have been any closer. As we had two teams playing each other in the U17 Final, one team was always going to have to bow out for this hockey season. Congratulations and well done to all the teams on a fantastic hockey season.

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 1-2

This was a very close game, with Newtown Spirit using the width of the field to advantage, and creating many forward moves. Well considered passes to team mates and good scanning combined with some excellent ball control skills was a feature of Spirit’s game. Great defence by Ollie A and great running back to cover by Emma despite this being a new position for her. As the final whistle drew closer with the score at 1-1, it looked as if we were headed for extra time. However Kardinia scored the winning goal with 2 seconds to spare in the game, giving Spirit no chance to reply.


2018 Hockey Season Preliminary Final









Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong 2-2

Crunch time for Newtown today and a must win game to make it through to the grand final. Geelong wasted no time in making ground up the field from the whistle, but stoic defence from Newtown was able to neutralise the pressure from a series of short corners. Geelong were dominating possession and territory for most of the first half, but in one of the few instances Newtown were able to make it into opposition territory, we were able to win a free hit near the 25. As a bonus, one of Geelong’s more dominant players had a short break for a few minutes beside the tech bench. Newtown sensed an opportunity to capitalise and Charley produced a decisive run up the left side of the field and delivered a cross into the D for Basyl tap in the first goal. Unfortunately, Geelong were back to full strength soon after and equalised with the half ending 1:1.

The second half was a more even contest with Newtown now confident they had the measure of Geelong after their first half performance. Play moved from end to end through the majority of the half with both teams having multiple chances to score. The deadlock was finally broken with 5 minutes remaining when Newtown attacked up the right wing and into the D earning a short corner. Grace was ideally positioned near the post and hit the ball in for a 2:1 lead. Geelong realising their dominant season may end prematurely, ramped up the pressure and reciprocated with an equaliser from a short corner with 3 minutes remaining of the clock. The score was 2:2 at the final whistle, so it was into 7 minutes of extra time each way, or a golden goal to finish the game.

Neither team was able to bother the scoreboard in extra time with the game finally ending a 2:2 draw. Geelong moved through to the grand final against Torquay courtesy of their higher position on the ladder at the end of the regular season. Newtown can hold their heads high, as this game demonstrated how far we have come during the hockey season, previously having been beaten by Geelong in the two earlier encounters. See you all at presentation night at 6pm on Wednesday 19th Sept so we can celebrate what has been a great season of hockey.

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 2-0

Strikers and Spirit faced off in the U17 Preliminary Final on Saturday. Spirit had beaten Strikers in all 5 of their encounters during the home and away season, so Strikers knew they’d need to bring their best performances to be in with a chance. Caleb was a stand-out early with his excellent defensive pressure, he dispossessed players on many occasions and both he and Sam R made some really nice strong passes forward. Spirit had a few early chances with their fast attackers getting through for a hit on goal, but Oscar defended one hit, then cleared a Penalty Corner hit shortly after. Spirit came forward again with a ball across goal but there was no-one to receive it.

Strikers then had a chance up forward with Oscar passing to Harry and Harry scored. Strikers were soon into attack again with a Penalty Corner but Ella’s hit to Jack was defended. Spirit kept the pressure on Strikers defenders with one hit just wide of goal, and a subsequent Spirit Penalty Corner was cleared well by Miles.

In the second half, Spirit had another Penalty Corner early, and again Strikers defended well, with Miles then running the ball into attack and passing to Harry who hit a great reverse-stick into goal to give Strikers a 2-nil lead. Strikers had a few more opportunities with Sam S and Jarret taking the ball forward on the wings, and Miles, Harry, Oscar and Jack bringing the ball into the circle, but Spirit held off further goals. With the clock ticking down, Spirit lifted to have the majority of the attack for the last 10 minutes, but Strikers’ defence was rock-solid, with Luka deflecting a hit on goal and Caleb, Sam R, Ella, EJ, Jack, Oscar and Miles keeping Spirit clear and causing their hits to be wide of goals. With a final score of 2-nil to Strikers, we go on to meet Torquay in the Grand Final next week as underdogs, but this week’s game has shown that we have what it takes to win the U17 Barnes Shield for Newtown.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 0-2

Newtown Spirit played Newtown Strikers in a highly competitive game on Saturday to determine who would go through to the grand final against Torquay. As expected both sides were determined to win and played an exceptional level of hockey. On coach’s orders Spirit came out hard in the first half with Spirit playing forward and putting on the pressure. With a break away at the 11 minute mark Strikers were able to take control of the play and score with a deflection high into the corner of the goal. Undeterred Spirit increased the pressure and won many short corners, however, were unable to convert. In the second half Spirit remained focused and attacked often, though were unable to penetrate the Strikers defense with the final result 2:0 to the Strikers.

