2018 Winter Season – June 2 & 3

This week’s matches had some real highlights, as we head toward the middle of the hockey season.

Under 8

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia Kookaburras

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Rebels

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 5-0

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong College 2-2

Kellie ws proud of the intensity and the way we were keeping our sticks down. She gave us a tactic to work at and that was to just dribble the ball, there was always at least 4 opposition players around us and if we could just dribble the ball then they would be forced to use strong tackling techniques which would then draw the free. Kellie encouraged us to use our excellent stick skills to dribble through the traffic. Kellie also made the comment that we were using the field how we should; staying away from the centre.

Half time saw Kellie talking about hockey terminology just to make sure we all knew what she was asking of us. “Up the field” means to play in the direction of attack & “drop back” means to move into your defence position. Kellie also helped us learn more about long and short corners, (the technical side) – but also how it was important to be at the ready and quick so we put pressure on the ball. She also talked about marking our players and the only position that shouldn’t be marking a player would be the centre forward and the full back if they are loose.

The games was ours until the last couple of the minuties where Gellong College were able to get their second goal, to even the score. It was a great game to be a spectator at and the team should be congratulated on a great effort, with lots of great stick & ball technique. Awards went to Annabelle and Pollyanna (congratulations on 25 games too Pollyanna). Goals were scored by Lucy and Ruben.

Newtown Rebels vs Torquay 2-0

There was a great amount of pressure on right from the start of the game and an extremely well matched game. It was hard fought through the centre and into the defence for both teams. Tommy was up for the challenge in goals and successfully defended every attack on goals. Alex and Amelia in the back half’s were making smart decisions with their strokes and pushing the ball out wide or changing direction of play. Both also moved up the field to stop the advancing Torquay team. Mia and India were constantly on the move along the wings and trapping the ball well. Well done to Mia on her debut game. India was so close to scoring her first goal but was denied by the Torquay kicker. Eliza, Jai and Emma were a formidable team through the centre with the amount of running this group completed and never giving up even when struck by their opponent through to their tackling. Baxter and Ruby showed great composure under pressure and gained possession back on multiple occasions. It was a hard fought game but with everyone working together we came away with the victory.
Alex was awarded player of the match for her super strong pushes and Mia was awarded the Subway voucher for her listening to instructions and doing everything asked of her.

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 2-2

The Newtown U/12 Strikers drew 2-2 with Torquay which was a great result from our previous encounter. Strikers played a good team game with improved passing but Torquay were always very skillful and fast on the break. Strikers came back from a goal down each time with good team goals from Brayden and Max. Chloe had another good game in goals and Sam encouraged the team with a tackling count and Tom work tirelessly in the centre. Defenders Ebony, Madeline and Mai forced Torquay errors on many occasions. Great team effort.

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 4-0

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Strikers – Bye

Newtown Spirit vs Bellarine 0-0

It was a frenetic pace from the get-go from both teams, in stark contrast to the game last week. Playing in the limelight of Pitch 1 in front of the crowd basking in the warmth of the sun on the terraces, must have been sufficient to get the adrenaline flowing! Play rapidly switched from end to end with nothing to differentiate the two teams for much of the half. Newtown did manage to sneak the ball over the goal line towards the end of the first half but there was an infringement in the melee in front of goal, so the score remained at 0:0.

Newtown had the majority of possession and opportunities in the second half and were playing a well structured game with lots of passing and spreading the ball. Bellarine were relying on surprise counter-attacks by a couple of their tall fast players, but the Newtown defence was awake to their strategy. Newtown was unlucky not to score from a few late short corners, but credit to Bellarine for defending well and holding Newtown to a 0:0 draw.

Thanks to Jack for keeping goal this week and putting his lightning quick reflexes to use a couple of times during the game to keep the opposition scoreless. A mention also for Lachie and Nick who found themselves in the thick of the action for much of the game and did very well to remain calm and composed under pressure. No game next weekend due to the long weekend, so there is no training on Thursday.

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 0-4

Newtown Strikers hosted Newtown Spirit on Sunday in their 3rd encounter for the season.
Strikers ball movement continues to improve and we had some entries into the half-circle including one nice attack from Miles and Oscar that drew the Spirit goalkeeper away from goal, EJ then received the ball but his hit was defended by another Spirit defender.
Amelia gave us a good option on the left wing and received a few passes to take us forward, but we couldn’t keep the ball clear of Spirit defence.
Luka in goals, Caleb, and our two Sams (Sam R and Sam S) in defence had a really good game under continuous pressure, but Spirit’s speed up forward enabled them to score 1 goal in the first half and 3 in the second half. Final score was 4-nil to Spirit.
Things for the team to work on are being aware of the loose players during penalty corners, staying with the opposition ball carrier and following up with second efforts when we’re defending.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 4-0

Newtown Spirit played Newtown Strikers on Sunday in a highly competitive game that tested both sides. The Strikers started out strong in attack with goalie Angus making some impressive saves for the Spirit in the first half to keep the scores 0:0. Midway through the first half the Strikers turned the ball over to Miles who attacked and made a decisive goal to put the Spirit ahead. A quick reply by the Strikers saw the Spirit goalie pushed off to the side and created an opportunity for the Strikers who got a shot off on goal, saved just in time by Oliver sweeping across goals to keep the score 1:0. Both sides showed impressive attacking and defensive skills and the score remained unchanged at half time. The Spirit players took on their coach’s half time advice, picking up players and getting the ball wide. The result was terrific team play along the wing with a ball to Oli who passed to Miles who then found Emily perfectly positioned on the post and deflected the ball beautifully to score the Spirit’s second goal. With attacking momentum Spirit put the pressure on and Miles was able to score again to take the score to 3:0. With 10 minutes remaining Spirit created a couple of short corners though were unable to convert. A great piece of play soon after saw Angus pass to Riley along the wing who then found Emily again perfectly positioned though not able to convert. With 2 minutes on the clock Miles made a dynamic attack with another scoring shot goal with the final result 4:0. At the wrap up coach Paul commented that “playing wide in the second half changed the course of the game”, “Emily played brilliantly, Riley made space all through the game, Harry played really well, and the rest of the team played fantastic”. Well done Spirit on another great team effort and thanks to Angus and Oli for playing up from U/14’s.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong 6-3

