2017 Hockey Season – May 27 & 28

About 1/3 of the way through the hockey season, and this week was a good illustration of the changeable weather conditions – warm and sunny on Saturday, rain and hail on Sunday. Congratulations to all players on their efforts whatever the weather. Joeys As the hockey season progresses, our young … Read more

2017 Hockey Season – May 20 & 21

Kookas A win for Team Orange this week with some good early passages of play creating plenty of attack. Charlie, Tom and Ebony worked well together, with some great ball cotnrol skills. Great defence by Red and some good switching of play turned the tables and Red began to trouble … Read more

2017 Hockey Season – May 13 & 14

Round 4 of the hockey season was another week with some fantastic hockey at all levels of the Club’s teams. Kookas There were 3 teams playing this game and while it seemed that Team Mosquitoes would win, both Team Orange and Team Red persevered and showed some excellent switching and … Read more

2017 Hockey Season – April 29/30

With the 2017 hockey season underway, teams are starting to settle into a rhythm, and Round 2 provided some excellent efforts Kookas A very enjoyable game of Kookas hockey this week, with the assistance of some bystanders.  Girls vs boys saw some family competition on display. Great passing and good … Read more