Congratulations to Strikers for a well played game and to Spirit for really pushing them throughout the game to the final whistle. It was fantastic to see so many Spirit players lift during the game and as always thanks to our U/14 players who were exceptional, our two Harry’s, Oliver, and Angus who stepped up at the last minute to fill the goalie position. Sadly next year Newtown Spirit will lose Rachel, Oliver and Emily who will be moving up a level. These players have been so strong throughout this season, we thank them for their efforts and leadership and wish them all well for the next season. For those who will remain in the U/17 team next year it is exciting to see the team potential and how it may develop over another season, particularly with so many strong younger players really developing their talent.

2018 Winter Hockey Season – August 25 & 26

With the last of the home and away matches for the 2018 hockey season completed, six teams are heading to finals, while others can rest and relax for a little while.

Congratulations to all teams on their efforts in this hockey season. It has been great to see the number of families participating and the friendships which have developed during the year. We hope to see many people playing in the summer hockey season, which will begin in mid-October.

Under 10 Excellence

Special congratulations to our Under 10 Mixed teams. We began this hockey season with 2 teams entered in the Hockey Geelong competition, but extra players joining resulted in the entry of an additional team and reshuffling the 2 teams into 3. The players all adapted very well to the change and have demonstrated a very high standard of play all through the year. Many players have shown great maturity, good sportsmanship and great skills and game understanding. Goalkeepers are always in demand in a hockey team, and the performance of Hamish Scudamore for U10 Spirit has been outstanding in this role. Hamish is one to watch in the future, as he already shows great goalkeeping skill and tactical awareness.

There are no finals for the U10 teams, so the Premiership is decided on the final ladder placings. We are delighted to note that Newtown Strikers finished as Premiers for the 2018 hockey season, with Newtown Rebels as Runners Up (despite having played 2 less games than other teams). Newtown Spirit were placed in 4th position, but only separated from the 3rd placed team on goal difference.

U10 Girls

Well done to the girls who participated each week in the Hockey Geelong U10 Girls program. With 13 players from all clubs, 7 from Newtown, involved during the hockey season, teams were randomly selected each week from those in attendance. The development of skills and game strategy was very pleasing to see, and also showed in those who were also playing in the U10 Mixed teams. Friendships were formed during the program too, and it is hoped that this program will progress to U12 in 2019, with more players participating.

Congratulations on your efforts – Ruby, Amelia, Elliott, Stella, Lily, Alex, Matilda. The program finished last week, with the girls and families enjoying some after game dinner and chat.

hockey season

Hockey Geelong U10 Girls

hockey season

Hockey Geelong U10 Girls






Under 8 Mixed

Newtown Spirit v Newtown Rebels

Spirit showed just how much they have improved in 15 rounds in an action-packed game against club mates Rebels as they closed out the winter hockey season on Saturday.

With the sun shining at Lloyd Reserve, the two Newtown teams gave spectators an entertaining spectacle that featured fast breaks, strong defence and great linked play. With Drew protecting the goals and delivering well-placed free hits out of defence to forwards Braxton, Summah and Ollie, the team took advantage of any chances they had to push forward. But Rebels kept Spirit under pressure, with the opposition working the ball into their attacking zone time and again. Spirit half backs Pollyanna, Edie and Maia toiled tirelessly to keep the Rebels at bay, with all delivering great free hits out to players including Ollie, who positioned himself beautifully out wide and latched on to any ball that came his way.

Spirit tackled, trapped, marked and passed strongly, creating space by keeping to their positions. They also put in some great second efforts to keep the game flowing.

After a position reshuffle at half time, the team took to the field with renewed vigour. Half back Braxton powered a beautiful through ball to Drew on the forward line, who shot it off to a well-positioned Edie and she capably forced a free. The linked play was just one of many examples where Spirit’s teamwork shone through. It was also clearly evident within the Rebels team, with their players working the ball well in both attack and defence.

After the final whistle Coach Kellie praised her team for their strong game, applauding them for creating more opportunities to run into attack. She told the team they had called more and marked players well. She awarded Braxton a Subway award for his great game that included well timed tackles and clever delivery of the ball. Pollyanna also received a Subway voucher after playing a cracker of a game. Well done Spirit for a great winter season and thanks to Coach Kellie for a sterling job at the helm. See you next year.

Newtown Strikers vs College Green

Strikers had another great performance this week against College Green. Strikers started the game confidently by attacking strongly, forcing College Green to defend for the majority of the first half. Strikers showed their improved skills by controlling the ball well andpassing accurately to other team members. Strikers kept their positions which enabled them to find space and continually move forward.

At half-time, Colleen told Strikers they were playing extremely well as a team and to carry on doing the same!

In the second half, Strikers again attacked quickly and strongly and the play continued to flow well. Strikers again showed how much they have improved since the start of the season. Well done Strikers for a fabulous last match of the hockey season!

Cormac and Odin were awarded Subway Players of the Week for their improved performances over the season. Congratulations Cormac and Odin!