It was a tale of two halves for the Falcons this week. Even though the sun was shining and it was a great day for hockey the Falcons came out playing like it was winter; cold,wet and miserable!! The first half was one to forget with poor structure, ball movement and too many players ball watching resulted in us being 2-0 down to Geelong at the half time break. After a bit of a rev up at half time the boys suddenly started to play some team hockey. Matt B provided a spark by moving into the forward line creating lots of opportunities but more importantly got the score board ticking over. The boys held their structure and played great disciplined hockey which resulted in a 6-1 second half. It was pleasing to see the boys turn it around in the second half and get some reward for effort. It was also pleasing to see players work for each other with lots of unselfish, unrewarded passages of play. Matt B was IGA player of the game. Hope you all have a relaxing hockey free long weekend!

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong 0-2

For this game we only had a couple of introductions to do. While we started with a pretty healthy roster of 14 by the start of game we were down to 13. Part way through the first 1/2 we were down to 12 and before end of the game we had 11. Geelong sits top of the ladder so to go down 2-0 reflects a well contested match. Our young guns Hailey, Erin, and Ella all had solid games. Hailey, Erin and Shannon should have had GPS on to monitor their kilometers as they had to help hold an assertive Geelong backfield eager to overlap and join the play. Our defenders Ainsley, Astrid, Mon and Meg with Jessie J in goals did a good job of withstanding some segments of sustained attack, giving up minimal PC in the first half and only 1 (maybe two) in the second half. Midfielders Emma, Pen, Deb were busy trying to control an often overloaded and busy center core. While we didn’t get on the scoreboard, we did have some great attack opportunities. Well done ladies!

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Corio 1-6

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Red 0-4

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Newtown City Hockey Club is the largest hockey club in Victoria outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area. With over 300 members and 17 teams, the Club offers the opportunity for people to play hockey at whatever level they choose.


New Members Are Always Welcome

New members are welcome at any time of the year, as there are teams playing in both winter and summer seasons. Even if you can’t play every week, we would love to have you play hockey whenever you can.

Winter season games are April to September, and the summer season is October to February. The winter season is the main competition, with the most participants. The summer season provides a more social environment, and this makes the summer season a good place to try the game out.

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  • Summer hockey programs – includes Mixed Masters (over 35) and Friday Family competitions – both good places for less experienced adults to play hockey.
  • Join a team training session –  join one of the regular training sessions for the various teams.

Teams and Competitions

If you have decided that you would like to join the Club, we have teams for boys and girls from 3 to 16 (turning 17) and teams for senior men and women.

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Equipment is available for loan to participants in the Come and Try Hockey program. Junior equipment packs are available for sale through the club. Uniform is required for teams competing in the Hockey Geelong competition, but is not required for U6 Joeys, Kookas and Saturday Social players.

Uniform and equipment information can be found here…..


Team training for the winter season is conducted at Lloyd Reserve, Newtown for the U8 and U10 teams, or at Stead Park, Corio for the U12, U14, U17 and senior men and women. All players are encouraged to attend regularly, but we understand if this is not always possible. Training is not conducted during the summer season.


Please contact us if you have any questions.
















2018 Hockey Season – May 19 & 20

We are nearly one third of the way through the 2018 hockey season already, and there were some great matches again this week.

Under 6

Our Joeys players are learning to pass the ball accurately and work with other players to get the ball back again. There were some lovely straight passes from all the players, with Casey and Joseph doing especially well. Dribbling and ball control skills are getting better each week, and scanning is a valuable tool in getting through the Monster Forest.

Under 8

Newtown Spirit vs College Green

Spirit concentrated on getting into position swiftly when umpires signalled free hits during an Under 8 encounter with College Green at Lloyd Reserve on Saturday. While both teams initially clustered their play in the middle of the field, Spirit players soon started looking for options to move the ball around their opposition by heading out wide. Right half Oliver provided excellent square passing opportunities for his team mates, while Maia was in great position on the wing. Summah and Pollyanna were enthusiastic contributors and Braxton put in a pearler of a game, moving his body into the best possible position to pressure opposition players time and again.

The team marked well and called loudly during the game. Acting on Coach Kellie’s half-time instructions, they swiftly got themselves into position the minute the umpire blew the whistle during the second half, which featured a quicker, more spread-out style of play from the young Newtown outfit.

Kellie gave the Best Team Player Award to the side’s youngest player – Braxton – for his stand-out game of the season. She said Braxton had listened to her instructions, acted on them, kept his body in the right position and didn’t take his eye off the ball. Well done Braxton for a great game.

Many thanks to College Green for lending one of its players to Spirit to even up numbers. Ava’s help was much appreciated.

Newtown Rebels vs College Blue

Newtown Rebels continue to show great understanding and strategic thinking despite their relative inexperience. Determination to get the ball by Sam, George and Edward gave Newtown the advantage and the play moved into attack quickly. Excellent awareness of team mates’ positioning saw some very effective passing in front of goals between Edward and George, opening up space to move forward. Sofia was always in good position, with stick on the ground and provided some quick free passes to outmanoeuvre the opposition defence. Harrison and Zeph worked hard in the second half, keeping their sticks down to gain possession, and then followed up with some accurate passing to team mates and spaces.

Best Team Player Award to Zeph.

Newtown Strikers vs College White

A great game by Newtown Strikers, with some excellent teamwork and passing. Lachie showed great focus on the ball and perseverance, and finished with the Best Team Player Award for this week.

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Spirit v Kardinia 1-0

Kellie felt like it must have been the end of season game……all of our skills and team playing were excellent. Sticks were down, playing the ball out wide, and excellent passes. In the second half she wanted us to play around the low grassed areas so we had a better chance to push the ball and have better control. She also wanted us to get out of the way of our own players, we were mingling together a little bit so we had reduced opportunity to pass to anyone. We needed to make sure we were keeping our triangle setup and make sure we were at least 5 steps away from each other. Kellie wanted us to pretend that we all hadn’t had a shower in a week and we were really smelly!

