Geelong U13 Carnival

A great effort by all players at the Geelong U13 Carnival on Sunday July 20.


The Carnival pitted teams made up of players from clubs within Hockey Geelong against teams from regional Victoria.  Both Hockey Geelong teams did very well with only one loss between them for the entire carnival.  Overall it was a very enjoyable day for the players and their families.


Geelong A finished in second place with a silver medal, coming up against the eventual winners of the Carnival, Glenelg, in the last match.  Congratulations to our Club members who were part of this team:

  • Caleb Barnett, Tom Charleson, Josh D’Arcy, Lachie D’Arcy, Matthew Horne, Tom Mahon, Jonah McKinnon, Erin Skene, Chloe Smith and Emily West.


U13 Carnival 5


u13 carnival 8


Match results were: vs Warrnambool 1-0, vs Werribee 2-0, vs Ballarat 4-0, vs Geelong B 0-0, vs Bellarine 2-0, vs West Gippsland 2-1, vs Glenelg 0-2.




u13 carnival 9









Geelong B also had a great carnival, with 4 wins and 3 draws to finish in 3rd position.  Great work!  Congratulations to these members who put in such a great effort in this team:

  • Declan Brown, Miles Rau, Amber Reilley, Miles Reilley, Laura Ryan

Match results were: vs Werribee 1-0, vs Ballarat 2-0, vs Bellarine 2-1, vs Geelong A 0-0, vs West Gippsland 0-0, vs Glenelg 0-0, vs Warrnambool 3-0


The Carnival also provided an opportunity for young umpires to gain some extra experience and mentoring.  Thanks to Courtney Pearson, Luke Hatton and Leo Fitzgerald for their efforts in this regard.  Well done to the participants – Chris Warner, Gus McKinnon, Lachie D’Arcy, Molly Duncan and Emma Hatton.

Female Umpires Wanted

Hockey Victoria are offering a Level 1 Umpires Course for women only, to be led by Janelle Bond. Janelle has an Australian Badge Accreditation, which is the highest level available in Australia.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about umpiring from a very experienced official.

The course will be run on Monday April 7, at the State Netball Hockey Centre in Melbourne.

Get your registration in soon as places are likely to go quickly.


Information for Umpires

Umpires are an essential part of playing hockey – and a great influence on our enjoyment of the game.  Becoming an accredited umpire can lead to great options for developing your own game, and travel to tournaments throughout Australia, and maybe even internationally.  One former Hockey Geelong member, Jan Adams was well regarded as an international umpire.


Newtown Hockey Club is fortunate to have a great team of excellent umpires, with many of aged between 14 to 20.  We are very proud to have as members of our Club the past five winners of the Hockey Geelong Most Improved Umpire trophy – David Fitzgerald, Luke Hatton, Leo Fitzgerald, Zed Armistead and Christian O’Halloran.


If you would like to learn more about umpiring, start by attempting the online test for the Community Level Umpire.  Go to HockeyEd to create an account, and follow the directions from there.


Hockey Geelong are providing some UMPIRE DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS, which are a great opportunity to get the correct interpretations.  These are suitable for both Junior and Senior Umpires, to be held at Stead Park on Monday March 17.  Bookings are essential.  Welcome to Courtney Pearson, in her new role as Junior Umpire Mentor Co-ordinator.


Hockey Victoria have a Junior Umpires Development Pathway to help umpires aged between 14 to 23 improve their performance, with the ultimate possibility of umpiring at National Championships.  If you are interested, register before May 19.


Newtown Hockey Club is required to provide approximately 15 umpires each week for junior and senior matches. If you would like to umpire for Newtown Hockey Club junior matches, contact Sean Fitzgerald.  If you would like to be rostered for Hockey Geelong senior matches, contact David Fitzgerald.


Umpire and Coach Development

Members are invited to further their umpiring and coaching skills by attending a Hockey Victoria Umpire or Coach Development Day.  The first course is on March 2.

These are a great opportunity to brush up your knowledge and learn the latest interpretations and teaching methods.  There are plenty of umpiring tips and advice from Premier League umpires.  It is suitable for all umpires, even if you have done this in previous years or don’t want to complete all the steps for accreditation.

Meet at Stead Park at 11:15 am to car pool.

Umpire accreditation can be obtained through Hockey Victoria.

Umpires Welcome

Umpires are an essential part of playing our game – and it’s a job which is often not appreciated by those on the field. So it’s fantastic to see how many young players we have who want to learn to umpire.


Welcome to Matt Horne, Lachlan D’Arcy, Rachel Van der Ploeg, Bella Missio, Matt Barnett, Thomas Pearson, Luke Pearson and Jonah McKinnon who have joined the ranks of our junior umpires.



Many thanks to Sean Fitzgerald who is doing an excellent job of rostering umpires for our junior matches, and of organising tutoring and training for the beginner umpires. Any person, whatever age or level of experience, who is interested in learning to umpire, please contact Sean.


Congratulations to Will Crosbie, Leo Fitzgerald and Sean Fitzgerald who umpired at the Hockey Victoria Zone Challenge, gaining from the extra training given them.



More information about accreditation from Hockey Victoria.