Newtown Rebels vs Newtown Spirit

Newtown Rebels finished off the hockey season with an excellent game, showing great focus on the ball with sticks on the ground and always ready to put pressure on the opposition. Players showed lots of desire to get the ball, although at times moving out of their positions to do so. Great running by George, Harrison and Sam and good passing by Ella, Sofia, Marlo and Edward allowed Rebels to move the ball into attack well. Zeph and Amelia made some lovely interceptions with good scanning before deciding where to pass to space for team mates. Improved marking of the opposition was pleasing, not allowing Spirit to move forward easily, although their strong defence make Rebels work hard. Subway Awards to Ella and Zeph.

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 0-1

The pre game coaching heard Kellie asking the team to use the field and our team mates – this would be the key to us being competitive in this match. We needed to ensure the ball went to a team mate, any loose balls or passing to a free space would see the opposition get it straight away. Our all round skills today would be imperative to being competitive, as we knew the opposition would have touch tackles. Kellie gave the team the opportunity to pick their own position for the game, which was really exciting.

The game was so exciting, with lots of excellent & pressure plays – it was so intense, with intense speed, using the ball well and stepping up to the ball rapidly. Kellie wanted the players in the second half to stick to their players, as we did lose momentum when we were out of our position in the first half. We also needed to call for the ball, look for our team mates, and if one of our team mates had the ball, let them know if they were about to be tackled by the opposition.

At the conclusion of the game Kellie and the parents all agreed that it was the best game ever! We all enjoyed watching the plays, the strong ball movement, how we were making more options, and how we naturally fell into our positions. We looked dangerous all game with Kellie feeling like there was a goal on the tip of her tongue all game. There was a unlucky goal scored by Strikers in the dying minutes of the gamer that left us feeling defeated but we can hold our heads high as we showed how strong we can be. It’s been a joy this season to watch each player grow and develop their skills. All the best to the players for next year. Four Subway Awards were handed out – Hamish & Lucy received one for being conscious of where they were sending the ball back to, thinking before doing. Nate and Charlotte received theirs for being intense and strong all game.

Newtown Rebels vs Geelong College 3-0

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong 4-0

Newtown Strikers Bye

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-2

In the final game for this hockey season Strikers met Torquay on Pitch 1 at Stead Park.  An excellent Torquay attack and goal early put Strikers under real pressure.  Strikers rallied and play a solid team defense to repel the Torquay team until a chance goal late in the half put Torquay up by 2.  Several close chances for Strikers either just passed the post or were the subject of excellent saves.  Strikers successfully implemented the team plan of spreading wide and using the wings.  An entertaining first half.

In the second half Strikers fought hard again with resolute defending and counterattack.  Both sides were scoreless in the second half with Torquay prevailing 2-0.  Despite the scoreline it was perhaps the Strikers most complete performance against a team that is high on the ladder.  Strikers dominated periods of play, ran hard and were desperate in defence.

Special thanks to Phil Telfer for his coaching this season.  He has provided excellent, measured guidance for the kids and this is appropriately evidence by the level of improvement in the team over the year.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia Blue 5-0

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 3-2

Harry and Coach Darren were away but Sam R and Miles returned, and we had Oliver from U14, for Strikers’ game against Kardinia. Coach Deb decided to mix the players’ positions up a bit and had EJ and Ella up forward, with Miles playing in defence. This change must have caught Kardinia off-guard, as EJ received the ball and with a big hit scored a goal in the opening minutes of the game.

That was followed up by another goal to Oscar, but to Kardinia’s credit they steadied and had a few entries into their attacking circle, but Miles’ stick-work was excellent, trapping bouncing balls on his reverse-stick and leading out of defence. Strikers had further chances through Penalty Corners but Kardinia did well to block hits from Ella, Oscar and EJ.

In the second half, Kardinia turned the tables on Strikers and had 2 early goals to bring the scores level 2-all, but from there Strikers really took control of the game. Our defence in EJ, Caleb, Sam R and Luka were impenetrable, and good passing saw us create lots of opportunities. Miles hit our 3rd goal with a bouncing hit over through the goalie, and there were some good runs from defence into the attacking circle from Jack and Miles, and a number of crosses and passes in front of goal that we were unlucky not to score from. Final score was 3-2.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 1-1

Newtown Spirit vs TorquayNewtown Spirit played Torquay with 13 team members on Sunday in a tightly contested match. Spirit started strongly and with a good passing game penetrated the attacking circle many times in the first half including three shots at goal early on. Torquay resisted the pressure and at half time the score was 0:0. ln the second half Torquay increased the intensity of their attacking play and produced many solid passing and attacking plays; but Spirit defended strongly with Rachel and Oliver in deep defence, and Tom and Angus chasing down and clearing balls from the circle.

In the last quarter Spirit re-established their passing game with Ben and Miles playing well along the wing and passing quickly to our forwards who had run hard to gain good deflection positions. This resulted in one attack consisting of a great run by Angus then a pass to Ben who passed to Harry whose strike was deflected in by Oli. A quality goal that had the crowd on their feet in applause. Both teams continued to contest and with only two minutes remaining Torquay attacked and converted to equalise resulting in a one-all draw.

Coach Paul praised the team after the game commending all on playing well, short corners, putting in the effort, creating many 1-2’s, making good decisions in the D, chasing down free balls, and stopping Torquay from running with the ball. He praised Oliver and Rachel for their rock solid defence, Harry and Oli for a “cracker” of a game and Ben for playing a lot better.