The second half saw us score the one and only goal by Leo with help from Matilda. But we did have a lot of opportunity at goals and Kellie’s advice was that we shouldn’t stop, keep at the ball when heading in for a goal – keep attacking the ball. All the skills continue to be executed brilliantly. Hamish again had a ball free game – not one touch! Hamish also celebrated his 28 games – apologies for not reporting this at the 25 game milestone. Awards went to Nate and Matilda.

Newtown Rebels vs Red Jaguars 2-0

Thank you to Ruben and Matilda for joining us for our game against Red Jaguars after having already played for Spirit.

Great footwork from Baxter throughout the game and moving himself around to be in the right position. Emma, Ruby, Alex and Jai worked extremely well together with good strong passes and working the ball down the line to create our goal scoring opportunities. Eliza was everywhere throughout the game and her determination and tenacity stopped Red Jaguars many times when they had gained control of the ball. In only her second game India displayed a growing confidence and saw her stealing the ball off her opponents stick. Eliza and Matilda also worked together creating a strong back line to prevent Red Jaguars scoring and knowing when to leave the ball.

Although we were making good strong passes, Claire discussed at halftime that a lot of Newtown players as well as the opposition were crowding the middle. Emma played a great supporting role along the wing and covered so much ground and reading the play so well. Some fantastic ball control from Ruben through the centre of field while under pressure from the opposition and with Tommy staying close by. Amelia was supported by Elliott in the goals and made a great power kick and stopped a second attempt on goals by going to goal in the splits. Elliott followed the play throughout the game and moved position on the field as required.

Player of the match was awarded to Eliza and Subway voucher was awarded to Elliott.

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 1-0

The new look Strikers team played their most even game so far. With a more attacking line-up to start the game, Surry made several long runs into the forward line and the team eventually capitalised with a quick push in to the goal by Meyah from close range. Our forwards began to run in support of the ball carrier and continually applied pressure in front of goals. Two short corners eventuated and those involved in these set play’s, tried their best to execute what we had practised at training. We will continue to focus on our long and accurate pushing and clean hitting of the ball in this regard.

Zac and Will communicated well on the last line of defence, stopping several of the opposition attacks deep in the circle. With encouragement, they swept the ball out wide in order for our half backs and wings to run on to. Lisette continued her great form on the right wing from the previous week and made several long runs along the sideline, keeping the ball on her stick and maintaining possession. Avah started the game confidently at half back, tackling well and sending the ball forward to the run of Michael and Lisette. She played her best game of the season, earning the Best Team Player for the week. Well done Avah! Michael played a slightly different role this week in the first half, moving to an inner position and listened well in regard to positioning and his role in both defence and attack! Kye was once again very solid across half back and broke the game open with his clean hits through the opposition players, enabling our forwards to run on to them. He maintained his positioning extremely well, pushing up and covering back when required. Madison played a number of positions during the game, showing her flexibility and providing plenty of run as a forward target in the latter part of the game. Hannah suited up in the goalie gear this week for her first time and despite not being required for the majority of the game, she made a fantastic clearing kick from the goal line in what was the opposition’s most promising move forward. Great job Hannah!

The second half saw a shuffle of positions and with Zac moving to an inner position he combined well with Jacob and Madison on the left side of the field. Several fast breaks resulted from wide passes out of congestion in the middle which was pleasing to see. Despite no changes to the overall score line in the second half there was some very positive team play and everyone embraced the opportunity to try out different positions. A thank you to Jacob for filling in for us this week. His determination and persistence to successfully win the ball on several occasions, earnt him our Subway award.

Under 10 Girls

Team Orange vs Team Non-bibs 1-1

Non-bibs team – Lily, Aimee, Phoebe, Amelia, Ruby, Lauren. Goalscorer Ruby.

Team Orange – Zoe, Elliott, Maddison, Stella, Matilda, Alex. Goalscorer Maddison.

We focused on wanting to go wide and quickly with the ball but also making sure our teammates are there to receive the ball. A couple of very close misses by Phoebe on goals by never giving up and pushing the ball well. Great talking from Ruby to Lily and decision making so penalties were taken quickly. A strong pass from Amelia to Aimee to set up Ruby to score. Fancy turns by Stella were displayed throughout the game.

At half time Claire discussed good position but make sure your team mate knows you’re there and only need to call once. Trust the full back to make the decision and they move into required spots to stop the run of play. Look ahead so you know what you’re going to do. Nice strong passes but need to follow up in case of missed shot. Aim for team mates stick side and work on switching the play.

In the second half, Alex set up a pass to Madison to score.  We have seen some great development in skills and confidence over the last few weeks as the girls adjust to the faster surface.

Under 12

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-3

Strikers had their opportunities in the 1st half but failed to penetrate the Torquay defence which had an extra field player with no GK in their net. Torquay made the most of Strikers turnovers scoring from the field and penalty corners (3-0). Max had a great game but ran out of legs trying to dodge and weave around the Torquay defence. Charlotte and Sam were also good players for the Strikers.

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 2-2

Saturday morning brought the match between Newtown Spirit and Golden Plains.  On rotation in goal, Daniel warmed up well and did a great job keeping Golden Plains scoreless in the first half.  Leading up front in attack, Ollie A, Liam K and Bella kept pressure in the circle providing us with a series of short corners which Liam P-H capitalised on for a strong goal.  Taking our lead of 1-0 into the second half, Gil used strong passing play from Emma and Ollie J to score a lovely hard goal which was drilled past the Golden Plains keeper.

The tide seemed to turn though at 2-0 down and Golden Plains attacked more strongly. Our defence, including our halfback Grace and fullbacks Issy and Lachie (who bravely played despite some soreness) cleared a number of strong passes and hits from the circle.  Golden Plains continued to drive forward and two goals to Golden Plains followed after strong short corner play.

