Victorian Junior State Championships

 The Victorian Junior State Championships will be held in Melbourne from June 30 to July 3.  The Junior State Championships provide the opportunity for junior hockey players from all parts of Victoria to compete at a higher level, and allow any players with aspirations of being selected in a Victorian State team the chance to be seen by those selecting the teams.  Hockey Victoria gathers information about individual players from these Championships in order to build a comprehensive profile of each player.

With competing teams representing 10 different zones within Victoria, there is always strong competition for a place in the Western Wildcats team, which represents our Western Metro zone.  Members of the Western Wildcats teams are selected from players from Hockey Geelong, Altona Hockey Club, Footscray Hockey Club and Werribee Hockey Club.  Teams are selected for U13 Boys and Girls, U15 Boys and Girls and U17 Boys and Girls.

With 25 of the 102 members selected in the 2015 Western Wildcats teams coming from Hockey Geelong, we can be very proud of the 11 members of the Newtown Hockey Club who have made the teams. Congratulations to all these players, with special congratulations to those making their first appearance at this level – Lachie D’Arcy, Miles Reilley, Corey Stella and Hamish Boyd.  Well done all.

Congratulations to our 2015 Western Wildcats squad members

  • U13 Boys – Lachie D’Arcy, Miles Reilley, Jamie Van der Ploeg, Josh D’Arcy
  • U15 Girls – Rachel Van der Ploeg
  • U15 Boys – Corey Stella
  • U17 Boys – Matt Barnett, Hamish Boyd, Sean Fitzgerald, Adam Gieles, Gus McKinnon.


Junior State Championships 2014

Western Wildcats U13 Boys


Geelong U13 Carnival

A great effort by all players at the Geelong U13 Carnival on Sunday July 20.


The Carnival pitted teams made up of players from clubs within Hockey Geelong against teams from regional Victoria.  Both Hockey Geelong teams did very well with only one loss between them for the entire carnival.  Overall it was a very enjoyable day for the players and their families.


Geelong A finished in second place with a silver medal, coming up against the eventual winners of the Carnival, Glenelg, in the last match.  Congratulations to our Club members who were part of this team:

  • Caleb Barnett, Tom Charleson, Josh D’Arcy, Lachie D’Arcy, Matthew Horne, Tom Mahon, Jonah McKinnon, Erin Skene, Chloe Smith and Emily West.


U13 Carnival 5


u13 carnival 8


Match results were: vs Warrnambool 1-0, vs Werribee 2-0, vs Ballarat 4-0, vs Geelong B 0-0, vs Bellarine 2-0, vs West Gippsland 2-1, vs Glenelg 0-2.




u13 carnival 9









Geelong B also had a great carnival, with 4 wins and 3 draws to finish in 3rd position.  Great work!  Congratulations to these members who put in such a great effort in this team:

  • Declan Brown, Miles Rau, Amber Reilley, Miles Reilley, Laura Ryan

Match results were: vs Werribee 1-0, vs Ballarat 2-0, vs Bellarine 2-1, vs Geelong A 0-0, vs West Gippsland 0-0, vs Glenelg 0-0, vs Warrnambool 3-0


The Carnival also provided an opportunity for young umpires to gain some extra experience and mentoring.  Thanks to Courtney Pearson, Luke Hatton and Leo Fitzgerald for their efforts in this regard.  Well done to the participants – Chris Warner, Gus McKinnon, Lachie D’Arcy, Molly Duncan and Emma Hatton.

Junior State Championships Report

Congratulations to all those who are participating in the Western Wildcats teams in the Victorian Junior State Championships.

Results have been mixed but it’s fantastic to see everyone putting in their best performances.