Thanks to Oli and Harry for playing up from U/14’s and for being instrumental in today’s successful outcome. Well done to all players for their individual efforts, passing well, chasing down balls and ultimately improving the team result with a draw. Well done all players keep up the hard work with a determined effort against Torquay in the semi-final next weekend!

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong 4-1

IGA Player of the Week Luke Hatton

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 2-4

IGA Player of the Week Award Deb Barnett

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Corio 2-8

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Red 0-5

Newtown Spirit has shown great cohesiveness during this hockey season, with a strong and reliable defence and this last game was no exception. Great midfield play and pressure on the opposing players by Kellie, Andie and Beth was well backed up by Wendy, always in the right position, and Tracey, meeting the opposition onslaught early to deflect attacks. Great running and position both in attack and defence by Katie, Emma and Amelia allowed the play to move forward into our attacking area, where De, Jessie, Peta and Sarah were always ready to receive and look for team mates in good position. Spirit had a number of attacks which reached the goal circle and shots at goal which unfortunately didn’t result in scores, although not for lack of trying.

Well done and congratulations to all the members of the team. Although eliminated from the finals, it has been an enjoyable year and the improvement both individually and as a team has been very pleasing. Although our goal difference was significantly negative  (we won’t mention how large), the 16 goals scored for the year gave us all some heart and enthusiasm for next year. Thanks to Paul whose coaching efforts have been much appreciated. Bring on 2019!


2018 Winter Season – August 11 & 12

 We are down to the last  few rounds of the 2018 hockey season now, and all teams have much to celebrate and be proud of.

Under 8 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Red Jaguars

Strikers had a good, solid performance this week against Red Jaguars. Red Jaguars started the game confidently by attacking strongly, forcing Strikers to defend well. It was a tough half as Red Jaguars crowded the middle of the field so it was difficult for Strikers to keep their positions.

At half-time, Colleen told Strikers to remember to move quickly into position in front of the ball whenever free hits were about to be taken. She also stressed the importance of moving out wide to find space.

In the second half, whenever Strikers attacked quickly and strongly, they caught Red Jaguars off guard. However, Red Jaguars mounted a strong counter-attack and Strikers had to spend a lot of time defending their goal. They worked together well as a team and showed amazing persistence, never giving up. Overall, Strikers had another great match with all players working tirelessly.

Isabelle was awarded Subway Player of the Week for moving well around the pitch and her good positioning. Well done Isabelle!

Newtown Rebels vs Kardinia Kookaburras

Rebels showed great focus on the ball from the start of the game, and with sticks on the ground, gained possession and control of the play early. Excellent running and dribbling skills moved the ball quickly into attack and great passing between George, Edward and Sofia was very pleasing. Ella was in good position in the goals, keeping an eye on any of Kardinia’s attacking attempts. Zeph, Sam and Marlo were in good position to put pressure on Kardinia and intercept the play in the midfield.

The second half saw the good teamwork continue, and with some improved focus on marking opposition players, Rebels were again able to gain possession and move into attack. Harrison and Amelia both made some nice passes, giving their team mates an advantage to move the play forward.

Thanks to Amelia and Zeph for taking a turn at playing for Kardinia. Awards to Marlo and Ella for great positioning.

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Bellarine 5-1

Strikers players started the game against Bellarine in a very different configuration to recent games. Prior to starting the game, coach Jane emphasised the importance of trying new positions in order to practise new roles within the team and try new things, particularly with only 3 games remaining.

With Surry suiting up in the goalie gear this week, Meyah began the game at centre half, supporting our starting full-backs, Avah and Lisette and feeding the ball forward to our young and energetic forward line of Michael, Will, Maddie, Zac and Jacob (filling in for Charlotte).

Both Zac and Will relished their time as inners, making several long, confident runs forward where they successfully navigated around opponents with impressive stick work. Will was thrilled to finally finish off some determined work in the attacking circle with his first goal of the season. Maddie was also proving to be a lively target with her return to the centre forward position. She kept forward of the ball and was making good space when our running forwards gained possession. With several rotations made during the first half particularly through our full back line, constant reminders about positioning was needed to help players adjust to the on-field changes. They did well to listen and play their role for the team.

In the second half, Bellarine managed to score shortly after the break due to some confusion with direction and congestion of Strikers defenders in front of our goalie Surry. Following this, Strikers players were quickly rearranged into more familiar positions in order to return some stability to our team balance. Jacob who had done an enormous amount of running on the right wing was given a rest in defence and Will moved out wide to continue our dominant play on the right side. Several excellent crosses from deep in the right attacking corner resulted in strong attacks on the goal face and earnt a number of short corners. Kye returned to some of his best hitting, striking the ball cleanly into goal from a short corner play.

