2017 Hockey Season – July 15 & 16

Round 11 of the Senior hockey season saw some great efforts, despite some teams being severely disadvantaged by lack of players. Division 1 Men Newtown Strikers vs Geelong Jaguars 1-6 In a game that in no way reflected the score line, both teams had multiple opportunities to score. Unfortunately for … Read more

2017 Hockey Season – June 24 & 25

As the hockey season progresses, it is pleasing to see the effort which players are putting in for their teams every week. Kookas Team Orange started the game well,with Tom making good position and Lennie seizing possession of the ball before Team Red could reach it. Great passing by Lennie … Read more

2017 Hockey Season – June 17 & 18

 The 2017 hockey season is heading into the home stretch, and teams are showing how well they have learnt to play together. Kookas The 2017 hockey season has shown that Team Orange vs Team Red is always a closely contested game, with some great skills on display. A fantastic reverse … Read more

National Hockey Week 2017, June 17 to 25

For the love of hockey With National Hockey Week hitting off on June 17, we took to the field to find out what makes our junior competition players so enthusiastic about this great game. And they’re not shy with their responses. They love playing in a team, making friends and … Read more