U13 Boys – vs North East Devils 3-4, vs South East Cougars 4-0, vs North West Tigers 1-3, vs South West Eagles 7-0, vs Central Flames 1-2, vs North West Lightning 7-1.  Good work by Jonah McKinnon and great keeping by Josh D’Arcy.  The Classification final saw the Southern Sharks take the win 4-2, with the Wildcats finishing in 6th place.  Great work by all.

u13 wildcats 2



Josh D’Arcy in action with Jonah McKinnon in support.

U13 wildcats boys










U13 Girls – vs South East Cougars 1-0, vs North East Devils 1-0, vs South West Eagles 4-0, vs North West Tigers 3-0, vs North East Knights 2-1, vs Eastern Hotshots 2-0.  This is a great effort to win 5 out of 6 matches.  The team continued its great performances in the Classification final with a 4-0 win against North West Lightning to finish in 5th place.  Well done all.

u13 wildcats rachel van der ploeg 2


Rachel van der Ploeg put in a great effort.




U15 Boys – vs North East Devils 4-2, vs South East Cougars 8-1, vs North West Tigers 1-0, vs South West Eagles 4-0, vs Eastern Hotshots 2-1, vs Southern Sharks 0-2.

The Final saw a rematch between the Wildcats and Southern Sharks.  A great effort by the Wildcats closed the gap a little but the Sharks prevailed for a 1-0 win.  Great work by the Wildcats to finish as Runners Up in the State Championships.

Matt Barnett, Adam Gieles, Jimmy Jirik and Angus McKinnon all played a great part in these results.

U17 Boys – vs North East Devils 2-4, vs South East Cougars 2-1, vs North West Tigers 1-4, vs South West Eagles 1-2, vs Southern Sharks 0-2, vs North West Lightning 6-0.

Sean Fitzgerald and James Humphries worked hard in these games.

U17 Girls – vs South East Cougars 4-0, vs North East Devils 2-1, vs South West Eagles 4-0, vs North West Tigers 2-2, vs Southern Sharks 4-0, vs North East Knights 1-0.

The Final saw the Wildcats pitted against the North West Tigers, and a very close match resulted in a 1-0 win for the Wildcats to earn them the title of State Champions.  Congratulations to the team and to Tiahna Proebstl for her effort and her participation in this team.


Having ten players from our Club selected in these teams is a fantastic achievement – reaching a comparable level with many of the metropolitan clubs in this aspect.

Victorian Country Selection

Congratulations to Jessie Johnson on her selection in the 2014 Victorian Women’s Country team.  Jessie will play as the goalkeeper in what is likely to be a fantastic team and a great experience at the Australian Country Championships.  The tournament will be played from August 2 to 9 in Clyde Park, Queensland.


Even at Jessie’s young age, she has a wealth of hockey experience, having begun playing hockey at the age of 5.  Jessie’s goalkeeping expertise is demonstrated every time she pads up, with excellent performances for both the Newtown Falcons Division 1 women’s team and the Hockey Geelong Vic League 1 Women’s team.


Jessie is keen to share her knowledge and expertise with others, and has been working with the junior goalkeepers in the Newtown Club, offering individual guidance and advice as required.




U13 Carnival in Geelong

The Geelong Carnival for U13 Mixed teams is held each year, with participating teams coming from both country and metropolitan areas in Victoria.  The 2014 Carnival will be held on Sunday July 20, at Stead Park, Corio.  Matches will be played from 8 am to 4 pm.


This annual Carnival is always a great chance to meet new friends, and to catch up with those you may have met previously at regional and State tournaments.  It’s a great opportunity to work on your hockey skills, and most importantly, a day of fun for all.


Players must be aged under 13 at January 1, 2014.  Hockey Geelong will enter one team, and possibly two if space permits.  If you are aged 10 to 12 at the beginning of this year, why not have a go?  Put your name down and join the fun.


To register your interest, return the U13 Carnival Registration Form to Ruth McKinnon by July 6.


Umpires will be needed so if you are available, please contact Ruth McKinnon.  Helpers to make the day run smoothly would also be appreciated. Contact Ruth McKinnon for details.