Other highlights in the second half, where the Strikers regained their composure and great team play, included a cracking hit from Kye from a free at right half which reached two free forwards on the far left side of the field. The other moment came when Meyah ran the ball forward, spotted Maddie free ahead of her and passed inside the circle. Without hesitating, Maddie flicked the ball on and straight into the goals. It was a perfect reward for her consistent effort up forward and great positioning throughout the game. An awesome team goal to cap off a solid team performance!
Awards this week went to Maddie and Jacob.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Rebels 3-1

The game started out with a very quick goal by Rebels, which had the parents wondering if this was going to be a one sided game…..but some stern coaching tips by Kellie saw the team come out and put up some touch defensive and offensive play in the second half to take the win 3:1.

Kellie spoke about the game being an intense and tough game, with the pace of Rebels being much faster than the teams we have played in recent weeks. She asked the players to trust themselves and their skills. In the first half the ball movement felt panicked, with small passes and taps rather than controlling the ball – the stick must not come off the ball, if we do this then we will draw the free. Kellie wanted the players to possess the ball, take big steps to get out of the crowd. Coaches often talk about whether a game is a passing versus dribbling game – today’s game was definitely a passing game, but controlled passing was the key.

Hamish saw lots of action this week in goals and his defence was excellent, keeping Rebels to 1 goal for the match. The second half saw us spreading out wide, keeping the field covered which saw some play of the ball that Kellie talked about – possess and big steps, lots of movement. It was a tough game, and a great match for the spectators. Congratulations to Annabelle & Oscar for receiving the match awards.

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Strikers  vs Bellarine 3-0

A great team effort from Strikers last round winning 3-0, however Bellarine were dominant in 1st half and unable to score. Ebony saved a couple of their chances on the post and first time GK Brayden (with no practice session) looked so comfortable in the role he took on a striker in the 2nd half to meet the ball and cleared it in one fluent motion. All the defenders all played their role with Alice, Mai, Sam and Thamindu all outstanding. Ruby organised the team in the pre-game warm up and led on the field with some great running in space. Chloe had a great game at inside forward and all the other forwards Scarlett, Curtis, Charlotte and Amber applied a lot of pressure on the Bellarine defence leading to Max to finish off with 2 goals and Tom the 3rd goal in a great team performance.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 2-1

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia Maroon 1-0

The first half started off with two short corners to Newtown, neither of which were converted but Newtown kept the pressure up. Not long after, Harley who was ideally positioned on the post, struck gold when he got hold of a rebound off the goal keeper’s pads and slotted the ball in for a 1:0 lead.

After half time refreshments and words of wisdom from Pete, the team stepped back out onto the field. The defensive line held their structure and used the midfielders to get the ball through to the attacking line. Nick and Will had unlucky shots on goal, both created by great leading, positioning and talk between team members. The end of the game was scrappy as players on both teams were visibly tiring, no doubt due in part to the blustery conditions.

Newtown are solidly positioned in the top 4 with a couple of rounds remaining, but we need to stay focused and carry the momentum forward to the finals.  See you all at training on Thursday at 5:30pm.

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia Blue 1-2

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 3-4

Newtown Strikers met Newtown Spirit in the last “local derby” of the U17 home and away hockey season on Saturday.

Harry and Sam S were back but Miles and Robbo were away this week, so to compensate, we had Amelia and Nick top up from U14, and both teams were able to field 11 players.

Spirit got off to a quick start with an early goal and had our goalie Luka under a lot of pressure. Oscar blocked a hit in front of goal and EJ also provided good defence under pressure. Strikers had a number of penalty corners but weren’t able to get through the Spirit defence. Spirit on the other hand, were able to use speed to get past our defenders and slot another goal through on the post to take a 2-nil lead at the half-time break.

At half-time, Coach Darren called for early passes and better communication – to know where our next pass is even before we’ve received the ball, and to call out when free or let the ball carrier know they were “hot”. He also called for more accountability in defence – to be in front of our opposition player and within an arms length – “in front, and in touch”.

In the second half our defensive pressure was noticeably better. Spirit still troubled us and scored another goal to go 3-nil, but from there we dug deep and got the ball through to Amelia in the circle who scored our first goal. We again went into attack and received a penalty corner which was defended, then Spirit had a penalty corner of their own, and managed to keep the ball in attack after the corner to score another goal, to lead 4-1. Strikers kept their heads up and Jack scored a goal, then Oscar added another to make scores 4-3, but time was against us and a 4-3 loss to Spirit was the final result.

Our returning players Harry and Sam, and our top-up players Amelia and Nick, had some really nice passing throughout the game – excellent to see as they are all from our U14 age group.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 4-3

Newtown Spirit played Newtown Strikers in a closely matched game on Saturday.

Spirit scored early with a strong goal from Miles and followed up with another from Tom. Undeterred Strikers replied quickly and put the pressure on Spirit defenders who held strong, and credit to goalie Max who saved many shots on goal. Strikers were relentless and scored two goals to equalize the score at half time.

In the second half Oliver scored two goals from within the D, pushing his shots past the Strikers goalie to take the score to 4:2 in Spirit’s favour. Strikers again replied with only five minutes left on the clock and scored. Spirit defended strongly until the final siren and were rewarded with a 4:3 win.

