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2020 Winter Hockey Season

Registration for the 2020 winter hockey season is now open. The season runs from April to September, with ages for all junior teams taken at 1/1/20. We have teams for players from 3 to 70+ so everyone is welcome to enjoy the fun of hockey.

The cost of playing hockey for the 2020 Winter hockey season includes:

  • Compulsory Hockey Victoria and Hockey Australia Membership fee. The Hockey Australia fee includes insurance cover until 31/12/2020.
  • Plus Team fees charged by our Club

The Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria fees are charged only once for each person each year, regardless of how many teams they play in. The combined Hockey Victoria and Hockey Australia Membership fees are (ages taken at 31/12/20):

  • Junior players aged 8 or less – $30.
  • Junior players aged 9 to 10 – $52.50.
  • Youth players aged 11 to 18 – $73
  • Senior players aged 19 and over – $100

Non-playing members of the Club (e.g. parents, team managers, coaches, umpires, committee members) are encouraged to register with Hockey Victoria for the ‘2020 Non-playing registration’. This has zero cost attached to it, but is of assistance in correctly gathering information about all the people who are involved with our club.

For those who are completing a dual registration, check this information from Hockey Victoria  How-to-Dual-Register 2020

Every player must pay the Hockey Victoria and Hockey Australia fees online before playing in a match. Insurance cover is not available until the fee is paid.


  • Discounts apply for early payment of fees and for families. When you log in to register, select your fee option and you will then be given the opportunity to enter the discount code.
    • Get a discount on your team fees when you pay by May 1, with a discount of $20 / player in a junior team or $40/ player in a senior team participating in the Hockey Geelong competitions. The fees listed below apply after May 1, and do not include the early payment discount.
    • Families receive a discount of $10 for the second and each subsequent member.
  • All team fees should be paid by May 30. Team fees may be paid by:
    • Direct online payment through the Revolutionise Sport system.
    • Electronic funds transfer to: Newtown City Hockey Club, BSB 033-622, Acct 690908
    • Cheque posted to Newtown City Hockey Club, PO Box 1098, Geelong, 3220
  • Contact the Treasurer, for further details or to discuss any other arrangements.
  • Order your uniform, junior equipment, or supporter merchandise through the ‘Shop’, or contact the Uniforms Co-ordinator.

Team fees for 2020 are:

    • Come and Try – free introductory skills program for beginners.
    • Joeys (U6) $50
    • U8 $90
    • U10 Mixed $110
    • U12 Girls – $5
    • U12 $160
    • U14 $ 160
    • U17 $180
    • Senior men and women $335
    • Student senior men and women $280
    • Players participating in both junior and senior teams $360
    • Junior goalkeeper who supplies own gear $65
    • Senior goalkeeper who supplies own gear $120
    • Saturday Social player $25
    • Non-playing member with voting rights $5
    • Pro-rata fees are available for members who may not be able to play every game due to clashes with other commitments.  This usually equates to a minimum payment of 1/3 of the fees applicable for the team. These fees are available only by agreement with the Treasurer.



As there is a new registration system in use for 2020, all players will need to click ‘REGISTER’ and not ‘RENEW’ when submitting your intention to play.

If you are happy to pay your Club /team fees online, it can all be done in one step via the Revolutionise Sport system. However if you prefer to pay your Club/ team fees direct to the Club bank account, or pay them at a later date, select and pay for the ‘Hockey Australia/ Hockey Victoria only’ fees. Once you have made your payment for Club fees to the bank account, complete and return the Registration and Fees 2020

Let us know if you need any help to complete your registration, or come along to Registration Day on March 1.

Volunteers are Vital

Newtown City Hockey Club aims to be a sustainable club which provides a friendly and welcoming environment for all. The Club cannot operate without the help of members who volunteer their time in a wide range of roles. There are volunteer opportunities in coaching, team management, umpiring, administration, fundraising, social events, uniform and equipment sales and many more.

All members are encouraged to contribute to their Club in whatever way they can, whether it’s a one-off task or a regular ongoing activity.

Check the Volunteer Hub here to see if you can help the Club continue to grow and develop.


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