2020 Hockey Season Cancelled

Unfortunately, the return to Stage 3 restrictions for Geelong and regional Victoria means that the 2020 Geelong Hockey Association winter hockey season cannot continue. The Geelong Hockey Association have advised that all matches and training have been cancelled effective immediately. Thanks to all those members who have supported the Newtown … Read more

2020 Hockey Season – July 25/26

Stay Safe and Keep Playing Hockey The committees of our club and of the Geelong Hockey Association are very aware of the need to maintain safe operating and playing practices to keep our hockey community safe. If we continue to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus, it is more likely … Read more

Hockey Season Is Here At Last!

 The 2020 hockey season has finally begun, for our junior teams at least. There were many comments this week, especially from parents, about how good it was to see our junior players able to get on the field and actually play hockey again.  And there were some excellent matches, with … Read more

2020 Hockey Season Fees Reduced

As health and government restrictions have relaxed, the 2020 hockey season will go ahead. As it is a shorter season than usual, members’ fees have been reduced to compensate. The junior hockey season will run for 10 weeks, from July 18 to September 19/20. The senior men’s and women’s seasons … Read more

Keep Hockey Alive

As part of National Hockey Week back in 2017, Matilda told us that the best part of being in a hockey team was ‘using team work. And it’s fun to play with other people. It makes me feel happy.’                   We want … Read more