Thanks to Strikers players Harley and Will who joined the Spirit team to equal the numbers. Thanks also to Oliver for playing up from U/14’s.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 1-9

IGA Player of the Week award to Martin Andrews.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 1-4

IGA Player of the Week award to Hannah Rix.

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 1-4

Best players – Jimmy, Ahmer, Callum

A disappointing scoreline that didn’t really reflect the run of play – Division 2 men came to today’s game with the opportunity to enter the top 4 for the first time for the season and potentially set up a finals position. The game started well with some excellent attacking play and with us going up 1-0 after a shot from Dave was nicely deflected in by AJ lurking near the post (a classic AJ goal – he often manages to find himself in the right position). Torquay drew level from a short corner before half time to set up an exciting 2nd half.

The second half saw Torquay step it up a gear, with a great display of passing creating a range of opportunities, three of which were converted. Despite creating several opportunities of our own (many of them cheered on by the Golden Plains team arriving for their game after us), none of them ended up in the back of the goal.

While mathematically the team can still play finals, that looks unlikely from here. However, the team has improved significantly over the season and this game exemplified much improved structure and passing, that nearly paid of for us. Looking forward to the last two games of the hockey season.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 2-4

The Spirit team continues to improve each week, with great defence and some excellent forward moves. Wendy and Tracey held the defence together with great positioning and some timely interceptions to deny Torquay’s progress to the circle. Strong midfield defence and great clearances from Andie, Kellie and Peta sent the ball forward where running players Lauren, Jessie, Katie and Emma were able to gain control and work well together.

In her 100th game, Jessie looked set to score a goal after a great run to the circle, but it wasn’t to be. Great work from De, Kirsty and Sarah moving back or across into space to pick up passes from team mates, and carrying the ball and the play into attack. Good running and persistence by Katie, Emma and Lauren who worked back in defence to pressure the Torquay attackers. Goals scored by Peta and Sarah.

2018 Winter Hockey Season – June 23 & 24

The last round of matches this week before the winter hockey season breaks for the school holidays, and we are probably all looking forward to the return of longer days and warmer weather.

Under 8 Mixed

Newtown Spirit v Geelong College Blue

Great start for Spirit with good spreading out across the field. Spirit team members were pushed to defend from the first whistle. It was great to see Coach Kellie hug Amelia in the first 9 minutes for trying hard. But there was plenty of push forward by Spirit too with enthusiastic play by Oliver and Drew throughout the game. Edie worked hard in goals, keeping great position. Braxton marked his player well through the centre. Drew & Pollyanna worked well together out wide too.

Summah was great at focusing on having her stick down, which paid off with a great stop and pass. Oliver scored the first goal for Spirit with an excellent run down the field. There was great calling from all players, making Coach Kellie smile!

With lots of College attack in the 2nd half they found the goals. Braxton was great in the second half pushing the ball well in the final few minutes, getting close to goals.

Thanks to Amelia for filling in. Edie earned the Subway Player of the Week, with great play – keeping her focus and stick on the ground.

 Newtown Strikers v Kardinia Kookaburras

Strikers had a another strong performance this week against Kardinia Kookaburras.

Throughout the game Strikers passed well to one another and attacked strongly, working well together as a team. All players worked hard and, when the opposition had possession of the ball, they never gave up and defended well. Strikers are improving each week of the hockey season, particularly by taking free hits quickly and cleanly which catches their opponents off-guard. The players are listening well to their coach Colleen by staying in the correct positions, not crowding around the ball and moving into space to ensure their teammates always have someone to pass to.

All in all, another excellent game and Willow was awarded Subway Player of the Week for moving around well and finding space. Congratulations Willow!

Newtown Rebels vs College White

College White were unable to field a team as they had many players away on holidays, but Newtown Rebels found a way to have some fun with a ‘Parents vs Kids’ match.

Fantastic running and ball control skills by George who began on the ‘Parents’ team, with Dion (Zeph’s dad) and Tash (Marlo’s mum) discovering some long forgotten or newly discovered hockey skills. The ‘Kids’ played very well together with Edward, Marlo and Zeph doing some great passing and Sam ever watchful in front of goals. When Harrison joined the game, and with a team switch between George and Zeph, the ‘Kids’ began to move the ball very quickly, finding space in attack and taking free passes very effectively. Great work by Zeph, keeping his stick on the ground, and making some excellent tackles, putting pressure on the opposition. A great fun game with some really good hockey skills in evidence.

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Rebels v Bellarine 9-0

Congratulations to Eliza and Amelia on reaching 50 game milestones. Thank you to Rach for coaching the team for the last couple of weeks.