Coach Tom congratulated the players on a tough game and encouraged players to concentrate on three keys aspects for our future games:

  1. Marking a player and keeping your stick down;
  2. Looking to move the ball wide to provide good opportunities for attacking play in order to avoid the pack that tends to congest the middle of the field; and
  3. Keeping the ball under control and dribbling it on your own stick without needing to get it away in a hurry.  That way, you provide yourself with time to look for options and your team mates can move themselves into positions to receive the ball.

A 2-2 draw with Golden Plains played with great keenness and energy, keep up the super work Newtown Spirit, keep enjoying your hockey and see you at training!

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers  5-0

Spirit were missing a few players with JCC on but were lucky to have Isabel and Liam available to fill-in from U12. Spirit had the majority of possession in the first half and were eventually on the scoreboard with a goal to Will from a short corner. The second goal came from an intercept by Charley who was able to accelerate away to an open goal from the 25 yard line. A through ball that found Grace in space was the catalyst for the third Spirit goal for the half.

Spirit goal keeper for this round, Ethan, had a quiet first half but was in the action early in the second half with Strikers attacking goal from the start of play, followed by a short corner. Great kicking skills from Ethan kept Strikers scoreless and led to a counterattack by Spirit. Grace was ideally positioned on the right post and a well placed pass from Charley resulted in a second goal to Grace. The final goal was to Liam from a short corner with the score finishing at 5:0. It was a tough game for the opposition Strikers who playing without a goal keeper, but to their credit they fought hard for the whole match.

Special thanks to Ethan for a sterling effort in goal this week, and to Isabel and Liam for stepping up from U12. See you all at training 5:30pm on Thursday and our next game on Sunday 27th May 10:15am against Kardinia Maroon.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 0-5

Strikers and Spirit met on Sunday for a second encounter in the season.  Strikers were down to 8 players and Spirit 10.  This meant Strikers played without a goalie.

Coach Telfer had requested that the players run hard and long throughout match given the absence of numbers and was not disappointed.  The players really matched the Spirit team in general play.  Ultimately Spirit was able to score as a product of there being no goalie but Strikers managed  to limit the opportunities even though they were outnumbered on the field.  0-4 at half time.  At the break the message was even more running and for the forwards to sit further back to facilitate passes from defense.  This worked and Strikers created repeat short corners and opportunities throughout the half.  At the end the scoreline was 0-5 but it was a hard working and credible effort.  Special mention for Lillie who played her best game for the season.

Under 17

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 6-1

Newtown Spirit played Newtown Strikers in what is always a tightly contested game, and Sunday’s game did not disappoint. Full credit to Oliver, Amelia and Harry who played up from the U/14s to make a full Spirit team, and were instrumental in the successful outcome of the game. The pressure was on Strikers for the full game as they played with only 7 players.

Spirit made the most of the advantage and played decisively throughout the game with Miles, Tom, Angus and Ben strong in attack, and Rachel as always, strong in defence displaying her excellent flat stick tackling. Miles showed terrific speed and determination to chase down balls and was able to convert 4 throughout the game. Tom was also strong in attack and scored 2 goals.

During the post match talk Coach Paul praised the team for “using their wits” during the game and encouraged them to replicate that play and mindset in the upcoming contests against Torquay. He also said Amelia did an extremely good job filling in, as did all our extras in their second game of the day. Well done team for working hard and getting a win.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 1-6

The U17 Strikers played very well given the lack of numbers and the ring in coach they had this week. The final score was 6 – 1 but for much of the fist half we were able to gallantly hold Spirit at 1 all. We only had 6 confirmed before the game but Oliver Telfer was able to step in to help us avoid a forfeit. Well done to all of the Strikers players – everyone stepped up to the challenge and played well and made great second efforts to win the ball.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Torquay 0-9

It was a tough game for Falcons this week, coming up against the Torquay 1’s! Torquay had their usual Premier League suspects which proved to be far too strong and in the end we went down 9-0.
There is certainly some room for improvement with some tightening up in defence. But there were also some positives – when we moved the ball quickly and transitioned we looked threatening and provided some scoring opportunities. We look forward to the challenge next time we meet.

Luke Porra was IGA Player of the Game with a strong performance in defence. It was great to see the old poise, skill, strength and determination back that we know and love!

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong 0-4

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-3

With a lot of players out this weekend, we fronted up with a fairly young team.  However this did not prevent us form playing some great hockey.  Some strong defensive play in the first half with Tom Mc, Vince and Willy O guarding their opponents tightly and Will H continuing with his very impressive goalkeeping. Woody came off injured late in the first half after being hit in the foot by friendly fire.

A cheap goal by Torquay had us down 1-0 at half time in what was a very competitive game.  Tom C and Oli both played great in the mid-field ably supported by a cameo from Stu, and together created many opportunities to help drive the ball forward.  Unfortunately we started to tire in the second half and weren’t able to get on the scoreboard.  Despite what seemed to be a very competitive and relatively even game, we finished with a loss against the top team.  However there are some very promising signs as this team is finding good structure and coordination. More wins are just around the corner.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 1-0

Two wins in a row! A great game from Newtown Spirit, with never-say-die attitudes shown by all players. Torquay began the game with only 10 players and no keeper, and we took advantage of this to score the only goal of the game in the first few minutes. A quick and accurate pass out of the midfield defence to the right corner, and then a pass across the front of the goal found Emma A there to swoop on the ball and put it in the empty net. Newtown continued to work well together with Emma, Jessie  and Kellie continually putting pressure on the opposition and giving it their all. Great position and growing confidence and ball control skills saw Sarah gain possession and pass to our advantage, and De and Kirsty worked back to gather the passes through from the midfield.

The midfield and back line held strongly throughout the game, closing down space for the Torquay forwards and not allowing them to dominate. Great co-operation and adaptability between Peta, Andie, Meg, Wendy, Tracey and Hillary created a seamless defence unit, and good position and marking of the opposition blocked many forward moves. We survived a number of Torquay short corners late in the game, and a scramble in front of goal, but the whistle blew with no further score on the board. Great work Spirit.