A fantastic game by everyone this week with multiple goal scorers and others that had some very close attempts. It was rather quiet for Ruby in goals so after halftime she changed to nominated kicker. Despite being unwell Elliott backed up Ruby in goals and blocked anything that came her way. Amelia also in the back line and also played forward and nearly scored her first goal of the season. Alex showed how far you can push the ball without using a golf swing and making smart choices. Jai and Tommy teamed up together through the middle and were a scoring machine. India moved straight to the corner post in from the wing and successfully flicked in the ball to score her first 2 goals. Emma and Eliza never gave up throughout the mid field with great trapping and tackling. Lucinda focused on keeping the ball in play when it was close to the sideline and pushing the ball up the field. Mia showed some lovely ball control. Baxter made fantastic position to be able to tap the ball across the line to score his first 2 goals. The goals were very crowded at times and everyone kept at the ball until they scored. Subway and Best Team Player Awards were presented to Tommy and India.

Newtown Spirit vs Red Jaguars 1-2

With plenty of reminders from Kellie before the start of the game everyone was ready to run, tackle and play well. Kellie reminded everyone to use the width of the field with square balls and go out sideways. By using the sidelines, the opposition may push the ball over the boundary and that’s perfectly ok cause we win the push in. Be ready to switch between attack and defence, remember to mark players and have confidence in your dribbling skills.

With 3 of our team members out we were pleased to have Ruby, Amelia and Michael fill in. It took a while for everyone to work together with new members but slowly the passes were getting out to the sides and we were feeling more confident with dribbling, tackling and meeting the ball. Kellie suggested at half time to keep the ball out of the middle as the grass is clumpy, so the ball won’t run smoothly. We need to be ahead of the ball. There were numerous times when there was no one to pass onto as the forwards were behind the ball. We need better positioning and more marking of the ball. Kellie asked the team what they thought of the game and most knew where they needed to improve.

The second half was a better game of skills with more marking and tackling. Not our best game of this hockey season but everyone came away having learnt that we need to keep the pressure up and have more confidence in ourselves to dribble up the field, come out to meet the ball and stay ahead of the ball particularly if you are a forward. Red Jaguars certainly were more confident than the last time we played them as they met the ball a lot better and kept up the pressure throughout the game. The final score was 1:2 with Red Jaguars the winners. Subway and Best team player Awards went to Ruby for meeting the ball well and playing confidently and Annabelle for trusting herself and great movement of the ball out wide.

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong 0-12

Geelong were dominant from the start and all through the game winning 12-0. Their game was everything the Strikers should aim for in our game plan – playing their roles, attacking from the wings and in correct positions in the circle to name a few. Curtis and Amber were both able to play well in defence and attack and Thamindu marked his opponent in defence. Lots of lessons to learn from this game against the top team in the competition.

Newtown Spirit Bye

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 7-2

Despite having some tired and sore bodies, Spirit put up a great showing in the third Newtown derby. Captain for the day Lachie was in the action early on the half line as the play was end to end in a quick-paced, even contest. Harry’s first of 5 goals was immediately countered from Strikers and we knew we were in for a tight tussle. Luca was again excellent in defence, supported this week by Sam and Charlie in Amelia’s absence. Harry controlled the midfield well, switching play several times and sending some great balls through to the forwards, to Grace and Brandon on the right, and Basyl and Ethan out left.

Ethan’s lead in to the centre was honoured in the second half leading to an exciting 1 on 1 contest with Gus, who was unlucky not to keep the ball out. Spirit scored an excellent goal from a
well-executed short corner drill, but not to be denied Strikers scored a second goal from another powerful strike in the second half despite Jack’s lunging efforts. An entertaining game before the 3
week break for school holidays.

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 1-0

Strikers played host to Kardinia on Sunday and with 1 win apiece and their last encounter a draw, both teams were hungry for a win.

Miles was away and Strikers were given 2 fill-ins from Kardinia which allowed us to have 11 on the field. The first half was an even contest with Kardinia having 2 penalty corners and Strikers having one, but neither side was able to convert. Our passes to free players and the transition out of defence is working well and it was good to see Jack, Caleb and Harry combining to move the ball swiftly into attack.

In the second half, we had a great chance early on with Jack intercepting a hit in from Kardinia’s 25 yard line but his hit on goal was wide. Another opportunity occurred with fill-in Ben and Jarret getting past the goalie but a Kardinia defender saved the ball right on the goal line. EJ and Jarret passed the ball out of defence nicely, giving Jack a chance in attack that went across the face of goal. Our goal finally came late in the game when Jarret passed to Harry who scored a nice goal, giving us a 1-0 win.

Our next game is against Newtown Spirit on Saturday July 21.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 1-4

A young 8 sided Spirit played an in form 9 sided Torquay last Sunday. Thanks to Harry, Oli and Angus for stepping up from U/1s and playing well in a fast paced and tough game.

Torquay came out strongly from the outset with multiple shots on goal in the first half saved well by Angus. At the 20 minute mark Torquay managed to score, however, Spirit remained strong with Rachel and Oliver a solid defensive combination on the backline to keep the score 1:0 at half time. Coach Paul praised and encouraged Spirit’s defence and they held off many attacks from Torquay in the second half. With fantastic passing down the wing and a strong pass from Miles, Riley was in the perfect position to score and did so effectively. However, two short corner opportunities to Torquay were converted and followed up with another strong goal to see Torquay with a 4:1 win. Credit to Torquay for a highly competitive game and well done Spirit on a fast paced, tough game that tested both defensive and attacking skills for the full game.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Red 4-1

It was a frustrating game for the Falcons this week!  Even though we ended up victors against the Saints Red team 4:1 it was certainly a long way off from where we should be playing.  There were lots of undisciplined aspects to our game which was disappointing.  We did try and focus on our short game, particularly out of defence and this was one pleasing aspect.  We were able to generate lots of scoring opportunities which was also pleasing but unfortunately at times were unable to finish off (the coach was banished to the backline after missing 2 simple goals served up on a platter by Matt B!!).

We certainly need to refocus and come out next week concentrating on our game as we take on the might of Torquay.

IGA Player of the Week Award to Tom Mahon.

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 1-7

Thanks to Katie and Jessie J for stepping up and helping us to start the game with a couple of subs, and congrats to Katie on her first Division One game. Given injury and absence from the regular lineup Kylie also suited up for her first game of the season. Unfortunately, her knee wasn’t quite ready. Amanda had her knee act up as well so it wasn’t long before the team entered the second half and the remaining 11 had to tough it out.

An experienced Torquay team were able to generate a fairly steady attack, earning corners and converting on their opportunities. Young Falcon, Hayley, had a go in the midfield and did a good job of containing her opponent. Ainsley was instrumental in thwarting the Torquay attack on many occasions and had some great assists into our attack play. Young player Erin played a great two way game, coming back on defence to slow down Torquay’s attacking defenders and working hard to create attack.

A strong Torquay defence didn’t allow many opportunities. For spectators there was some very good between 25s hockey. Congrats to Erin Skene who was the IGA Player of the Game.


Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong 3-1

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 2-5

The game began on a positive note with Spirit showing some great teamwork and determination in defence, with Andie, Tracey and Hill making interceptions and getting the ball clear to our midfield. Astrid and Jessie worked hard on the forward line and Deanne and Kirsty made some great moves to meet the ball coming out of defence. Golden Plains began to take control of the game though and found space to attack through the centre of the field, and with some slick passing scored two goals before half time.

The second half began on a better note with a number of short corners in our favour, and giving us some optimism when Astrid scored a goal from a difficult angle. However Golden Plains continued to find plenty of space in the middle and their quick play caught us out on occasion. Late in the second half, there were some excellent passages of play from Astrid, Jessie and Kellie, which saw us create a number of attacks, and Kellie was in the right spot to finish with a goal.






Active for Life – Play Hockey

Start Your Love of  Hockey Now

Hockey is a sport which the whole family can play, so it’s a great way to be active, have fun and make new friends. Our members range in age from 3 to 60+, with many players developing a lifelong love of hockey and lasting friendships. Whatever age you are or whatever level of skill or experience you have, you are welcome to play hockey with us.

newtown hockey


Newtown City Hockey Club is the largest hockey club in Victoria outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area. With over 300 members and 17 teams, the Club offers the opportunity for people to play hockey at whatever level they choose.


New Members Are Always Welcome

New members are welcome at any time of the year, as there are teams playing in both winter and summer seasons. Even if you can’t play every week, we would love to have you play hockey whenever you can.

Winter season games are April to September, and the summer season is October to February. The winter season is the main competition, with the most participants. The summer season provides a more social environment, and this makes the summer season a good place to try the game out.

Getting Started

If you are new to hockey, or haven’t played for a while, you could try one of these options, before deciding whether to join the club.

  • Come and Try Hockey – a free program which allows boys and girls aged 5 to 12 to try the game out before making a commitment.
  • Kookas Midweek hockey – a less structured program for boys and girls aged 5 to 12.
  • Saturday Social hockey – a fun opportunity for boys, girls, men and women to play hockey, There is no commitment to be there every week, and it’s a great way for families to play together. This program is run only during the winter season.
  • Summer hockey programs – includes Mixed Masters (over 35) and Friday Family competitions – both good places for less experienced adults to play hockey.
  • Join a team training session –  join one of the regular training sessions for the various teams.

Teams and Competitions

If you have decided that you would like to join the Club, we have teams for boys and girls from 3 to 16 (turning 17) and teams for senior men and women.

More details here …..


Fees, Charges and Registration

Costs to play hockey include Hockey Victoria membership fees, and Club fees to play in a team or a program. All players must register in order to be placed in a team.

Check the details here ……

Uniform and Equipment

Equipment is available for loan to participants in the Come and Try Hockey program. Junior equipment packs are available for sale through the club. Uniform is required for teams competing in the Hockey Geelong competition, but is not required for U6 Joeys, Kookas and Saturday Social players.

Uniform and equipment information can be found here…..


Team training for the winter season is conducted at Lloyd Reserve, Newtown for the U8 and U10 teams, or at Stead Park, Corio for the U12, U14, U17 and senior men and women. All players are encouraged to attend regularly, but we understand if this is not always possible. Training is not conducted during the summer season.


Please contact us if you have any questions.