2018 Hockey Season – May 12 & 13

Round 4 of the 2018 Hockey Season saw some  standout performances and excellent results. The willingness of junior players in particular to try new positions and new challenges provides a positive outlook for both the players and the Club in future.

Under 6 Joeys

Our U6 players are showing improvement in their hockey skills with each week of this hockey season, with some excellent dribbling and reverse stick work.  This week’s focus on passing to another player saw some accurate and firm passes, with players quickly ready to move to the next position to continue a 1-2 passing sequence. Great work by all!

Under 8 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs College White

Spirit showcased strong passing and marking when it took on College White in Under 8 competition at Lloyd Reserve on Saturday. While full back Oliver capably protected the goals, his team-mates used the sidelines as much as they could to overcome congestion in the middle of the field. With strong free hits from Summah and Pollyanna on the half-back line, forwards Braxton, Drew and Maia worked hard to make the most of every opportunity to carry the ball forward into attack.

The team’s linked game continues to improve with each game of the hockey season. Summah triggered several great passages of play, including a strong free hit out wide to Pollyanna, who fired it through to Drew and he scored a goal.

The wide play was just what Coach Kellie ordered in her half-time address. She also asked her team to be ready as soon as Spirit won a free and to always watch the ball. Spirit enjoyed more of the attack in the second half until the hard-working College outfit regrouped and increased pressure on the Newtown players through strong forward runs. That didn’t stop Spirit from fighting hard though, with Braxton and Maia applying useful tackles to hinder College’s progress. Oliver was fantastic as the last line of defence, stopping many opposition forays towards goal and sending the ball out to his team-mates.

After the game Coach Kellie said she was impressed by her team’s play and applauded their work in setting up “clock face” positions at the last free of the game. She awarded two Subway Best Team Player awards for the game, with Oliver and Summah worthy recipients. Oliver did a great job in front of goals, while Summah marked the opposition skilfully, constantly watched the ball and worked hard all game.

Newtown Strikers vs Red Jaguars

Newtown Strikers had a fantastic match this week against the Red Jaguars.  Strikers started well, consistently moving forward and attacking strongly, despite being a player down. Whenever  Jaguars had possession, Strikers defended and worked hard as a team to regain control of the ball.

At half-time Colleen praised the team’s efforts and said there was very little to improve upon as they were playing so well and had taken on board all her comments from previous games! In the second half Strikers continued to dominate and showed more confidence, particularly when passing to one another and attacking.

All in all Strikers had a great game this week and Neve was awarded Subway Player of  the Week for a hugely improved performance. Congratulations Neve!

Newtown Rebels vs Kardinia Kookaburras

A great team game by Newtown Rebels, with good focus on the ball and determination to gain possession shown by all players. Great tackling and interceptions with sticks on the ground provided the impetus for forward moves. Excellent vision and quick passing by George and Sofia found team mates Sam and Harrison in good positions and able to receive the ball. Edward in goals didn’t have a lot to do in the first half but maintained his vigilance, and when moved up the field worked well with team mates to control the play and give Rebels the advantage.

Subway Best Team Player Award went to Sofia, who was always in good position and ready to gain possession and move the team into attack.

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Bellarine 4-0

Another great game played by all! Kellie was excited by the team’s decisions making skills to take the ball out wide, our ability to move the ball, how we were taking our time, positioning ourselves well to make a play, calling for the ball and we were getting to the ball first. All of this saw our ability to put heaps of pressure on the opposition. We continued to improve on our game plan of moving the ball to the right, so playing to our strength. One of the things Kellie wanted us to be mindful of in the second quarter was, if playing down the centre and we can’t play to the right look right over to the left, as we had opportunities in the first half, to make passes to free player right over on the left. Ruben scored two goals in first half, one was from persistence and excellent pushes of the ball.

Second quarter saw lots of play in our offence but a great opposition goalie nearly saw us remain goalless….however some great team work, from short corners saw two goals to Leo. Kellie’s comments focused around using our team mates with passing, sticks were down, we were getting to the ball early and our passes in the circle. It was reported the Hamish didn’t even get to touch the ball in goalie position this week! Best Team Player Awards went to Lucy and Charlotte for listening to Kellie and carrying out her instructions during the game.

Newtown Strikers vs Red Jaguars 0-0

Newtown Rebels vs Kardinia 8-0

Under 10 Girls

A great game by all the girls, with some fantastic strategic thinking and skills on display.

Under 12 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 2-1

Torquay were so dominant in the 1st half that it was a matter of how many goals they would score. However they only scored 1 goal, largely thanks to 1st time Goalkeeper Chloe who saved many shots on goals. Alice and Madeline were also great in defence which inspired the team after the break to an excellent 2nd half with a great strike for goal by Tom. Ruby’s speed and skill at right wing was fantastic, running down the wing setting up Amber in the right spot in the circle to score the team’s winning goal. Great effort all.

Newtown Spirit vs Bellarine Thunder 2-0

Under 14 Mixed

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong 0-4

Newtown Strikers vs Bellarine 2-1

Strikers met Bellarine at Stead Park on Sunday coming off some improved performances.  After a few early volleys either way, Strikers got into their rhythm and started to attack.  Jarrett undertook a number of driving runs through the field to set up opportunities and was ultimately rewarded with a goal.  Bellarine then countered with their own goal and the game was on level terms at the half.

In the second half the team was full of running.  Oliver made some excellent baseline runs and was rewarded with a goal.  Sam R set up many plays and Kenna played another great game in goals.  Overall the team played an excellent team game and the players have progressed rapidly from the first two weeks to implement a sound hockey structure on the field.  Well done Strikers.

Under 17 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Torquay 0-1

Strikers were looking to avenge our 2:1 loss to Torquay back in round 1 on Saturday. Luka and Harry were back for the team but Lotte was away. The first half saw good defense from both teams, and Strikers’ passing was better than in prior weeks, with a notable passage of play when Sam, Oscar, EJ passed the ball cleanly up to Miles whose hit was just wide of goal. Torquay had 2 Penalty Corners but failed to convert, and Strikers also couldn’t convert theirs, leaving the scores at nil-all to half time.

In the second half Strikers continued to have some good attacks forward through Miles, Harry, Jack, Oscar and Jarret, but Torquay’s full-back had our measure on many occasions. With 10 minutes left, a Torquay attack brought Luka right of goal, they then passed left and scored and the final score was 1-nil to Torquay.

Things to work on are our speed in defense and following up with second efforts, and making more use of the wings as we go into attack.

Newtown Spirit vs Kardinia 0-1

Newtown Spirit played a strong defensive game against Kardinia on Saturday. With only 8 Spirit players available Kardinia loaned players to make a side.

Spirit players put in a solid performance throughout the game. There were some good attacks from both sides with Kardinia converting in the second half to win the game.

Rachel was strong in defense and played a number of impressive flat stick tackles. Max was strong in goals and minimised Kardinia conversions to just one goal. Coach Paul commented that “all players gave 100%, Ben and Emily made space, there were great passes from Miles and Tom, Rachel played another great game and Angus played his best game yet”. Well done Spirit.

Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Red 6-0

Falcons had a solid game against Saints Red on the weekend coming out on top with a 6-0 win.  All players contributed to the win and when we transitioned and used quick passes we looked really dangerous.  A shout out goes to Sam who played his first game for the Falcons and proved to be a serious threat up on the forward line.

Goal scorers were Tom, Sean, Gus, Alex, Callum and Sam. It is great to see the team starting to gel and work together to play some nice hockey.

The IGA Player of the Week went to Tom Mahon who keeps growing in confidence and is displaying some great skills and great team hockey. Looking to forward to this weekend when we face the reigning premiers Torquay, it should be a fun encounter!!

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Saints Black 1-0

With four teams in Division One Womens play we are going to get to know the other teams up close and personal. Each club are formidable foes who demand we rise to the challenge each week to lift our game to a new level. This week we met Saints for the second time or as they say in the boxing ring – round two. With Mother’s Day weekend and Geelong Rep teams playing after Club play, our list numbers were low, so we called for back-up … thankfully seasoned veterans Meg and Mon could step in for the first time this season. To allow for one sub a new Junior Girl, Ella, was invited to play and lucky for us so was able to answer the call (despite playing a Junior Girls rep game the night before and an U17 game earlier in the day). In her debut senior game Ella fit right in and has demonstrated that she is capable division one player.

With new faces to the team, the team meeting once again started with introductions. As a story spoiler, Newtown wins 1-0 over Saints!! The score is very much indicative of the play. It was an even battle, with both teams playing solid, strong, quick counter attack hockey. Neither team giving much to the other – but grief! While there were opportunities I wouldn’t say they were high percentage. Falcons did a good job of setting their structure to get play out to the side and worked the side lines with good triangle play. The whole Falcons team did a good job of manning up in transition. Forwards worked hard to come back with loud footsteps, channels and marking to keep Saints defenders at bay. Midfield stopped play early when Saints tried to mount a quick counter, and supported our teams two way play in transition. Our backfield held solid with Zoe providing a couple key saves and Astrid did a great job maintaining possession out of the right half with good choice of when to do the small game vs hard clearing balls from the back while keeping her man from scoring chances.

The goal came off some great team play that originated from a good breakout from team structure, fantastic midfield linking with strikers and then Hailey going one on one with the keeper with a couple of change of direction moves to create open net behind the keeper … wish we had it on video!!! Nice weekend to get a win!!!

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Geelong 2-5

Newtown Spirit played Geelong on Sunday, registering our fourth game together as a developing team. In the first half we played well with good structure and passing and although we had limited opportunities to score we were able to answer Geelong’s opening goal. And a fine reply it was with a good example of one-touch hockey in the attacking circle before finding the back of the goal.

We started the second half in the same manner but Geelong stepped up their game a couple of gears and we were simply outplayed. The positive though was the team continued to persevere and we were rewarded with a late goal to see the final score 5 – 2 in Geelong’s favour.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Golden Plains 2-1

Newtown Spirit approached this game with some confidence after the previous week’s excellent performance, and this showed from the start. Spirit had the majority of play, with the ball mostly in our attacking half for the first half.  Excellent midfield play and solid defence by Andie, Kellie and Lauren didn’t let Golden Plains get any real superiority. Hillary and Tracey at full back were always in good position and blocked the play whenever Golden Plains tried to attack. Golden Plains had a number of attacks but none really caused any great concern for the defence. Emma and Katie again worked hard, linking the play from defence to attack and ran hard to ensure that Rebels moved into attack. Rebels created a number of attacks and opportunities in front of goal and Deanne tipped one in after some scrambled play close to the goal.

The second half saw Rebels continue to mark opponents well, limiting the effectiveness of any Golden Plains attacks. Golden Plains scored with a strong hit on a short corner and the game was back on equal terms. Katie and Emma continued to create avenues to attack and linked well with Sarah, Jessie J and Deanne, with Jessie scoring another goal to put Rebels in front again. Despite a number of Golden Plains attacks in the final 10 minutes of the game, the Rebels defence held and the team was very pleased to claim its first win of the hockey season.



2018 Hockey Season – April 28 & 29

Round 2 of the 2018 hockey season saw teams begin to settle and get used to their team mates and game plans. There were some excellent efforts in all levels.

Under 8

Newtown Spirit v Newtown Strikers

Spirit players put in a strong game against Newtown stablemate Strikers when the enthusiastic teams met in Under-8 competition at Lloyd Reserve on Saturday. With Drew, Braxton and Maia on the forward line, Michael and Summah at halfback and Pollyanna in goals, the team combined well in a congested first half of play. Despite the crowding, there were some great examples of teamwork, with Drew running beautifully into gaps to collect the ball. At one stage Summah powered a lovely free hit out wide to Drew who was waiting near the sideline to avoid the crush of players.

At half time Coach Kellie applauded her players for marking well and watching the ball. She urged them to spread out and be aware of where their teammates were on the field. With a quick position shuffle at half time, which included Summah moving to goalie and Michael to right wing, the play resumed. Both teams lifted in the second half, with spectators treated to a faster, flowing and more open match than the first half.

Summah did a great job defending the goals at fullback and was calm under attack, Braxton tackled with determination and Maia marked strongly and kept applying pressure to the opposition. Michael added speed and skill at right wing and Pollyanna worked hard at centre forward. Drew had a ripper second half and, in a stand-out moment, carried the ball more than half the field, evading opposition tackles, in an impressive lone run to goal successfully.

Strikers, who also goaled during the match, enjoyed strong passages of play during the game too, which was great to see.

Coach Kellie told her young Spirit team they’d played a “beautiful” second half, praising their tackling, positioning and ball movement. She awarded the Subway Best Team Player award to Drew for his fantastic match, saying he listened and followed her instructions and always kept his stick on the ground.

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit

Strikers had another good match this week against Newtown Spirit. Both teams were evenly matched and all players contributed enthusiastically to produce a great team effort.

In the first half, Spirit started strongly but the Strikers responded well and showed some very effective defending skills. Then, as their confidence grew, they started to attack more. At half-time Colleen praised the team’s efforts and reminded them to keep calling to one another and stay in position.

In the second half, Strikers continued to move forward more and their passing improved also. All in all, it was a very close match which, very fairly, ended in a draw.

Jacob was awarded Subway Player of the Week for a great performance, as well as listening to and acting upon Colleen’s instructions. Well done Jacob!

Newtown Rebels vs Torquay

An excellent game from Rebels, with Zeph in great position in front of goals and defending well. Strong passing by all players got the ball moving forward into attack, and Sofia and George lead many forays into the attack zone. Great work by Amelia, keeping her stick down, and making the opposition work hard to regain control. Edward showed great thinking whenever he got the ball, with effective passing and good ball control skills, often denying Torquay their planned advance to goal. Great free passes to people in space set up forward moves for Rebels. Strong passes and hard running by Harrison prevented Torquay gaining the advantage.  Thanks to Sam who played for Torquay in the second half to even up the numbers. Subway Best Team Player Award to Edward.

Under 10 Mixed

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong College 2-0

Another great game from Strikers on the weekend saw them earn another win for this hockey season. Unfortunately we did not capitalise on all the well earned short corners due to some outstanding goal keeping by the College keeper. Everyone was making sure that the ball was over the D line before attempting to push the ball in.

Great calling from Zac and Ruby throughout the game giving their team mates options to pass to. Emma and Meyah worked together with their tackling in the centre of the field and never gave up, while also watching the ball and following on. Eliza and Meyah both successfully scored and Jai unfortunately was denied a goal. Surry and Jai were calling to each other and earning the penalties to bring on the chance to score from a short corner. Great positioning from Amelia allowing her to trap the ball and sending the ball straight on to Jai in front of goals. Great positioning from Will throughout the game and trapping the ball. It was a very quiet morning for Elliott as our goal keeper as our rotating backs of Alex, Zac, Lucinda, Tommy and Ruby stopped any attempts on goals before they reached her. Kye worked throughout the game on the wing keeping the ball moving along the line and then moving in to the goal post.

Coach Jane spoke to the team about making sure they are not crowding the play and keeping in their position as this gives options. Also a need to pass to the sides for our wings to bring the ball along the sidelines and then pass into the D. We need to focus on our short corners to convert into goals.

Player of the match was awarded to Jai for never giving up and consistent dribbling creating pressure on the opposition and Zac awarded the Subway voucher for his constant tackling.

Newtown Spirit vs Red Jaguars 1-0

What a fantastic game – from Hamish and his goalie effort (think he stopped about 5 goals) to a beautiful play involving a number of the team, that saw Ruben score the only goal for the game.

The opposition were fast and strong but because we were playing the ball down the sides rather than through the middle we were able to keep up the pressure and play a great game.

Tactics that Kellie talked about were to play down the right side to ensure that you are playing the oppositions weaker side and when going in for the ball make sure you push it forward once your stick is on the ball…..as this will see you push the ball through the oppositions legs and score a free pass.

Best Team Player Awards went to Leo and Hamish with excellent efforts throughout the game.

Under 10 Girls

On Monday night we played our first ever Under 10 Girls game at Stead Park.

Elliott, Ruby, Lily and Matilda were in the purple while pink team consisted of Aimee, Stella, Amelia and Claire filled in to even up the numbers. All the girls played really well on the faster surface. Great calling from Ruby helped to keep possession of the ball and moving the ball from player to player. Amelia would move up to the attacker to stop the run of play. Elliott and Lily rotated positions from the wing to full back throughout the game to support the purple team while Matilda covered so much of the field. Stella never gave up and created options by staying in position. Aimee trapped the ball well and fought off the tackles to score twice. Goals were scored by Ruby, Matilda, Aimee and Amelia. Well done girls for a great first game.

So girls if you are available on Monday nights, please join us and bring a friend to try out.


Under 12

Newtown Strikers vs Newtown Spirit 1-4

The U’12 Strikers vs Spirit game was exciting to watch and evenly matched in the 1st half with goalie Mai saving a number of Spirit goal opportunities. Our positional play keeps improving each week, Alice’s passing was excellent and both Tom and Max played well. Unfortunately we hit double trouble or double Liam (s) in the 2nd half and Spirit players roaming free outside the posts! Result 1-4 with a last second goal from our Max.

Newtown Spirit vs Newtown Strikers 4-1

U12 Spirit welcomed Brandon and Daniel to the team for the 2018 hockey season. A good team game lifted Spirit to a 4-1 win over the Newtown Strikers with a number of players settling well into their positions particularly Emma and Issy in their roles as half backs.  Playing a key role in attack, Liam K and Lachie led the charge to combine for a great initial goal followed by a strong individual effort by Liam K for our second goal.

The defence was tested on a number of occasions by good running play from Strikers but Ollie J and Liam P-H in defence proved a strong and determined line of defence.  Showing his pace and skill with the ball, Liam P-H scored another strong goal for Spirit.  An outstanding effort in goal saw Oli A keep numerous shots from Strikers out of the goal with diving saves and strong kicks to clear the ball from the circle.

Strikers were rewarded for continued pressure with their goal scored 7 seconds from the end of play.  Good skills and improved positional play from Bella (playing on the post but also running along the wing), Grace (also using her skills to carry the ball out wide on the wing) and Gil, had play moving up to the circle with a strong goal by Gil to convert on a series of great passes between players.  Gil’s goal came from taking time to control the ball and looking for opportunities for passes.  Great to see Coach Tom emphasising team play as a key strategy.  Well done Spirit : a great result and an excellent team game.

Under 14

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 2-3

Newtown enjoyed the majority of possession early in the first half but weren’t able to score due to some desperate defence by Torquay. Equally impressive around the Newtown goal were Luca and goal keeper Grace who were able to clear three attacks on goal by Torquay. Newtown scored late in the half through Harry to go into the half time break with a 1:0 lead.

Torquay equalised early in the second half from a short corner, but Newtown were soon back in front again following a succession of short corners and an opportunistic goal from Will. Sensing that the game was slipping away, Torquay changed up a gear and scored two quick goals to lead 3:2. It was a gallant effort by Newtown to try and equalise with only a few minutes remaining, but to no avail.

A tough game, however all should be proud of their efforts and unlucky to concede a late winning goal by Torquay. Thanks to Grace the rostered on goal keeper, fantastic performance for a first time in goal and against tough opposition. It is a bye for us this coming weekend, but training is still on this week so see you all at 5:30pm on Thursday.

Newtown Strikers vs Geelong 1-7

This week Strikers met Geelong on Pitch 1 at Stead Park.  We had 14 players and the benefit of a full bench on a warm Saturday.

Geelong started very strongly and the ball was locked in the Strikers’ defensive half for much of the first half.  Despite some stoic defence when it was raining balls, some got through and by the conclusion of the first half Geelong held sway by 7 goals. Lillie had a strong half on the wing.  It would have been easy at this time to throw in the towel however Strikers fought very hard in the second half to win the half 1-0. Some long balls from Jarret playing through Maggie set up Robbo and a short corner with an excellent goal from Robbo.

Under 17

Newtown Strikers vs Kardinia 5-1

Strikers bounced back from their 1-nil loss against Torquay last week with a 5-1 win against Kardinia. Miles scored a goal within the first minute, and we had most of the posession in the first half, with great passing from E.J., Harry and new youngsters Jarret and Sam S giving Miles another goal, and Oscar scoring 2 goals in the first half. Luka’s goalkeeping was incredible, saving some excellent hits from Kardinia, in particular a high ball half-way through the second half.

Kardinia lifted late in the second half and scored after a quick turnover, but generally our defence through Caleb, Ella, Jack and Sam R was strong all day. The game ended 5-1 after Miles and Jack had hits on goal saved and then Miles got a hit past the goalie.

 Coach Darren was pleased with the effort and said he wants the team to continue working on their possession game, keep talking and letting the ball carrier know when you’re in good position to receive, and to run hard and keep clear of the opposition.

Newtown Spirit vs Torquay 0-0

Newtown Spirit played a solid defensive game against a strong Torquay side on Sunday to draw the game nil/nil. Full credit to goalie Angus who stepped in for the game and made a number of great saves including a heart stopping high stick save with only five minutes to go. Rachel also made an impressive flat-stick block in front of goals to clear the ball in the first half.

Spirit increased the intensity of attack in the second half, including a shot on goal by Emily and a short corner opportunity created by Miles, and were unlucky not to score. After the game coach Paul commented the team “did a perfect job of keeping Torquay scoreless”. A great team effort.

 Division 1 Men

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong 4-2

It was a solid 4-2 win by Falcons against Geelong this week. Some great team play resulted in numerous scoring opportunities. Lots of movement up forward provided plenty of space for the forwards to work into and with a young forward line growing in confidence, Jonah (2 goals), Callum and Tom scored great goals.

The defence was solid with Sean and Lachie leading the way and Will was sensational in goals saving numerous goal attempts by Geelong. For Will’s outstanding effort in goals he was awarded the IGA Friendly Grocer Player of the Week. Keep up the great works boys!

Division 1 Women

Newtown Falcons vs Geelong 0-2

Division 2 Men

Newtown Spirit vs Corio 1-2

Spirit faced a determined Corio outfit on Saturday. We were up against it from the start playing with no subs and one man off injured halfway through the first half, so undermanned with only 10 players most of the game. Throughout the game Spirit were equal to the task, and the score was 0-0 at half time. The lessons learnt from the previous week were evident with a more coordinated approach to our passing resulting in some good passages of play.

Marty was a clear frustration to the Corio forwards, with some great saves as well as coordinating our defence. Corio’s persistence paid off though and scored the first two goals. This however was answered with a great through ball from Dave sending Will on a spectacular run down the wing, Will was airborne over Corio’s keeper as the ball hit the back of the goal! The game opened up in the latter stages of the second half as both sides fatigued and we created a good number of opportunities, just not converted. The end score was 2 – 1 in Corio’s favour.

Corio was the deserved winner at the end of the day but the substantial improvement from last week was great to see. For a side still finding their feet and learning to play together we’re enjoying our hockey and heading in the right direction.

Votes from the team: Dave, Ian, and Jimmy F. Goals: 1 to Will

Injuries: Olli copped a ball to the head and sat the rest of the game out. Get better soon Olli.

Division 2 Women

Newtown Spirit vs Saints Red 0-7

A disappointing score for this game, but one which did not reflect the performance of the team and the overall standard of the game. Newtown Spirit showed some great teamwork and excellent positioning in defence with Tracey and Hillary blocking many Saints attempts to get into the circle in the first half. Good linking between the defence and the midfield with Andie, Beth and Wendy working hard, and covering their opponents well.

Peta put in a strong game as usual, with some great clearing passes which sent our forwards into attack. Great running by Julie and determined hassle by Kellie saw the ball move into attack and Kirsty and Deanne made some nice moves to gain possession. Not having the advantage of a bench meant that players tired as the game progressed and it was hard work to keep up with the younger Saints team.  However, despite this, every player continued to give their best effort and congratulations are due to all.